Tyler Mbaya says it was love at first sight with girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

I still can’t believe Baha from Machachari is now a dad and somehow a husband to girlfriend, Georgina. I mean – I grew up watching this guy on TV and now he is all grown up with a family of his town. How did time move so fast?

Anyway – like I already said…Baha is now a family man and judging from his YT videos with girlfriend Georgina Njenga….let’s just say the fella is fully settled on one lady who he intends to marry one day. Maybe…things change you know.

However what many don’t know is that before this relationship got to where it is today…these two started off as friends. They first made sure they had set a good foundation on their friendship before moving on to being a couple.

Georgina Njenga with boyfriend

Wait hold up…speaking of foundation, Georgina Njenga needs to find a new makeup artist…Ama niwache tu.

Celebrates anniversary

Well, to celebrate another year of friendship (whatever that means) the couple stepped out weekend for some alone time….not so alone since they brought the baby along…and as seen on Tyler Mbaya’s page looks like they really had a good time.

Tyler Mbaya with baby mama

To caption the posts, Tyler Mbaya praised Georgina Njenga describing her as his best friend and closest companion he has in his life.

From the First Time I saw you Mama????I knew we’d be really good friends???? Ever since, You’ve been my Closest Companion???? and Best Friend For Life???? Cheers???? To many more years of an Amazing Friendship???? Love you G✌????❣️ #FriendshipDay

#BFF #Queen #GeeAndTy????♥️

The Mbaya’s enjoying anniversary

Well I guess it’s not everyone who gets to experience love at first sight….but for this young couple – it’s been magical.

He Wanted A ‘FWB’ Relationship- Ex-Machachari Actor Baha’s Girlfriend On How They Met

Ex-Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya, better known to many as Baha, might have finally found the love of his life last year. The interesting part of their love life is how they met. Her girlfriend, Georgina Njenga, has however disclosed that the actor was previously down for a hook-up, rather than a serious relationship.

Baha: Former Machachari actor introduces beautiful girlfriend - GOTTA.news

Friends With Benefits

She divulged this on her YouTube Channel, alongside her boyfriend Tyler.

”Guess what? This guy all over sudden wants a friends with benefit. Na mi sikuwa in for that. Nilikuwa natafuta a serious relationship”

The two sweethearts were brought together through Gerogina’s cousin; who set them up to meet at in a house.

Additionally, Georgina disclosed that she was a huge fan of Baha even before meeting up. While still in High School, Georgina noticed her cousin Nina and Baha were so close. After completing Form Four, Georgina said her cousin told her Baha was looking for a girlfriend and asked her to send her pics so she could show him.

On Baha’s side, he claims he wasn’t sure if he would get a girlfriend when he was still not financially stable. But Georgina came through for him.

Tyler has also disclosed that Georgina has really helped him recover from the painful loss of his parents while he was young.

Fast forward, Tyler and Georgina are now madly in love; expressing their perennial and admirable love to their fans.


Ex Machachari’s actor Tyler Mbaya shares new steamy bedroom photos with girlfriend

Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha from TV show Machachari is growing up abit too fast.

I mean, wasn’t he just 10 years the other day; and today I get to share his sexy bedroom photos that are giving fans wild thoughts.

Well, I guess time just flies and whether we like it or not; the young boy we knew has now become a grown man entertaining fans together with girlfriend through his YouTube and IG pages.

Tyler Mbaya with boo, Georgina Njenga

So far we understand that the young man is deeply in love with his girlfriend, . From how the two have been moving, we are hoping for wedding bells in probably 7 years from now; but again, relationships are unpredictable.

Bedroom affair brought online

Anyway while the two continue to parade their love on the gram; Tyler recently decided to unveil new photos taken during Kangwe Mungai’s video shoot and boy has he left many thirsty.

This is after he shared some steamy (I mean extremely steamy) photos showing some good love to his baby girl; and now these two are becoming couple goal because meeeen  the bar they’ve set for couple is abit too high. Well, considering this is Nairobi.

Anyway to kick start your Friday, check the photos below.