Wahu Shuns Stereotypes Who Claimed Her Marriage Wouldn’t Last, Celebrates 17 Years With Hubby Nameless

Heavily pregnant legendary singers Wahu Kagwi and her husband Nameless are epitomes of true lovers, who have immensely thrived in their several years of marriage. Their love story is even more intriguing considering the co-incidence that they’re both musicians, who met in the late 90’s.

We’re all aware how celebrities globally would date one another just for the sake of showbiz and clout. And often, their relationships barely last. The latter is evident even in the local context- let’s not mention names.

But for Nameless and Wahu, they’re still standing strong at 17 years of love- but it hasn’t been a walk in the park for them to hold on to each other for that long.

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Celebrating 17 Years Of Love

Wahu shared a video through her Gram, reminiscing their marriage that was heavily denigrated not to last. She captioned;

”September 10th 2005 I got married to my boyfriend of 8 years. A popular gazetti said we wouldn’t last more than 2 years….well…..17 years later Bado tuko!! Happy anniversary @namelesskenya …. Mimi ndio niko ???????????????? blessed to walk this life with you ❤️❤️❤️”

The two sweethearts spiced up their marriage by having two kids together, now all grown up. They’re currently expecting yet another kid.

Nameless And Wahu Celebrate 16th Anniversary

Legendary musicians Wahu Kagwi and her hubby Nameless (David Mathenge) are celebrating their 16th anniversary today, September 10. The power couple is among the few celebrity couple who have strived to hold on to their relationship for over a decade.

The celebrity couple tied the knot in Naivasha in September 2005. Together, they have two daughters; Tumi Mathenge and Nyakio Mathenge.

Announcing the special D-day, Wahu has taken to her Instagram reminiscing about their wedding day; and their challenges in marriage;

”6 months into our marriage I remember thinking alarrrrr ???????? huku nitatoboa kweli ????????????. And I know for a fact the feeling was mutual ???????????? (usidanganye!)
But look at us now…. With 16 years later still going strong????????????
so much I wish I knew when I was getting married! And so much we’ve learnt and continue to learn along the way..all of which is helping us to become better people, better parents, and better partners for each other.
I love you my moody monski ???????????? your my best friend or as Tumi would say…. you’re most definitely my for-lifer.
September 10th 2005 I said “I do” to you..and 16 years on, I still do. Here’s to the rest of our lives… Happy anniversary babe. I love you @namelesskenya

Apart from being good in music, Wahu and Nameless are proving to be impeccable when it comes to parenting. In addition to music, the two sweethearts have recently been entertaining netizens with their remarkable dancing skills. Talent on top of talent!

You Are An Amazing Man, The Love Of My Life- Wahu Celebrates Nameless On His Birthday

Power couple Wahu and Nameless recently celebrated their two daughter’s birthday; and both of them happen to be sharing a birthday month. Just a day after Nyakio’s birthday, Nameless is now celebrating his 45th birthday today, 10 August.

The Mathenges-Google

His gorgeous wife, Wahu Kagwi, has taken to her Instagram to celebrate him as she penned a heartfelt message;

”Alililililiiiii!!!!! Guess who’s birthday it is today!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????
Happiest birthday to my Head of Home!!! @namelesskenya Looking at all the 20+ birthdays of yours we’ve celebrated, I’ve really seen you grow in more ways than one. I love the you that you are now, and can’t wait to see what lies ahead on your life’s journey! You are an amazing man….not perfect ….(uto tu moods twako saa zingine ????????????????‍♀️????) but who’s perfect anyway….
Fam, please join me in wishing this extremely talented, trail blazing music icon, a mentor to many, father of my children and the love of my life…an extremely happy and blessed birthday today .
Love you babe ????????.”

Together, the two lovebirds started their own show dubbed ‘This Love’, where they divulge intriguing details on their 15 plus years of marriage. They are now one of the most sought celebrity couples in the country. Happy Birthday to the legendary musician as he turns 45!

Nameless Bought Me A Pair Of Shoes Worth Ksh 30,000-Wahu

Kenyan musicians Wahu Kagwi and her hubby Nameless are the epitomes of a successful marriage. The two sweethearts never seem to be ageing and have been together for over 15 years. Apart from being good parents, their musical journey has also been one of the most successful. They met in 1998 at a campus event at Grand Regency; the rest is history.

Singer Nameless lights up the internet with a wonderful message to his wife  Wahu ▷ Tuko.co.ke
Wahu and Nameless-Google

Wahu has revealed that during their early stages in marriage, Nameless used to buy her expensive jewellery and shoes as a way to impress her. The singer says that at one time, Nameless bought her a pair of shoes worth Ksh 30,000. After knowing the shoes worth, Wahu returned them to the shop where Nameless bought them from and picked other smaller goods of the same amount.

”In fact, earlier on in our marriage, my husband got me a shoe. He got me a shoe for my birthday, which was Ksh 30,000. It was quite cute. He got me cute, expensive jewellery and whatever. Nilirudisha. I’m like, how can you take Ksh 30,000 and put in a shoe? I returned it to the shop…”

Wahu added that she doesn’t value expensive things that much and that her hubby has bought her a lot of things she appreciates.

What’s the most expensive thing your partner has ever bought you and how much did it cost?

I Was In Love With Nameless Even Though Sponsors Wanted Me- Wahu Speaks Out

Singer Wahu and Nameless are one of the most sought after couples in the country. Their marriage has lasted for over 15 years and they still look stunning and in love. The two sweethearts already have two kids together.

On an interview on Jalang’o TV, Wahu reveals that when she was young, sponsors used to approach her but she was in love with Nameless.

Image result for Nameless age

”They were there but me I was in love… The thing about it is, what is that sponsor bringing to you? Money. Most likely you are not the only one. I normally tell girls, build for yourself. Whatever that guy is making, imagine you can also make it yourself.

She also says that a guy working for the UN approached her and that’s when she wrote her song ‘Sitishiki’.

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During the interview, Nameless, wearing his signature look, also revealed that they dated for about 7 years. He says that he saw Wahu first on TV while she was doing a commercial and fell in love with her. After then, they made a follow up on each other through a mutual friend. Wahu is currently 40 years old while Nameless is 44.

While their love life has had some little challenges,  they are without a doubt a power couple worth emulating.

Singer Wahu Opens Up On Why There’s No Scandal Between Her And Hubby Nameless

You have probably not heard any scandals about singer Wahu Kagwi and her hubby Nameless after they got married. Most celebrity couples nowadays have several cheating scandals. We have seen most of the celebrity marriages ending in separation after they all seemed promising. This is not the case for Wahu and Nameless.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, Wahu says that they are both introverts and speak about their problems before they get worse and reach social media.

”But also I think our nature, me and Nameless, tuko very introverted. People will not see us out there so much… I think that maybe helps to some extent, I don’t know. But, yeah, we really try as much as possible mambo ya nyumbani iwe mambo ya nyumbani, mambo ya business iwe mambo ya business.”

Image result for about singer wahu and nameless

Not many couples are actually respected in the country as much as the two. Wahu is also a business woman, while her husband is an architect. With both having this careers, they decide to take on music as their passion.

However, it’s important to note that they’ve also had marital challenges. At some point, Nameless revealed he once moved out of his matrimonial home out to catch a ‘break’.

Image result for about singer wahu and nameless

According to Wahu, things change in relationships when you realize you have to be in charge of own happiness. Nameless also says that he they differ in many ways but they try to understand each other’s perspective. This keeps them going.

The two are yet to release a song together, but they seem to have plans to do something soon. It will definitely be a banger.

Wahu Kagwi shares fresh details about her relationship with hubby, Nameless – 23 years later

True love is rare especially with this generation of deadbeat dads and ladies opting for older and richer men. I mean, it doesn’t feel the same but for singer Nameless and Wahu, they remain grateful to have found each other 23 years ago.

According to Wahu who recently went on to share new details of her relationship with Nameless; we learn that these two have been dating for 23 years. And right before they got married, they had been seeing each other for 8 years… just imagine.

In a detailed post shared through her gram, Mama Nyakio for the first time opened up saying;

Yoooooow!!!imagine it’s been 23years since we started dating! Our dating anniversary is on the 26th of Dec, but this year we both sahaud it! ???????? (Sema kuzeeka! ) tulikua shagz and on that day my sis in law and I took a 20km walk (hello @eveal_health_and_fitness ????????) while monski and the rest of the family played games at mathés. It hit us jana that the day just came and went like that ???????????? also hit us that we dated for close to 8 years before we got married! I always thought it was 7 years! (My whole life is a lie!???????????????? )Happy 23rd anniversary ma Bébé!!

Secret behind successful marriage

Being one of the most admired couple on social media; Wahu and hubby have allways kept their private lives off social media. We have never seen or known whether these two fight or argue, but being human I guess they have but fans never get to see such.

They have also kept their investments and moves off social media; and for 23 years these two have never been dragged into any scandal. But can you say the same for yourself? Now you know!

5 celebrated Kenyan couples we should admire and learn a thing or two from 

Nairobi is one big bedroom and we can’t deny that. However even with this big bedroom, there are a few couples who continue too inspire the youths without even knowing it.

Well, this is because they are drama free nor do they feed the public with matters concerning their private lives.

1.Wahu and Nameless

Celebrity couple, Wahu and Nameless

It is no secret that Wahu and Nameless’ marriage has helped save a few young women and men out here. This is because these two have already proven that Marriage is sacred; and if handled well it blossoms well outgrowing petty issues like ‘why did you let her grind on you.’

With virtues like trust and determination to focus on the big goal, both Nameless and his wife have managed to achieve quite a lot.

2. Catherine Kamau and Phil Karanja

Phil with his wife, Catherine Kamau

Phil Karanja met Catherine Kamau as a single mum but the fella did not let this drown his goal of being with the gifted actress.

This is because he did not just see his current wife as an object or even a mother; but a woman who would build him into becoming a better man. As I write this, these two are said to be running a successful production company that they achieved together.

3. Njugush and Celestine Ndinda

Having met back in colleague, Njugush and Celestine never gave up on each other due to the small financial issues they had been facing at the time. In fact Njugush says his wife (who was a girlfriend then) was the one helping him with money back in collage.

According to the fella, Celestine did not stop there as held on tight while they both tarmacked looking for greener pastures. This is not because Celestine couldn’t bag another man but because she believed in her man who has come to fulfill her dreams years later.

4. Abel Mutua and wife, Judy

Abel Mutua with his wife, Judy

They say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are! Just like Phil Karanja and Catherine Kamau who are best friends with Abel and his wife, Judy Nyawira; this couple has used their marriage to help many youths.

This is because they met back in the day when they were both broke but made it their mission to achieve great things in life together. Looking at how far they have come and the challenges they faced including an unplanned pregnancy; it’s only fair to conclude that these two were meant.

5. Eddie Butita and Mammito

Eddie Butita and Eunice Mammito

Last but list is Eddie Butita and Mammito who fully invested in their friendship before jumping into the dating pool. For years any knew nothing about their relationship and achievements in life. These two are not your ordinary online couple – in fact they avoid any social media love unless necessary but truth is with this; they keep many guessing.

Both having been brought up in a ghetto environment they both adopted to the ‘hustler’ mentality; and looking at them now, we can clearly see a couple that will dominated the comedy industry.

Celebrity power couple plash social media with love, as wife turns 18

Gospel artist, Wahu Kagwi recently turned a year older and hubby, Nameless did not spare a dime when it came to spending on the beauty.


Neither did the former actress and entrepreneur forget to count her blessings:


The renowned Kenyan pop artist shared reasons behind their getaway and Kenyans could just not have enough of the love shared by the duo.


Nameless kept alluding to the fact that a 3rd born would probably be on the way.


Fans were kept busy and glued to their screens as they watched the two savor the moments on social media.

Happy Belated 18th Birthday to the mother of two.

Wahu Kagwi and Rufftone land lucrative government jobs

Singer Rufftone and Wahu have been named among those who will spearhead a new government initiative set to champion Technical and Vocational Training agenda among the youth.

The two will be tasked with reaching out to youth, helping them express themselves and revamp institutions which have a bad face. The deal was announced by Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.


Amina launched the initiative which will see government reduce unemployment in the country.

“There have been gaps in the preparation of graduates in terms of career expectations, skills needed, attitude and readiness for work. The tertiary institutions, through the Office of Career Services, are expected to play a central role in addressing these issues,” she said.

The CS said her ministry hoped to set up one national polytechnic in every county, and a technical and vocational centre in every constituency in the next five years.

“I came to Nairobi and settled in Umoja estate and their was a jobless corner, it literally was a jobless corner because my friends used to meet and hang out here because they had no jobs or any training, this is a good opportunity to train youths and they will be better placed to get jobs or create on,” Rufftone said. 

“If I was clearing my secondary education right now then I would definitely go for such an opportunity because I have always been a champion of skill training, my skill is what puts food on my table,” Wahu said.

Wahu: Our night time routine usually ends in prayer

Singer Wahu is now a born again christian and is dedicated to spread God’s love and message. The mother of two who is married to fellow singer Nameless recently opened up sharing that she has always been prayerful.

She also asked parents to always dedicate time and pray for their children.

“Our night time routine usually ends in prayer. Sometimes by all of us, sometimes by just me. It is a wonderful thing to commit our children to the Lord and to continuously intercede for them.
I remember my mum’s morning prayers, where she placed each of her 5 kids before the Lord.

“Interestingly enough, she still keeps the same routine. Whenever mum comes over to spend, it is not uncommon to hear her praying for us at 5am. And I love it. I am my mother’s daughter. And I will continue to intercede for my children in prayer for as long as I live.” said Wahu on social media.


Note to all my fellow parents: let us Pray. Pray. Pray. For our babies. Commit them before the Lord. Stand in the gap for them. Pray for wisdom as we raise them. This is not a “good-to-do” it is our responsibility. ????.”


This is the moving heart to heart letter Wahu received from her 11 year old daughter

There is no greater joy than watching your children grow to become wiser in life. For this reason you will find parents flaunting their kids on social media  and the latest proud parent is Wahu Kagwi.

Through her Instagram page, the gospel singer shared an amazing heart to heart letter she received from her daughter, Tumiso. In the letter, Tumiso thanked her mum for being the best parent she could ask for; the 11 year old goes on to encourage her mum by telling her that even with 11 years of parenting, she has proven to be a pro at it.

The letter definitely took Wahu by surprise as she was not aware that her baby girl had been monitoring her efforts. This is something you rarely witness when it comes to other kids, but as for Wahu she seems to be raising a responsible soon to be teenager.


Wahu quits secular music

Having abandoned her secular music career, Wahu has now turned to singing and composing gospel songs.

Speaking to DJ Mo in an interview, Wahu Kagwi revealed that she has been saved for a couple of years now and had been waiting for the right moment to change her career.

Since joining the gospel industry Wahu has released one song that has put her at the top of the game and hopefully she will be dropping a new one soon.

Wahu’s prayer after her husband, Nameless was recently hospitalized

Wahu Kagwi is among the first pioneers of music in the Kenyan entertainment industry. She however does not work alone but with her husband and father of her two children, Nameless.

Wahu and Nameless performing
Wahu and Nameless performing

About a week ago Nameless revealed that he was not able to attend a certain event in Uganda where he was set to perform alongside comedian Eric Omondi. Through his gram the artist wrote saying;

Also read: “Been admitted in hospital since last week” Nameless bows out of Uganda show due to sickness

I was realy realy looking forward to this Ugandan show with @EricOmondi. UNFORTUNATELY I will NOT be able to make it due to doctors orders. Been admitted in hospital since last week… Still undergoing treatment and observation and thus looks like tomorrow I can’t make it to Kampala. However I have talked with the Uganda promoters @alexmuhangi and for sure we will organize another Kenyan Takeover once I get better. For now Eric Omondi is still going to represent us kesho very well (as we all know)accompanied by other top Ugandan comedians… Otherwise on this my recovery manenoz

This left many fans worried as some left ‘get well’ messages and others tried to inquire what he was suffering from. Anyway his wife Wahu seems to be standing strong now that her husband is slowly recuperating. Through her social media pages she wrote the message below that has left me assuming that Nameless is now doing better and this is why she is counting her blessings. She wrote saying;

count your blessings name them one by one ? count your blessings see what God has done ?? count your blessings , name them one by one ? and it will surprise you what the Lord has done