“It was a spiritual illness” Vivian explains reason behind swollen face

Singer Viviane was trending about a week ago following alleged beef with rapper Sosuun on social media. However we later learnt that the ladies created the alleged beef, hoping to create hype for their latest project and it worked.

Maybe because they were smart enough with their last stunt, that involved an alleged fight. Anyway, with ta video showing Sosuun attack Vivian, someone got creative and started circulating photos showing Vivian’s swollen face, claiming this was a result of the fight.

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Singer Vivianne

But turns out these are old photos shared by Vivian a while back after she suffered a serious allergy. Speaking about her condition back then, Vivian wrote;

My Kitengela people, I hope you will forgive me for not showing up tonight. I fell sick on my way. My allergies blew over. I am however optimistic I will get better as I am already on my antihistamines. I hope to come perform next week.

My mind was not calm

However in a recent interview with Mungai Eve, Vivian says the allergies came at a time when she had so much on her plate – to a point – the issues affected her mentally.

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Vivian suffers serious allergies

Judging from what she said is that being a celebrity put too much pressure on her, especially with people offering different advises on how to remain relevant in the music industry.

With this, her mind began to juggle everything at once and before she knew – Vivian’s mental health was already troubled.

In my head I was not calm, I was getting confused and somehow I started becoming sick.

When asked why she referred to the allergies as spiritual illness, the singer said;

There is a relationship between the mind and the body, so my mind was unwell and my body began manifesting that.