Vanessa Mdee Opens Up About Quitting Alcohol & Finding Faith

Vanessa Mdee has shared a personal journey of transformation – leaving behind alcohol and finding peace through faith. After revealing her four years of sobriety, she took to TikTok to explain her reasons.

Mdee described a period of heavy drinking to cope with stress and depression in the demanding world of entertainment.

“I was a functional alcoholic,” she admitted, highlighting the outward success that masked an unhealthy reliance on alcohol. However, by 2018, her nightly dependence had become unmanageable.

A turning point came through faith.

“As I got closer to God, the Holy Spirit convicted me to stop drinking,” she shared. This spiritual guidance, coupled with a personal trauma, prompted her decision to quit alcohol for good.

Mdee, now residing in the U.S. with her fiancé Rotimi and their two children, has openly embraced Christianity. In a previous TikTok video, she declared accepting Christ as her savior her best decision ever.

“I was at my peak professionally, loved by fans, but deeply unhappy,” she recalled. “Something needed to change. I surrendered to God and found healing and peace.”

Mdee’s story speaks to the challenges of coping with pressure and the pursuit of true happiness beyond external validation. Her choice to share her journey candidly can inspire others facing similar struggles, offering hope and a message of faith-driven transformation.

Juma Jux reveals he was hurt when Vanessa Mdee moved on with Rotimi

Tanzanian singer Juma Jux has revealed how hurt he was when he heard the news that his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Mdee, had moved on with Nigerian-American-based musician and actor Rotimi after their break up.

Jux and Mdee were one of the most talked about couples in East Africa when they were together. After their break up, Mdee moved to the US and started her relationship with Rotimi. Years later, Rotimi and Mdee are engaged and have two children together.

In a recent show in Arusha, Jux told his fans, “I was hurt, I was really hurt for sure.”

Vanessa Mdee Encourages Kindness In The Face Of Suffering

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has taken to social media to encourage her followers to be kind to others. In a post, she said that healing is a daily process and that small progress is still progress. She also reminded her followers that people are suffering from things they may not even know how to express.

Mdee’s post is a reminder that we should all be mindful of the people around us. We never know what someone else is going through, so it is important to be kind and compassionate. Even small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Mdee herself has experienced her fair share of challenges. She has spoken openly about her struggles with mental health and addiction. She has also talked about the challenges of being a woman in the music industry.

Despite her challenges, Mdee has always been an advocate for kindness and compassion. She believes that these qualities are essential for creating a better world.

In her post, Mdee quoted a passage from the Bible that says, “My grace is all you need, my power works best in weakness.” This passage is a reminder that we are all capable of overcoming our challenges with God’s help.

Mdee’s post is a message of hope. It is a reminder that we are all in this together and that we can support each other through difficult times. If you are struggling, please know that you are not alone. There are people who care about you and want to help.

Vanessa Mdee Celebrates Birthday With Sweet Messages From Son and Fiance

Vanessa Mdee turned 34 on June 7, and she was celebrated by her son, Seven, and her fiance, Rotimi.

Seven wrote a sweet message for his mother on Instagram. “With thanks and love for all you do, from TWO who think the world of you. Seven and Imani,” he wrote.

Rotimi also took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message for his fiancee. “To a living legend, my best friend, a prayer warrior, the most beautiful woman, an incredible mother, and my partner. I love you so much. This journey with you has been A blessing from God. I’m so grateful to have you. YOU SAVED MY LiFE and I’m forever here with you. Happy birthday mama Imani ????,” he wrote.

Mdee was clearly touched by the messages from her son and fiance. She responded to Seven’s message by saying,

“My everything. Thank you for being such a good boy. Mama loves you so much.”

She responded to Rotimi’s message by saying,

“Now I’m crying ???????????????? so blessed. I love you, my baby. ????.”

Mdee’s birthday was a special day for her, and she was grateful for the love and support from her family and friends.

‘Teach them when young’ Adorable photo of Vanessa Mdee’s months old son praying with daddy, Rotimi

Vanessa Mdee May have been a secular artist back in the day when she ruled the East African airwaves with her sultry voice; but as time changes so does she!

Vanessa Mdee with hubby, Rotimi

As you already know, Vanessa Mdee is now a married woman to American actor Rotimi, who doubles up as her best friend and baby daddy. With that said – Vanessa Mdee’s lifestye too was forced to change but only because she allowed it.

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With a more chilled, spiritual and prayerful lifestyle – it’s only fair to say Vanessa Mdee borrowed a leaf from older sister, Nancy Namtero Mdee; who also back in the day disappeared from the entertainment scene – only for fans to later learn that she had married a preacher – meaning the life she was used to was now history.

Beautiful moment between Father and son

Well just incase you’re wondering how much Vanessa Mdee has changed, then wait till you see the adorable photo she took of son and hubby praying together.The photo shared on Rotimi’s page was then captioned;

Rotimi with son, Seven

Lead by example. Start them early with God conversations.

Just by the first glance, fans could tell that this was indeed a beautiful moment shared between father and son – making it hard not to comment. Among those who couldn’t contain themselves is Vanessa who wrote;

Singing … ‘What shall I render to JEHOVA.‘

Well having been in a relationship with ex Juma Juxx for years; rumor has it that things weren’t so good for Ms Mdee – but after leaving, she somehow got her prince…and from the look of it, she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Vanessa Mdee excites fan with new adorable photo of baby Seven

Former singer Vanessa Mdee now understands how it feels to be a mum; and the best part is that she has the best support system; helping her through the sleepless nights with baby Seven.

Vanessa Mdee with hubby, Rotimi

So far she has toned down on being active on social media; and of course her fans understand that baby now comes first; and him being barely a month means more work for the new parents.

Anyway, despite the social media break – the Tanzanian media personality recently shared a new photo parading baby Seven.

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Although his face remains hidden from the public, the black and white picture – is the first full photo of the new born shared since birth. Captioning it, Vanessa wrote;

First full photo of baby Seven

Proverbs 22:6: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” #DaddyGotTwoBigBabies #AllOrNothing

Vanessa Mdee and hubby

Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee who are currently married welcomed their first child on On Wednesday (Sept. 29), as the “In My Bed” singer took to Instagram to announce the news; as well as shared the baby’s name, which is Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho.

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Not sure how long they plan on keeping their son off social media; but being a celebrity baby – chances are that fans will get to see his face pretty soon.

Juma Jux reaction to Vanessa Mdee confirms he never moved on from her

Tanzanian Singer Juma Jux is broken hearted; and still cannot believe that the woman he once thought completed him is now another man’s husband. Actually in his case, I bet this is called Karma.

Well a while back before Vanessa Mdee moved on with Hollywood actor Rotimi; she had been in a relationship with Juma Jux – who for some reason May have felt like Prince Charming.

I mean, with all the money running in his family, swag, American height and women throwing themselves at him; I bet his ego was off the roof.

Rumor has it that before the break up, there was a lot of drama revolving around infidelity; and disrespect directed at Mdee. And yes, Juma somehow confirmed this after he quickly unveiled a new Asian woman; barely 3 months after his breakup with Ms Mdee.

Juma Jux dismisses breakup rumors with Asian girlfriend


Well time heals everything and after the nasty breakup, we all know how Vanessa Mdee’s life upgraded in terms of peace of mind; and yes, she bagged a good man (so we think) and now a baby is about to added in the equation.

Juma Jux gets Vanessa Mdee’s look alike for his new video

With the pregnancy news shared all over – for some reason Juma Jux has dropped a new song believed to be dedicated to Ms Mdee; clearly it is – that is looking at the cover image.

In the song he talks about losing a good woman, his regrets; and goes on to wish the lady a happy life. Not quite sure whether this is a clout chasing move or a sincere heartfelt apology at last?

It’s a baby boy! Rotimi shares new information on Vanessa Mdee’s pregnancy

No one ever thought that Vanessa Mdee would get over Juma Jux just like that; but judging from her new relationship with Rotimi; I can tell you for free that their is a prayer the likes Vanessa Mdee; Ciara and Lory Harvey have been praying to get these perfect partners.

From Tz straight into marrying a Hollywood star was something like fairytale; and now looks like there is more to this beauty story as the two are expecting their first child.

The news shared widely on social media was announced by Vanessa herself as she shared a couple of photos from a baby bump shoot; and boy does she look beautiful.

Rotimi on baby Butta

Being the soon to be daddy, Rotimi also shared a few new photos from their shoot but the interesting part is where he shared information on his baby.

From the way he praises Vanessa Mdee for being the perfect woman; to wishing their son inherits her good heart proves that indeed Rotimi found himself the perfect wife.

Through his IG, Rotimi wrote;

Rotimi praises Vanessa Mdee and unborn son

My greatest gift has been you. You changed my life and now we are beautifully linked forever to raise a little us. I pray our son has your glow Your heart, Your mind, and your spirit. I will protect you and our son with everything I have! ????

Like I said, there is a prayer these women are whispering and look – Vanessa bagged her prince at last!

Here’s Vanessa Mdee’s Congratulatory Message To Suluhu Hassan

The fate of Tanzania is now in the hands of Suluhu Hassan, the first ever female president in the country following the sudden death of John Pombe Magufuli. Most people have congratulated her for the achievement and have wrote positive messages about her. She was Magufuli’s vice president, which led to the direct entry of her into presidency.

Tanzanian musician and media personality Vanessa Mdee has taken to social media to also praise Suluhu for picking up where Magufuli left.

She wrote,

”I am elated that even in the midst of sadness, hope is in the face of a strong and able woman. I salute you @samia_suluhu_hassan ???????? we welcome you Madame President Samiah Suluhu Hassan.

We are honored to witness the day our nation has its very first female president. We wish you courage and strength #SamiahSuluhuHassan #UdadaFoundation  #PresidentOfTanzania

The untimely death of Magufuli also saw Tanzanian musicians compose a mourning song for him. The song features most artists including Diamond, Rayvanny, Benpol, Mbosso, Zuchu, Darassa, among others.

Suluhu Hassan’s prowess in leadership had been praised and she has what it takes to improve the country even further. We lost a great leader but we have found the best one to replace him.

Vanessa Mdee and American fiancé Rotimi wed in private ceremony?

Vanessa Mdee and boyfriend Rotimi left many talking after the guy pulled a public proposal; confirming that he was ready to have Vanessa as a wife.

Of course the proposal went viral and Tanzanians on social media could not keep calm. There are those who congratulated the couple; while others used this opportunity to mock Vanessa’s ex (Juma Jux) for having lost a woman like Ms Mdee.

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

Anyway, with their relationship so public – hundreds of thousands of fans can not wait to see the type of wedding these two will have. However something about Vanessa Mdee’s new profile screams – ‘we got married in private!’

Private wedding?

Well years of after having her name Vanessa Mdee on her IG bio – the former singer recently edited it to; Mrs A and my guess is that these two wedded in private.

Mdee and Rotimi secret wedding

Well, with how romantic their love story is – honestly fans still expect a grand wedding that will leave Hollywood at a standstill!

But truth is – the young lady will definitely make an amazing wife since she is well cultured; unlike most women who would have scored Rotimi.

“The world laughed at me” Vanessa Mdee narrates how fans trolled her for referring to Rotimi as ‘future husband’

Vanessa Mdee did not have an easy time especially after ex Juma Jux left her for an Asian woman. Well, judging from how mean Tanzanian fans can be, let’s just say Vanessa went through what many would teen as hell on earth.

For some reason, ex Juma Jux did not want to tone done on the showing off; and till date many believe his ‘childish’ ways are the reason he lost a woman like Vanessa Mdee to Mr Rotimi.

However although she was mocked, judged by Jux’ friends and a few fans here and there; but Mdee continued to hold her head high until she finally got to meet Rotimi; and in 2 days she was sure that this was the man she was meant to be with.

Vanessa mdee

He who laughs last

Well after a year of dating and living together; Vanessa Mdee’s dream of getting married to Rotimi has finally come true as seen online. Well, the Nigerian-American singer cum actor finally popped the big question and of course Vanessa Mdee said yes.

Speaking about this, Vanessa has shared a long post talking about how fans laughed and mocked her for claiming Rotimi would marry her some day. She wrote;


The answer is YES!!!! ????

A year and a half ago the world laughed at me when I said I knew YOU were my husband only days after spending time with you. I didn’t blame them, after all it’s an uncommon and inexplicable feeling when you meet your soulmate. ( Also they’d met the Vee who had no plans to be married).

On my 30th birthday my plans for the years to come were so different from where we are now, but GOD laughs when we are making plans.Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for YOU, they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give YOU a future and a hope.
Honestly, my future was feeling bleak and I was losing hope in what I thought was a perfect plan.

The anointed one

According to Vanessa Mdee, Rotimi is the anointed man appointed by God to settle down with her. On the same post, Mdee went on to say;


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by God’s Favorite ???? (@vanessamdee)

And then I met YOU.

… YOU saved my life in ways only a man appointed and anointed by GOD could. There are no words to describe the power of surrendering to GOD and in this case to LOVE. GOD IS LOVE! I spent my whole life searching for joy and peace in things and places that couldn’t offer nothing but a temporary high. With your love I bask in abundance. For everything I did right GOD blessed me with YOU.

The answer is YES! YES TO my best friend, YES to my soulmate, YES to the love of my life. Over and over and over again in EVERY lifetime. How you located me in this time and loved me in ways only YOU could is a testament to GOD’s divine order of things and FAVOR and GRACE.

And suddenly it all makes sense.

New initials V.A ♾????????????????

Wedding bells! Rotimi finally proposes to Vanessa Mdee (Video)

Word on the streets is that popular American actor Olurotimi Akinosho, alias Rotimi, and Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee are finally engaged.

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Although the couple is yet to confirm the big news, a video that has gone viral on social media shows Rotimi going down on one knee and asking the Cash Madame hitmaker to marry him.

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

As expected, Vanessa said yes and those who were in attendance at the engagement ceremony clapped for the couple.

Rotimi and Mdee first went public with their relationship in 2019, and they’ve only gotten closer since. They first met at a festival and, funny enough, Rotimi actually had another date lined up before he and Mdee crossed paths.

Watch the video below.

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi get new matching tattoos

Tanzanian songbird, Vanessa Mdee and her film star lover, Rotimi have taken their love escapades to another level.

This is after the two got each others name tattooed on visible parts of their body, just to publicly profess their unconditional love for each other.

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Details revealed during the lovebirds’ recent Live Q&A session where the Nigerian-American actor who doubles up as a model and singer took the opportunity to parade and explain his new right-arm tattoos to fans.

American-Nigerian film star, Rotimi

Tattoos explained

On his lower arm, Rotimi has a tattoo of Jesus & his shepherd and on its back, he got some staircase leading to Heaven coupled with an Eagle right at the top. On his chest, the Power actor had the image of a Lion.

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Then right at his wrist, was Vanessa Mdee’s other name, Hau. Calling her, the lass proudly flaunted her chest tattoo where she had her babe’s first name beautifully inked.

Reacting to the InstaLive, a section of fans called out the Bongo Flava star for being dumb enough to have her lover’s name tattooed on her chest area. While Rotimi got her name tattooed on his crowded right arm that might take a keen eye to notice.

However, the chocolate-skinned beauty had proven just how much Rotimi had bewitched her with love, having taken her just 2 days to be sure that he was her husband meant-to-be.

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

And just like that, the lass took off to start her life with the well-built model and it has since been nothing but a series of love videos and photos from the two.

Diamond Platnumz and Mimi Mars fuel dating rumors after video of the two having fun moments in his house pool surface

Diamond Platnumz and Vanessa Mdee’s younger sister, Mimi Mars continue to hint they are an item after videos of the two enjoying time together in his pool in Dar es Salaam surfaced.

The two had been rumored to be dating after the Wasafi President publicly thirsted over the sexy babe only for Mimi Mars to respond asking him to shoot his shot.

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Well, that was his golden opportunity to have the fine babe all to himself. Something he confirmed after inviting Mimi Mars to his palatial home in Dar over the weekend where the two were spotted having fun times in the pool.

Mimi Mars looked like she was getting comfortable in her new home and with the new vibe, as Diamond who was behind the camera could not help but drool over the light-skin lass.

An unexpected event that has seen Mimi Mars ex lover, Marioo threaten to hang himself.

Diamond Platnumz and Mimi Mars rumored love triangle hurting singer Marioo

Source: Jaymaudaku IG

Next baby mama?

Mimi Mars was warned by fans to stay on the lookout not to return home with a baby in the oven. Just like the Bongo star did to three other East African ladies he has since dumped with his kids.

To which she allegedly clarified she was on birth control, just to make sure she does not birth children out of wedlock. Listen in;

Mimi Mars has now reportedly turned down Diamond Platnumz as a suitable suitor, something that has only stirred more confusion and raised eyebrows among netizens.

Mimi Mars and Diamond Platnumz in his pool

The rumored beef

According to the Tanzanian audience, the foul play going on between Diamond and Mimi Mars is to drive away attention from his rival, Ali Kiba. Who just released a fine tune Mediocre, that hits back at Chibu who also feels it might give his new track Cheche a run for his money.

Here is Kiba new track Mediocre;

Either way, we can only watch as the drama unfolds.

Huddah openly thirsts over Juma Jux despite Bongo singer confessing his love for Vanessa Mdee

Huddah Monroe is not one who cares about other people’s feelings; and thanks to a comment left under Juma Jux’s latest post we can now confirm that she is a savage.

In the new song released by Juma Jux, the bongo singer talks about losing a woman he was once in love with; and of course we all know that this particular lady is Vanessa Mdee!

Through his instagram page, the singer went on to share a short snippet of the new video to which he captioned;

Juma Jux gets Vanessa Mdee’s look alike for his new video

Kwenye maisha mara nyingi sana watu wanapoachana kwenye mahusiano zaidi kwa watu waliopendana sana; mmoja akatangulia kupata mtu mwengine, Sikuzote inakuwaga tatizo..

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The above captioned not only proves that Juma Jux is currently hurting after realizing that Vanessa is now happy with Rotimi; but proves that moving on with the caucasian lady was a big mistake!

Huddah throwing shade

However Huddah who is rumoured to have had a relationship with Jux; totally ignored the caption judging from what she wrote on her comment. Well. just like any envious lady looking to be noticed; the Kenyan socialite went on to remind Jux of the fun they had back in Zanzibar!

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Juma Jux

This my fave SOng! Zanzibar memories ????????????????

This comes at a time we would expected the lass to comfort her ‘man’ but all the socialite could think of; is the good time she had with the singer a few months ago before lock down!

Anyway, this is Huddah for you….totally care free!

Cute video of Vanessa Mdee teaching Rotimi Swahili words that has left many envious

Bongo songbird, Vanessa Mdee took fans by surprise after a video of her teaching lover Rotimi her native language, Swahili surfaced.

While overseas, where they live together, Mdee teased the Power film star asking what Kiswahili words he had learnt from her so far and what they meant.

Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi

A bored and not so vibrant Rotimi sweetly responded ‘pole baby, words he had been told over and over again by the petite lass, that he had already gotten used to it. But how he was saying it and the accompanying facial expression was bomb!

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Mdee all this time was laughing her lungs out, disbelieving that Rotimi was actually paying attention to her and had grabbed a few words here and there. The two looking like young teenagers, head over heels for each other and feeling the energy.

Lovebirds, Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

Yamani was another word the kid had heard so many times. But when Mdee gets agitated when the two are watching basketball, she would often cry out Mama yangu!

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Watch the cute video:

Wild reactions

The clip saw fans excited that Mdee had finally found a place she can call home, someone she can call ‘my love and a heart that brought her peace and her natural self. While others envied the fact that their love was only shining brighter by the days.

hellenelain Who else has watched this more than three times?????????


liana.christine I have watched 10times????????????????


merylkesh Love is a beautiful thing ❤️


mamabary Mapenzi mpate anaekupenda mambo yanaenda bila kutumia nguvu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


farajanyalandu Love is such a beautiful thing


akotheekenya Vee love is sweet oooh, I miss you ,sikujua ukiolewa nitakukosa hivi ????????, happy for you sweetheart enjoy every moment


iamseyishay I’m in love ooooo ????????????????


monaleesah.__ Nakuuliza kwa mara ya pili dada Vee Kwani Rotimi hana mdogo unipee?!????????


djsinyorita ???????????????? Mama yanguuuuuu


shadeeweriss Its very funny????

Their video was in a bid to promote the young lads recent romantic jam dubbed In my Bed that features American rapper Wale. Check it out:

Vanessa Mdee responds to rumors claiming boyfriend, Rotimi beats her up!

Vanessa Mdee is quite angry at the fact that people have been spreading false stories about her boyfriend, Rotimi.

According to her management, a few fans here and there have been asking whether rumors claiming Rotimi has been abusive to the singer are true.

This comes after one of Rotimi’s ex girlfriends opened up about her experience with an abusive boyfriend back in the day.

Rotimi’s ex girlfriend, Christina Rodgers

However, during Vanessa’s recent dive deep with Vanessa Mdee podcast show; the former singer bashed those spreading the lies saying;

I will not be bullied on social media; I will not be that person Wanahabari wataandika kitu juu yangu alafu nitabaki kimya. Team yangu ya social media, imenijuza kuhusu comments kutokana na watu kusema kuwa Rotimi ananipiga; ati ni mtu ambaye anapiga wanawake.

Vanessa Mdee with her bae

She went on to add Rotimi is not the type of man to hurt a woman; leave alone lay a finger on her! Vanessa who has been dating the guy for a few months now – portrayed her boyfriend as the best thing that ever happened to her as she added;

Number one, that is so far from the truth, sio ukweli na ni kitu ambacho kinaweza kuharibu sifa heshima ya Mwanaume au Mwanamke, especially when it’s not true. So nataka ku-clarify kitu kabla sijaendelea, imetokana na post ambayo ameandika ex-wake Rotimi. Ex wake Rotimi alikuwa anamzungumzia Ex-wake mwingine sio Rotimi na ameweka Wazi kuwa sio Rotimi anayemzungumzia…

Mistaken identity

For those who still don’t know; the ex refereed to by Rotimi’s former girlfriend is another man and not the Power actor.

Tanzanian-Nigerian couple, Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

To Vanessa Mdee, Rotimi’s ex was only using  her story to educate women who have been stuck in abusive relationships; giving them hope that life moves despite having an ugly past. Ms Mdee concluded her podcast saying;

So yeye aliandika blog post zamani akimzungumzia Ex-wake sio Rotimi akisema yakwamba alikuwa na mipango na yeye na vitu vingi. Alikuwa anajaribu Kuguza jamii na wanawake ambao wamepitia vitu vingi kama hivyo.

Finally! Vanessa Mdee and hot boyfriend Rotimi respond to pregnancy rumors! (Video)

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi have left their fans all excited after opening up about their future plans on starting a family!

After rumor had it that Vanessa Mdee is keeping a low profile due to her current pregnancy; the former singer has come out to she brush off rumors claiming she is pregnant!

According to Vanessa Mdee, she has not gotten to a point of having her own child; and this because she still wants to achieve a few pending things on her list; however this did not mean that she will not be getting pregnant soon.

Vanessa Mdee denies being pregnant

No sina mimba bado, soon

Ms Mdee revealed this among other things through her podcast where she not only thanked fans for the love messages; but also appreciated the fact that they now understand why she has to keep off the music industry for a while!

Baby coming soon – Rotimi

Through the podcast we also got to understand that Rotimi has plans of settling down with Ms Vanessa as he promised to start a family with the singer soon.

This comes at a time when East Africans have learnt to love and appreciate him for making Ms Mdee genuinely happy! Their relationship however came at a time when Vanessa’s ex Juma Jux kept on showing off his Caucasian lady from Thailand.

Juma Jux confirms breakup rumors with Asian girlfriend

However things between Jux and his lady ended as fast as their relationship started. It is not known why the two parted way; but chances are that long distance was the main reason these two could not be together.

The last time we however saw Jux the guy was linked to Nairobi socialite Huddah; but I guess this relationship was based on business and this is why the two no longer hangout together!


Vanessa Mdee comes clean on her long battle with alcoholism

To many, Tanzanian songstress, Vanessa Hau Mdee has been a sweetheart. Her music has been a charm to our hearts, her voice has seen us get lost in the world of fantasy and her beauty has bewitched the hearts of many.

But unknown to masses, the bubbly personality has been battling alcoholism and depression for a long while now. Something she kept top secret before she could no longer bottle it in and it eventually exploded.

Sharing intimate details about her grueling journey with the addictive drink on her podcast, Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee, the 32- year old confessed just how brutal alcohol addiction had made her life.

Tanzanian singer-songwriter, Vee Money

Alcohol addiction

Not able to make firm choices, not able to recognize herself anymore, because her life was just but the routine – anxiety, depression were the faces of her everyday life.

I became a person of horrible choices. I couldn´t recognize myself anymore because I woke up every day trying to just get by and I don´t want to just get by anymore. More than ever, I had moments of anxiety and moments of depression. I had moments of ¨I don´t know what to do next¨ because this pressure is unnatural for a human being. And what comes after that?

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Vanessa Hau Mdee

¨This may come as a shock to many because I hid it so well but I was depressed and an alcoholic,¨ she continued.

But in as much as it hurts, because that is what the truth does, she is no longer in the business of living a lie to her fans.

This is my truth and me letting you into this space because I don´t want to live a candy-coated life anymore. I became a robot and I have no desire to be a robot or be unhappy anymore, because that´s what I was, unhappy. Had moments of ¨we are enjoying this¨, I had moments of ¨this is fun¨, moments of ¨this is a beautiful day¨.

Australian-based Tanzanian musician, Vanessa Mdee

Yes, she lived that life, she was in that space before, she tolerated the lies and hypocrisy, but no more! On the same note, the TV beauty has called it quits in the world of music.

Why Vanessa Mdee feels the music industry is demonic!

Singer Vanessa Mdee will not be releasing new music anytime soon this is because the lady has decided to take some time off the industry; as she hopes she work on herself.

Speaking during her podcast dubbed Dive Deep with Vanessa Mdee the former singer opened up revealing unknown things about herself. Well, for those of us of who did not know; turns out that the singer battled with depression a while back.

She however kept it a secret while battling it alone in silence. However after relocating to Atlanta where she resides with her boyfriend, Rotimi; she now says things on her side are slowly getting back to normal. Through her podcast, the lady opened up narrating;

Vanessa Mdee with her bae, Rotimi

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but my mission is to be a light. I know that I would probably disappoint a few people and that’s Okay, I know that my fans don’t wanna hear this but guess what am never be too far away from you, trust me.

Why she quit music

The former singer went on to add that the reason she quit making music is because she needed to choose life. According Ms dee she lost herself while doing music; and instead of pretending everything was fine, she has decided to advocate for honesty. Vanessa added;

The reason why I had to leave the industry is because I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic. People will tell you half-truth about what really goes on, and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what facing your demons can do for You.

Vanessa mdee

For those wondering whether she will be releasing new music anytime soon; the lass made it known that her purpose on earth is to make music! However, having gone through so much, Mdee needed a break to help save herself from drowning in depression.

Now my fans are probably asking themselves right now; Are you gonna never sing again? Are we gonna never see you perform? Let me reiterate, I love music, I love to create, I love to perform, I’m a vessel, this is what I was brought on earth to be, but maybe I was a vessel to be here in this moment to have gone through everything that I have gone through so that I can tell you most honestly the truth about things you will never somewhere else.

Sad goodbyes! Vanessa Mdee announces her exit from the music industry (Details)

For majority of celebrities, they have been judged by the world based on their career, the image of them that the media has portrayed about them.

However, unlike what we see or hear from our TV screens and radio waves, a one-on-one conversation with a celebrity will completely change your perspective about them.

Most of them are actually friendly, warm, welcoming and pretty nice but until you meet them – you will always form perceptions about them, based on how the media introduced them to the world.

Tanzanian music sensation, Vanessa Mdee surprised many after announcing she was taking a music break following her 13 years of toiling hard as an artiste.

Bongo Flava songbird, Vanessa Hau Mdee

But now, she is completely done with music and everything regards it.

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She quits

During her 29-minute talk on her podcast dubbed Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee, the Atlanta-based singer-songwriter said she had had enough of hypocrisy in the music industry.

I don´t know who needs to hear this, but my mission is to be a light and I know that I would probably disappoint a few people and that´s okay. I know that my fans don´t wanna hear this but guess what, am never too far away from you, trust me.

Vanessa Mdee popularly known as Vee Money

Contrary to her values, the music industry is ´demonic´, she said. But for her, she rather quit and lead a life of honesty, beauty and be a source of light to people around the world.

The reason why I had to leave the industry is because I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic. People will tell you half-truth about what really goes on and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what ´facing your demons can do do you´.

To her fans, she said it was time she bid the world of music goodbye because she has done what she needed to do and it is now time to be a light to the world.

Now my fans are probably asking themselves right now: Are you gonna never sing again? Are we never gonna see you perform? Let me reiterate, I love music, I love to create, I love to perform, I´m a vessel, this is what I was brought on earth to be.

Vanessa Mdee quits music


But maybe I was a vessel to be here in this moment to have gone through so that I can tell you most honestly the truth about things you will never somewhere else.

“Hatuwachani!” Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend Rotimi tells Tanzanians

Vanessa Mdee and her power boyfriend actor Rotimi have no plans of parting ways anytime soon and if anything; their love is here to stay!

The two revealed this during one of Vanessa Mdee’s video shared on her page where she opened up about her silence.

According to Vanessa Mdee, she chose to address this as assurance to fans that she will soon be back to making music; however just not anytime soon.

Break time

Vanessa Mdee who is currently living in the United States with her lover Rotimi revealed that she never took any break since her career began 13 year ago.

Vanessa mdee

But after meeting Rotimi and falling in love; she now feels that some time off music would do her some justice especially mentally and also physically.

Stuck with each other

What left many Tanzanians burying their faces in their hands is after Rotimi sneaked into the video then went on to say “Hatuachani!”

Clearly this shows that Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi have already come across rumors claiming that their relationship will not last!

However, Rotimi makes it clear that he has no plans of leaving Vanessa Mdee and neither does she!

The actor who is popularly known for his role on Power series is undeniably handsome and if anything; he seems to be giving many women out here sleepless nights – but as for now he exclusively remains as Mdee’s main man!

Juma Juxx

After breaking up with his Asian girlfriend, Juma Juxx has lately been keeping a low profile on social media; and rumor has it that losing Vanessa Mdee changed hit him differently!

Juma Juxx with ex girlfriend

On the brighter side, at least he got a chance to enjoy Huddah’s company in Zanzibar a few weeks ago, right?

Mimi Mars drops classic love ballad ‘Haina Maana’ (Video)

Tanzanian songstress Marianne Mdee, popularly known as Mimi Mars, has released a new track and it’s getting a lot of love from her fans.

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The jam titled Haina Maana, which loosely translates to ‘it does not have any meaning’, has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few hours ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Mimi Mars
Mimi Mars

Basically, this track s about a lady who is in love with a certain guy but it’s like her partner does not really  appreciate her so she decides to throw in the towel because she does not see the point in them being together.

Haina Maana is really infectious. I’ve listened to it a couple of times since it came out and every time I play it, it’s like I’m hearing if for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good ladies and gentlemen.

Mimi Mars, who is Vanessa Mdee’s younger sister, has amazing vocals and I believe it is something that runs in their family since their other sister – Nancy Hebron – also has a lovely voice.

Mimi Mars

To add to that, she knows how to control her voice and as you are listening to her you kind of get the feeling like it’s a live performance and you are the only one in the audience.

Notably, Haina Maana is also well arranged which simply means that it flows smoothly. If you are the kind of people who love to master songs then believe yo me, you’ll learn the whole of it after listening twice or maybe thrice.

The beat and instrumentation on this jam are impeccable. Other than the fact that they make the song catchy, they’re also in tandem with Mimi Mars’ vibe, style and tempo.

Listen to Haina Maana below and tell us what you think.

Nyashinski, Vanessa Mdee and Fik Fameica release hot banger ‘Rush’ alongside Fully Focus (Video)

Popular mix master Michael Ndung’u, better known as DJ Fully Focus, has released a song with some of East Africa’s finest acts and it’s a big tune.

The song dubbed Rush features Nyashinski (Kenya), Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania), Fik Fameica (Uganda) and as such, it is not a surprise that it has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago.

Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee

After listening to this jam, perhaps you will agree with me that i’s such a beautiful composition. The artists who have been featured in it were well thought out since each of them brings something different to the table.

For instance, well all know that Nyashinski, whose real name is Nyamari Ongegu, has a good flow. He’s an artist who will leave you scratching your head because of his unique ability to play around with words.

On the other hand, Fik Fameica spices up this song because unlike Nyashinski and Vanessa Mdee, he is singing in his native language and maybe, just maybe he is the reason why this song is so infectious.

Fik Fameica

Vanessa Mdee has a beautiful voice, the kind that most people, including yours truly, would not mind listening to for a whole day and that’s not a secret.

The decision to include her in Rush was wise because she not only has a melodious voice but also because she brings some Bongo vibe in it.

DJ Fully Focus
DJ Fully Focus

Notably, the hook by Fully Focus was also impeccable. Believe you me, you will find yourself singing along to it after listening to this jam a couple of times.

I also loved the beat on this jam. It’s so catchy and I would not be surprised if I saw people dancing to it the next time I attend a party or go to a club.

Listen to Rush below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Vanessa Mdee and boyfriend, Rotimi finally jet into Tanzania to meet family?

After break up with Juma Juxx, singer Vanessa Mdee finally moved on with star actor, Rotimi from TV series ‘Power’ months later and the two seem to getting quite serious.

Thanks to a few photos shared by MillardAyo on his social media pages we now understand that Vanessa Mdee and her boyfriend are currently in Tanzania for a short visit.

Although word has it that they will be performing at a New Year’s Eve gig tonight – fans can’t help but wonder whether they will be paying Vanessa’s family a visit.

Rotimi in Tanzania – Juma Juxx out of Tanzania

Well thanks to several gossip tabloids it has also been confirmed that by the time the two love birds were arriving in Tanzania – Vanessa Mdee’s ex, Juma Juxx had already left the country to an unknown destination.

Vanessa Mdee with ex, Juma Juxx

Word also has it that Juma is currently single after breaking up with his Asian girlfriend over   issues only the two know.

Anyway below are a few photos of the hit couple courtesy of MillardAyo’s social media pages.

Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee in Tanzania
Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee in Tanzania
Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee in Tanzania
Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee in Tanzania
Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee in Tanzania


Vanessa Mdee speaks after being romantically linked to American actor ‘Dre’ from Power

Word making rounds on social media is that Vanessa Mdee is currently seeing Hollywood star Olurotimi Akinosho known professionally as Rotimi.

Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee

This is after the two were seen vacationing together in Miami this past weekend and from the look of things; it appears that the two are having quite the time of their lives!

Olurotimi who is popularly known as Andre from TV series Power has left many men feeling some type of way after bagging himself Vanessa Mdee who is one of the top female celebrities in East Africa.

Singer and songwriter Rotimi (Photo by J. Kempin/Getty Images)

Vanessa Mdee responds

Vanessa Mdee on the other hand has been keeping a low profile when it comes to her private life!

After breaking up Juma Juxx who is dating an Asian lady now – Vanessa Mdee took her sweet  time before letting people know who is allegedly dating.

On her latest post Vanessa Mdee went on to tell people to keep off toxic saying;