Baffled Anita Nderu bags coveted ´Cover girl´ title on True Love magazine

TV girl, Anita Nderu graces the cover of this month´s ¨True Love¨ magazine and is more than elated.

¨True Love¨ remains East Africa´s top-selling women´s magazine.

Well, the cover alone has left eyes popping.

Up on her Instagram pages, the overwhelmed radio queen expresses:

So excited to be @truelove_ea magazine’s June cover girl for the bold issue.

What a wow! It finally happened you guys ???? Been wishing, hoping & dreaming for years for this????

Thank you @truelove_ea ???? I am anxious to read what the final copy says????

Your team was amazing to work with! Thank you for the great experience.
Officially on sale????????

Grab your copy today????

Featuring as a cover model has been a longtime dream for the enchanting personality, which has finally come to pass.

She couldn´t help but blow it out to the public before her untimely outburst.

Up in a blue figure-hugging dress with a plunging neckline let alone stunning earrings that all bring out her petite model figure.

Her beauty taken a notch higher!


In the magazine, the multi-talented beauty talks about calling it quits at Capital FM, surviving sexual assault, suicidal thoughts as well as finding happiness.

Something that is definitely not news to the masses, but definitely worth a read.

Funny enough, what grab´s the attention of many is what actually transpired leading to her exit from Capital FM a move rumored to be her getting fired.


We know Anita Nderu for her taste in elegance and fashion, something that has probably handed her the opportunity to grace the coveted ´cover girl´.

The astonishing beauty has won awards right from the BBC 100 women 2017, to the best dressed MPA 2017, just but to mention a few.

Be sure to grab your copy of June´s True Love magazine!


But how gorgeous is this???? You are such a star!!!! Congratulations babe! ????

Goo superstar! Well done! ????????????????????????
Woooo girllll ????????????????
Boooooom!!! So fire! ????????????????
You look amazing. That waist in particular ????

Revealed! ¨Diana Marua was born to a Luo father and Kikuyu mother 30 years ago¨ Diana seniors Bahati with 5 years now

If one were to pick just one thing that has had Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua hit back and forth with, it must be her age as she actually confirms she is 30 and not 27.

Previously, the gospel star had revealed that the two had a 2-year age gap which Diana confirms is false.

Diana´s seniority to her young hubby has seen her tagged all sorts of mean names including ´shosh wa Baha´ and even ´mother and son´ when the two are together.

However, Diana Marua had earlier on expressed that Bahati´s age to her, doesn´t matter because after all, her hubby exhibits more maturity than his older counterparts.

People have pointed out that he is younger than me.

When we started out, it did not bother me because Bahati is more mature than most men older than me in his thinking.

Further on, speaking to True Love magazine, the mother of 2 revealed [if I may quote the article]:

Diana Marua was born to a Luo father and Kikuyu mother 30 years ago.

Her father worked in a private hospital in the city while her mother was a housewife.

Up and Close on NTV´s #TheTrend, the model shared that Bahati will be turning 25 in 2019.

This is to confirm the 5-years age gap between the couple.

However, Bahati´s defense in response to Diana´s seniority to him was:

I´m proud of my wife´s age.

I always wanted an older woman,

I matured up at the age of 12, growing up in the ghetto and I knew I´d want a woman who wouldn´t stress me out.

And to wrap it all up the EMB records´ founder lovingly expressed:

Shosh wa Bahati ameivaa.

Haters! Kenyans not happy after Waiguru made it to this top-selling magazine’s cover

Drama surrounding Ann Waiguru, the Kirinyaga County Governor, has always been epic and enough to be rolled into one entertaining movie.

There’s always something happening around her that Kenyans have an opinion about.

The governor was recently interviewed by True Love Magazine and featured as the cover woman for March’s issue as “an iron lady”, a thing that didn’t go down well with some Kenyans.

Ann Waiguru

She’s not iron enough

According to some, Waiguru is nothing close to an Iron lady and bashed the magazine for propping her. Others bashed True Love for celebrating corrupt individuals and claimed they won’t buy the edition.

Here’s what Kenyans said:


Wema Sepetu opens up about loss, love and men on Kenya’s popular magazine

Tanzanian Sweetheart is not only loved by Tanzanians but also Kenyans. For the longest time she has been entertaining East African’s with her stories, especially because they are usually full of drama.

Well, if you have been wondering what the lady has been up to of late or who she is seeing then be ready to get all this information on the True Love Magazine East Africa which recently interviewed her and also used her as their photo cover on their March’s issue which will be in the market soon.

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Tanzanian sweetheart, Wema Sepetu
Tanzanian sweetheart, Wema Sepetu

From what the True Love Magazine’s social media pages we learn that Wema Sepetu opens up about her money, men, love and loss which most people want to know about. For the first time we might actually get to know what caused her miscarriage, why and how her relationship with Idris Sultan fell apart.

This month Tanzania’s Sweetheart, the gorgeous @wemasepetu graces our cover. She opens up about Money, Men, Love and Loss. Be sure to grab a copy to see what she has been up to and also read about Easter plans and gateways. Happy new month!

Her fans have also been leaving comments under the True Love Magazines, begging them to have enough issues to avoid other women missing this ‘lit’ issue. If you haven’t how the cover page looks like, then checkout the photo below:

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu