The real househelps of Kawangware’s actress Awiti leaves many drooling after parading her figure in a mini dress

Njugush’s ‘ex girlfriend’ Awiti is no longer shy of showing off what her mama gave her. The actress popularly known for her role on TRHK recently left her fans ogling her photo thanks to her dress.

The lady is seen in a tiny skintight minidress which she paired with a blue waterfall. Judging fro my the venue the photo was taken, I assume that she had stepped out for a drink or two hence the dress code too.

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Awiti went on to caption the photo talking about how life is short and why she will not hold back from enjoying herself. She wrote;

Life ni fupi na mi sijifungi

The actresses acting career

So far she has managed to entertain thousands of fans who keep up with the #TRHK. Her rowdy behavior on the show also goes hand in hand with her tough looking face hence making her role easy.


Rare photo of Chimano warming up to TRHK’s actress, Truphena

The real housewives of Kawagware’s actress Truphena must be excited to have met and hanged out with Sauti Sol’s Chimano who is popularly known for his unique voice and fashionable taste.

Chimano is however not one who easily mingles with people. For some reason many tend to see him as an unfriendly fella…however it is nothing personal but just business for him.

Just recently he got to hang out with actress Truphena who later shared a photo hanging out with the Sauti Sol’s singer. Judging from how cozy the two look, it is no secret that Chimano is a fan of the actress. Below is the photo Truphena shared;

Is this the luxurious car Truphena from The Real House helps of Kawagware drives?

So far we are all aware that comedians and actors are paid pretty much well. If you doubt then allow me to change your mentality. Well, looking at most of them you will notice that they live some lavish lifestyle and of course some also drive some good cars.

Well, seems like Truphena who is popularly known from TRHK is among these well paid actors. I bumped into a photo of her posing in front of a white car that has left many speculating whether it is hers. She however did not caption her photo in a way that would confirm that she is the owner….but hey it wouldn’t have hurt to do so.

Though many pose in front of fancy cars, I cannot say that this was just a stunt from the actress but oh well who know, right? However if it is her car then I guess acting is a career most of us should look into since it seems to pay well. Checkout the photo below:


Awiti from The Real Househelps Of Kawangware bags herself a new man, trust me is he not any average man

Awiti continues to wow her fans on the Real Househelps Of Kawangware show where she plays the role of a house keeper alongside her other talented co actors.

When the show started we saw her with different guys who ‘dated’ her and among them is Njugush who left the show sometime last year. Since then Awiti remained without a boyfriend until just recently when she managed to bag herself a ‘Nigerian’ man who is now her bae.

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The new guy by the name of Ojina Ike is the latest new member of the Real Househelps Of Kawangware and word has it that he is totally smitten by Awiti. Their photos shared online are also proof that Awiti has finally gotten over Njugush.

Below are some of their new photos courtesy of the TRHK page….Disclaimer – this is not the man she is dating in real life.