Kenyan YouTuber Georgina Njenga Shares More Details About Breakup With Tyler Mbaya

Kenyan YouTuber Georgina Njenga has opened up about her breakup with former “Machachari” actor Tyler Mbaya, better known as Baha.

In an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, Njenga said that their separation was a mutual decision that was made after careful consideration. She said that there were no specific reasons for the breakup, but rather a culmination of issues that had been building up over time.

Njenga emphasized that the breakup was not the result of one person leaving the other, but rather a joint decision that they had made together. She said that they had tried to talk things through and involve their families in an attempt to salvage the relationship, but ultimately, they decided that it was not working.

Njenga also addressed rumors that the publicized gambling scandal involving Tyler Mbaya may have contributed to their breakup. She said that the decision to end the relationship was made prior to the scandal coming to light.

Njenga said that she is still healing from the breakup, but she is grateful for the time that she and Tyler had together. She said that they are still co-parenting their daughter and that they are committed to being good parents to her.

Njenga’s openness about her breakup is refreshing and inspiring. It is important to remember that breakups are never easy, but they are often necessary. It is also important to remember that you are not alone. There are many people who have gone through similar experiences and who can offer support.

Conman Tyler Mbaya finally responds to adult content creator Georgina Njenga’s disses

A couple of days after his ex, and the mother of his child, Georgina Njenga she had some messages on the social media app tik-tok in which she met him following their Break-Up, Tyler Mbaya has finally broken his silence.

But he refused to say anything worthwhile when he was called and interviewed by radio personality Ankali Ray.


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It should be remembered that the scammer and conman Tyler Mbaya who is a former child actor had endured a sensational breakup from the mother of his child and longtime girlfriend, Georgina, in spite of vowing to stay by her side after she was exposed for being an adult content creator on onlyfans.

When he picked up Ankali’s phone call he was immediately defensive and warned the media personality to stay out of people’s lives. But what would you expect from a man who was not only cuckolded but has been publicly humiliated by his ex?

Why It’s Possible That Tyler Mbaya And Georgina Are No Longer Dating

Former Machachari actor Baha and his girlfriend Georgina Njenga are currently being rumoured to have broken up following the long period that they have been out of social media together.

The two lovebirds have had a tumultuous relationship. And after welcoming their child, it’s not possible for their break-up to be an easy one- if the speculations end up being true. Below are possible reasons why the news might be true.

Georgina’s Leaked Video

The mother of one had her n*de video leaked by an unknown person. This was after their daughter’s arrival. And everyone was shocked of the video, apart from haters of course. The video might have probably expedited their break-up since Tyler might have felt disappointed by the same.

Trust Issues

With that being said, the lovebirds haven’t really been trusting each other over the years- considering their early celebrity status, it’s easy peasy to have another relationship.

Early Relationship

The two lovebirds started their serious relationship while in their early 20’s. They probably would have had a rich tapestry in their relationship if they took a little more time.


Alaaar! Tyler Mbaya on whether he has ever cheated on his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

Millennials are out here making relationships look so easy while the rest of you continue complaining about your spouses cheating, not feeling appreciated and the most popular…baby daddies ducking their roles when it comes down to the kids.

However when it comes down the likes of Tyler (Baha) and Zari’s young boyfriend they stick to what they’ve decided to commit to; and guys its true we have seen right? Or rather thats what they’re making us believe.

Anyway with that said, the young dad this past weekend held a QnA session giving fans an opportunity to ask whatever questions they needed answered; and of course one fan decided to drop the big question – on whether he has ever cheated on his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga.

Tyler Mbaya confesses

Okay, being young one would think Tyler Mbaya is still doing some low key searching – maybe still fishing despite having bagged himself a lady like Georgina Njenga, but to our surprise – Tyler says he has never cheated on his woman. No not even once.

Responding to:

Have you ever cheated on Georgina?

Tyler Mbaya confidently responded with;

You cant replace a woman that gives you both wifey and best friend vibes. That is rare.


Black men don’t.

Okay wait….sounds really cute right? But then again – i don’t know what Tyler Mbaya has heard about black men…but I’m pretty sure many women won’t agree with him.

Tyler Mbaya says it was love at first sight with girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

I still can’t believe Baha from Machachari is now a dad and somehow a husband to girlfriend, Georgina. I mean – I grew up watching this guy on TV and now he is all grown up with a family of his town. How did time move so fast?

Anyway – like I already said…Baha is now a family man and judging from his YT videos with girlfriend Georgina Njenga….let’s just say the fella is fully settled on one lady who he intends to marry one day. Maybe…things change you know.

However what many don’t know is that before this relationship got to where it is today…these two started off as friends. They first made sure they had set a good foundation on their friendship before moving on to being a couple.

Georgina Njenga with boyfriend

Wait hold up…speaking of foundation, Georgina Njenga needs to find a new makeup artist…Ama niwache tu.

Celebrates anniversary

Well, to celebrate another year of friendship (whatever that means) the couple stepped out weekend for some alone time….not so alone since they brought the baby along…and as seen on Tyler Mbaya’s page looks like they really had a good time.

Tyler Mbaya with baby mama

To caption the posts, Tyler Mbaya praised Georgina Njenga describing her as his best friend and closest companion he has in his life.

From the First Time I saw you Mama????I knew we’d be really good friends???? Ever since, You’ve been my Closest Companion???? and Best Friend For Life???? Cheers???? To many more years of an Amazing Friendship???? Love you G✌????❣️ #FriendshipDay

#BFF #Queen #GeeAndTy????♥️

The Mbaya’s enjoying anniversary

Well I guess it’s not everyone who gets to experience love at first sight….but for this young couple – it’s been magical.

Tyler Mbaya reveals parents death pushed him to start a family at young age, promises his daughter this

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha has been gracing our screens from a young and I remember growing up watching him on TV and now – he is a grown man with a happy family.

Howeber what many didn’t know is that Baha and his brother struggled while growing up with a single mum while his dad was hustling back in the US.

Baha’s late dad

Well, from what Baha says is that his dad hustled yes – but only he knows where the money went to because after he was deported back – he came with nothing.

With that, you can tell that Baha and his dad did not have such a great relationship and even before his death – things were still shaky as the old man was depending on him and his brother to provide for him.

Disconnecting himself from ‘generational curses’

Having had a dad who didn’t present himself like a father should – Baha says that this is one of the many reasons that pushed him to start a family early.

According to him, losing both his parents not only made life lonelier but also made him regret not fixing his relationship with his old man. From what he now knows is that they should have never had bad blood because at end of it all – he remains his biological dad.

Speaking during recent interview Tyler Mbaya said;

I longed to be a father by 24. But when my parents died missing their love and warmth made it apparent to me that I needed to have a family of my own.


Growing up I had a strained relationship with my father though we mended fences. As a father I want my daughter to wholesomely feel my presence in her life. I want her to grow up knowing I am her father and her first love.

And with that kind of mentality – Tyler Mbaya gets to nurture a new generation in their family that will understand what a fathers love truly means.

Tyler Mbaya shares experience with pregnant girlfriend, says it’s one tough journey

Their have been mixed feelings about Georgina Njenga and Tyler Mbaya announcing their pregnancy. Probably because most people feel that they’re too young – but again, they seem to understand what they’re doing – so why not?

20 year old Georgina Njenga announces pregnancy

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Anyway the two announced their pregnancy by sharing a series of baby bump photos leaving many surprised. They also happened to share a detailed video on Georgina’s YouTube talking about their unborn baby; and of course how the lady learnt about the pregnancy.

From what Georgina says is that she may have gotten pregnant after her last period in September 2021…meaning she could or rather is 6 to 7 months pregnant so far but the journey has been one emotional roller coaster making her react to everything with tears.

Young daddy in the making

This being the first time Georgina and Tyler are experiencing pregnancy for the first time; actor Tyler says his woman’s pregnancy journey has had him on toes since the first trimester.

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Tyler Mbaya with girlfriend

For him life changed in a way that he had to learn the importance of patience; especially with the mood swings and tantrums from his pregnant 20 year old girlfriend. Speaking about this on their YouTube channel, Tyler said:

Vitu napitishwa. Sasa unanitolea mood swings, tantrums. Kila kitu kwa hii pregnancy journey ni the baby…

Former Machachari actor Baha and girlfriend pregnant with their first child (Photos)

Baha aka Tyler Mbaya is about to become a dad for the first time and this was confirmed by both him and YouTuber girlfriend, Georgina Njenga.

The excited couple shared the news through Instagram with a series of baby bump photos, which they Tyler Mbaya captioned;

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Tyler Mbaya and Girlfriend pregnant with first child

Never been this excited???? to meet someone in my Life!???? #GeeAndTy????❤️

This however comes months after fans suspected the lass to be pregnant but being a low key type of person; Georgina denied until recently when she unveiled the huge baby bump – leaving their fans excited for the young couple.

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Georgina denies pregnancy rumors

Pregnancy Journey

This being the first time Georgina is announcing her pregnancy (months later) the lady says the first time she took the pregnancy test was more of a mixed feeling kind of experience. Excited but worried at the same time…

So far we understand she experienced the usual mood swings, fatigue and oooh ooh the physical changes too.

‘I still miss you’ Baha’s brother pens emotional post to mark late mum’s birthday

Baha’s mother a popular actress known as as Wanade from TV show ‘Mother-in-law’ died in 2013 after a long battle with cancer leaving behind two young boys.

The boys, Tyler and Mungai Mbaya are however no longer small boys but grown men chasing their dreams in the entertainment industry and so far, seems that they’re doing just fine.

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Mbaya brothers

However despite being 8 years since their mother’s death, Mungai Mbaya has proven that he still holds on to his mother’s memory thanks to a new post.

Mungai celebrates mum

Well, the young man recently celebrated his late mum’s birthday through an emotional post shared on his Instagram where he wrote;

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Young mbaya boys and their late mum

Happy Birthday Mom❤️❤️❤️
Crazy How Much I Still Miss You.???? This Year More Than Ever. How I wish you got to see your grandson. Hope y’all met on the other side. Look out for each other till it’s my time to join y’all. Got Too Much Love For Y’all. 4L Mom❤️❤️❤️

Well I can’t even begin to imagine what the two boys have been through since they lost both parents at a young age; but all I know is that the pain shaped them into who they have since become.

Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend break the internet in loved up photos during romantic shoot

Machachari star Baha has come out to profess his undying love for his young ravishing babe, Georgina Njenga in a colorful romantic photoshoot.

The actor who just recently marked his late mums death anniversary, in an emotional post, seems to have had her love reciprocated – even though not wholly – through his damsel, who he ever calls ‘mama’.

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Drunk in love

Now coloring their timelines with an endless series of enviable photos of the two sweetly locked in each others arms and gorgeously starring into each others eyes, proof that ‘love lives here’.

Machachari’s Baha with lover

“Honestly I’d Gun For You Mama Coz you Rock My World Baby Girl ????❤️. Got me thinking of how we Solid, Like Guns N’ Roses????????,” read one of his posts. 

Labeling her “ his favorite hello” and “his hardest goodbye,” because to him, she is “his happiness”, someone who “makes everything worth it”. Continued his love letter.

Tyler Mbaya with bae Georgina

Wrapping up with a solemn declaration to the world: I’m Yours & You’re Mine???? Roho Ilishapenda Mama????????????.

They say love knows no boundaries and clearly, this one is not limited, going over and beyond, to publicly display affection for each other, regardless of who is looking. Take a look at the blinding photos:

Baha with bae Georgina
Tyler Mbaya with lover Georgina
Georgina and Baha romantically locked
Tyler Mbaya with lover

Former Machachari TV show actor celebrates his late mother in special message

Actor Baha is grateful for everything he has faced since losing his mother to cancer back in 2013.

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha

The now grown actor recently opened up for the first time about his late mother, Beth Nyambura Mbaya who was also known as Wanade on TV Show – Mother-in-law.

Speaking to Mpasho during his interview, Tyler Mbaya revealed that he missed his late mother’s cooking saying;

“I miss my mother’s food especially mandazi. She used to cook sweet mandazis and packed for us to eat in school. I wish i knew the recipe she used,”

Baha’s late mother

How his life changed

Tyler went on to reveal that losing his mother left him at a tough position since he was a ‘mamas boy’; but now that she was no more the actor says his life took a drastic change.

Baha went on to narrate saying;

“Losing parents at a young age made me mature very first and see life differently. I just thank God for everything because you never know who I would have grown into. I was definitely a mama’s boy and all that changed when she passed. Maisha ilinionesha ugumu ingine na nikakauka nayo and turned out to be a better person, a tough one and maybe that was God’s plan for me.”