All grown! Victoria Rubadiri shares rare throwback photo with adorable daughter as she turns 16

Celebrated TV journalist, Victoria Rubadiri cannot be more proud of her adorable baby girl who has turned into a fine-looking teenager as she marks her big day.

The 33-year old beauty who became a mom at the tender age of 18, could not imagine they would come this far, a single mother, still young and be so proud that she did it!

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October 16, is a day she will live to remember and honor, as the day a cry of a baby was heard in her family, the day when a dear Neema came to the world.

Neema turns 16

The curvy Citizen TV news anchor shared a throwback photo of her and her young one, so excited and looking like an exact copy of her mom.

Victoria Rubadiri with her father and daughter

Vicky at the time, was still in her early youth, living the moment like it was her last and pretty glad to be called a mom. That was ‘how it started’.

Then right below it, is a photo of the two, showing ‘how it’s going’, covered up complete with masks, slaying in their soft looks and overwhelming beauty.

For a dear mama Neema, she is now officially mom to a 16-year-old. Sho!????????‍♀️”.

Victoria Rubadiri’s daughter Neema turns 16

Happy 16th to the adorable teenager!

Her comment section had fans give her a bow for a job well done and it is all love for the 16-year old.

6 celebrity media couples who parted ways in sad goodbyes

The media industry has housed multiple outstanding personalities over time, some who had to make exits we never saw coming, others whose chemistry lured fans to tune in to this station or that channel only for the end to come too soon.

Be it on TV, be it on radio, Kenyans have had to witness some of the most unpleasant goodbyes among media couples, leaving wounds that might never get healed unless these duos make major comebacks. Let’s start off:

1. Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

The former Citizen TV’s Monday Special duo split in 2015 while at the Royal Media studios as Janet left for maternity leave but never came back, leaving behind Hussein Mohamed to co-anchor with Jacque Maribe before the two later made their exit as well.

Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

2. Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena

The tale of Lulu and Kanze is one of best friends who we never ever thought would part until the latter landed a lucrative State House job in 2018 where she has been working since. Meanwhile, Lulu was paired with her beloved, Rashid Abdalla.

Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan

3. Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru

Kalekye and Shaffie was one of the most popular and favorite radio duo Kenya has ever heard, with personalities perfectly complementing each other but unfortunately, the Kamba doll had to leave in 2016 as Shaffie paired with Adelle Onyango.

Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo

4. Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

A speculated screen chemistry many hoped would blossom into a love story without an ending, only for Larry to soon after leave NTV for BBC in 2018, where he has since been making major moves.

Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

5. Olive Burrows and Dennis Okari

Olive Kalekye Burrows was one lady who stirred lots of controversy after an alleged screen chemistry with Dennis Okari just after his marriage with Betty Kyallo had started becoming wobbly, before the two were eventually separated on air.

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

6. Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

The unfortunate story of Kamene and Kibe is one that probably still hurts, a match so perfect but it had to be done in June 2020 after Kibe handed in his resignation, thereafter getting replaced by Jalang’o.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

9 Kenyan celebrities who have embraced single motherhood with a big spoon

A number of female personalities in the Kenyan public space, have taken up the role of parenting by themselves for a better part of their lives, some their biological children, others adopted.

Well-known public figures who either got divorced, gave up on marriage life or just had what many would term ‘deadbeat’ baby daddies. That is my list.

Regardless of the spaces they work in, their professions, their choice of industry or even their age. Let’s dive right in.

1. DJ Pierra

The curvy disc jockey realized she was expectant in 2016, soon after partying ways with the father to her daughter who had already started dating someone else. As her daughter recently turned 4, Pierra Makena clarified that she doesn’t regret becoming a single mother.

DJ Pierra Makena with daughter Ricca

2. Anne Kiguta

The celebrated K24 journalist is a mother of twins whom she bore with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew, Jomo Gecaga, before he moved on with sassy TV girl, Lola Hannigan in 2017, who recently welcomed their first child together. As we speak, Ms Kiguta is all about bringing up her 3 boys.

Anne Kiguta with baby daddy, Jomo Gecaga

3. Brenda Wairimu

The adorable light-skinned actress bore a child with popular artist, Juliani before partying ways and getting linked to actor Ephy Saint. Named Amor Njeri, recently turned 5 years of age but Juliani has since moved on.

Brenda Wairimu with her daughter

4. Tanasha Donna

A lot has been said around this barely 25-year old singer and single mother who recently exposed Tanzanian baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz for neglecting their son but either way, she clarified she was not going to force him to support their son.

Tanasha with baby Naseeb Junior

5. Caroline Mutoko

The seasoned Kenyan media personality has a 3-year old son and opted to adopt a daughter, Theodora Nduku in 2011 when she was 8 months old, who is as good a complete replica of her, now all grown and beautiful. Caroline has taken up the journey of single motherhood, and judging from her age, she might keep on with the trend.

Caroline Mutoko and daughter
Caroline Mutoko and daughter, Nduku

6. Victoria Rubadiri

A 34-year old Vicky bore her daughter at the tender age of 19 while studying abroad, with a man she parted ways with but through the support of her parents, guides and cares for her now teenage daughter.

TV Queen, Victoria Rubadiri (right) and her father with her daughter (left)

7. Akothee

Madam Boss is proudly a mother to three daughters and two fairly young sons and as she clocks 43, the beauty has been all the way financially independent after going through rough relationships with men.

Akothee with her family in France

8. Avril Nyambura

The sweetly-voiced songbird is rumored to have borne her son with veteran producer, J Blessing and so far, she is all in when it comes to taking care of her growing adorable 2-year old baby boy.

Avril Nyambura with her baby boy

9. Nana Gecaga

Nana, best known as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece, is proudly a mother to three grown boys whom she bore while still unmarried, admitting she will comfortably take care of her boys, during her recent interview with MC Jessy. Nana currently stands as the CEO of KICC.

The Gecaga boys

Larry Madowo and TV sweetheart, Victoria Rubadiri to reunite soon?

Journalists Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri were undeniably one of the most loved TV presenters from back in the day when they both worked at NTV.

They were also the most admired ‘TV couple’ and for some reason fans felt that their chemistry was beyond their work relationship. Fans even went on to call on Larry multiple times; asking him to marry Rubadiri as they were convinced these two would make a good celebrity couple.

However after they both quit NTV, fans could no longer admire what seemed like a perfect relationship in the making. Well, if not for the money and careers they keep chasing from one station to another; I bet fans wouldn’t mind seeing the pair reunite after years of being apart.

Rubadiri with Madowo back at NTV

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Larry Madowo to Victoria Rubadiri

Well the idea was brought about after Larry Madowo sent out a heartfelt special message dedicated to Victoria Rubadiri. This is after the lady was named as 6th winner of the highly competitive BBC World News Komla Dumor Award.

Through his Twitter handle, Larry Madowo went on to write;

What excellent news to wake up to, @VickyRubadiri! I can’t think of anyone more deserving than my old partner in crime. Congratulations and welcome.

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Madowo’s message to Rubadiri

Well the congratulatory part seems quite understandable however the ‘welcome’ part; is what has left many guessing whether Rubadiri will be joining the big fish in the media industry.

But having seen how passionate and hardworking Rubadiri is; I bet Madowo can already see his old partner in crime joining his league soon!

Victoria Rubadiri proudly wins BBC’s Komla Dumor Award

Victoria Rubadiri is a TV beauty whose star was about to shine and one the world was probably never prepared for.

A seasoned Kenyan journalist who kept a low profile both in her private and public life but who worked tirelessly behind the scenes on a future only she knew best about.

Also read: ¨I struggled to fit in in Kenya,¨ Victoria Rubadiri sadly recalls after her long stay abroad

Having sat big names in the political and current affairs space, with in-depth investigative stories that has now seen her stand as the 6th winner of the highly competitive BBC World News Komla Dumor Award, soon after her colleague Waihiga Mwaura scooped his in 2018.

Former NTV journalist, Victoria Rubadiri

The pluses

What stands in it for Vicky is now a 3-month placement at the BBC where she will attend a training course with the BBC Academy before becoming part of the BBC News teams. Speaking on the same, a humbled Vicky shared;

Komla was a well-rounded journalist whose ability to give the facts comprehensively, and yet still be attuned to his audience, was something I admired and a skill I seek to emulate.

Mr Komla Dumor

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The TV sensation’s eloquence and passion in telling African stories across all media platforms is what made her stand out according to the judges.

“We’re delighted to have Victoria on board to bring her insights and passion to the BBC. We’re looking forward to seeing Victoria embody that by bringing her perspectives to life,” expressed Jamie Angus, Director of BBC World Service Group.

Renowned TV journalist, Victoria Rubadiri

An award that was created to honor Komla Dumor, a presenter for BBC World News who tragically passed in 2014 aged 41.

Victoria Rubadiri hits 34, but Kenyans admit her looks are deceiving

Kenyan TV idol, Victoria Rubadiri just clocked 34 but she sure is aging like fine wine.

Sharing a photo of herself, poise, composed, simple but a smile so charming and skin so rich and youthful, she captioned:


Riveting journalist, Vicky Rubadiri becomes the envy of many as she turns 34

Vicky is not just in her mid-30s, she is a mother to a teen daughter as well but her skin´s glow and riveting beauty has left many feeling cheated.

TV Queen, Victoria Rubadiri (right) and her father with her daughter (left)

The sassy Citizen TV news anchor hardly rubs shoulders with fans online, nor becomes the punching bag of trolls.

She is easy-going, leads a private life but always full of life – a character most female TV personalities find hard to balance.

Vicky Rubadiri turns 34, still looking youthful

It is all love for the 34-year old as followers flock her comment section, just to appreciate her day.

Happy birthday love!!!!????????????????


Sending you loads of birthday love ????????????


Hbd vicky


Happy birthday Victoria ????


Yaay! Happy Birthday Mama Neema.. an amazing, kind, sweet and gentle soul.. God Bless you always..❤️


Happy birthday to you vicky.


Altogether lovely, happiest birthday Vicky. May this be your best year yet. With long and healthy life may God satisfy you


Happy birthday Tv Queen ????


Happy birthday Victoria! God richly bless you!

¨You healed me with your unconditional love¨ Victoria Rubadiri pens emotional tribute to her teen daughter who made her worthy to be called a mom

Victoria Rubadiri is definitely a force to reckon with in the media industry but her past is what makes her the strong and commanding lady we see, through her adorable daughter, Neema.

Vicky is one media personality we know to live a low-key life.

With her personal life kept personal and very selective on what she lets out to the public.

The TV siren who has left a myriad of gents drooling over her, celebrated Mother´s Day in her own special way.

She reminisces the day her adorable daughter saw the light.

Open letter

Vicky´s story starts heart-deep and seemingly ´sad´ as she recalls:

Dear Neema,

You see this picture? You were a week old, I was 18 and scared out of my wits.

While you were perfection, I was a wreck.

I fought for a long time with embracing the identity of being a mother because I felt I wasn’t ready.

For the Citizen TV journalist, 18 was too young, too scary to be thrown into the life of motherhood.

However, things took a better turn and the healing process kicked off soon as the adorable girl grew older each passing day:

Truth is, you are never going to be ready!

I learned that with time as you grew and became a different human being at every stage.

I grew with you, made my mistakes but pushed forward.

You healed me with your unconditional love.

Like every other mother-teen girl relationship, the bond somehow weakens and the road between the two gets a little rough.

Rubadiri´s case is not any different citing:

Though that admiration in your eyes has turned into occasional side eye ???? now that you are a teenager. ????

However, all that is set to pass and the once young mother attests it all to a few:

We’ve made it this far Dudu and you’ve turned out pretty amazing.

Babu, Mama and Aunty have a lot to do with that.

On this #MothersDayI thank God for you because you truly are a gift from Him.

Just before she calls it a day, the 33 year old pens down her sincere prayers to her all-grown baby:

I pray you thrive in this life, I pray you are a light in your generation, a beacon of hope in this world.

And it all is a moving letter to Vicky´s angel from:

-Love Mommy????


It is quite adorable, unique and sincere of the successful media personality as personalities and fans acknowledge:

That is beautiful! Happy Mothers Day Mama!

Beautiful granddaughter and a wonderful mom!!!!
From a mother’s heart so pure,my story at 21,sadly,I lost my Angel in 2017.
But she gave me the biggest title on the planet,she made me a mom.
To all mothers,here’s to more love and blessings.
Happy Mother’s Day Vickie! ????
What a beautiful tribute to your girl and. whole family ♥️. Xo
This Journey feels too Familiar, Too Releatable, Too Real????..
Happy Mothers Day mama, you are such a Blessing to us All????
Written from the soul. Happy #MothersDay.
Happy mothers day darling❤️❤️❤️
Awwww! Happy Mother’s Day Mama Neema.
Prayers, warm wishes and lots of hugs
Happy Mother’s Day Vikster!!! ????????

Larry Madowo weds Victoria Rubadiri in low-key ceremony (Photos)

BBC Business Editor Larry Madowo quit the bachelors’ club on Sunday after tying the knot with Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri.

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

The two lovebirds, who have been dating three years, sealed their union in an exclusive wedding ceremony at the Marula Manor in Karen, Nairobi.

According to our source, the wedding had 100 guests, most of whom were family members, close friends and colleagues.

They were required to leave their phones at the main entrance and sign a confidentiality agreement.

This was done to ensure that no photo was leaked to the media.

The newlyweds will fly out to Italy on Wednesday for their pre-honeymoon before proceeding to France where they will spend two weeks.

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

News of their nuptials caught many people by surprise since we had all assumed that the Madowo and Rubadiri only had on-screen chemistry.

As it turns out, there’s more than meets the eye! The two have dated for three years or so and managed to keep their relationship under wraps.

We wish them all the best as they begin a new journey as a couple.

To add to that, this a polite reminder that today is April Fool’s Day. If I were you I would not take any of this seriously.

¨Need to have a word with my plastic surgeon,¨ Vicky Rubadiri claps back at ´fan´

Vicky Rubadiri responded to a ´fan´ with a classy comeback after accusing her of getting lip fillers.

¨So @VickyRubadiri decided to do a horrible lip job with injections?? Low self-esteem!¨ Alvin Kibet´s tweet read.

The fan accused her of taking the Kardashian route and getting some lip fillers but Alvin felt that the person did a horrible job.

Therefore, according to the fan, this might have resulted to Rubadiri having low self-esteem.


In most occasions, one would expect any individual linked to such cosmetic procedures, to gush out all manner of words.

This was however not the case.

Citizen TV anchor, Vicky Rubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri instead made a joke out of it.

¨Snap! It looked pretty natural the first couple of days. Need to have a word with my plastic surgeon.¨ the beauty wrote back.

Not just her

This seems to have been the current trend among most of these media personalities.

TV siren, Betty Kyallo recently gave a reply to a fan who thought the lass had put on some more weight that didn´t look all that nice.

¨My Betty now that weight is going overboard. Look at those hands bwana. Love you all the same,¨ the fan expressed.

TV siren, Betty Kyallo

Similarly, Instead of lashing out at the fan who publicly might have pricked the beauty´s ego, she gave an upbeat response.

¨Ni kupendwa mob,¨

That is the reason the mother of one, gave in response.

Still single at 33! Great expectations and reflections for Victoria Rubadiri as she turns 33

I tell you it’s as if all celebrities in Kenya were born in January… Prezzo, Janet Mbugua, Julie Gichuru, MC Jessy, Jeff Koinange, Victoria Rubadiri etc.

Victoria Rubadiri was born on January 28, 1987, she turned 33 on Monday. The Citizen TV anchor said she had a lot of expectations and reflections as she celebrated her 33rd birthday.

“Ah 33…you arrive with great expectations and somber reflections,” Victoria Rubadiri captioned her photo.

Expectations and reflections about what?

Well, Victoria has been single for a very long time. In an interview last year, the single mother of one revealed that men are intimidated by her.

“Like where I’m just doing my own thing and someone comes, says hi, and asks me out on a date? Yeah, that definitely doesn’t happen.  I think the intimidation factor, usually has a lot to do with what people generally think, of those who work in the media, and people’s past interactions with other media personalities,” said Victoria in a past interview.

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At 33, you can say there is a lot of expectations for Victoria to get married… or at least to be in a relationship.





Rosemary Odinga explains why she has replica of late Fidel Odinga’s skull in her living room

Fidel Odinga died on January 4th 2015. Rosemary Odinga decided to commemorate her late brother by putting a replica of his skull in her living room.

A replica of a human skull in a house may sound crazy to many people but it’s not strange in Mexico where Rosemary bought the idea from.

Speaking during an interview with Victoria Rubadiri, Rosemary explains that she was touched by the Mexican tradition of honoring the dead and she decided to buy a skull in honor of Fidel Odinga.

Rosemary Odinga with her late brother Fidel Odinga and their cousin Carol Radull
Rosemary Odinga with her late brother Fidel Odinga and their cousin Carol Radull

“There was a time I went to Mexico for a conference representing my party ODM. And it happened to be around the month of November. Then I found so many of these skulls all over and when I asked why they said November 2nd is known as the day of the dead,” said Rosemary Odinga in part.

Fidel’s birthday

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 2nd throughout Mexico in remembrance of friends and family members who have died.

Rosemary says that November 2nd is also Fidel Odinga’s birthday, she reveals that she decided to buy the skull in memory of her late brother. She put the skull in her living room so that Fidel could be with her all time.

“And so they have these skulls, where they light up these skulls with candles and they prey for all those who have departed on November 2nd. Incidentally November 2nd happens to be my late brother Fidel’s birthday, so I bought this skull in memory of my brother. And I put it here in my house so that I am with him everyday,” Rosemary explained to Victoria Rubadiri.

Rosemary Odinga and Victoria Rubadiri
Rosemary Odinga and Victoria Rubadiri




Lillian Muli, Victoria Rubadiri, Terryanne Chebet send message to online trolls

TV girls Lillian Muli, Victoria Rubadiri, Terryanne Chebet among other ladies met to discuss pressing issues in the Kenyan society.

Cyberbullying has part of their discussion, almost all celebrities have been harassed by online trolls. Lillian Muli in particular bears the brunt of online bullying.

Lillian Muli, Victoria Rubadiri, Terryanne Chebet among other ladies during their discussion
Lillian Muli, Victoria Rubadiri, Terryanne Chebet among other ladies during their discussion

Positive criticisms works better

Terryanne Chebet sent out a message to online trolls after the meeting. She says that shaming and hating always hurt the victim however much they claim they are thick-skinned.

“Earlier today. With @lilmuli @victoria_rubadiri @sheshimu & @wanguingechu. We had difficult conversations about the media industry. Glad I was part of this conversation. Shaming & hating may seem fun but consider that no matter how thick someone’s skin might be, being KIND and empathetic costs you nothing. Positive criticism often works better and just as well. Be the better person. You don’t have to shame someone to make a point. Always know that everyone is dealing with something despite the glam. ✌?,” wrote Terryanne Chebet.





Victoria Rubadiri loses close family member

Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri is mourning after losing a close family member. The news anchor took to social media to share that she has lost her grandfather Prof. David Rubadiri.

David Rubadiri is a former University of Malawi Vice Chancellor and poet. He  passed on during the weekend and was highly praised for his memorable literary works such as Poems from East Africa and Stanley Meets Mutesa among others. He was 88 years old.



Rubadiri on social media mourned him saying that his work will always resonate with the people.

This literary giant now rests. Prof. David Rubadiri breathed his last today, but his words continue to inspire so many across this great continent. His legacy is one I could never live up to. The name he gave me is one I will continue to carry with pride. Rest in peace Babu,” she wrote.


“I will never cheat on you” Victoria Rubadiri’s secret admirer comes out to publicly declare his love for her

Some people watch news just because of the person who is anchoring the news, one such person us Collins Muruka who has the hots for Victoria Rubadiri.

Collins Muruka took to Facebook to declare his love for Victoria, he penned a romantic letter to the Citizen TV anchor telling her how he has been in love with her for years.

“Victoria, Victoria, victoria Rubadiri… How many times did I call u sweetheart? Angel, you are my perfect match, the way you dress, how you present news and your jokes are amazing, I was a big fun of NTV but sooner you left than I followed you to Citizen, the way your lips move, the smile you give to the cameras are incredible swee,” wrote Collins Muruka in part.

Will never let you cry

Collins further promises Victoria Rubadiri that he will give her true love, he vows never to cheat on Vic or to ever make her cry if she gives her the chance to be her man.

“Vic, one thing am sure of is you can’t be single, but I don’t care who is after,(you), how rich and wealthy they are, I want to give you true love, the only thing I have is my KSCE certificate, I will never cheat on you, I will never let you cry. Come bay come.”







What a mix of races and tribes! Citizen TV’s Victoria Rubadiri opens up her nationality and 13 year old daughter

Victoria Rubadiri has finally opened up about her roots in an exclusive interview with fellow Citizen TV co-anchor Jeff Koinange.

Rubadiri’s nationality has confused many people because of her mixed background; her mother is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin, her father is Malawian, her grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and her grandmother is Kikuyu, Maasai and Seychelloise.

Speaking during an interview on Hot 96, Rubadiri clarified that she is a Kenyan citizen by birth. She revealed that she was born in Nairobi before her family moved to US.

“I was born here in Nairobi, Kenya spent 10 years of my life here then we transported ourselves to the United States of America. Yes i am a Kenyan,” said Rubadiri.

Strange origin

Rubadiri explained that the origin of the name ‘Rubadiri’ came from her great grandfather who was captured as a slave and sent to Oman.

“What happened is that my great grandfather was taken as a slave to Oman. When he came back to Malawi of course he converted to Islam he would pray five times a day, very staunch Muslim so his fellow villagers wondered what is he saying coz he was praying in Arabic so they would imitate him, make fun of him and say ‘am rubadiri ama rubadiri’ so he said you know what, I liked that am take that and that became a family name ‘Rubadiri’ and we just kept it on for the next generation,” she explained.


The Citizen TV anchor also talked about her 13-year-old daughter. She revealed that her girl is passionate about animals and that she wants to be a veterinary doctor when she grows up.

Watch the full interview in the video below:





Jeff Koinange and Victoria Rubadiri, hit or a miss?

There has been a major media realignment over the past few months, Citizen TV raided NTV and poached its entire Swahili desk that comprised of Nimrod Taabu, Jamila Mohamed, and Rashid Abdalla.

Other celebrated journalists like Mashirima Kapombe and Victoria Rubadiri have also joined Citizen TV from KTN and NTV respectively. Citizen TV also lost journalists like Kanze Dena who took up a government job.

Both NTV and Citizen TV have since formed new teams to anchor news. Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows had chemistry on the first day they anchored news together on NTV.

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Jeff and Victoria

Citizen TV has paired up Jeff Koinange and Victoria Rubadiri to anchor Sunday Live together. The duo is yet to convenience the audience they have chemistry on screen.

Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange
Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange

Victoria and Larry Madowo used to be the most captivating duo on TV before they quit NTV altogether. Their fun moment on TV has even been shown on American comedy show which airs on Netflix.

Also read: Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri’s light moment on NTV shown on American comedy series – The Joel McHale Show

Guess only time will tell whether Jeff Koinange and Victoria Rubadiri will have such kind of chemistry we used to see on NTV when Larry and Victoria took to the screen.





Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri’s light moment on NTV shown on American comedy series – The Joel McHale Show 

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri were the most captivating duo on TV before they quit NTV altogether. The anchors’ light moment on NTV has caught the attention of ‘The Joel McHale Show’.

For starters, The Joel McHale Show is an American comedy web television series that takes a look at pop culture and news through celebrity guests, comedy sketches and video clips.

The show’s host Joel McHale was amazed by a clip of Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri reviewing Ugandan movie – The Expendables.

Hilarious spin-off

The Expendables Ugandan version is a spin-off of American series of ensemble action films written by and starring Sylvester Stallone.

The Ugandan version however uses computer graphics to create action, and is totally hilarious. Larry Madowo couldn’t stop laughing while reviewing the film and the light moment on NTV was picked by Joel McHale.

Watch the clip below:


What Victoria Kimani had to say after meeting Ghana’s president

Victoria Kimani is currently in Ghana for a few gigs and in the process attended the highly anticipated Afrima Awards.

A hosts of star artistes and diplomats from across Africa were present as the 2018 AFRIMMA annual calendar of programmes was unveiled by the African Union Commission (AUC) in collaboration with Government of the Republic of Ghana, and the International Committee of AFRIMA during a world media event and music conference held in the capital city.

Meeting the president

Victoria Kimani met the president of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo in the event an seemed excited. She wished Kenyans can emulate what happen in Ghana.

“It was an honour meeting The President of Ghana yesterday with my peers in African music. Thank you #AfrimaGhana #5thafrima @afrimawardsOnce again for bringing African creatives together! How powerful can we be when we have our leaders on our side…. I cant wait to see this happen in KENYA as well! photo taken by @Fairroanansi.” he said.

George Ikua narrates how hard it was to let go of his late wife’s clothes among other things

It’s been 7 months since former NTV journalist and media personality Janet Ikua passed on after battling with cancer for a while. Her death came as a shock to many who admired her strength and the spirit she held until her last breathe.

She however left behind a young family that has been trying to live with her memory now that she cannot be here physically. Her husband recently revealed that it has been hard on is part especially now that he had to clean her closets and remove her clothes from their room now that she will never come back.

The late Janet Ikua pregnant with her last born
The late Janet Ikua pregnant with her last born

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Speaking with Victoria Rubadiri on Victoria’s Lounge revealed some of the hardships he has had to face. He said,

“Janet died on April first and on April fifth was our son’s birthday and we decide we are having it anyway.the massive pain is there is a 7 and a 4-year old who will never see their mother again, it breaks you when you see that.”

He is however grateful to have his nanny around as she has ensured to keep his family on their feet as he said,

“my nanny of seven years has just held the house on a system, my house never lacks. its a fully functioning house.”

He went on to add that after deciding to do away with her clothes – but this was the hardest time of his life as he said:

“we sleep the three of us, my son, daughter and myself. we decided to re-do their rooms,the maids in the house needed to re-arrange the room. all Janet’s clothes were gone.even her most intimate clothes were packed into bags and starched on drawers in the spare bedroom.”

Though it was hard to this there was no other way as the clothes she left behind could not fill the void in his heart. He said,

“I broke down completely and started to realize these clothes are not Janet. I would never have moved those clothes for three years but i started realizing that’s not Janet. I went, closed myself in the spare room, pulled down those bags, started tearing through them and i realized these clothes are not Janet. i sealed them back.”