Stressed? This is Ess slams fan for telling her she’s too thin nowadays

Sharon Mundia popularly known as ‘This Is Ess’ had to fire back at a fan on social media after claiming that she has lost a lot of weight and is now too thin.

Mundia, who recently landed a show on NTV dubbed ‘Living with Ess’, was offended by the comment and fired back with an angry reply.

“Aii mamii, you are getting too thin mamii,” said the fan on the picture.

“Maybe you could write down the exact measurements that you’d like my body to be and I’ll get to work on it as soon as I start to give a damn. Thanks!” replied This Is Ess. 


It’s true Ess has lost some weight but not as much as the fan implied.  After giving birth, Ess shared on her blog how she has managed to lose weight and baby fat.

“Before i got pregnant i had a horrible track record of eating various things and eating healthy. I would have six slices of white bread for breakfast, i would have pizzas and chicken chips and just greasy things because i love them. I got pregnant and for the first trimester leading up to second trimester as well i had the worst morning sickness. It was so bad, i was smelling food and would throw up and i had to take medication for that to just help my body to keep some food so i could nourish my little one. I genuinely tried to eat healthy and thankfully my body transitioned into this phase where i actually liked greens in fact one of the things i did when i was pregnant is when i woke up one morning and i was craving a salad for breakfast. At the very beginning i asked my obstetrician to give me an idea of how much weight she thought i should add or average on the weight spectrum. The main thing that helped me loose my baby weight was breast feeding. second thing is diet.”she said then. 

Blogger This Is Ess lands show at NTV as more and more employees ditch the media house 

Nation Media Group’s NTV is aggressively looking to fill out slots left by employees leaving the station for greener pastures. In the process, newer faces have cropped up.

Fashionista and vlogger Sharon Mundia popularly know as This Is Ess, has landed herself a new TV job at the station.


On Instagram, she shared the news with excitement.The show is set to start in a weeks time and will be called “Living with Ess.”

Can’t believe I’m about to say this but… Starting 30th of July, I’ll be hosting a morning Lifestyle show on @ntvkenya called Living With Ess!!! she posted on IG.

“There is no emoji, no picture and no words that can bring to life the excitement I have for this next step in my life and career! It all still feels so surreal and my arms are bruised from all the times I’ve had to pinch myself these past few weeks! ??? God, I see you working your magic.”


“Thank you. ?? And thank you @ntvkenya for believing in me! And of course thank YOU for choosing to be part of this journey – whether you joined 6 years ago when I started blogging or 6 days ago.❤ Hope you’ll tune in to the show! Save the date. 30th July. 8AM sharp. Monday to Friday. Aaaaaahhhhh! My heart is so full it could burst. ??✨ #LivingWithEss.”

This Is Ess: I was scared of leaving the house without make up

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia aka ‘This Is Ess’ has opened up on how she once had this immense pressure of staying perfect 24/7 just like her Instagram posts.

In her blog, the popular fashionista and mother of one shared that she was swallowed by the ever-perfect Instagram world which left her depressed as she was trying to impress people in the real world.

“The thing with this beast that is social media is that it has the power to build your dreams to unfathomable heights in the same way it can swallow you whole,” she said in the post.


She went on to add that she always wanted to look like her filtered and edited photos in real life something that left her empty in the long run.

“I felt indebted to my community to the point that I couldn’t step out of the house without makeup lest I disappoint them. A lot has changed since then and I know now more than ever it’s important to release my grip on perfection. Who wants to live in a crippling world that draws from others’ agendas and not your own values or intentions?”

Patricia Kihoro plans to hit a year without lungula months after Kenyans claimed she’s a lesbian 

After Kenyans accused her of being a lesbian and having a threesome with blogger This is Ess and rapper Fena Gitu, Homeboyz radio presenter Patricia Kihoro won’t be having any bedroom actions soon. Definitely not with a woman first and foremost.

Speaking in an interview, the presenter cum actress said that she plans to hit a year without having sex to focus all her energy on herself and finding herself again.

“I decided I won’t date this year, I plan to be celibate. I just want this year to be about me, to find myself again, to understand what I’m about, and to travel. I really want to travel. This is my year of saying say yes to all things travel.” she said.

Patricia Kihoro
Patricia Kihoro

Bad relationship

A series of bad relationships might be the key reason the presenter is taking some time off. Things haven’t been so good lately for her.

“My last relationship did quite a number on me. It was deep, and beautiful, and almost everything I’d wanted a relationship to be, and when it ended, I was devastated, even though I had seen the end coming in some ways. He was 29 years old, which meant younger than me, but that wasn’t really the issue, because age really is just a number. Sometimes people go through stuff when they are at that age, and then he was going through other things on top of that as well, so he just told me we needed to break it off, in order for him to get himself together. It was hard, but I respected the decision.” She revealed.

Patricia after being labeled a lesbian: Some men find it threatening to see successful women supportive of each other

Homeboyz Radio presenter Patricia Kihoro has no idea how social media was made to believe she’s a lesbian. In fact, she has never met some of the people she was accused of sleeping with in the dis-heartening rumour.

“When I first read about the rumour, I didn’t think there was a lot of detail to it. However, that notwithstanding, it was unfortunate when people started believing the rumour. That was really unfortunate,” she said in an interview with SDE. 

Ess, Kihoro and Susan Wong

The rumor claimed that Kihoro was having a fling with fashion blogger This is Ess and Singer Fena Gitu. She doesn’t know who started it or what the intentions behind it were.

“But I think there are people, some men, who find it threatening to see young, successful, women, who are supportive of each other, and who continue to rise. I’ve never met some of these people, I’ve never been in a room with them, and for them to go out and create such false narratives is disappointing to say the least,” she said. 

Family not affected

She also went on to add that her family was not affected by the nasty rumor because they know the kind of person she is. Her dad, however, called just to confirm what he was hearing.

“My family, bless them, they know me for who I am. I was never worried about them or my closest friends, because I knew they would completely dismiss such falsehoods. Although my dad did reach out to me when someone from Tanzania sent him a link to the story,” she said.

Sharon Mundia finally unveils her daughter’s adorable face

Fashion blogger and media personality Sharon Mundia popularly known as This_Is_Ess has finally unveiled her daughter’s face a few weeks after she delivered her baby.

Though she has been missing in action for sometime now, her hubby Lonina Leteipan has been updating their fans through his social media pages where he recently shared an adorable photo of their new born daughter – introducing her for the first time.

He captioned the photo saying;

“This is me holding the whole world in my hands.”

It is clear to see how much the new dad has fallen in love with his new found love. Well, I guess this is something almost every father feels after finally holding their first children. Check out the photo below:

Lonina with his daughter

It’s official, This is Ess’s husband is the most romantic man in Kenyan showbiz…just look at the heartfelt message he just wrote her on instagram

Since tying the knot with her husband last year, This is Ess has since taken a setback from social media and we can now definitely reveal why; something we’re going to tell you if you would please continue to read this.

It’s because of her husband! There….

Perhaps because she wants to concentrate on being a wife and maybe because she’s expecting a baby but mostly because of her husband.

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As majority of us would think that a banker would be boring and totally uncool, This is Ess’s husband is far from that.

He’s actually very romantic and creative and loving and totally amazing…shit…I think I’m falling in love with the guy too….

Just have a look at this: