Timmy: I won’t name the MP or her daughter in my video. I don’t more want trouble

After word emerged that singer Timmy tdat is in hot soup after a daughter of a very prominent MP from central Kenya appeared in his upcoming video, the singer has come out to clearly state that he won’t name either of the two.

No re-shooting

This is after an interview with the Star Newspaper where the singer spoke about the whole issue surrounding his new video saying that the Central Kenya MP has asked him to reedit the video after finding out his daughter is dirty dancing in several scenes. Timmy has said he won’t redo the video.

“Siwezi shoot tena. Mimi nimelipa director na cameramen. Sasa mimi ningejuaje ni mtoi wa MP? Niko na time gani ya kuenda kuuliza dem buda yako ni nani? Bora ako na haga fresh na anakaa fiti,” he said in the interview.

Asked whether he will name the daughter on the MP, the singer quickly recoiled.

“Unataka kuniingiza tena kwa ngori ingine? Sitaki kumpea mileage. Unataka nishikwe na heart attack wewe?”


Hit or Miss? Timmy TDat releases first song after getting radio job 

Singer Timmy Tdat has released his first single since getting his first radio gig, which led to many concluding that he might be done with his music career.

The Kaka Empire artist has released “Kitambo”, another dance tune to add to his immense portfolio. The song is getting positive reviews and is already trending on YouTube. The song was produced by veteran producer Musyoka while the video was Enos Olik’s works.

Radio career

Timmy recently got a radio job and now is co-hosting alongside the popular Mwalimu Rachael at NRG Radio. The move was met with some criticism considering that Timmy has gone to radio when his music career is seen to be at it’s peak. It’s still early to gauge whether he’ll manage to balance the two careers but history has never favored artists who switched to radio.

Hit or miss? Watch the new video below:



Timmy Tdat ex-girlfriend Kush Tracy urinated on herself in public after drinking too much coffee 

Talk of embarrassing moments.

Singer Kush Tracy peed on herself after attending a public gathering and was forced to line up to go to the toilet.

She was speaking about her most embarrassing moments to Pulse where she narrated how there was this long line that forced her to wait until she couldn’t wait any more and messed herself.

Messed herself

“I once had too much coffee after which I went to a public gathering. As time went by, I suddenly got pressed and the cloakrooms were a distance away so I held on,” she said in the Viral interview. 

She added:

“As I maneuvered to the toilets (it) was almost impossible as the crowd was huge. The situation got so bad that I couldn’t hold it anymore. I almost peed on myself in the process. As a matter of fact, I did but thanks to my black pants, the wet patch was invisible.”

Timmy Tdat arrested with a gun at the airport? (Details)

Word on the streets is that Dush Nyau hitmaker had some trouble at the airport after the police stopped him – to search his luggage as he was believed to be carrying a gun.

The rapper who was traveling to Eldoret ahead of his show was forced to delay for a while as they went through his belongings only to realize that he had nothing on him.

Timmy Tdat
Timmy Tdat

I made a point to reach out to the singer hoping to find out what had really happened.

Speaking to him on phone, Timmy Tdat confirmed that indeed he had trouble at the airport and from how he saw the whole situation is that they could have suspected him due to the tattoos on his body and the fact that he also has dreadlocks. Mmh do we call this discrimination?

Anyway, away from that the singer is currently planning on releasing new projects that will see him own 2017 like he did last year thanks to his several hit songs “Dush Nyau, usinikazie among others.