Call for help? 26 year old Vanessa Chettle’s latest photo leaves netizens worried about her drug addiction and mental health

Vanessa Cheruto aka Chettle should be in the same league as Vera Sidika, Huddah or even Risper or Corazon.

This is because about 6 to 7 years ago, the lass was the hottest thing in the market don’t get me wrong; but Vanessa was the youngest socialites rolling with the likes of Joe Muchiri, Prezzo and very wealthy sponsors.

Vanessa with her firstborn and boyfriend, Maina

Not the kind of lifestyle I’d be advocating for, but truth is – back then she would have built herself; by making good use of the money she made from her ‘sponsors’ and events she regularly hosted.

But at such a young age, I bet all Vanessa wanted was human hair, good makeup, expensive things not just hennything; which are clearly not the best investments in life.

Vanessa needs help

So far I have written enough articles highlighting on her current lifestyle; and judging from the latest photo she has shared on her Instagram; let’s just say that today we shall not critic nor bash the lady since it’s clear that Vanessa Chettle needs help.

Although she claims to be making money through farming; her stories are beginning to sound like they’ve been inspired by jaba aka Miraakama wale wasee wa story za Jaba.

Vanessa Chettle in need of help

From her latest photo Vanessa Chettle is slowly starting to look like a serious washed up drug addict; and from where I stand – the lady appears to have lost her beauty due to all the smoking…and so are her teeth which have discolored.

Turns off comment section

Well, since it’s obvious that everyone has noticed the changes in Vanessa Chettle; fans in the comment section went on to encourage her to seek help from her dad and sisters.

Tbt: Vanessa Chettle

However in turn, Chettle decided to turn off her comment section to avoid being told the truth; and clearly this mother of 2 is not at a good place.

Hopefully her eldest sister, Francene who came into the limelight courtesy of Vanessa’s fame will step in and return the favor now that baby sister is at her lowest.

“F**k off” Washed up socialite Vanessa Chettle hits back at critics judging her current lifestyle

Back in the day Vanessa Chettle was the real deal. I mean, her beauty turned heads and most young girls wanted to be like her.

Mostly because of the company she kept back in the day. With her rolling with the likes of Shaffie Weru among other rich kids gave Vanessa Chettle a big name; but unfortunately her fame ended as soon as it started.

Vanessa with her firstborn and boyfriend, Maina

This is because somewhere along the way she fell in love, got pregnant; and like most young mums – she was left to carter for the kid alone. For some reason – she then decided to head back to her village in Eldoret where everything changed.

From her posts, we understand that she became a chain smoker for both cigarettes and Marijuana better known as shash. Of course fans couldn’t help but ask questions and in less than a year – she got pregnant again. Weuh!

vanessa chettle with her new man
Vanessa Chettle welcomes baby number 2

“Back off from my life” Vanessa

With 2 kids already – one would think that Vanessa Chettle would use this as a wake up call; but no – she prefers hanging out with her “drug dealer” friends.

Anyway after disappearing from social media – the young mum has returned with new photos; but fans can’t help but question whether she is in her right mind.

Responding to those criticizing her new lifestyle, Vanessa through her page has hit back saying;

“Vanessa go back to your old life”

I don’t mean To sound rude but y’all better fuck off! Busy with my kids in a safe and quiet environment looking after farms with my so called drug dealer friends.

Money moves

According to the lady, she is making good money back in the village; and instead of living a fake life in Nairobi – she would rather hustle harder by farming. She went on to add;

We are having fun and making money upcountry making wise investments instead of runing around Nairobi clubs surrounded by fake friends fake celebs and corny naijas. So think twice kabla u comment bullshit..ata one day bila social media hamuwezi! Corona inapeleka watu mbio but some of us made wise decisions.

And just to prove how much the bashing comments don’t mean a thing to her; Vanessa concluded her post saying;


Chettle puff puff pass

In short mind your business! We are fine and smarter! If you cant change in life you can’t grow! Whether good or bad. Life is a journey. Got it? NktMeanwhile tunakiseti hapa kwa Mali mashinani na zimeshika 🙂

Socialite Vanessa Chettle’s letter to her lovely daughter will leave you wiser

At only 25 years, Vanessa Chettle is a mother and she’s learning day by day how to do it alone after the father of the baby bailed out.

The socialite recently took to Instagram to share a rather wise and deep letter to her five-month-old Anna that left many a bit surprise that she could get all that wise.

Here’s what she said:

“Dear sweet Daughter of mine,
In this life, tomorrow is not promised so I write u this letter hoping it can guide you once you begin to learn about rights & wrongs.

FAMILY- I have introduced you to the entire family, these are your people but be fooled not because even though blood is thicker than water, betrayal from them will burn u bitterly. Respect is all I can advise you to have, do not depend on them 100%. Chances are they won’t come thru for you like you’d expect ‘blood’ to. Know your people, love your people, help your people but do not lose yourself amongst your people. Only funerals, weddings & babies temporarily bring these people together. You are just but your parents’ burden… stand alone & be strong!

FRIENDS- They come & go. The realest ones in life you will only know after a long time, this will be after overcoming many obstacles that life throws, fights, growing up, growing apart, reconnecting, emotions, disappointments, distance etc. It’ll take time & lessons but you’ll make one or two good ones in your lifetime. So don’t be quick to share your secrets or declare “BFF”. LOVE- First of all u are free to love freely be it a boy or a girl.
The boys love to play games, So don’t be too Eazy to get & don’t try too hard to impress them either. Girls are trouble, if you decide to date one be smart bcoz as a female yourself u are aware of just how cunning we can be!
Think like a woman, but understand the mind of a man too.
In short, #SelfLove comes first & the rest can follow.
If anyone breaks your heart Mamas gonna break their neck!

GOD- I believe in a higher deity than all of us humans. I believe in angels too & I believe you are mine specially sent.
Faith can move mountains despite life’s difficulties we sleep better knowing there’s a higher being watching over, guiding us & taking care of tomorrow & the unknown.
So if you choose to believe, believe in God.
And do good because it comes back around (Karma). DON’Ts – Don’t ever think looks are everything, you gotta be beautiful from inside out.

Don’t put all focus on education & money. Live life, take risks & explore & gain wisdom & knowledge through mistakes & experience.
DON’T u ever doubt that I LOVE YOU!”

New mum in town Vanessa Chettle confesses her love for drugs

Former socialite Vanessa Chettle a few weeks ago revealed that she had given birth to her first child. The lady did this by sharing a photo which she went on to caption talking about her post baby figure.

This explains why she maintained a low profile shortly after quitting reality show Nairobi Diaries. Even after giving birth, the lady has not shared any photos of her baby on her Instagram page.

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Well, this could be because she has been enjoying drugs as revealed on her Instagram story. A few ago she share a post talking about her love for drugs as they apparently take her to the moon.

Not quite sure what type of drugs she was talking about but in the past, Chettle has always been open about her addiction to Marijuana.

Party girl lifestyle

Now that she has nothing (baby bump) holding her back from partying, I bet the lady will resume to her party life.