Wahu Back To The Gym To Reclaim Her Postpartum Journey

Singer Wahu Kagwi is putting the trolls in the dust and reclaiming her postpartum health and fitness journey. After a two-year break for her pregnancy and delivery, Wahu hit the gym with renewed determination, sharing her first steps on social media.

“Day 2 in the gym and already feeling the burn!” Wahu posted, acknowledging the soreness but embracing the challenge. Her return to workouts isn’t just about shedding kilos, it’s about owning her body and proving the body-shamers wrong.

Wahu faced brutal criticism for the weight gain during her pregnancy with her third child, Shiru, born in October 2022. The negativity, particularly from other women, prompted her eldest daughter Tumiso to fiercely defend her mother. “Weight gain during pregnancy is natural,” Tumiso rightfully pointed out, urging for more empathy and less judgment.

Undeterred by the trolls, Wahu is inspiring others with her unwavering spirit. Her commitment to fitness sends a powerful message about self-love, acceptance, and prioritizing personal well-being, especially after childbirth.

“Chunga bibi!” Nameless warned by Kenyans as Wahu spotted with Samidoh

Kenyans have warned singer Nameless to be wary of musician Samidoh, after he posted a photo of his wife, Wahu, casually chatting with Samidoh on social media.

Many Kenyans rushed to the comment section to warn Nameless to be careful, lest Samidoh’s charm win Wahu over. Samidoh’s love life has been a source of public interest in Kenya, with many Kenyans following his escapades with close interest.

DJ Simple Victor : Chungana na huyo kijana…ako na nyota

Sammy Ondimu Ngare :Usicheze na huyu musikali mbloo.. Usiseme sikukushow.

Nelly Nyawira: Wewe kwinished

Lovely Hope: Usijali, she is a smart woman

Virginia Njuguna: Weuh na vile Bluetooth ya huyu omusikali hushikisha haraka mahali kuna wifi

Betty Njeru :Be very careful bro… huyu mskari ni hatari Kwa usalama.Nimekuwarn

Gathuri Ngui: You are very lucky bibi amevaa curtain. Mûchoki hapendi kuona skirts.

Kairetu ka Wanjira : Huyu ni kiumbani mwenzangu chunga sana.

Wahu Kagwi Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Kenyan musician Wahu Kagwi has denied rumors that she is pregnant with her fourth child.

The mother of three posted a photo on Instagram of herself and her husband, Nameless, attending an event by King Kaka. Fans quickly flooded the comment section with congratulations, many of them claiming that Wahu was visibly pregnant.

Wahu responded to the rumors by saying that she is not expecting a baby and that the weight gain is simply the result of her enjoying her food in peace.

“Guys guys guys….can a girl enjoy her food in peace without being congratulated yawa 😂😂😂😂😂,” she wrote.

Wahu and Nameless welcomed their third daughter, Shiru, in October last year.

In February this year, Wahu responded to body shamers who were trolling her on Instagram. She said that she was aware she had gained weight since it happens in all her pregnancies, but that it was unfortunate that fellow women decided to troll her for that.

Wahu advised everyone who has been trolled or body shamed not to let negativity get to them. She said that she was not upset and that her response was aimed at encouraging anyone who has been in that situation before and to appreciate the people spreading positivity.

Wahu’s response to the pregnancy rumors has been met with support from her fans. Many people have praised her for her honesty and for speaking out against body shaming.

It is refreshing to see a celebrity like Wahu stand up to body shamers and refuse to let them dictate how she feels about her body. Her message is an important one, and it is one that all women should hear.

Nameless and Wahu: How They Overcame Marital Challenges

Kenyan musicians Nameless and Wahu have been married for over 20 years and have faced their fair share of marital challenges. In a recent interview, Nameless opened up about how they overcame these challenges, including seeking professional help, taking a temporary separation, and focusing on self-care.

Nameless said that the first year of their marriage was difficult. They were both young and inexperienced, and they were struggling to adjust to married life. They also had different communication styles, which led to conflict.

“The first year of marriage I was like Kwani I made a mistake,” Nameless said.

The couple decided to seek professional help, and they began seeing a counselor. The counseling sessions helped them to communicate better and to understand each other’s needs.

“The counseling sessions revealed that the issues we were grappling with were, in fact, quite common,” Nameless said. “This revelation offered us a fresh perspective, allowing us to view our challenges as opportunities for growth rather than signs of imminent failure.”

In addition to counseling, Nameless and Wahu also took an unconventional step: they decided to take a temporary separation. This was a difficult decision, but they felt that it was necessary to give each other some space to grow and heal.

“There was a time I moved out at some point, it wasn’t as dramatic but it came at a time we could focus on things,” Nameless said.

The separation lasted for a few months, and during that time, Nameless and Wahu focused on their individual growth. They each worked on their own personal issues, and they also spent time with their friends and family.

After the separation, Nameless and Wahu were able to come back together stronger than ever. They had learned a lot about themselves and about each other, and they were committed to making their marriage work.

Nameless and Wahu’s story is a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marriage. What works for one couple may not work for another. However, the important thing is to be willing to communicate, to seek help when needed, and to never give up on your relationship.

Beautiful! Wahu breaks into tears as she meets newborn daughter for the first time (Video)

All I know is that there is no better feeling than that of a mum meeting her newborn for the first time. Imagine after a tough period of carrying the pregnancy and the days moving slower than usual…not to forget the challenges that come with pregnancy….and just like that, you have a human of your own. Must be beautiful!

Singer Wahu

Well this is the same case as that of Wahu who couldnt hold back here tears after meeting her 3rd born daughter for the first time. As seen on a video shared online, Wahu is seen breaking into tears as she stretches her hands to hold her baby girl – a few hours after delivery.

Judging from her caption, Wahu says she immediately fell in love with her baby the moment she learnt she was pregnant. To her – this was all new considering she took a few years before baby number 3. She wrote;

Wahu meets newborn daughter

From the moment I knew I was carrying you, I loved you. I’ve loved every kick & turn you made, the doctor’s visits where I saw your heartbeat; I loved singing to you, talking to you, I’ve worried, I’ve prayed, and feeling a myriad of emotions for the past 9 months,”


Having been overjoyed by the arrival of her 3rd baby, Wahu went on to shower the newborn with praise adding that she couldn’t wait to walk this journey with the new family member.

And here we are now when I finally get hold of you in my arms for the 1st time. It’s difficult to explain this moment all I can say is thank you, God. You have seen us through.

Watch the video below.

Wahu responds to fan praying she finally delivers a baby boy for Nameless

Since Wahu announced her pregnancy on Instagram she’s become abit too active and we are enjoying whatever she is serving.

Thanks to the pregnancy hormones Wahu has been letting her fans in on her private life, say Tbt memories we knew nothing about and finally – she’s responds to comments hence interacting with her fans something we never saw before.

Just the other day, the singer revealed unknown details about her first pregnancy; leaving other mums confessing to having had similar experiences. Apparently after learning she was pregnant with her first child 16 years ago; she started buying maternity wear even before the bump started showing. Comparing a before and after photo of her bump with Tumiso who is now 16 years…. Wahu wrote;

Pic 1 – I was so excited to be expecting @tumi.mathenge. I started buying maternity wear almost immediately I found out I was expecting ???? ???? ???? (where my 1st time mums @ ???????????? Pic 2- 16 years later….and still excited to be on the journey again!

Fan praying for a son

Well in the comment section, a bold fan decided to heat up things by telling Wahu how much he wishes she’s having a son this time around.

Okay, I know that kind of comment doesn’t sounds so good especially coming from a man; but again- surpringly Wahu handled it quit well…better than most women getting pressured to have a son since they only have daughters.

I am happy to receive whoever God gives me. I am just honored to be here again.

A child is a child….but I’m pretty sure the Mathenges finally got their prayers answered….i mean – this explains Wahu’s recent bubbly personality, right?

Wahu demands justice for women beaten by Ndichu brothers in viral video

Earlier this morning Wapi Pay issued a statement addressing Sunday, 17 October incident that occurred at the Ole Sereni hotel.

From their statement the two brothers distance themselves from having anything to do with gender based violence; as they claim their only involvement with the said women was to help neutralize a fight that was going on.

Also read: “I condemn all forms of Gender-based v******e“ Janet Mbugua speaks after ex husband’s s*****l

However from the footage shared widely on social media, brother Paul Ndichu is seen vandalizing somebody’s car; while twin, Eddie is caught in between two women – who were either fighting him or like he claims, was separating a fight.

Also read: Wapi Pay co-Founders Eddie Ndichu and Twin, Paul Ndichu issue statement regarding Ole Sereni i******t

Wahu disgusted

With the statement shared through Wapi Pay social media pages; mother of 2 beautiful girls Wahu Kagwi has come forth to call out the Ndichu’s for trying to justify their violent actions against the women in the viral video.

Being a mother of girls, the lady who doubles up as an artist decided to respond to Wapi Pay’s statement saying;

I’m so angry right now!!!!!
@wapi_pay it is evident that you’re oblivious of the contradictions in your statement!

According to Wahu, the statement shared is to help the two brothers clear their guilt; and is not an apology of any sort.

you insinuate that neither you or your co-founders EDDIE & PAUL NDICHU tolerate gender based violence…yet the footage indicates otherwise. ..you also say your co-founders were neutralizing a fight…by slapping a Woman??? And vandalizing a car? This is in no way an apology. This is a poor attempt to clear guilty, irresponsible and violent behavior.

And in conclusion, the mother of 2 called out to all corporates and members of the public to condone such behavior; adding that justice must prevail for these young women.

Dear corporates and members of the public..we cannot in this day and age condone this kind of irresponsible entitled and desrespectful practices. May the law of Kenya prevail.

Aging like fine wine! Never seen before hot photos of singer Wahu in bikini

Wahu is among the female music pioneers in Kenya and back in the day; the mother of two used to bless Kenyans with good secular music; until she decided to take a break (for years) before returning to music scene but this time around she joined the gospel industry.

We can’t say that she still has the same hype from back in the early 2000’s but truth is; without Wahu, the Kenyan music industry wouldn’t have been the same.

I mean she paved the way for many female artists (some who don’t even know her) and looking at how far the music industry has come; let’s just say Wahu’s footsteps will forever be remembered.

Wahu in bikini

Apart from music; the singer is also well known for keeping her life and that of her family off social media.

For years, both her and husband have never been caught up in any scandals; and as far as we know is that the two only share what they think is necessary for their fans.

Well, thanks to hubby Nameless we finally have a chance to see Wahu in a cute floral bikini; that left her looking like a 20 something year old.

From the photos below it’s no secret that Wahu has some dope anti-aging genes that have come in handy for the past years; and of course more to come!

Wahu in hot bikini
Nameless, Wahu and their girls
Singer Wahu

Fix Yourself Before You Get A Man- Wahu’s Relationship Advice

Wahu and Nameless are undoubtedly one of the most sought after celebrity couples in the country. They have thrived in their long-term marriage and have 2 daughters together. The two sweethearts have also been in the music industry for over 15 years but hardly did a collabo together. However, they recently embarked on working together and released their first ever collabo dubbed ‘Te-amo’.

Their long awaited song has since fetched over 400K views on YouTube since it was released about a week ago.

Complete Yourself First

Wahu has become stubborn lately – Nameless admits – Kenyan News

Anyway, Wahu explains how their perennial bond has been strong based on a few things; the most important one is focusing on the positive side of your partner. She says that most ladies look for a man to complete them; instead of fixing themselves first.

”And I said in my post, don’t look for someone who completes you. You should actually strive to be complete on your own. And look for someone who loves you completely and you love them completely. And you keep striving to work around your differences and stuff like that…”

Wahu also added that having too much expectation from your partner might lead to disappointment.

”When you’re looking for someone to complete the circle, you’ll always have a gap. And when that person is not able to fulfill it, then what happens?… Atakuangusha whether anataka ama hataki because they are human… It’s almost a recipe of failure…”

“I felt unworthy of love,” Wahu opens up about her battle with self esteem issues as a young woman

Singer Wahu switched from making secular music to gospel almost 10 years after dominating the industry with nothing but hit songs. She is however still in the music industry; but unlike before the singer is all about spreading gospel through her songs.

Back in the day things were however not as easy since she had a few demons to battle with. The singer revealed this through her instagram page, the mother of two has opened up revealing how she struggled with self esteem issues back in the day.

According to Wahu when she was teenager she felt ugly, unintelligent; and above all she did not feel worth to be loved. This being part of the adolescent she probably did not imagine the effect it would have on her; until the insecurities got worse in her early 20’s. Through her gram the gospel singer wrote;

Singer Wahu

As a teenager and into my early twenties, I had terrible self esteem issues. I felt ugly, unintelligent and unworthy of being loved. I never thought I’d amount to anything much in life. I wish I could go back in time and tell 17 year old wahu that everything’s gonna be more than ok. That God is on her side and she will overcome.


With this story, Wahu went on to mention that  she hopes it speaks massive to anyone struggling with anything that makes them feel less. She went on to add saying;

Singer Wahu on her wedding day

I dont know who needs to hear this but dont believe the lies the devil will throws your way. Gods got you young girl…Gods got you young man. And there’s nothing like being worthy of Gods love..no..his love is unconditional..it knows no religion, no “I’m good or im bad”…no “I dont deserve good things to happen to me”…no. And the bigger your test the bigger your testimony.

Although we don’t get to hear much from Wahu like before; the lady continues to use her social media pages to spread positivity and encourage those at their lowest especially with the pandemic that has left many with money struggles!

Size 8 has proven many people wrong

When Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, announced that she had seen the light circa 2013 many people, including yours truly, thought it was the biggest joke of the century.

We thought she would not last long before backsliding as it has been the case with most secular artists who decided to get saved.

It was hard to fathom how Size 8, who had been known for seductive dance moves and short outfits, was going to ditch that lifestyle.

Naysayers claimed that her music career would really suffer as a result of the move but we were wrong, the Mateke hitmaker has proven us wrong.

Size 8

6 years later, she’s still strong in the faith. She has never looked back since she made the bold step to get saved.

Size 8 has disabused all stereotypes and changed her lifestyle from what we used to know her as.

T0 add to that, her music career is really flourishing. Today, she’s one of the biggest gospel artists in the country.

Perhaps the fact that she’s married to a saved person, DJ Mo, has played a big part in her journey.

These days, many people look up to her and seek advice from her like DK Kwenye Beat when he was involved in a sex scandal and that’s really laudable.

Listen to her latest release with Wahu dubbed Power.

Hilarious! Fans react after Nameless shares a new photo holding his wife’s booty

Despite having been married for 13 year, Nameless and his wife Wahu still behave like new lovers.

For years now they have been known as the power couple in the entertainment industry and it seems that they won’t stop anytime soon.

Just a few hours singer Nameless shared a new photo with his wife but what caught many peoples attention is how he was holding his wife.

Well, it’s not everyday we see our celebrity couple getting romantic on social media but as for Nameless; he is not afraid to show the world he loves his wife!

Bootyful moment

From the comments most people definitely admired this beautiful moment between the couple; while others couldn’t help but crack a joke on two about the photo. Size 8 who was among the top people to comment went on to write saying;

Uwiiiiiii mkono iko kwa shamba yako

Read the rest of the comments below;


Wahu emotionally eulogizes her late father on his 6th death anniversary

Wahu Kagwi lost her beloved father GS Kagwi in January 2013. The singer has eulogized her late father through a poem she wrote for him.

January 12th 2013 marked a dark chapter in Wahu’s life, she took to social media to break sad news about the death of her father;

“Words fail me daddy. I still can’t believe ur gone. I know ur happy and peaceful…but the reality of ur passing hasn’t hit me…I don’t know if it will…u were an amazing father and a wonderful friend. U gave me wings to fly. Daddy.. Even though I know u are now seated with Jesus, I will miss u. I love u forever. I shall see u again in heaven. Rest well,” wrote Wahu.

Wahu's late father
Wahu’s late father
I treasure the lessons you taught me

Wahu marked her father’s 6th death anniversary by penning a poem for him, she emotionally eulogized her father going on to reveal how much she still misses him.

Mapenzi yako kwangu yalinipa mabawa…
Na sasa nina paa…
Kama ndege ya anga.. I Will always treasure the lessons you taught me papa….
All who encountered you have nothing but positive stories about you…
And to us, your children, you were a hero. An ever present dad who diligently covered his children in prayer
Love you papa..
6 years on, forever in my heart.
Continue to sing with the angels ???,” wrote Wahu.

“Wahu had always been talking about joining gospel for a long time” Nameless speaks of his wife’s salvation

Wahu publicly announced that she had quit secular industry to give her life to Christ sometimes in November 2017, she went on to release her first gospel song dubbed ‘Sifa’.

Nameless now reveals that his wife had been looking forward to joining the gospel industry for a very long time. He also disclosed that he was working on a project with Wahu when she decided to seek salvation.

“I was working on a project with her before she quit secular. Wahu had always been talking about joining gospel for a long time, and when her time came, I could not hinder her from doing what she has always wanted,” said Nameless during an interview with Word Is.

Full support
Nameless and Wahu
Nameless and Wahu

Nameless asserts that he fully supports his wife’s journey in gospel industry. He said that marriage had taught them to support each other fully.

“When she finally joined gospel, I had to let her be, because it is about how she feels, not what I feel for her. She told me this is where I am and my heart is here and I promised my support to her.

“When she finally joined gospel, I had to let her be, because it is about how she feels, not what I feel for her. She told me this is where I am and my heart is here and I promised my support to her. We’ve learnt how to support each other, and though we are a couple, we are separate human beings. If my call will be gospel in future, I will also join her because it is always about what inspires us.”


Nameless: I don’t really know whether Wahu is pregnant or not

Nameless has come out to create a fertile ground for speculations about baby number three days after celebrating 13th wedding anniversary.

The singer and his wife Wahu are blessed with two girls Tumiso and Nyakio aged 12 and 5 respectively. Speaking during an interview with Word Is, Nameless stated that he wouldn’t mind having baby number 3.

“Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions,” said Nameless.

Nameless with his daughters
Nameless with his daughters
Wahu already pregnant?

Nameless however couldn’t confirm or deny whether his wife was already expectant. He said sometimes his wife appear to have a baby bump because photos are taking when she had eaten a lot of food.

“Sometimes, pictures are taken and fans wanaona vitu zao and start suspecting she may be pregnant. Those pictures you see could be that she ‘ate’ a lot that day so her stomach was big. I am with her everyday but I have not realised, but I don’t mind another kid.

“I don’t really know (if she’s pregnant) but I will talk to her and ask to confirm by myself. Being in the public, you know that you are the target for scandals. So we are careful with everything we do, especially because we have a family to protect. So we try balance and put family matters away from the media,” said Nameless.



Goals! Nameless and Wahu Kagwi celebrate 13 years of their successful marriage

Singer Nameless and his wife Wahu have clocked 13 years since they exchanged their vows. They are undeniably the most admired couple we have in the entertainment industry and if not wrong, many wish they could have what they share.

So far the two have been blessed with 2 adorable daughters and hopefully they will add more as the years go by.


Through instagram, Nameless went on to appreciate the love of his life in a short catchy message that has left many admiring his union.

cheers to 13 years and many more

He went on to reveal that theor marriage has been a trip; they have both had good and bad times but are glad to have shared the moments together.

Having achieved more in the years they have been together, Nameless also appreciated his daughters as well. Checkout his post below;


They’ll spend all their money on birthdays! Nameless and Wahu celebrate 3rd birthday in the month of August

What a coincidence? Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge share birthday month. You can imagine the Mathenges’ birthday budget this August!

Tumiso Mathenge turned 12 on August 1st, Nyakio Mathenge turned 5 on August 9th and their father David Mathenge a year older on August 10th.

“ITS MY HUSBANDS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????
I’m sooooooo Happy and sooooooo grateful to God for bringing you this far @namelesskenya!!! Happy happy happy happy happy birthday babe. May God continue to bless you, guide you, keep you safe, and give you wisdom in all you do!! You are a wonderful man babe ???? And wonderful people deserve wonderful things… (It’s no wonder you have me! ????) I love you to the moon and back and you know it!!! Fam please help me celebrate this amazing Kenyan icon, most awesomest performer, super fantabulous dad, head of our home, and love of my life as he turns a year older today!!! ?????,” wrote Wahu.

Thanks babe

Nameless couldn’t thank his wife enough for the sweet birthday message she sent him. The singer also appreciated birthday messages from his fans.

“??? Thanks babe!! And thank you fam for the birthday wishes on her timeline!!! Thanking God for another year of blessing! I am STONGER, WISER, HAPPIER and BLESSED!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes to me and my gals, am humbled and we appreciate the LOVE!! #birthdaymonthintheMathenges #Leobabiesrock,” wrote Nameless.


Birthdays galore! Nameless and Wahu pamper their last born daughter on her birthday

Nameless and Wahu’s daughters were all born in the month of August. The celebrity couple was blessed with their first child Tumiso Mathenge on August 1st 2006.

Seven years later, Nameless and Wahu were once again blessed with another daughter Nyakio Mathenge who was born on 9th August 2013.

Just like Diamond who has had to celebrate two birthdays for his children in a span of two days this August, Nameless and Wahu also had to celebrate two birthdays in a span of eight days.

Birthday messages

Nyakio Mathenge turned five today 9th August, both Nameless and Wahu couldn’t hide their joy. The two took to social media to express their love for their daughter in their birthday messages.

Nameless with his daughter Nyakio Mathenge
Nameless with his daughter Nyakio Mathenge

“Heyaaaa…my 2nd princess turns 5 today!!!!???????? Kio you bring so much joy to all of us my sweetlove… You are a special soul. Fam as you know Aug is a birthday month in the Mathenges!! Help me wish chocolate pool a happy blessed birthday!!,” wrote Nameless.

Wahu with her daughter Nyakio Mathenge
Wahu with her daughter Nyakio Mathenge

“Guess who’s turning 5 today!!!! ???
My Nyakio. You make us all so happy!!!! You are such an important part of The Mathenges… And you always make sure we don’t forget it ??
We love you, we treasure you and we route for you always.
Today as you turn a year older, my continued prayer for you is that God reveals His purpose and plan for you even at an early age. That you will learn to walk with Him and to hear His voice.
I bless you my child, with every heavenly blessing. May your path always be straight. May favor surround you as a shield, and may you always dwell in the presence of the Almighty.
Fam, help me celebrate my sweet bananananana (as I love to call her) as she turns 5 years old today!! Surely God is good oh!!! ???,” wrote Wahu.


Nameless and Wahu give different testimonies as their firstborn daughter turns 12

Nameless married Wahu in a colorful wedding held in Naivasha 12 years ago on September 10th 2005. The couple was blessed with their first child on August 1st 2006.

Tumiso Mathenge has grown big, she turned 12 on Wednesday and her parents couldn’t hide their joy. Both Nameless and Wahu took to social media to express their joy on their daughter’s 12th birthday.

“I give God all the glory for this my baby girl who gave me the title of “Mama”, 12 years ago today. cannot believe how time has flown!!! Practically my height now and turning into a fine young lass. Happy happy birthday my Sweet Love.. may God continue to bless you, be a light unto your path, and may favor always follow you, in your going and coming. We love you to the Moon and back! Fam help me wish my baby girl a happy 12th birthday!” Wrote Wahu.

You’re an outstanding big sister and lovely daughter

Nameless also penned a heartwarming message to his firstborn. The singer praised Tumiso as beautiful, intelligent, fun living, kind-hearted and hardworking girl.

“Go shorty it your birthday!!! My 1st princess turns 12 today!! Tumiso, You are beautiful, intelligent, fun living, kind hearted and hardworking.. You are an outstanding big sister and lovely daughter.!! So proud of you my sweet Love!! May Gods light and blessings continue shinning in your life and guide you every step of the way!!! Heyo Fam help me wish my first princess a HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY, !!! #Leobabiesrock #birthdaymonthintheMathenges #burgerpoolparty??????” wrote Nameless.



Nameless and Wahu take to the swimming pool to show how they are still crazy in love 20 years on (Photos)

Kenya’s oldest celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu are still madly in love with each other. The two lovebird recently demonstrated their love for each other in a swimming pool.

Nameless married Wahu in a colorful wedding held in Naivasha 12 years ago on September 10th 2005. The two however dated for 8 long years before they walked down the aisle.

Nameless and Wahu while they were still boyfriend and girlfriend at the university
Nameless and Wahu while they were still boyfriend and girlfriend at the university
Romantic vacation

Nameless and Wahu are currently on vacation in Watamu. The singer wowed netizens when he shared photo of Wahu and him enjoying a romantic moment in a swimming pool.

“Angalia huyu akijarubi kuniconfuse na sweet words !! Bado atalipa bill ya vacation for bringing work here!! Hakuna vile namforgive huyu. Amenizoea!!” Nameless captioned the photo.



Jua Cali’s message to 7 female musicians who have ditched secular music to become gospel artists

The number of female secular musicians is plummeting as more and more are crossing over to gospel industry. At least 7 former female secular singers are now gospel artists.

The ‘revolution’ started years ago, former queen of chakacha Princess Faridah was the first known secular singer to  change her music genre from secular to gospel way back in 2001.

Princess Faridah

Bernice Mugo aka Lady Bee saw the light sometimes in 2012 and became a full-fledged gospel singer. She went on to release several gospel hits.

Lady Bee

A year later in April 2013 Linet Munyali aka Size 8 got saved to the surprise of everyone. She debuted as a gospel singer with ‘Mateke’.

Size 8

Four years later Cecilia Sagini Kemunto popularly known as Cece Sagini got saved. She gave her life to Christ in October 2017 and released her first gospel song ‘Come Down’ in December 2017.

Cece Sagini

The same 2017 in November Nameless’ wife Wahu Kagwi received salvation. She went on to drop her first gospel song dubbed ‘Sifa’.


In 2018 two more former secular singers gave their lives to Christ. Both Marya and Amani came out to reveal that they were no longer singing secular songs.

Jua Cali’s reaction

The king of genge asserts that he will support secular-turned-gospel musicians. Jua Cali says he will buy their albums.


“Being saved is something very personal. You can never know about what goes in the person’s mind. I can only say I wish them success. It’s another world, you have to understand it. It’s not like they’ll be doing gospel because of money. It’s also another industry and you know there are those who wouldn’t want you to get into the business of music itself. I’ll support them. If they release songs and albums, we will buy,” said Jua Cali during his performance at the Guinness fanzone event that took place in Meru last weekend.


Amani follows in Size 8 and Wahu’s footsteps and gives her life to Jesus

More and more female secular singers are giving their lives to Christ. Size 8 set precedent in 2014 when she decided to seek salvation after marrying DJ Mo.

Size 8 even went a step further and asked all radio and TV stations to stop playing all songs that she released before she saw the light.

Wahu also got saved in sometimes in November 2017. The mother of two announced she had ditched secular industry after seeking salvation.

Amani’s turn

Amani has also announced that she is now a born again Christian. The sultry songbird shared a copy of the Insyder magazine which she was featured on the cover as she reflected on her life before Christ.

“Circa 2009…on the cover of the Insyder magazine…started that journey at an early age of 18…by this time I had gotten the hang of it.My passion for music thrusted me into an Entrepreneurial world was looking at a notebook the other day that had scripts,budgets,marketing plans…yes for my music.We just don’t wake up and sing ???…I have turned on a new leaf I am now born again but I count it all joy…I learnt so much and gained so much experience,” wrote Amani.

Before the big announcement, Amani had been sharing bible quotes on her Instagram handle:

Wahu: I felt let down by people in church I considered authorities of the Bible 

Wahu recently started singing gospel songs after giving her life to Christ. The mother of two reveals how she was let down by men of God.

Apparently Wahu started out as a gospel singer before she backslid and had her breakthrough as a secular singer. Wahu reveals that she started cultivating a relationship with God when she completed high school.

Wahu says she was feeling low and frustrated with life after she completed school. She was in conflict with herself over her purpose in life.

Dr Myles Munroe inspired me to sing

Wahu reveals that the late Myles Munroe helped her discover her talent for singing. She explains that Munroe’s preaching helped her find her purpose in life.

“When I just got out of high school, I remember feeling really low and frustrated with life. I didn’t think I amounted to much, and was extremely unsure about my future. I had my first completely genuine discussion with God then, I told him that He needed to let me know why He created me, and what I’m supposed to be doing here on earth. God answered my prayer then through a DVD by the late Dr Myles Munroe titled “Purpose”.

“It was an instant answer as Myles said that a sure indicator of your purpose is in the things you enjoy doing. He further said that all watching should start working on the things they love, with no excuse. That’s how I started singing, in the bathroom… no excuses right?” Wahu told Buzz.

I was let down by church people

Wahu ditched salvation after a series of disappointments. She says she was demotivated because church people preached water and drunk wine.

“But as I continued on my search for God and purpose, I felt let down by people in Church I considered authorities of the Bible, who talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk. Young, frustrated and feeling cheated, I shelved my search, though at the back of my mind, I always knew I needed to pick it up,” Wahu explained.

The ‘Sifa’ hit maker further reveals that she felt the need to reconnect with God a year ago. Wahu explains that now she understands that one should follow God and not men of God.

“Exactly one year ago, I felt I was ready to pick up from where I left, all those years ago. I needed to forgive those who I felt had let me down, and being older and wiser, I understood that one should follow God, not the man of God. God wants a one on one relationship with each one of us. He loves us all equally,” says Wahu.



Betty Kyallo’s Posh Palace or Wahu’s Afro Siri? Janet Mbugua picks her favorite Salon 

Salon wars will be the next reality show on Kenyan television. A handful of top female celebrities have opened beauty parlors as their side hustle.

Wahu Kagwi was the first celeb to open her own salon way back in 2013. Wahu’s Afro Siri  is located Krishna Centre in Westlands.

Betty Kyallo partnered with lawyer Susan Kaittany to open Posh Palace in December 2016. The executive hair studio and spa is located at Sifa Towers along Ring Road in Kilimani.

DJ Creme’s wife Denise King’ang’i has also opened her own salon. Denise launched Surabhi Spa in December 2017, it is located at Krishna Centre in Westlands.

Posh Palace or Afro Siri?

Janet Mbugua has openly revealed the salon she prefers. The former Citizen TV anchor attended the launch of Posh Palace in December 2o16 but surprisingly Betty’s salon is not Janet’s favorite.

Anne Kiguta, Betty Kyallo and Janet Mbugua during the launch of Posh Palace in December 2016

Janet says she prefers to get her hair done at Wahu’s Afro Siri salon. The mother of one was recently at Wahu’s salon in Westlands.



“Be original stop copy pasting Nameless tings”Kenyans ruthlessly tear DJ Mo as he tries being romantic using Nameless’ vibe

Apparently DJ Mo has no game and Kenyans can’t tolerate him copying Nameless’ vibes. The gospel DJ was blasted for using Nameless’ vibe on his wife.

Nameless shared a photo of Wahu as he ‘grumbled’ about how she was wearing his clothes. The singer says his wife has taken all of his caps.

“She was posing for a photo.. what she doesn’t know is i was taking evidence ndio niwaonyeshe… huyu was salad pool anachukuanga nguo zangu na kofia zangu all the time… that is my white top and that hat mnaijua ni yangu ..??OH WHY?? mkimpata kwa njia mwambie hanifanyi poa!!? #serekalisaidiajameni #okigiveUptakethetop #justreturntheHats #juicepoolmkowapi??? #GodlovesMe #OhWhy,| wrote Nameless.

Size 8 wears my clothes

DJ Mo posted a similar post hours after Nameless’ post on Instagram. DJ Mo complains that his wife has taken his sweater. Size 8 was a guest at Dr. Ofweneke’s show on Ebru TV last night.

“Just got home and am watching this program and SIZE 8 Reborn – my sweater umepita nayo sawa tu,maliza ukuje -?,” wrote DJ Mo.

Netizens were quick to blast DJ Mo for lack of creativity. Internet trolls ruthlessly tore into DJ Mo for copying Nameless’ post ‘without crediting’.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans over DJ Mo’s post:

Joseph Kamugi Sherrif: copying nameless theatrics

Charity Munyoki: Oooh mmeanza kucopy nameless na wahu

Keith Keit: Amekopi nameless vle yee hudai wahu amevaa blablabla. Be original. No hard feelings thougj

Wendy Wendy: Cyprian, Is Nyakundi come and fight for DJ MO [topa de top dj]]

Agnes Jori’s: You share more than a sweater punguza feelings????

Grace Muriithi: Copying Nameless

Vero Sonni Muthoni: Be original stop copy pasting nameless tings

Sherry Kigo: Pulling out Nameless/Wahu challenge ..??? Napita tu

Njoki Mwangi: You have now become Nameless and Wahu… lol

Karinah Sam: Boy child ako shida

Ruth Exodus: This is for Nameless and Wahu please try something else

Cate Mwendwa: Ati Co’s you saw Nameless posting the same thing lol

Marie Jones: I saw it with Nameless the same thing

Rowzie Wambui Rowzie: Naona Wahu amefunza Size 8 kuvaa nguo za hubby???. #KilaMtuAvaeNguoZake???
Pauline Macharia: Nameless n wahu

Janejaniq Shkoh: Hahaa wacha kuibia nameless….

Sally Mwamba: Sa tuseme mnacopy the mathenge’s????

Mercie Phyló Kami: Copycats??

Lynne Arwa: Hii ni challenge ama?#namelesschallenge

Jackson Mwambia: Ati Nameless-Wahu challenge

Nameless undergoes successful surgery to remove blood clot in brain

Singer Nameless is now doing much better after undergoing a surgery to remove a life threatening blood clot in his brain as revealed!

The singer who had been hospitalized for about 3 weeks apparently had no idea about his condition until his friends noticed that he was not himself after a short meeting – before they rushed him to hospital.

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His doctor however scheduled an immediate surgery after the brain scans revealed that he had ruptured an artery in his brain. This forced him to cancel a trip to Uganda where he was to perform alongside Eric Omondi among other artists.

Speaking to Nairobinews his wife, Wahu however did not reveal much details about her husband’s health. But as for now he has been discharged and is slowly recovering from home after successful surgery.