Hitman Kaht could be the baddest producer in Kenya right now

If you hear the words, “Hitman ting, Hitman ting. Badman ting, badman ting” in the intro of a song you better get your eardrums ready because it’s about to get lit!

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The intro belongs to a chap who is known as Hitman Kaht and in my opinion he’s one of the baddest producers in Kenya at the moment. No lie.

He is behind most of the major of the mega hits by the new-age artists. Some of them are; Wabebe, Katambe, Nare Nare, Get A Tako, Olunga, Poko.T, Kong’o, Kinyonga, Fom, Bamba, Cheza Na Rada, just to name a few.

If  you listen to any of the aforementioned songs, you will definitely notice how unique the beat is. Perhaps this explains why anything he touches turns into gold instantly.

Hitman Kaht
Hitman Kaht

We have to give it to him for propelling the new Kenyan sound and getting us all back to appreciating local music.

You see, most Kenyans, or anyone for that matter, easily relate to a song because of the beat. It’s really trivial, at least to some people.

Therefore, Hitman Kaht and other producers who are working the new crop of Kenyan musicians should be given credit because maybe, just maybe we would still be blasting Nigerian music in clubs if it weren’t for them.

To date, my favorite work by Hitman Kaht, who is a member of 34 GVNG, is Katambe. Listen to it below.