Tekno Miles has dropped a new banger dubbed ‘Skeletun’ and it’s too lit (Video)

Nigerian singer Augustine Miles Kelechi, popularly known by his stage name Tekno, has dropped a new jam and we are really feeling it.

The song titled Skeletun, which is a corruption of the word skeleton, has been receiving massive airplay on local TV and radio stations since it was released a day ago.

As expected, Tekno really came through on this song. I could not stop dancing on my seat as I was wrting this piece, I’m not kidding.

Tekno Miles
Tekno Miles

My pidgin is not good so I could not deduce what he was singing about but at some point I heard him talking about a woman’s body and punani so if you put two and two together it not that hard to understand unless you are a prude.

As much as I love this jam, I must say the part where he says skeletun and kelebu in the hook gets boring because he does not seem to stop but then again maybe it’s just me. I could be getting old.

The beat for this jam was on point. I wasn’t expecting anything less. It puts you in a good mood from the instant you hit the play button. It’s pretty much like all of Tekno’s songs.

The video was also dope. I love how it starts off in a club with everyone knocked out before they get up to pull some lit dance move. The choreograpry in the video was also out of this word. Props to the brains behind it.

Watch Skeletun below and tell us what you think.

Nigeria’s Tekno Miles takes a break from music after experiencing similar problem like Ommy Dimpoz

Ommy Dimpoz is currently admitted at a German hospital after his condition deteriorated following a throat surgery in South Africa. Nigeria’s Tekno has gone through the same ordeal that befell Ommy Dimpoz.

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Tekno Miles has not been able to perform for a while after damaging his voice box due to strain caused by performing excessively.

The ‘Dura’ hit maker took to Instagram to notify his fans about his condition, he earnestly apologized for failing to show up for his planned concerts.

“I have been away and on treatment. Pls, don’t be upset, that I can’t make it to shows I, ‘ve been booked for. I’m taking time out to fully recover and hopefully get back to doing what I love most soonest! I apologize, and if you can pls pray for me… God watch over us all! Thank you,” said Teknno Miles.

Tekno Miles
Tekno Miles
Ignored warning

Tekno’s manager Ubi Franklin said that his boss’ condition worsened after he downplayed the severity of his ailment. He however assured fans that Tekno will be fine that that there was no need for any alarm.

“These past few months have been really trying times for your favourite boy TEKNO MILES. He had tried to downplay the severity of his ailment hoping it will be short-lived but after further diagnosis doctors have advised that he takes time out to fully recover. His vocal box is temporarily damaged due to strain from overtime performances and cannot sing or perform for a while. Please put Tekno in your prayers. Nevertheless, he also wants to reassure his fans that they have nothing to worry about because he has put in so much work so a lot of great music will be released during this period. Please send love & positive vibrations his way as this is a hard time for him. Thank you,” wrote Ubi Franklin.



Nigeria’s Tekno Miles tries to please Kenyans in his new song after a disappointing show in Nairobi

Nairobi revelers were baying for blood the last time Tekno Miles was in Kenya. The Nigerian star has since reached out to Kenyans to make amends.

Tekno Miles was the main act at a concert in Ngong Racecourse on 9th September 2017. The Nigerian star was outshone by Kenyan artists who curtain raised for him.

Tekno ended up blaming DJ Crème De La Crème for his below average performance. Creme however claimed that Tekno ruined the show because he didn’t show up for rehearsals.

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Kenyan girls

Tekno might win back his Kenyan fan base if his new song is anything to go by. The Nigerian singer is praising Kenyan girls in his new song ‘Yur Love’.

“Kenyan girl with a big waist…. My Kenyan girl… Everything correct with a fine face….I not going to play with your love…Forever I’ll be by your side,” sings Tekno Miles.

Watch the video below:




‘Serves you right!’ Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime tells Kenyans after Tekno failed to deliver during his concert

Call him whatever you want but Bien Aime is among the celebrities who never filter their words when it comes down to telling people off. He has never been apologetic and his recent statement posted on his social media pages proves that he will never bow down.

The member of Sauti Sol band joined in to share his opinion moments after Kenyans decided to complain about the Tekno concert that went down this past weekend 9th September at the Ngong racecourse.


From the pictures making rounds online it is clear to see that the event attracted a huge crowd which ended up complaining since the Nigerian artist did not deliver as they expected.

To mock them in return, Bien went on to tell Kenyans that they deserved it since they do not show support for their artists. He wrote saying;

“Kenyans have once again taken to social media to rant about Tekno. Camp Mulla makes a comeback and instead of that being the main attraction it’s Tekno!!!’ You really deserve what happened to you last night”

This is however not the first time he is telling off Kenyans but all in all I bet Kenyans have learnt the hard way on the importance of supporting their own.


5 Nigerian artistes with big names and little to show in live performance (Photos)

They boast of several hit songs, some of them are even signed by international labels like Jay Z’s Roc Nation. But interestingly these Nigerian artistes have nothing to show in live performance.

If you’ve been paying attention to what has been trending on social media in the last two days, especially Twitter, then you must have noticed Nairobi revelers have been lamenting over the distraught performance by Nigerian singer Tekno Miles.

Tekno Miles

Miles tops the list of Nigerian singers with big names and nothing to show for in live performance. The singer left Nairobians cursing after dropping subpar performance at Ngong Racecourse on Saturday September 9th.

Kenyans were surprisingly impressed by local artistes’ performance especially The Kansol and Camp Mulla; but Tekno’s performance didn’t match his big name and the expectations of revelers.


  1. Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

She was causing ripples across Africa with her new album ‘Red’ when she flew to Nairobi to perform at 11th edition of Barbeque Live that went down at Ngong Racecourse on November 12th 2016.

Tiwa Savage, who signed to Jay Z’s label Roc Nation, didn’t leave a lasting impression after her performance at Ngong Racecourse. Nobody even seemed to have noticed she performed, this is usually not the case when Wizkid or Diamond Platnumz perform anywhere in Kenya.

Remember how tongues were wagging after Wizkid’s concert at KICC on Saturday July 22nd and Diamond performance on the 17th edition of Koroga Festival which went down on 28th May 2017?


  1. Iyanya
Iyanya grinds a fan B-Club

He’s probably a shadow of his past, yes he was featured in Jaguar’s remix ‘One Centimeter’ which gave him clout in Kenya, but currently Iyanya can’t impress a diverse audience other than the bimbos who go berserk every time he removes his shirt on stage.

The Nigerian singer regularly jets into Nairobi to perform for small audiences, mostly pool parties at B-Club. The last gig he had in Kenya was on 4th June 2017, bet most of you were not even aware Iyanya was in town.


  1. Patoranking
Patoranking and Betty Kyallo at Kiza

On Saturday June 24th 2017, Nigerian sensation Patoranking was in Kenya for a performance at the Kiza restaurant and lounge in Nairobi.

The show was hyped on radios and billboards across the city but surprisingly there were no chitchats on social media to indicate that the Nigerian superstar had won the hearts of Nairobi revelers with his performance.

Big names like Patoranking are paid millions per show but if they have no impact with their performances then there is no need for local promotors to waste millions on them.


  1. Davido
Davido and Babu Owino at B-Club


Hehehe… His show in Nairobi on March 28th 2015 was the exact copy of Tekno Miles’ Saturday September 9th 2017 concert at Ngong Racecourse.

All roads led to Carnivore grounds on Saturday 28th March as Davido was set to drop the most electrifying performance ever.

But then disaster happened that Saturday night, Davido performed for 20 minutes and left the stage. Revelers were mad, twitter erupted as Kenyans who bought tickets started throwing tantrums.

All in all Wizkid and Yemi Alade are the only Nigerian artistes you should pay to watch them perform, for the remaining artistes I would advise you to stay at home and watch their performance on YouTube.

Revelers blame Tekno Miles and DJ Crème De La Crème for ruining Saturday night concert

Nigerian singer Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known by his stage name Tekno Miles was the main act at Saturday night concert in Ngong Racecourse.

Kenyans were impressed by local artistes’ performance especially The Kansol and Camp Mulla; but surprisingly the main act’s performance was a subpar.

Unlike Wizkid who left Nairobi revelers yearning for more when he performed at KICC grounds on Saturday July 22nd, Tekno Mile’s performance disappointed most people who turned up at Ngong Racecourse.

The Nigerian singer performed for less than 30 minutes, there was a mix up between the main DJ – Crème De La Crème and Tekno’s band leading to the below average performance.

Both Tekno Miles and DJ Crème De La Crème were quick to point an accusing finger at each other following the distasteful performance.

Revelers however squarely blamed both Tekno Miles and DJ Crème De La Crème for ruining the Saturday night concert. See some of the reactions below: