Gengetone Kings Sailors gang back on the scene with another exciting song “Dunda”

‘Cessation or no cessation, Kenyans must Dunda,’ was the thought Sailors Gang had in mind when they did this song. Done to mark the first anniversary of their hit song “Wamlambez” and to also celebrate the birthday of Miracle Baby, one of the gang members

Dunda is sheng for party is surely a party

hit. The song is an awesome banger. Too bad the clubs aren’t operational otherwise this song would have been played in every single club in town.

The gang, widely known for their “Wamlambez” hit song. The song stuck on the minds of many and was trending for a very long time.

They have also done other songs including Jesu ni Mwathani, Wainame, and Pekejeng. They have also done collaborations with artists including Octopizzo, Nadia Mukami, Boondocks Gang, Joeffes.

Further, they are hailed for being among the few brains behind Gengetone music in Kenya.

Despite the controversies that emerged from their songs when they first began their art, the gang has stuck together and are determined to stay in the very competitive industry.


Dunda starts with their trademark screams at the beginning of the song.Sang in Swahili and their trademark language sheng.

Leo kuparty ni dunda

Na madem toka runda

Bibi ya Onjivo dunda amekam kunimunda

The sheng in this song needs a translator my friends.  But that’s beside the point, who needs to understand the lyrics of a song while they are partying. It’s the song one dances to when drunk or sober.

Video or no video the song is complete and is entertainment enough for any normal human being. Their fans are happy with just the audio as it is already trending.

We wish Miracle baby a happy birthday as we wait for more good music from this Gang in the future. For now, LET’S DUNDA!!!But hey remember to wash your hands.

Rating 9/10.

Below is the link enjoy.

Gengetone becoming a cliche?

For the better part of the year we have enjoyed dancing to the newly found Kenyan sound Gengetone.

With big songs like the recently banned ‘Kenyan anthem” Wamlambez  by Sailors gang, the Kaa na Mama yako by Ochungulo family are just but some of the big songs we have been jamming to.

So far the  gengetone groups have enjoyed or rather are still enjoying th elimelight that came with their new vibe.

They have had a taste of success in the ever changing music scene of the Kenyan dynamism. As time goes by you notice that the love for this groups is now at a dwidling stage.

Ochunglo Family with Ethic
Ochunglo Family with Ethic.

By this I mean their popularity is slowly fading.

For group like Ethic they have had their love hate kind a situation in the industry coupled witjh the scandals that befell them.At the same time the rumors of whether Swat had  left the group or not is something that we got our eyes on.

On the other hand  Ochungulo Family started of on a high note too with immense support from big artists like the Kansoul.Slowly their music turned and sounded exactly like their mentors which to some fans was really a turn off.

Before we could absorb that they did another song “Kong’o” which we thought we’d enjoy long enough.

However ,that didn’t happen because the song was pulled down.Reason we are yet to know.

Are they a cliche now?

As we ponder on reasons that have been pulling the gengetone groups down.

One is left to wonder are they turning out to be cliche?

Look at it this way before the wamlambez ban the gengetone anthems had ruled over the airwaves but now it seems like its now playing low.

The drumbells that were playing all over seem to be going off slowly.

Are we getting tired of these anthems?

Well, I hope not.

You cannot take Wamlambez from us

You cannot take Wamlambez from us. To start with, the pretense in this nation is annoying. Music has been made and been out for the longest time and then boom someone wakes up and burns it. Do you know how this hurts? Recently Ezekiel Mutua went ahead to burn some songs that have been in the market for sometime.

First these people need to understand there are no jobs out here. They should know that they are lucky to be sitting in an office and being paid for dictating what we are going to listen to. Wamlambez has been out here for 4 months now. The song has become an anthem to us and we even know the lyrics. Am sure even this guy knows the lyrics.

You cannot take Wamlambez from us

We are at a point where we as Kenyans are not looking for content but something that is super exciting for us.

Why we will keep singing Wamlambez

Firstly, this people need to know the energy this kids put in their work. You want to tell me his kids can come up with such? Also, we as Kenyans do not feel offended with what Sailors are saying.

For the longest time now Kenya has been ranked sixth in countries that are most depressed. Wamlambez came at a time when people were killing themselves. In this case the song served as a destruction.

The government frustrations to its people has left no choice but to lead us to the Wamlambez nation. You will not miss to hear this word in your day to day operation.

You cannot take Wamlambez from us

It has also become a way to great people. The most funny thing is that even the elderly are responding to it well.

In addition to that, we as Kenyans are okay with our Wamlambez. Our own composition that people are trying to mimic internationally. It is high time this people need to let us be and let this young kids keep making music.

Explicit content has been there for long. If one has been sleeping on their job should not bring us ‘Makasiriko’ when it is too late.

In conclusion Wamlambezz is here to stay. I just wish he knew how cool it at a social function when someone says Wamlambez and the Wamnyonyez response comes through..

Dawa ya Wasafi ni wachafu! Kenyans for Kenyan Music.

As the ghetto anthems take over the air waves it is now clear that Kenyans can love their own music artists. It was not long ago when Kenyan artists were seeking airplay in mainstream media for air play.

However as it stands now, Kenyan fans have been treated to Kenyan music that they have been jamming to.

Furthermore, despite the music  having some heavy connotations in terms of sexuality and another  forms of nudity,Kenyans are enjoying Kenyan secular music.

Lucky enough the Ghetto anthems that carry raunchy vixens in them are now the talk of town. The Wamlambez Saccos are now house hold names if not international.

Even the veteran musicians in the Kenyan Music scene like Jua Cali and the OG Khalighraph  Jones  have acknowledged the entrance of new age music. The likes of Boondocks gang,Ethic,  Ochungulo family, Sailors among others are clearly redefining the Kenyan music scene.


Edging out Wasafi?

For the longest time the Kenyan airwaves  were being enjoyed by Tanzania’s Wasafi records  music.  However things seem to be changing gradually.

I mean Wasafi artists are still doing good music, but Queen B  hit makers  among others are now the talk of not only town but East Africa.

Look at Figa by Ethic it is a song that many are still dancing too. I saw a post somewhere on social media saying, ‘Dawa ya wasafi ni Wachafu!!! True??

Well need I explain further than that? We are taking our musical crown back!With no apologies.

On the other hand Wamlambez is now an anthem in the Kenyan Music scene.

I mean at least that is what our able hardworking artist deserve. Hard work, creativity and lyrical prowess  pays.

Healthy Competition

Wasafi  artists, no offence but it is about time that they are edged out especially in Kenya.

We love their music yes, but now competition is good for growth.

Though in different genres, the new age musicians are going to give these foreign artists a run for their money. Sounds unreal though!! But it will happen if this spirit of hits goes on.

In my opinion, I can confidently say that today, music events promoters should prioritize our own artists.

This is because these artists have proven beyond doubt that Kenyan has massive talents.

I  just hope these new age music will not fade just shortly after being received by fans and on the other hand  Kenyan fans should also be congratulated for the support of Kenyan music.