Vera denies rumors that she may reunite with her ex-Brown Mauzo

Socialite Vera Sidika has put an end to rumors of a reconciliation with her ex-husband Fredrick Kilonzo Mutinda, known as Brown Mauzo, after speculation arose from a video she shared on social media.

The rumors began swirling when Vera posted a heartwarming video of her daughter, Asia Brown, waking her up in the morning, showcasing their sweet interaction.

In the clip, as Vera shared how Asia brightens her mornings, some fans noticed a tattoo on her arm that resembled one worn by Brown Mauzo, leading to speculation that they might have reunited and were living together.

However, Vera promptly addressed the speculation on her Instagram Stories, confirming that the tattoo in question was her own, effectively dispelling any notions of a reconciliation with her ex-husband.

Responding to a fan’s comment pointing out the similarity, Vera expressed surprise, asking, “Don’t you guys know my arm tattoos?”

She further shared a photo of the tattoo to clarify and refute any rumors of a reunion, reaffirming that it was indeed her arm tattoo.

This clarification follows Brown Mauzo’s announcement of the dissolution of their marriage on August 30, 2023. He cited mounting problems that led to the breakdown of their relationship despite initial happiness in their marriage.

“Efforts to address our issues were unsuccessful. Despite attempts to salvage the marriage, discussions did not yield a solution. Various factors contributed to the collapse of the marriage,” Brown Mauzo explained.

Vera exclaims about her daughter Asia’s genius and provides two fantastic instances.

Since returning from her trip to Los Angeles, USA, Vera Sidika, the well-known socialite, has been cherishing moments with her children.

The mother of two has been openly sharing some of their family time with her online followers. Just last week, she hosted a delightful party to celebrate her son Prince Ice’s first birthday.

On Wednesday, March 20, Vera took to Instagram to inform her followers that she was taking her children to the doctor’s office.

“My girl is a doctor in the making,” Vera proudly announced. This declaration excited one of her fans, who claimed to be a doctor as well.

“As a doctor, all I can say is her future is bright!! OMG, she’s so brilliant and adorable,” the individual enthusiastically informed Vera.

Other fans also chimed in, expressing their belief that Asia also possesses the qualities to become a doctor.

“Asia is incredibly bright, she knows exactly where the stethoscope should go – in the ears and on the patient’s chest,” they exclaimed.

Vera, filled with pride, revealed that Asia’s intelligence extends beyond just medical knowledge.

“Asia is exceptionally bright, no doubt about it. I rarely post about her, but if I were to share her daily life, you’d be amazed. There’s nothing she doesn’t know, she can even cook chapo step by step, she’s practically a young adult. I think it’s time for her to start school soon,” Vera shared.

In the background of the video, her son Prince Ice could be seen playing with toys.

Vera couldn’t help but express her joy, and a fan captured a screenshot of her enjoying motherhood, commenting on how radiant she appeared.

“I’ve always admired Vera, but seeing her as a mother makes me admire her even more. OMG Vera, you literally planned, manifested, and prayed for your beautiful, smart, and happy babies right before our eyes, and God granted you exactly that,” one fan expressed.

”Life Is Short, Cherish Those Close To You’-Vera Sidika Mourns Brian Chira, Sends Advice To Fans

Vera Sidika is mourning the sudden death of Brian Chira, a TikTok star, along with many others. Vera emphasizes the importance of appreciating loved ones in the present because life can be unpredictable.

She encourages people to express their love through actions like hugs or kind words.

A fan commends Vera for previously showing appreciation for her partner, highlighting the importance of doing so in real-time.

Vera reiterates the message claiming;

”Life is short, so cherish those close to you”

One of her fans acknowledged her genuine gesture of kindness.

“So sad…Good, you appreciated him while he was still alive. …I saw you reposted his story before…Vera, you’ve got a sweetheart. May continue blessing you,” the fan remarked.

“Always give people their flowers when they’re alive to receive them. Life is short and tomorrow is never promised,” she advised.

Chira’s death has led to lots of colloquy, with some celebrities like KRG offering to settle his mortuary bill.

Vera Sidika pays tribute to TikToker Brian Chira

Renowned socialite Vera Sidika has honored the memory of TikTok sensation Brian Chira following his tragic passing on Saturday, March 16th.

Taking to social media, the mother of two expressed her grief and urged Kenyans to embrace kindness and compassion towards one another.

Vera fondly recalled a past interview where Brian Chira had praised her, admiring her resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

Reflecting on his sudden demise, Vera mourned the loss, stating, “May his soul rest in peace. So sad.”

In response to Vera’s condolences, a fan appreciated her recognition of Chira’s admiration while he was still alive, acknowledging her genuine kindness.

Vera stressed the importance of acknowledging and appreciating individuals while they are alive to receive such recognition, highlighting the unpredictability of life.

“Always give people their flowers when they’re alive to receive them. Life is short and tomorrow is never promised,” Vera responded with gratitude.

In a previous interview in September 2023, Brian Chira had expressed his desire to emulate Vera Sidika’s success, aspiring to become the male equivalent of the renowned socialite.

“I want to be like Vera. I want to be the male version of Vera Sidika. I will be a male socialite, and I am confident that I will succeed,” he had declared.

Upon seeing his video, Vera had endorsed his ambition, praising his determination and offering words of encouragement.

“I like him (Chira). He knows exactly what he’s doing @chirabrian, do you, boo.”

Tragically, Brian Chira’s promising journey was cut short due to a fatal accident in the Karuri area.

According to police reports, he was struck by a speeding vehicle while attempting to cross the road after being ejected from a local bar.

The driver fled the scene, leaving Chira with fatal injuries.

His body was discovered and transported to the City Mortuary, where it currently awaits further investigation.

Authorities continue to scrutinize the circumstances surrounding his death in their quest to uncover the truth behind this heartbreaking incident.

Vera Sidika Re-Unites With Brown Mauzo On A Casual Get-Together With Friends

Despite their publicized split in August 2023, Vera Sidika and her ex-husband Brown Mauzo recently displayed a positive co-parenting relationship.

Videos shared on social media show the former couple enjoying a casual get-together with friends. While maintaining physical distance, they appear to be interacting cordially.

Vera shared on her Instagram a snippet of the get together, which captured Mauzo sitting across from their companions.

“The games played here, truth or dare. Ogopa, I laughed my ribs out,” Vera captioned.

This follows their recent reunion to celebrate their son Asia Brown’s first birthday, demonstrating their commitment to co-parenting their children.

Previous Announcement

In August 2023, Mauzo publicly announced their separation on social media, expressing their mutual decision to prioritize the well-being of their children. He acknowledged the positive aspects of their time together while requesting privacy during this transition.

“I wanted to take a moment to share some personal news. After much consideration, Vera Sidika and I have decided to part ways. Our journey together has been filled with unforgettable moments, but we have reached a point where it’s best for both of us and our babies, Asia Brown and Ice Brown, to move forward separately,” he shared.

However, the two are co-parenting successfully and Mauzo seems to be a caring father of their two babies.

Despite her ‘broken’ marriage, Vera Sidika discusses her desire to have more children

Kenyan socialite and Beautypreneur Vera Sidika has expressed her longing to expand her family despite her firm stance against marriage.

After celebrating her youngest son Ice Brown’s birthday, Vera realized her deep affection for children and her desire to surround herself with more kids.

Ice Brown, Vera’s son with musician Brown Mauzo, turned one recently, and the celebration was a lavish affair attended by notable personalities from social media and the celebrity world.

The birthday party was meticulously planned, with entertainment, food, drinks, and even people dressed up as cartoon characters to delight the children.

Reflecting on the festivities, Vera shared her excitement about being a mother and expressed her overwhelming desire to have more children.

“I’m completely smitten with my little ones,” Vera exclaimed, adding heart-eyed emojis to her post.

She further revealed that her longing for more children was becoming increasingly intense, emphasizing her deep love for kids with a whining emoji and puppy dog eyes.

Vera Sidika Hints On Adding More Babies Despite Failed Relationships

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika hints at wanting more children despite previously stating her disinterest in marriage.

Recent Birthday Celebration Fuels Desire

Vera’s son, Ice Brown’s, elaborate 1st birthday party rekindled her love for being around children. She went on to explain how she’s deeply in love with children.

She shared a photo in tandem with her baby as she captioned;

“I’m obsessed with my babies,” she wrote.

The lavish celebration featured entertainment, ample food and drinks, and a dedicated play area for the kids.

Sharing Motherly Love on Social Media

Vera expressed her joy of motherhood in a video showcasing her children opening birthday gifts.

She stated her overwhelming desire to have more children, emphasizing her deep love for them.

“It is not even funny, I want more babies. I really love kids,” Vera wrote.

The mother of two has been in several relationships ever since her rise to fame. She has dated celebrities like Otile Brown, Chansa, among others. But her relationship that lasted longer was with Brown Mauzo; whom she has sired 2 kids with- a baby girl and a baby boy.

After over 2 years of being together, the two decided to go their separate ways; but are still co-parenting with each other.

Otile Brown: My career took off after dating Vera

Kenyan R&B sensation Otile Brown recently discussed the pivotal role that his relationship with Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika played in advancing his music career.

During a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Otile Brown expressed his appreciation for Vera, acknowledging her significant contribution to his success. The ‘Baby Love’ artist emphasized that Vera’s presence during their relationship had a profound impact, helping elevate his career.

“I’ve always given her flowers. It’s only right. I was big but not all the way. Being that she was a popping socialite at the time, it kinda fueled,” revealed Otile.

While crediting Sidika for her role in their relationship and praising her qualities, Otile Brown stopped short of confirming his emotions, stating, “I think she is an amazing person.”

He went on to share an anecdote about Vera Sidika initiating their relationship and her persistence leading to a visit to her home in Kitisuru. Otile described the encounter as “amazing” and highlighted Sidika’s straightforward approach.

“I think she is an amazing person. I feel like I am in this stage in life where I feel sometimes we make life so difficult for no reason. Give people props at the end of the day,” he said.

Vera Sidika & Brown Mauzo Celebrate Son’s Birthday

Vera Sidika and her former partner, Brown Mauzo, came together to celebrate their son Prince Ice’s first birthday on March 3rd, 2024.

Vera Sidika’s Message

Vera, who had previously kept the exact date of her son’s birthday private, announced she would throw a grand party to celebrate the milestone. She expressed her love for Prince and called him the “biggest blessing” in her life.

“03.03.2024 🎂🎊🎈🎉 Happiest Birthday to the most handsome boy @prince_icebrown 😍❤️ On your first birthday, know that you are and forever will be the biggest blessing in my life. I love you with all my heart, @prince_icebrown 😍❤️🎉 Mommy is back, let’s plan a BIG party 💃🏼💃🏼” Vera wrote.

Brown Mauzo’s Message

Brown Mauzo also shared a heartfelt message for Prince, expressing his unconditional love and commitment to always being there for him.

“May your birthday be unforgettable as you are every day. May this memories, this moments and this special day light your face when you grow old . My love for you is unconditional and I will always be here for you. Happy birthday son! @prince_icebrown.” Mauzo wrote.

Brown Mauzo and Vera get back together solely for their son’s birthday

Vera Sidika made a return to Kenya from Los Angeles to celebrate her son Prince Ice’s birthday. The TV reality star, who had been abroad for a while, had mentioned that she was heading back to host a grand birthday bash for Ice.

On Sunday, February 4, the mother of two took to her Instagram to share a delightful array of photos from her son Prince Ice Brown’s first birthday celebration.

She posted captivating family portraits from a pre-party photoshoot. Brown Mauzo also shared his pictures on Instagram but excluded Vera from his post.

The little boy looked charming in beige trousers and a blue shirt, while his sister Asia dazzled in a white princess gown. Vera joined in with a casual look, creating adorable photos as they all gazed at the camera.

The official portraits featured balloons and banners announcing his first birthday, accompanied by a cake that he seemed to enjoy eating, captured beautifully by the photographer.

In a black graphic t-shirt and blue pajama bottoms, Vera posed with her son on her lap against a large archway displaying his name in white and blue letters.

Balloons adorned the arch, and teddy bears were placed for the two children to play with.

Brown Mauzo expressed his wishes for his son Ice, saying, “May your birthday be as unforgettable as you are every day. May these memories, these moments, and this special day light your face when you grow old. My love for you is unconditional, and I will always be here for you. Happy birthday son! @prince_icebrown,” he captioned.

Vera shared her excitement for her son, stating, “03.03.2024 🎂🎊🎈🎉 Happiest Birthday to the most handsome boy @prince_icebrown 😍❤️ On your first birthday, know that you are and forever will be the biggest blessing in my life. I love you with all my heart, @prince_icebrown 😍❤️🎉 Mommy is back, let’s plan a BIG party 💃🏼💃🏼”

Vera Sidika Hires Theatre To Watch Movie Alone

After locking out other movie buffs to watch her favorite movie by herself in a theater, Vera Sidika lost her cool.

The wealthy Kenyan socialite boasted that she had rented an entire theater in Seattle, Washington, just to see a movie by herself. She is currently residing in the US.

“Rented the whole theater for a Movie night like a Boss. No distractions …on DND 🎥🍿😌,” Vera Sidika said.

Pacific Place, the company that leases AMC Theatres in Seattle, claims that patrons can rent theaters for $249/Ksh36,354 for new releases, or $99/14,454 for beloved titles.

Two hours are required for theater rentals. There is a 20 person maximum for the rentals.

“Host a Private Theatre Rental at AMC™! Make it a movie for one or a private party for up to 20 total guests in your own AMC Safe & Clean™ auditorium. It’s perfect for an everyday escape or a celebration to remember! Choose from our selection of new movies, starting at $249+tax, or fan faves films for just $99+tax, and earn AMC Stubs® points on your Private Theatre Rental!” Information on Pacific Place reads.

This comes at a time when Vera’s baby daddy Brown Mauzo is spending quality time with their children back in the country. The two broke up but have been co-parenting ever since their break-up.

Vera reveals she felt trapped by Brown Mauzo in their marriage

Famous socialite Vera Sidika has boldly expressed her disdain for marriage, deeming it a trap she intends to avoid. The mother of two, renowned for her lavish lifestyle, disclosed that she is contentedly single and has no plans to get married again.

Responding to inquiries about her past relationship with Brown Mauzo, Vera Sidika illuminated her perspective on marriage and her decision to end her previous marriage.

When asked if she would consider marriage again, she categorically replied, “Never! It is a trap. I love my freedom.”

Reflecting on her journey out of her marriage, Vera shared insights into the emotional process behind her decision.

“For me, it was over four months before it actually ended. I was done; emotionally, physically, mentally. So it was easy and the best decision ever made. I chose me and really wanted the best for my kids,” she explained.

Despite the challenges she faced, Vera Sidika expressed that she is currently at her happiest, embracing her single status with enthusiasm.

“Won’t lie. The happiest I’ve ever been…I love being single, to be honest,” she said.

Looking ahead to the future, Vera expressed her desire to expand her family, stating:

“I want two or three more babies in the future.” However, she made it clear that marriage is not a prerequisite for her plans.

Amid swirling rumors about her romantic life, particularly regarding her alleged relationship with Grammy award winner Burna Boy, Vera Sidika confirmed that she is indeed involved with a Nigerian man.

While she did not disclose his name, she revealed that he resides in Nigeria and frequently travels, emphasizing that her current status remains single and non-committal.

“He lives in Nigeria and just travels a lot, and I travel with him. Plus I’m single, nothing serious,” she clarified.

Vera and Brown Mauzo separated in 2023 after three years of marriage. The couple has not revealed if they filed for divorce or not.

Vera Sidika Addresses Parenting Concerns In Social Media Q&A

Socialite Vera Sidika recently faced questions about her parenting choices regarding her frequent travel and reliance on childcare help. During a Q&A session with fans, she defended her approach, emphasizing the time she spends with her children.

When asked about potential neglect due to travel and busy lifestyle, Sidika refuted the claims, stating she dedicates more time to her children than “a 9-5 working mom.” She highlighted her flexibility as a self-employed individual, allowing her to be physically present at home throughout the day.

Sidika further elaborated on her strong bond with her children, describing their relationship as “crazy.” She acknowledged occasional travels but maintained that even during those periods, she prioritized her children’s needs.

Encouraging Reflection:

The socialite concluded by urging critics to refrain from quick judgments and instead examine their own family commitments.

Vera Sidika Explains Why She Doesn’t Fancy Marriage

Following her recent separation, influencer and socialite Vera Sidika has expressed her preference for staying single, highlighting her newfound freedom and happiness.

Rejecting Marriage

When queried about the possibility of marriage in the future, Sidika explicitly stated her aversion to it, calling it a “trap” and emphasizing her love for her current single status.

“Was it easy for you to leave your marriage?” a fan quipped.

“For me, it was over 4 months before it actually ended. I was done emotionally, physically and mentally. So it was easy and the best decision ever made. I chose myself and really wanted the best for my kids,” she stated.
She further elaborated on her personal well-being, sharing that she is currently the happiest she has ever been.

In response to a fan’s question about the specifics of her breakup with singer Brown Mauzo, Sidika clarified that their relationship had ended emotionally and physically months before it was publicly announced by Mauzo in August 2023.

Vera Sidika talks about getting remarried and divorcing Mauzo four months before their real split

Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has dismissed any plans of getting married again following her breakup with Brown Mauzo, her baby daddy. During a Q&A session with her fans, Vera clarified that she is currently single and values her freedom, expressing that marriage is not a consideration for her.

A fan inquired, “Would you still give marriage a chance?” to which Vera responded, “Never, It’s a trap. I love my freedom. I refuse to be unhappy this year… I don’t care who gotta go.”

When asked about her happiness, Vera shared, “Won’t lie. The happiest I have been. I love being single.”

Despite previously mentioning that she is dating a Nigerian man, Vera emphasized that she is currently single and the relationship is not serious. She stated, “Confuse you, enemies. But honestly, I’m not in any serious relationship and didn’t want commitments. So yeah, I’m single.”

In response to a question about leaving her marriage, Vera disclosed that emotionally, physically, and mentally, it was over four months before the official breakup. She considered it an easy and the best decision she made, choosing herself and prioritizing the well-being of her children.

Vera Sidika Mung’asia and Brown Mauzo announced their split on August 30, 2023, after being together for about three years. They had met in August 2020, got married, and later in 2021, Vera became pregnant with their first child. Despite clout-chasing rumors in April 2023, the official announcement of their separation came on August 30th, with Brown Mauzo posting a statement. The two decided to part ways after being blessed with two children.

Vera dismisses critics of her mother as she departs for the United States once more.

Vera Sidika has embarked on another spontaneous trip to the USA, specifically Los Angeles, as shared with her fans on Instagram.

In her post, she playfully mentioned her commitment to airplanes and anticipated a fun weekend and vacation.

However, Vera has faced criticism, particularly mom-shaming, for spending extended periods abroad, away from her two children.

To address the recurring criticism, she took a moment during her latest American trip to caution against mom shamers, humorously stating, “Million dollar P💰y!!! Translation: Kwani kuna ya mtu imeibiwa? 🤣🤣 The motherhood cops 👮‍♀️ y’all can start writing paragraphs 😂🤣 don’t forget the Pressure pills 💊☺️✈️🇺🇸 #LA.”

Vera has been subjected to comments from Kenyans on social media, expressing concerns about her parenting style and the absence of her children in her life during her frequent travels.

This time, she decided to address the criticism upfront, stating her right to live her life on her terms.

While some critics continue to express disapproval, others applaud Vera for living her best life and admire her unapologetic attitude.

The comments section reflected a mix of opinions, with some urging her to enjoy her life and others expressing concerns about the potential impact on her children in the long run.

Vera Sidika responds angrily to those who criticize her “expensive” socialite lifestyle

In 2023, Vera Sidika openly embraced her socialite lifestyle after giving birth to her second child, Prince Ice Brown. Engaging in hosting club gigs marked her return to her previous way of life, drawing criticism from some netizens. Chipukeezy, in an Iko Nini podcast interview, expressed his disapproval of Vera’s public display of her body and her choice of attire.

Chipukeezy condemned the perception that Vera is still considered a role model by young girls despite her lifestyle choices. He particularly criticized her for walking out of her marriage and emphasized that as a mother, she should uphold higher standards. Chipukeezy highlighted the impact of celebrity actions on the younger generation and emphasized the need for responsible behavior.

“People talk about me and my failed relationships; I’m like, these are relationships, I can find another one,” Chipukeezy stated, distinguishing between relationships and marriages. He urged Vera not to portray her situation as normal to young Kenyans and cautioned against downplaying the seriousness of marriage.

In response, Vera took to her social media to assert her indifference to the criticism. She advised others to focus on their lives, emphasized the importance of dressing well, smelling nice, avoiding stress, and minding one’s own business. Netizens continued to share mixed reactions, with some urging her to prioritize her children’s well-being and others commending her for her appearance in certain instances.

‘I Need A Wealthy Sugar Daddy To Splash Money On Me’- Vera Sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika’s recent social media pronouncements paint a picture of a woman seeking equilibrium. On one hand, she yearns for the pampering of a wealthy partner, sighing about the exhaustion of independent life.

“At this point,” she confesses, “I just need a wealthy sugar daddy to be splashing money on me.”

This expression of longing follows hot on the heels of another, seemingly contrasting, desire: Sidika’s declaration of wanting to reconnect with her faith. After years of absence, she seeks

“a suitable church to attend,” ideally in the affluent Karen neighborhood, where she wouldn’t face the unwanted attention that comes with her celebrity status. “This 2024,” she declares, “I’m building a better relationship with God.”

Vera’s duality sparks curious reflections. Is she seeking material comfort as a temporary escape from the demands of self-reliance? Or is she searching for a deeper fulfillment beyond financial security? Perhaps it’s both, a complex mix of human needs for material ease and spiritual grounding.

Her openness about these seemingly disparate desires prompts introspection. Are these mutually exclusive aspirations, or can one navigate the pursuit of both financial and spiritual balance? Perhaps Vera’s journey will offer insights into reconciling material comforts with the inner peace sought in faith.

Vera Sidika Opens Up On Her Focus Of Being Religious This Year

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika’s recent announcement on Instagram Stories has sparked conversations about spirituality and navigating faith in the public eye. After expressing her desire to deepen her connection with God, Vera opened up about the challenges she faces attending church due to the undue attention she receives.

Her vulnerability resonated with many, highlighting the complex interplay between personal faith and the demands of public life. Instead of shying away from the issue, Vera took an active approach, seeking recommendations from her followers for “good churches” where she could find peace and focus on her spiritual journey.

This act of seeking community and support sets a positive example for navigating religious exploration. It encourages open dialogue and understanding, especially when coupled with Vera’s acknowledgment of her existing faith and personal practices.

Vera’s story resonates with Huddah Monroe’s recent revelation about her own interfaith practices. By sharing their personal journeys, both socialites contribute to dismantling religious barriers and emphasizing the common ground shared by different faiths.

Ultimately, Vera’s search for a welcoming spiritual haven is a reflection of a universal human desire for connection and purpose. Whether in Karen or beyond, we wish her peace and joy on her path to a stronger relationship with God.

Vera Sidika responds to Brown Mauzo’s claim she converted to Islam

Singer Fredrick Mutinda, popularly known as Brown Mauzo, has made a startling revelation about his ex-wife, Vera Sidika, and her conversion to Islam.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Mauzo disclosed that Sidika embraced Islam as a gesture of love and commitment to their relationship.

“Vera converted to Islam so that we could be a Muslim couple,” Mauzo revealed.

The singer further explained that Sidika adopted the name “Zara” after her conversion.

When contacted, the mom of two had a fascinating reaction.

Mko na jokes!

Brown Mauzo reveals Vera Sidika converted to Islam for their marriage

For the first time, musician Brown Mauzo, real name Fredrick Mutinda, has discussed his union with socialite Vera Sidika.
According to Mauzo, his relationship with Vera ended in June 2023, but he didn’t make the announcement until August 2023, in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.
Mauzo further discloses that he had left the marriage several times before the final separation for different reasons that did not correspond with his objectives.
“It was a wonderful marriage, characterised by behaviours beyond anything I had ever encountered. He remarked, “Vera did things that surprised me.”
Mauzo wished that people would not focus on the subject of who started the connection.

“I prefer not to delve into the specifics of how our love story began, as I want to maintain a positive perspective on her side. As long as we were okay, that is what matter. At the time, our relationship began, she resided in Mombasa,”

Vera’s decision to convert to Islam in order to conform to his religious beliefs is one of the memorable moments and acts of love Mauzo acknowledges in her life.

“One day, she called me expressing her desire to convert to Islam saying she wanted us to be a Muslim couple. This was a significant sacrifice she made for the sake of our relationship and I gave in,”

According to Mauzo, Vera converted and took on the Muslim name Zara.

Vera Sidika Shines in Black at Club Return

Vera Sidika dazzled in a head-to-toe black outfit as she made her grand return to club hosting on Sunday, December 3rd. Her radiant appearance, following a brief health-related hiatus from social media, left fans ecstatic.

Sporting a sleek black bodysuit beneath a sheer, sequined cover-up, Vera exuded confidence and glamour. Her signature hourglass figure, cinched to perfection, stole the show and sent the crowd into a frenzy.


This comeback marks a fresh start for Vera, who used her break to prioritize her well-being. Now, she’s re-energized and ready to hit the ground running, captivating audiences with her undeniable charm and captivating presence.

She wrote “Missed y’all” as the caption for her Casavera lounge admission.

Those in attendance cheered to see her arrive.

She uploaded a screen grab of the types of views she got.

14 hours and one million views. She laughed, “Something has to kill a man.”

Later, she went to an after-party when the mother of two children burst bottles.

She went on to describe the events of the evening, saying, “Changed clubs, after party fo the after party.”

Once bottles were delivered to her table, the animated Vera danced off with her friends.

“This 1 Azul bottle costs sh120,000. ….Hello December”


Vera Sidika Updates Fans on Her Health

Kenyan socialite and beautypreneur Vera Sidika has updated her fans on her health, expressing gratitude for their support and concern.

Sidika had taken a break from social media after informing her followers that she was unwell. In a recent post, she revealed that she is feeling much better and thanked her fans for their kind messages.

“Grateful…Thanks to y’all for your kind messages,” she wrote.

She also apologized for not being able to respond to all of the messages she received.

“Feeling a lot better. Got so many messages forgive me if I didn’t respond or see it,” she said.

Sidika’s fans were relieved to hear that she is on the mend and sent her well wishes.

Brown Mauzo Spends Time with Family

Meanwhile, Sidika’s ex-husband Brown Mauzo has been spending quality time with his family. He recently shared a photo of himself with his daughter Lareesa, who is a model, and his other daughter Zulfa.

“I can’t forget you, not because have a strong memory, but because I have a heart that never denies those who settled in it once. Family always comes first,” he wrote.

Mauzo has indicated that he will do whatever it takes to be there for his family, no matter the circumstances.

Fans of both Sidika and Mauzo are happy to see them putting their families first.

Vera Sidika blasts Brown Mauzo for using their photo to promote a club appearance

A poster advertising a joint performance by Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo at a club in Mwea has sparked controversy.

Vera had previously announced that she would be hosting a gig at the same venue, but her poster did not mention Mauzo. In a surprise move, Vera has disowned Mauzo’s poster and accused blogs of misleading the public for profit.

“I am not attending or making an appearance at Jami executive gardens, Mwea,” she wrote.

Mauzo has since replaced Vera on his poster with his newest girlfriend, Kabinga Jr.

The controversy comes amid speculation that Vera and Mauzo may be reconciling after their acrimonious split last year. However, Vera’s denial suggests that this is not the case.

It remains to be seen whether Vera will take any legal action against the promoters of the event for misleading the public.


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A post shared by Brown Mauzo (@brownmauzo254)

Vera Sidika & Brown Mauzo Feud Over Club Appearance

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo were scheduled to perform together at a club in Mwea this coming weekend, but Vera has since disowned the event and claimed that the advertising is misleading and deceptive. Mauzo has replaced Vera on the poster with his newest catch, Kabinga Jr.

This news comes as a surprise to many, as Vera and Mauzo have been spotted together several times in recent weeks, and Vera had even posted a picture of herself with Mauzo’s daughter on social media. However, it seems that there is now bad blood between the two, and it is unclear what has caused the rift.

Some fans are speculating that Vera is angry with Mauzo for moving on so quickly after their breakup. Others believe that Vera is simply trying to protect her brand and image, as she has been trying to distance herself from Mauzo and his past.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that Vera and Mauzo will not be performing together this weekend. It remains to be seen whether they will ever reconcile, or if this is the end of their relationship for good.

After lying about dating an LGBTQ man, Vera Sidika now claims to be dating Nigerian man

Vera Sidika, a well-known socialite in Kenya, seems to be refuting rumors that she is still seeing her baby daddy, Fredrick Mutinda, also known as Brown Mauzo. The mother of two made her boyfriend’s Nigerian nationality known in a brief Instagram statement on Monday night.

Vera seemed to refute the accusations about having a romantic involvement with any Kenyan male, including her co-parent.

“You all must be drunk on something. My husband is Nigerian, not Kenyan,” 

She seemed to criticise the people spreading rumors about her at the same moment, requesting that they cease using her name as a means of financial gain. Vera departed for Nigeria on Tuesday of last week, October 31, and she demonstrated her arrival in that nation of West Africa.

The mother of two flaunted her arrival in Lagos, where she was reportedly attending a party. Singer Burna Boy attended the celebration. In a video of herself driving a Lamborghini, she wrote, “Time to show up,” presumably referring to the Afrobeats artist.

Later on, the mother of two was observed among a group of individuals coming inside the residence. Burna Boy was seen strolling slightly ahead of her in one footage.

This occurs more than two months after the socialite and her co-parent, Brown Sales, were announced to have split up. Mauzo declared at the end of August that, for the sake of their children and themselves, he and Vera had decided to part ways.

“Dear friends and followers, I wanted to take a moment to share some personal news. After much thought, Vera Sidika and I have decided to part ways. Our journey together has been full of unforgettable moments, but we have reached a point that is best for us and our children, Asia Brown and Ice Brown , moving forward differently.

Our journey together has been filled with unforgettable moments, but we have reached a point where it is best for us and our children, Asia Brown and Ice Brown, to move forward separately,”