Singer Vivian quits secular music, rebrands as gospel singer

Singer Vivian who a few months ago ( like a year so); featured in one of the best gengetone Accelerator (serereka) songs; has apparently quit secular music to join the gospel industry.

Vivian with the Kansol

This comes as a big surprise since we never saw it coming; but hey –  at least the singer is not the first secular artist we are seeing pull such a move. Anyway, Vivianne made the revelation on her Instagram page in post where she wrote;

Because kuokoka sio kuboeka


Vivianne made the announcement right after dropping her latest song dubbed ; and from the music contents – we can confirm that the lass has indeed had a change of heart; in her new spiritual journey.

Joins Wahu and Amani

Well, this new decision comes at a time when the secular music industry hasn’t been doing so great thanks to Amapiano taking over.

But also, looking at the fact that time is also moving really fast; Viviane might not be willing to play against the new age artists ‘Wakadinali and the rest.’

On the brighter side at least the lady has been bagging some new ambassadorial deals in town. So yea, I guess joining the gospel industry hasn’t been so bad for her. Right?

Singer Viviane in trouble for selling her fiancé’s items behind his back?

Chingi Changa’s hit maker Viviane has lately been keeping a low profile; and unlike before the lass seems to be taking her time in releasing a new project.

Being among the top female artists we have in the country, one would expect her to drop songs back to back… but owh well, Viviane is not the only one since the likes of Avril and others seem also busy with their private lives.

Viviane with fiancé

Anyway, earlier today Viviane shocked many after sharing a video showing a few items she is selling. Judging from her caption, the electronics she has put up for sale belong to her fiancé, Sam West who is apparently away on a business trip.

The singer went on to confidently confirmed that her man knew nothing about this; but since they apparently own too many screens in their house – the only option she had was to get rid of the ones they rarely use.

Fans warn Viviane

Looking at the comments, most of fans felt that this move would probably end up making her single.

Others explained that their men would throw them out of their homes if they pulled such.

check out the video below.

Vivian sympathies with rapper Cashy over domestic violence: Physical abuse was part of my welcoming party

Singer Vivian is in support of rapper Cashy who recently confessed that her ex-boyfriend Khaligraph Jones was physically and emotionally abusive to her.

Cashy has opened up about her relationship with Khaligraph saying it was marred by cheating, threats and being demeaned. Singer Vivian said she also relates to all this since her first relationship was the same.

“I watched Cashy speak about being abused physically and my heart goes out to her. I’m certain it has not happened to us in the same breath but I too have experienced physical abuse. Physical abuse was part of my welcoming party as a new female artiste from one influential and hurt male figure. I almost gave up pursuing music,” she posted. 


Vivian, who left with one kid from that relationship, warned girls to be very careful next time they are choosing a man.

“Girls be careful what and who you let in your life. Cashy I’m sorry for having to go through physical abuse. I would never want any girl to endure physical and emotional abuse. It’s a form of bondage and as women we must refuse to be victims. It’s enough.
Remind yourself that you are smart, gifted, confident and life is not done with you yet. Instead of retreating, keep soaring; keep evolving; keep growing; keep elevating!The world needs you!” she posted. 


2 years after marriage proposal and still no wedding! Chipukeezy’s fiancée deletes all photos of her engagement 

Celebrated comedian Vincent Muasya popularly known as Chipukeezy went down on his knee and proposed to his sweetheart Viviane Mandera sometimes on in August 2016.

Two years have passed since the two lovebirds got engaged but they still haven’t exchanged vows. And now it seems there is trouble in paradise.

Viviane, who goes by the name Empress Kerry on Instagram, has decided to delete all photos of of her engagement from her Instagram account.

Chipukeezy popped the big question on 20th August 2016 during Viviane’s birthday. The two had dated for a while before the engagement.

Viviane Mandera flaunts engagement ring during her birthday on August 20th 2016
Viviane Mandera flaunts engagement ring during her birthday on August 20th 2016
No more romantic photos

Nowadays both Chipukeezy and Viviane only share photos of themselves on social media unlike in the past when they used to share their romantic photos they posed together.

Chipukeezy and Viviane
Chipukeezy and Viviane

The last time Viviane posted anything in reference to Chipukeezy was in 2017 when the comedian was heavily trolled for lying about his encounter with American comedian Kevin Hart.