Jua cali fans need to give him a break!!

Jua cali is obviously among the  veteran and most celebrated music artist in Kenya. With a successful track record of amazing music for most of us who grew up listening to this chap.We should at least give him that credit for making our teen days worthwhile.

He stands out  as one of the biggest genge music artist with a unique style  when it comes to his rap game. Whether he teams up with gengetone musicians or not should not be a question to his music legacy

After being in the industry for the longest time it is just normal that his relevance would wear out. Ok not, like entirely but a certain age of fans will not easily relate to his  back then music. But hey a man has to do what he got to do! Music.

However, as some people would say that he no longer fits in the now over hyped gengetone kind of music , Jua cali has to reach out these young crop of fans.

Wale Mang’aa

Yes , we will say ohh the music done now is too vulgar for someone like Juacali to feature in , oooh he can do better and all that holier than thou attitude we Kenyans carry around.

I mean he is also embracing new age music.Well he was bashed for working with Swat of Ethic Odi wa Muranga  and Vdj_jones  in new jam dubbed “Wale Mang’aa.”

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We should give the guy a break .We were the same people who wanted these veteran artists to work with the the gengetone music makers.This to help boost creativity for the better of our secular music.

Well it is obvious that these new age musician have slowly but smoothly washed away the Nigerian music that had swamped our Kenyan airwaves.

So if Jua cali or any other Kenyan artist wants to collaborate with the Gengetone kids, boss , sistee usijuziee !!Go for it.

In the meantime Kenyans should give Juacali a break and that is just about it.