How Vera Sidika got dumped by Tanzanian model who opted for baby mama

Despite the glamour, the wealth, the fame, Vera just never seems to get her romantic life right.

The Kenyan socialite had had enough of the local men after her short-lived entanglement with singer Otile Brown and decided to cross borders and seek solace in Tanzania.

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There she met one dashing model Calisah.

Calisah wearing heels
Vera’s ex Calisah wearing heels

Well, it turns out that the voluptuous lass had a fling with Calisah while still dating Otile and that’s why soon as she was done with him, she already had arms to run into.

I used to chat with Vera on Instagram for a long time even when she was still with Otile Brown. Then we moved to WhatsApp and we started calling each other a lot on video calls.

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Details the Bongo kid revealed during a recent interview, admitting Vera even bought him a ticket to Nairobi to meet her up.

Vera Sidika splashes millions on posh car gift to Calisah

The unfolding

Unknown to Vera and to his baby mama, Calisah was but playing the two.

At the time, I was living with my baby mama. I lied to her I was going to Arusha to shoot a video and I took a flight to Nairobi where I spent with Vera. My baby mama used to call me a lot but I didn’t pick the calls, I would hang up and go to the toilet to talk to her. All the time my phone on ‘no disturb’, it was so hard.

Unfortunately, their cover was blown and things became tough for the light skin lad.

I didn’t want the relationship with Vera out and when the photos were released, it went viral. The photos leaked while I was still in Nairobi. We had an argument but my baby mama is understanding. 

Tanzanian model, Calisah

Eventually it struck Calisah that he was hurting his baby mama and their kid and opted to return to her, leaving Vera out to dry.

I didn’t value Vee more than the woman I have a kid with. I understood I’m a father and I was hurting someone, I went back to Tanzania, that’s when we had issues in the relationship and I ended it.

A 4-month relationship that was just swept away by the passing wind.

¨The Babu Owino mode!¨ Vera Sidika´s latest update gets fans teasing

Voluptuous socialite, Vera Sidika decided to release the pressure by flying out to the US. Guess what she was spotted doing, she had gone shooting in a gun club.

In an Instagram update, the riveting lass was clinching to a rifle, with a caption that read:

I’m only loyal to them niggas that’ll bust Guns for me ????

A post she seemed to direct to someone, with most assumptions going to her Tanzanian doctor, Jimmy Chansa.

Vera and Tz boyfriend, Jimmy Chansa allegedly split

The two are rumored to have broken up, after cheating allegations were shot the medic´s way.

Others teased her Kenyan ex, Otile Brown for not duly satisfying her in bed, therefore Vera opted for a ´bigger gun´.

Vera Sidika and her Kenyan ex, Otile Brown

Well, what do you expect when you are a celebrity, especially a socialite and relationships don´t seem to be your cup of tea?

Vera is currently on vacation, apparently all alone in Hollywood Hills West, Los Angeles, US.

Mized reactions

Read some of the hilarious comments below:

Chuma nazo uliaza kushika kitambo . The only difference is , hii inalipuka na sauti????


@queenveebosset this is wt we call @he.babuowino mode


Enyewe ulikataa toothpick..vitu kubwa


@queenveebosset atleast the world knows????????


You those who bust a nut or guns ?????


Are Tanzanians still our inlaws? ????


Looking good boo… But kunaendaje Aki…. Bado tuko tz ama tuliboeka


Vera hautawai settle.ulichuja yule chali msupa tena??????


That’s next level gangster ????????????


Come with a white shimeji


Kwani brown skin guy ako wapi…ulimshoot pia…????????


Do you plan to shoot Jimmy?

“Vera Sidika seduced me, I never had feelings for her” Otile Brown reveals!

Many have been wondering how Otile Brown and Vera Sidika came to be; and now we know!

Speaking with Wasafi TV just a while ago, Kenyan singer Otile Brown finally opened up about his relationship with Vera Sidika. According to the singer, he never made the first move with Vera Sidika since he had never been interested with her.

Otile Brown

 @queenveebosset ni Fri-nemy wangu, Sina tatizo nae, Nilikuwa nafanya vizuri kabla ya Vera, Watu hawajuhi sijawahi kumtongoza, alinitafuta mwenyewe, Alikuwa ananipigia sana simu na wala nilikuwa sizipokei.

According to Otile Brown, Vera was the one who reached out to him and after talking for sometime he slowly started developing feeling for the lass.

“Sikuwahi kumtamani @queenveebosset Kimapenzi wala sikuwahi kumtafuta yeye ndio alinitafuta, sina sababu ya kudanganya, Nilikaa kimya kwa muda mrefu sana”

Otile and Vera’s relationship

Although these two Kenyan celebrities dated for a while on the low before confirming to the public that they were an item; seems like their relationship had already completed the honeymoon phase hence the drama.

It is unclear as to why they continue to talk about each other during interviews since they both moved on and are seeing other people; so could this mean that they miss each other? Well, who knows!

“I need a real woman in my life!” Otile Brown talks about his lonely love life

One would think that Otile Brown is either dating on the low or just has someone on the side; but turns out that his love life is actually inactive.

He revealed this through his Instagram page where he shared a post claiming he needs a real woman in his life. The singer went on to claim that he is fed up with ladies looking for fame and attention.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

Just a few months ago Otile Brown broke up with Vera Sidika who embarrassed him on social media.

According to Vera Sidika the young singer was not satisfying her in bed and for this reason she had to look elsewhere.

Apart from the bedroom issues, there were also stories about the singer using Vera for her money; however as for now seems that Otile Brown is looking for something serious this time around.






P unit Nyinyi Aki!! Vera Sidika reveals how fame made her a school dropout 

Socialite Vera Sidika didn’t finish university because of fame.

Speaking during an interview on Radio Jambo with Massawe Japanni, Vera said that she was not able to complete her education at the university after fame started heading her way.

“Umefikiwa wapi katika Masomo yako?” asked Japanni.

“Nimefikia University, nilifanya fine art na ilikuwa nimalizie na Interior design but I didn’t finish because mambo ya fame yalikuja yakaniteka. You can say am a drop out but that sounds hash. Mambo ya mitandao ikabidii memedrop out”. she answered. 


Vera became really famous after appearing in P-units hit You Guy back in 2012 while she was still campus.

Since then she has appeared in several music videos and TV series that changed her career.


Vera’s message after her new song in which she blasts Otile Brown hits 500K

Vera Sidika surprised Kenyans by showing she also has talent behind the mic after releasing a new jam dubbed “Nalia” during the weekend.

The song has already passed the 450K views mark and it’s well on it’s way to 500K in just a few hours today.

Taking to social media, Vera has been more than thankful for the support she has been getting from fans after the release.

When the song hit 300K views on the first day she said:

“209,000 views in 23 hours,Trending at no. 1. I honestly appreciate y’all. The lovers, the haters & the confused. For a first timer who had never tried singing before, I did good & I’m proud of myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I know I’ll get better with time. Definitely more to come. So Incase this irritates you. Better unfollow me oo,  cause I’m about to drop new music videos almost every month. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel” wrote Vera Sidika.


She later thanked her fans after the song hit number one on trending list saying:

“Trending at no. 1 on YouTube 394,000 views ??? Thanks for the Love.”

The socialite has been doing media campaigns for the song which has seen her move from one station to another.

“I was ready to have babies and settle down with this guy!” Vera Sidika confesses how she felt for Otile Brown

So this past weekend we got to witness the ‘real break up’ of Otile Brown and Vera Sidika. This came shortly after the business lady uploaded a new video on her YouTube revealing that Otile Brown had walked out on her again.

Apparenty this is because she refused to give him 500k to add to his other cash in order to buy a Benz.   Vera Sidika says she had to play broke, since she suspected their love was based on money. To her surprise the guy apparently went quiet on her since she had refused to give him the money he needed!

Ready to have kids

In one of her posts the lady opened up about the future plans she had with the guy. Vera Sidika says she was ready to start raising a family with Otile Brown and settle down with him.

However his actions stopped her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Anyway thanks to several posts shared on her Instagram story many got to learn the type of guy Otile Brown is through Vera’s perspective.

We did not delete the pictures to make people think that we had broken up -Vera Sidika opens up 

Vera Sidika left Kenyans confused a few weeks ago after deleting all Otile Brown’s photos on social media. The two lovers had shared a bunch of photos on their Instagram pages but pulled them down and made many think they have actually broken up.


Vera, in an interview with E-daily, has come out to share that they deleted the photo to stop fans from posting bad comments. She denied that it was all done to promote their new song “Baby love”.

“We wanted to avoid too much bile that online users were directing at us. Many people were talking about Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s affair. We sat down and decided to shape the agenda of what was being said about us on our timelines,” said Vera Sidika.


“We did not delete the pictures to make people think that we had broken up. [The love we portray in the music video] says it all,” she said.

Not now Oti! Vera Sidika not yet ready to have kids

Socialite Vera Sidika recently opened up about becoming a mother and it wasn’t good news –or maybe it was– to lover Otile Brown who has dated her for almost six months now.

Vera took to social media to tell her fans that as much as she’s in love with Otile, kids are not something shes want currently. Because babies always cry and when they do, they freak her out.

Vera and Otile are also taking things slow but have hinted once in a while that they are thinking of a wedding. They have also introduced each other to their parents.

Vera Sidika to appear in international reality show

Socialite Vera Sidika will be in a new reality show set to be launched soon. The socialite, how was among the first lot of socialites to star in Nairobi Diaries but only appeared for a season, first announced about the show last year.

The reality show dubbed “The Pearls Of Beverly Hills” was directed by Priyankaa Cid and features life of top ladies abroad.

“So much drama on this one! Top boss ladies from different countries in Africa, 
come together to bring you the most exciting reality show that will have you on the edge of your seat ? The Pearls Of Beverly Hills.” said Vera. 

Here’s the show’s trailer:

Vera Sidika comes clean on why she’s not posting Otile on Instagram while his accounts are full of her photos 

A quick look at Otile Brown’s Instagram page will leave you with solid information that she’s dating a curvaceous lady called Vera Sidika. But a scroll on Sidika’s accounts might leave you believing she’s a very single woman who just love’s Otile’s music.

Otile has been filling his social media account with Vera’s photos while Vera on the hand hasn’t been posting much about him.

Affection expression

In an interview, Vera explained why:

“One thing that people do not understand is that I do not post his pictures on social media. People have different ways of expressing or experiencing affection. He [Otile Brown] is the kind of a person, who would go all out,” Vera Sidika told Edaily.

She added:

 “I would wake up one morning; and while going through my Instagram page, I would see his posts about me. He likes to surprise me with such things. He is that kind of a person. That is his way of expressing affection, which is kind of different from my way. I have been in a relationship before, and I am always trying to be careful as well; I am not saying it [posting one’s lover’s picture on social media] is a bad thing. I am just trying to make sure that we are making the right moves; that we are not rushing into things.” 


The one important thing ‘broke’ Otile Brown wanted Vera to promise before they start dating 

Singer Otile Brown is now officially a man in love. And so is Vera Sidika. The two have formed a union that has brought about mixed reactions from fans with many happy for the them while some, like P-unit’s Frasha, not too impressed and rather worried.

Otile, who recently confessed that he might be “broke” but Vera loves him just like that, shared that she asked Vera to love him if they were really going to date. He wanted the relationship to be true and not like what Vera has been experiencing before.

Vera’s past



In the interview, Otile admitted that he was fully aware of Vera’s past and ill reputation, adding that they had a mutual adult agreement on how to go about their thing.

“Everybody wants Vera, but for me when we started I told her if you love me I’ll love you but if you play me we’ll laugh when you come back home but it will not be real,” he said. 

Asked whether he’s ever cheated on Sidika, the singer denied. “I’ve never cheated on her, why would I cheat on her?” he asked. 


Otile pens romantic letter to Vera: Trust me, I have come across different kinds of women but they can’t match your IQ

Lately, fans have accused singer Otile Brown and Vera Sidiak of being straight liars.  Brown announced that he’s marrying fellow singer Sanaipei Tande. It later turned out to be a video for their latest song. Vera claimed she was pregnant and managed to fool many who, later realized she was just launching her YouTube video.

The two, it seems are lovers now, though fans are still finding it hard to believe.

Otile and Vera

She’s smart. She’s loyal. She’s a genius

Otile took to social media to pen a lovely message for his sweetheart surprising many in the process.

“I love you Woman .. you’re just everything good .. and what got me more attracted to you is that you’re Sooo damn smart a pure genius .. trust me, I have come across different kinds of women , decent , boujee , saved , in the corporate world, but they can’t match your IQ , you’re just special. Every sinner has a future and every Saint has a past. I have done things am not proud of but that does not define me, neither does your past define you, so I don’t care what people think or say coz I know the real you …and I believe You and I can take over the world!!!” said Otile Brown’s post.

Otile Brown sheds some light on the type of relationship he has with Vera Sidika

Lately Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have been hanging out abit too much; something that has left fans questioning their relationship.

Judging from their Instagram videos, it is easy to assume that they are in a romantic relationship. Well, this is because they have been spotted cuddling and getting cozy with each other for a while now.

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Otile Brown spills the beans

Anyway, Otile Brown recently revealed that he is just good friends with Vera Sidika while speaking to Joey Muthengi on 10/10 show.

According to him they have known each other for a while now; and the only reason they did not hang out together is because she was out of the country! He went on to say;

She is my BFF, my best friend. She has been my friend for so long being that we are both from the Coast. We have always been talking but she has not been in the country most of the time and now she is around and so we hangout a lot and stuff like that. We are just BFFs we’re friends.

However, fans think that they are working on a project together!

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika now best of friends? (Photo)

Lately Vera Sidika has been seen hanging out with Otile Brown and if I am not wrong, the two definitely want to give fans something to talk about.

The two were spotted together at Mr Eazi’s concert this past weekend and now the two stepped out for lunch. Well, it’s obvious that they are not dating (of course) but they seem to be getting closer.

In the latest post shared by Otile Brown the two friends look comfortable around each other and this could mean that they are working on a new project to help market each other on social media.

Otile Brown shows off his lunch date with Queen Vee

The singer went further to film how their lunch date went down and at some point he couldn’t help but parade Vera’s designer shoes.

Something is definitely up with the two but what’s obvious is that they couldn’t be the latest couple in town.