Timmy Dta, Naiboi and Brown Mauzo, Femi One, all have new songs Which one are you feeling?

Three top Kenyan artists and one from Tanzania have new sounds sets to take the airwaves.

Singer Timmy Tdat has teamed up with Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree for their new hit ‘Kipopo’.

‘Kipopo’ is produced by Hamado while the video is directed by Enos Olik. It was shot on location at Ngong Hills Wind Farm and Alchemist Club Nairobi.

After a rather long hiatus, rapper Shiko Femione has released a brand new song dubbed ‘Hiyo One’. ‘Hiyo One’s has been produced by Prvke + The Other Guys while the crisp video is directed by Ricky Bekko of Big Dreams Films.

Watch it below:

R&B Kenyan sensation Brown Mauzo is also back with another hit following the release of ‘Mawazo’ a month ago. This time, the mellow singer has raked in Naiboi for his new released dubbed ‘Hakuna Kulala’.

Watch the video below:


Singer Timmy Tdat denies being fired at NRG and explains why he has not been on radio lately 

Singer Timmy Tdat has come out to deny that he was shown the door at NRG Radio. According to the singer, he had to take a break so that he could analyse how he can balance his radio job and music career.

Timmy confessed that the music business is not easy and once you stop giving your career the needed attention, everything starts tumbling.

Kidogo natry kurearrange vitu flani amazing. Zii sikufutwa mziki ni talent ya mine na ndio nifike mahali nimefika is all about music. Na mziki I think ni profession flani iko very jealous as in ukitry kufanya na vitu zingine kidogo inaweza kuwa tricky because inahitaji time. Mziki ni inspiration hauandiki tu so nikutry tu kwanza kustep back na kuangalia vile unaweza zibalance,” said Timmy in an interview with Mwende Macharia and Clemmo.


Timmy and Mwalimu Racheal

The ‘Welle Welle’ hit maker was hosting a daily show dubbed ‘Transit’ from 3.00pm – 7.00pm alongside celebrated Radio and TV presenter Mwalimu Rachel. He got the job in March but it seems he has been too busy on radio that he was finding it hard to make enough music.

On getting the job, Timmy was excited but shared that he won’t quit music.

“Am exicited to venture into radio and further progress my career as an entertainer. This does not mean I am quitting music, I am in it for the long run and my fans should watch out for my many more projects that are to come.” he said then. 

Better cooperate or else “dus nyao”! Fans react to Timmy Tdat’s arrest

Controversial singer Timmy Tdat on Friday found himself fighting with the law after breaking a traffic rule. The singer, who has just released a new song titled Magaldem, was arrested and locked up at Parklands Police Station for several hours in the morning for a traffic offense he committed.

A fan shared a clip of his arrested which has the singer being roughed up by police.

“I made a wrong turn while exiting a petrol station without knowing the police were around. They followed me and after stopping they wanted to handcuff me hence the scuffle. Luckily, there was someone who recognised me and took a video and shared it on social media,” said Timmy later on 10 over 10 during an interview.


His arrested was turned to yet another funny affair by KOT who posted a string of comments on the video.

Here’s what Kenyans said.


Timmy: I won’t name the MP or her daughter in my video. I don’t more want trouble

After word emerged that singer Timmy tdat is in hot soup after a daughter of a very prominent MP from central Kenya appeared in his upcoming video, the singer has come out to clearly state that he won’t name either of the two.

No re-shooting

This is after an interview with the Star Newspaper where the singer spoke about the whole issue surrounding his new video saying that the Central Kenya MP has asked him to reedit the video after finding out his daughter is dirty dancing in several scenes. Timmy has said he won’t redo the video.

“Siwezi shoot tena. Mimi nimelipa director na cameramen. Sasa mimi ningejuaje ni mtoi wa MP? Niko na time gani ya kuenda kuuliza dem buda yako ni nani? Bora ako na haga fresh na anakaa fiti,” he said in the interview.

Asked whether he will name the daughter on the MP, the singer quickly recoiled.

“Unataka kuniingiza tena kwa ngori ingine? Sitaki kumpea mileage. Unataka nishikwe na heart attack wewe?”


” If you listen to some of my songs keenly, you will discover that they have gospel messages” Claims Timmy Tdat after attending the Groove awards nomination party

Timmy Tdat is one of those artists we know are full of controversy and if I am not wrong, the singer enjoys the attention too. Well, after dropping hit after hit seems that he is now planning to Join the likes of Willy Paul and Bahati – if this is true then will I be wrong to assume that everyone is investing where the money is?

The singer who recently released a new song dubbed OYOO featuring Susumila joined the gospel artists and fans at the Groove awards nomination party that went down a few days ago. From what Pulse reports, the singer was seen calmly seated as he paid attention to the sermon and activities that were going down during the event.

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Timmy and Sudi boy
Timmy and Sudi boy

When asked why he attended the event that was meant for the Gospel artistes the fella responded by saying that his music carries gospel messages that speak to his fans….wait what now? Timmy T-Dat told Pulse,

“I am also a gospel singer. I mean, if you listen to some of my songs keenly, you will discover that they have gospel messages. I am also trying to win souls so I am not in the wrong place.”

Not that it is a big deal but just like he put it, God can speak through anyone and he might be the chosen one…whp knows?

“God speaks in diverse ways. Who says God can’t use me to pass his message.”