Valentine’s Day plans? Mozzartbet offer World’s Biggest Odds on Tottenham, Sociedad and Lens

Leading gaming firm Mozzartbet has on Sunday February 13th 2022 listed the world’s biggest odds on fixtures involving wobbly English side Tottenham Hotspur, enterprising Spanish club Real Sociedad and ambitious French outfit Lens.

Tottenham win over Wolves, Odds 1.74

Antonio Conte’s era at Spurs continues on Sunday evening when they host Wolves with both sides aiming to scale up the table for European places.

Spurs are 7th on 36 points with Wolves behind them by just two points. Spurs will be keen not to capitulate as they did against Southampton and lost 3-2 while Wolves are still hurting from losing by a single goal to Arsenal on Thursday night.

Tottenham have won the last three of their meetings with Wolves with last fixture in Sunday’s venue ending 2-0 to Spurs advantage. Song Heung Min is tipped to work his magic for Spurs in a fixture likely to yield more than one goal.

The match will kick-off at 17:00

Real Sociedad win over Granada, Odds 1.48

Spanish outfit Real Sociedad look to forget their Copa del Rey exit with a return-to-winning ways when they host Andalusian club Granada in La Liga on Sunday night.

Sociedad have failed to score in their last three games but are favored to whip Granada whose away form is appalling.

Sociedad have eleven points between them and Granada who are just five points above relegation. Victory for Sociedad will propel them to 6th above Villarreal on the table and reignite their quest for European football next season.

Their record of four wins over Granada in their last five meetings props them as favorites. Their watertight defense will be tested by teenage recruit Matia Arezo who has a knack of scoring very early in games.

The match kicks off at 20:30

Lens win over Bordeaux, Odds 1.55

Tenth-placed club in French League 1 Lens are huge favorites in Sunday night’s duel with relegation threatened Bordeaux. Lens are five places and just five points shy of the coveted European placing.

They must however, overcome the psychological barrier of losing their last two league games to trump Bordeaux and close in on the league leading group.

With an alarming three loses in their last five league fixtures, Lens are not better form-wise, from Bordeaux who have just one more loss.

Their last five meetings indicate two competitive clubs who give as good as they get. One thing for sure is that there will be goals.

The match kicks off at 19:05

My college girlfriend saves the day as our first Valentine’s Day date almost turns to complete disaster

Plunging into the world of dating will quickly teach that it’s a treacherous path to navigate. This path is filled with mines. And it’s easier for a battle-hardened marine handling PTSD, than it is for a teen to overcome emotional trauma from an egg-in-your-face experience.

When I joined college, no one gave me a tattered handbook on the do’s and don’ts of dating. I was pretty green, with a background spent in a strict household with a set of Seminarian rules. My mother had banned us in her kitchen, but would keep a running commentary as she cooked. A fair portion of which, indirectly, forbade any ‘un-blessed alliances’.

“Bring me a degree first, Ahmed” She’d intone, peering into a steaming pot of vegetables.

Meanwhile, Dad would throw an occasional sly look my way and return to his cryptic puzzle.

I was, however, right on one front about dating in college. It turns out that things ‘just flow along’. After the hype and excitement that grips the campus once the Freshers’ report, things cool down. In every batch there’s a group who’ve endured mothers threatening to curse and disown, and tend to steer clear of the hallowed, senior comrades’ – and we’d flock together.

That’s how easy it was meeting my first girlfriend. Just hanging out in class as the cool kids went out.

Reality hit soon after – the real work is not in meeting a girl. The real hustle is in keeping one. Dear Lord! You have to be cool. In campus, trends are a huge thing. There’s always cool things happening. For instance, Valentine’s Day came along barely three weeks after reporting.

Aside: If you are into college, be informed she’ll find it easier to forgive you if you miss her graduation ceremony. But thou shall NOT be indifferent to the enigma that surrounds the Valentine’s Day.

My new girlfriend started dropping hints immediately. We’d snuggle up to watch a movie on her laptop in her room, and she’d start to. Do you love red? Chocolate? Do you know my sister is going to Naivasha with her fiancé over Valentine’s weekend? I would naively (and noisily) sip at my Quencher juice and ask for sub-titles.

On the eve, she right up asked if I had plans. Oh, I hadn’t any, but I reckoned it wouldn’t hurt. I still had some money. I didn’t drink then, and I still try to work out where exactly I joined the bandwagon that had us later on teetering on the edge of absolute alcoholism.

I got on my signature black T-shirt, Nike sneakers and blue jeans, but my love was completely doled out in a flashy red satin dress. I knew we wouldn’t hit a flashy restaurant any who, so I wasn’t worried about money. We took one of the loud, pimped out semi-dark matatus plying Thika Road. It was half-filled with rowdy comrades in different levels of sobriety, and it was fun.

My date led me to a modest eatery off Moi Avenue and true to script, ordered the staple preference for typical college girls: fries and chicken. Though most of the tables had couples in seemingly deep conversations, we didn’t have much to talk. We had that easy, laid back, gangsta-love sort of relationship. We chewed on crispy chicken and watched the Lakers thrash the Yankees on a TV perched high on the corner.

Who places TV screens so high up in restaurants? Watch it for a minute, and the neck aches.

It’s a modest eatery, so no much fanfare with the bill. The waitress comes along and places the salt shaker on it. The bill is mine – again, no much tagging on who pays up. Gangsta love, ahem. I started frisking my pockets. No wallet. No money.

It’s then that it dawns on me. I had been robbed in the Matatu ride to town. Well, in this city lessons are served fast and brutally. I had to think fast – I knew my lady in red didn’t have money, but she outright sensed something was off. I had to tell her what had happened.

Believe it or not, she whips out a Co-op Visa Card and passes it to the waitress. I was dumbstruck.

Sweetheart, hii ni Nairobi. Chanuka. Hatubebi doo kwa mfuko” She leans forward, and whispers.

That’s how my first Valentine’s Day would have turned into a complete disaster. Luckily I had a girl armed with a Co-op Visa Card. It turned out to be awesome – and I may have had my first taste of wine on the same day.



Ningechonga viazi on Valentine’s Day but the MCo-op Cash app saved me big time, here’s how

I almost got dumped on Valentine’s Day! Right now, I’d be looking back at the good old days when I had a girlfriend and took it for granted. Luckily, a timely idea saved my relationship. Sijui ningeambia watu nini!

On the morning of Valentines, I received a text from bae. It was around 10 am. She wanted to know what I had planned for us that evening.

After reading her message, it then dawned on me that it was actually Valentine’s Day and I was supposed to pull off a romantic gesture to show bae that I appreciate her.

Truth is I had nothing in mind. I thought it was just an ordinary day. I had not even noticed that most people in the office were in red outfits. Knowing too well that she might dump me for ‘simply’ forgetting that it was Valentine’s Day, I decided to play it cool.

“I got this. If I tell you what I’ve planned then it won’t be a surprise, will it?” I texted her back. Minutes later, she replied “Okay then. I can’t wait.”

I started panicking almost immediately there’s nothing worse than looking forward to something then ending up with disappointment.

As I went about my day I thought of several ways to surprise her but none of them seemed practical because I was too broke. Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of February and who has money kati kati ya mwezi? Surely.

I grabbed my notebook and calculated the cost of taking her out that evening. The figure came to KSh. 5700, this included a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, dinner for two at her favourite eatery, skating, cab fare and airtime to make calls here and there.

I started looking for the money after drawing my budget. I knew too well that my friends were also hanging on to their last coins. This meant that they weren’t able to bail me out even if they wanted to. I explored other options. Not only were loan limits extremely low, the interest rates were also too high.

When I was on the verge of giving up and coming clean to bae, I remembered that I have access to MCo-op Cash loans as a Co-operative Bank customer.

I dialled *667#, entered my pin, selected (8) Loan option, then I selected (2) and keyed in the amount that I wanted to borrow which was KSh. 6000.

In a matter of the seconds, my MCo-op Cash salary loan had been processed and deposited into my MCo-op Cash account. I could finally relax and wait to surprise bae in the evening. The best part was that she won’t have a clue of what I went through.

Optionally, you can install the MCo-op Cash app from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. After signing up, you can borrow a salary advance loan of any amount between KSh. 1000 and KSh. 200,000. For businesses, the maximum limit is KSh 500,000.

Now that I am aware of the MCo-op Cash loan, I’m already planning a birthday surprise for her. This time around, I am going all out!

Valentine’s Day gone wrong! Customers at a city restaurant left in shock after lady walks out on her date

Customers at a city restaurant were left to ogle and in shock as they watched drama unfold with a young couple supposedly on a valentine’s date.

The drama that left activity in the restaurant on a standstill for a couple of minutes began when the gentleman sat down opposite his girlfriend who it later turned out had been waiting for him for a while.

The gentleman in a video shot by someone in the restaurant and that has since gone viral is seen trying to calm his lady friend down as he apologizes profusely for his lateness to the date on one of the most celebrated days of the year.

The young lady who seems is visibly spruced up for her Valentine’s date will have none of it and goes ahead to give her date an earful in full view and hearing range of other customers in the restaurant.

African timer

The lady’s greatest displeasure it seems is the duration of time it took to wait for her date and she goes ahead to let him know that a lot of other gentlemen would have loved to take her out on that all important day.

The gentleman tries to get some words of apology in but his date cuts him off with more complains that he should not have made her wait that long especially because she was very hungry.

With words having failed to convince his date to calm down, the gentleman makes his final attempt at dragging the date to a favorable side by offering his lady a bouquet of roses which seems to have touched her very last nerve.

She grabs the flowers from her date and tosses them on the floor much to the sighs of shock and giggles of other customers in the restaurant. She goes ahead to stamp her feet on the flowers and storms off leaving her date in shock and short of words.

The date would no doubt be a memorable one for the ‘love birds’, just not for the expected reasons for a valentine’s date.

How to fulfil bae’s Valentine’s Day dream using the MCo-op Cash app

Valentine’s Day is upon us! While some people will go out of their way to surprise their loved ones with grandiose gifts, others will make do with simple gestures such as boat rides at Uhuru Park and call it a day. After all, it’s the thought that counts right?

Even if you are not the romantic type, you might find yourself in an awkward situation if you don’t do something unique to show your partner that you appreciate the role that he/she plays in your life.

Truth is, no one, whether they are in a relationship or not, is ready to face the fact that they didn’t cross someone’s mind on Valentine’s Day, especially in this day and age when all you have to do is log into social media to see how your peers were dining in 5-star hotels, vacationing, jetsetting and what have you.

Planning is vital if you want to see to it that what you had thought of as the perfect surprise for your significant other comes to life.

Another important aspect is one’s financial resources. Let’s face it, of what good is a plan when you are penniless?

More often than not, you will face one of these financial hurdles; it’s either you have no money at all or you need a small top up on the amount that you already have.

That is where MCo-op Cash comes in, to give you that timely financial boost that you really need, or else you would have to lie about a non-existent out-of-town trip or fake your kidnapping at worst, because, who’s ready to face their significant other and inform them that they did not plan anything? Definitely not me.

You can get an instant loan at friendly interest rates on the MCo-op Cash app and relieve yourself from the unnecessary pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day.

To access the loan facility, you need to be a Co-op Bank customer and install the MCo-op Cash application from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

After signing up, you can borrow from KSh. 1000 to a maximum of KSh. 200,000. For businesses, the maximum limit is KSh 500,000.

The ball is now on your court, treat your bae to a surprise that they will remember for a lifetime this Valentine’s Day!

Uber delivers Valentine’s Day hampers for free to people’s offices and residential homes (Photos)

Lovebirds have had the most memorable Valentine’s Day as Uber decided to deliver Valentines hamper to their loved one on their behalf.

Uber decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by rewarding lucky riders through a love themed promotion dubbed ‘put your heart in an Uber’.

Uber riders entered the promotion by submitting notes of love via a google form which was delivered to their significant other, friend or relative on Valentine’s Day.

Anita Nderu surprises lucky riders

Capital FM’s Anita Nderu also joined Uber drivers in delivering Valentine’s hampers. She visited offices and residential homes to personally deliver the Valentine hampers.

Anita Nderu

“#HappyValentinesDay #PutyourheartinanUber I’ll be dropping by some of your homes and offices in a bit courtesy of @uber_kenya” Anita Nderu tweeted before she took on the task.

Lucky riders who had their notes selected had their notes and an Uber Valentines hampers delivered to their loved one on their behalf on Valentine’s Day.

The taxi-hailing company has also rewarded two lucky couples a grand prize of Valentine’s Day dinner/stay-cation.

5 Valentine’s Day starter pack for a typical Nairobi slay queen

Valentine’s Day is a special day of the year just dedicated for everything love and romance. 2018 Valentine’s Day (February 14th) falls on a Wednesday which also happens to be ladies’ night.

Ladies usually dress to kill on Valentine’s Day. Most Valentine’s Day accessories are now available by the click of a button thanks to online marketplaces.

So what are the Valentine’s Day starter pack for a typical Nairobi slay queen?


Talk of that pleasant, sweet smell… A good perfume is a must for all ladies who are serious about Valentine’s Day. Still Jennifer Lopez perfume is one such perfume that brings a sense of sophistication.


Makeup is a must for ladies, appearance is all that matters on Valentin’s Day and ladies must just elevate their beauty with top-rated makeup and cosmetics from top brands.

Hair care

Talk of hair mayonnaise, castor oil, relaxer, curling butter, coconut oil etc, ladies got to pick the right hair products for Valentine’s Day.

Skin care

For Valentine’s Day ladies need to find top-rated products from leading skincare brands to help target specific skin concerns and revitalize their look.


Valentine’s Day dress code is usually red. In the traditional sense, wearing red for Valentines meant that one is in love and happy!