Machoos! Tedd Josiah shares the last photo his wife took before her untimely death

Tedd Josiah has had both his good and bad sides in life but at the end of the day he remains human. Despite his ex wife’s revelations that left many looking at Tedd like a deadbeat dad, we also can’t forget the great job he has done with his daughter, Jay!

His late wife Regina passed on 6 months after welcoming their daughter Jay. Although her death remains as sensitive subject; many are grateful that she got the chance to raise her daughter even for the few months.

On Thursday, 9 July Tedd Josiah once again left his IG followers in tears after sharing the last photo his late wife took of him and baby Jay. On the post, the ‘manmom’ remembered his late wife in an emotional post where he started off by saying;

Tedd Josiah shares the last photo his late wife took of him and baby Jay

#TBT this is 2017 sept 23rd…. mama took this photo of Jay and i and it’s the last pic she took of us, it was the last weekend we spent together….

Super dad

Having left behind a 6 month old daughter, Tedd Josiah did not seem to have an idea on how to raise a child. He went on to reveal that one of his greatest fears was letting down his daughter; but looking at how far the two have come, it’s evident that he has done more than we expected!

Through his gram, the manmom went on to open up more encouraging those in the same situation to hold on as things look up despite the many challenges. He wrote;

The late Regina aka Mama Jay

No one is born a great parent, no one is born a great husband or wife or human…. we all grow into the people we need to be. But only if we allow ourselves to grow.

In conclusion the super dad wrote;

What you do not see here is my soul and the questions i was asking myself…. will i fail you as a dad? Will you love me as a child? Will we be a happy family? I also assumed mama will always be there……
God planned different.
LIVE ???? LOVE ???? LAUGH ????
#RaisingJay #TheManMom