Why Vera Sidika referred to Edgar Obare and his followers as poor and broke keyboard warriors!

Vera Sidika has not been having it easy since her unfiltered photos surfaced on social media. So far fans have this urge to expose her for her fake lifestyle; and now that business is bad  it appears that – Vera is really having it tough.

Just a few weeks ago one of Edgar Obare’s fans shared a photo showing where Vera’s home is situated. As seen on the photo, this did not clearly look like the fancy suburbs Vera Sidika has been preaching on her social media pages. So why lie?

Don’t get me wrong – but truth is, after the photos surfaced Vera has been portraying an ugly side on social media; leaving many wondering why she is so defensive. Apart from usual threats, Vera cant hide the fact that she is bitter with Obare and his following for ‘meddling’ in her business.

The real Vera Sidika

However, if not for Obare – fans would still be convinced that Vera Sidika’s lifestyle is off the hook; when all along she is no different from any other average lady hustling in these tough streets!

Vera throw shade

Since fans can’t stop trolling Vera Sidika on social media; the lass has decided to hit back but unfortunately her words seem a bit too salty. Maybe this is because she has been engaging with some of them and of course some of these fans did not come to play!

As seen on her Instagram story, Vera did not hold back from hurling insults at her fans for not bowing down to the queen. on one post Vera wrote;

I just like to give y’all more material so u can script and fabricate more stories to try convince yourself that I’m in the same level as y’all broke asses child. Don’t even stress yourself. Coz I haven’t even started. If y’all only knew what’s coming… u wouldn’t even dare try it. Coz the embarrassment, I already feel sorry for y’all. Can’t wait to unveil this big move. I’m so blessed it scares me sometimes. And right before I unveil my blessings to the world this always happens. It’s like God wants to embarrass y’all so he makes y’all show yourselves before I reveal the next blessing.

Vera Sidika


Meet us on Twitter

Having threatened fans on Instagram with the kind of money she uses to keep her lifestyle afloat; most fans urged her to move the fight to Twitter where it is easier to comment.

Of course Vera is aware of the type of people she would be dealing with; and for her safety i am pretty sure she wouldn’t dare. Anyway as for now I guess Instagram will be the only place Vera will be throwing shade since it appears KoT are already set for her!

Checkout the comments in the photo below.