Tanasha Donna features WCB’s Mbosso in new love ballad ‘La Vie’ (Video)

Talented Kenyan songstress and radio personality Tanasha Donna Oketch has released her first track in 2020 and it happens to be a collabo with none other than Wasafi Classic signee Mbwana Yusuph Kilungi alias Mbosso.

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The song titled La Vie, which are French words that mean for life, is off her Extended Play (EP) Donatella which will be launched in Nairobi on January 31.

Tanasha Donna and Mbosso
Tanasha Donna and Mbosso

Basically, this track is about is about two people who are deeply in love and they are not shy to express how they feel about each other.

La Vie has been topping continental charts since it was released a few days ago and it has so far garnered more than 400,000 views on YouTube. However, this doesn’t really come as a surprise seeing how well arranged it is.

This jam is versed in French, Swahili and English and as you are all aware, you can never go wrong with the first two languages since when it comes to matters of the heart. Isn’t that true though?

I have listened to La Vie a couple of times since it came out and every time it as if I am listening to it for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good. Believe you me, it’s really infectious.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

Don’t even get me started on Tanasha and Mbosso’s voices. The way these two sing, you’d easily assume that they are in love with each other because it’s so surreal.

Notably, the instrumentation and beat on La Vie are really dope but I wasn’t expecting anything less seeing as it was produced by the one and only S2Kizzy and mastered by Ayo Lizer.

Director Kenny from Zoom Extra also did a good job on the visuals for this song. From the set up to the model to the choice of colours and scene transitioning, everything was impeccable.

Watch La Vie below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Mbosso kicks of the year with ‘Ate’ and it’s getting mad love (Video)

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Mbwana Yusuph Kilungi, popularly known as Mbosso, has released a new jam and it’s rocking the airwaves.

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The song dubbed Ate has been getting a lot of love since it dropped a few days ago and to be honest we are also really feeling it. Like, really!

Ate is a love ballad and as you know too well Wasafi Classic singers can never go wrong when it comes to pouring out the lasses that they have their eyes set on.

Mbosso has a new tune dubbed 'Shilingi' featuring Reekado Banks

In the jam, Mbosso says he’s willing to go out of his way to show the lass how much she means to him. From teaching her how to love to touring the world with her.

He also references Diamond Platnumz’ relationship with NRG Radio presenter Tanasha Donna saying that he would want to have a relationship like theirs.

Just like many of the songs from Wasafi Classic Records, Ate has some sexual innuendos. However, Mbosso does not talk about it directly.

Apart from the fact that it is a beautiful composition, the other thing that makes this jam stand out is Mbosso’s voice, this guy can really sing and you can tell that it’s coming from the heart.

The beat and instrumentation was also dope. They get you hooked from the moment you hit the play button so much so that you might have this song on replay for a whole month without even noticing it.

The video was impeccable. It paints a visual picture of what he’s singing about and helps you contextualize the jam. It was also has some great shots. Props to the videographer.

Watch Ate below and tell us what you think.

Videos: Diamond and Rayvanny bash Wasafi critics in new club banger ´Vumbi´

Wasafi artists, Diamond Platinumz and Rayvanny release ¨Vumbi¨ anthem that is already hitting the airwaves.

Vumbi´s official audio is out, posted just Monday evening, the 1st of July 2019.

The song´s audio has already attracted way over 370,000 views and 800 comments within an hour of publication.

¨Vumbi¨ is a banger that talks about always being ahead of your rival.

This is soon after Chibu dropped ¨Kanyaga¨ that speaks about stepping on those that bring nothing to the table.

Part of the song´s chorus ´timua vumbi´ is a loose translation of causing dust while engaging in a vigorous activity.

Vua shati ukisikia joto,

Timua Vumbi, Timua.

The two are hitting back at naysayers who do not seem pleased with Wasafi artists but it bothers them less because they are here to show them ´dust´ and leave them with flu as a result of the dust.

Tunawachafua, Vumbi.

Tunawapa mafua, Vumbi.

Vumbi, Timua Vumbi Timua.

Wanatukimbiza Wasafi eeh, wapo makundi makundi.

Lakini hawatupati eeh, tunawaachia Vumbi.

Timua Vumbi, Timua.

It will additionally prevent the critics from progress because until the ´dust´settles, their journey comes to a stand still.

¨Vumbi¨ is produced by S2Kizzy and Mixed By Lizer Classic.

The WCB king, Diamond seems to have decided to give fans a non-stop hit after another after many complained he is lagging behind in the music industry.

A blend from Rayvanny and Diamond is always an assured bet from fans because it never misses.

¨Tetema¨ anthem went viral soon after its release, used in a myriad of concepts across the globe and is currently at over 21 Million views on You Tube.

We definitely cannot wait for ¨Vumbi´s¨ video. It must be fire.

Harmonize speaks about taking over Diamond Platinumz´ legacy

Word has been Harmonize might be threatening King of WCB, Diamond Platinumz by ruling over him but says that has never been his intention.

Harmonize´s growth in the bongo industry has witnessed a continuous rise in his graph and might probably be  threatening to topple over Diamond´s legacy.

However, the star clarifies:

Sitaki kuwa Namba 1,

Nataka kuwa Harmonize tu Nataka kuacha Legacy

However, the singer articulates that it is actually Diamond´s pride once his own artists, thrive.

Najua hata Diamond mwenyewe yupo very proud kushindanishwa na Mimi,

Ameshashindanishwa na wasanii wengi lakini kwa Msanii aliyemtengeneza mwenyewe lazima afurahi

Further on, the artist however cautions his fans to avoid making comparison between the two artists because this is not a competition.

He appreciates the love but asks the audience to avoid overdoing it.

WCB Tumekuwa wakubwa sana, Kitu kidogo tu watu wanaigiza,

Najua watu Mnatupenda sana lakini msituchonganishe

This he reveals up and close, speaking to Wasafi FM.

Diamond´s father, Mzee Abdhul set to stay away from any interviews

Ailing Mzee Abdhul is to avoid any further interviews after the media allegedly compel him to share false information about his life and family.

Diamond´s aging dad has created a circus in the airwaves after making shocking and brutal revelations about his lifestyle and his son.


Up and close with Global TV, Diamond´s dad reveals he no longer will feature in any interviews whatsoever, though thankful for the far he has come:

I do not want any type of interview.

Please forgive me, it is not like I do not want to be interviewed.

You have been with me, you have supported me, you have talked a lot.

But I will not do any interview with anyone.

Soon after he apparently saw his superstar son close to 20 years ago, the 2 reconciled during a radio interview at Wasafi FM.


According to the bongo star, the media compel his dad to take interviews, forcing him to turn against the singer and share false information with the public.


A move that has angered the WCB King who now urges the dad to stay away from any media interviews if he seeks to restore peace in his family.

Earlier on, Diamond´s sister, Queen Darlene expressed that their dad has been signed into WCB.

Additionally, the two children are toiling to ensure that his new management keeps him off the diminishing interviews.


Darlene adds that they actually do see their dad through his financial constrains and that news about his neglect are all stage-managed.

According to Diamond and Darlene, media houses seek to have these false interviews with their ailing dad, just for self gains.

Exposed: Mbosso ´Ksh 4 Million mansion´ is nothing but a rental apartment

Tanzanian artist, Mbosso Khan has been caught pants down after claiming the purchase of a Ksh 4 Million mansion in Dar es Salaam.

´Nadekezwa´ hitmaker, Mbosso

Therefore, igniting mixed reactions from his fans who are left wondering how the young artist could even afford such kind of wealth.

Mbosso made the public announcement to his 1.7+ million followers on his Instagram page just 2 days ago.


Additionally, Mbosso shares photos of his so-called 3-bedroom mansion in the leafy suburbs of Tegeta, Dar es Salaam.

The afterthought

However, I think the world only gives ´a fool´ some breathing space before slamming the door hard, right in front of them.

Soon after his Ksh 4 million mansion went public, a keen social media influencer, one Jay Maudaku, spotted the mansion.

Jay unearthed a post from, Dalali Tegeta, a real estate agent, who actually owns the apartment that he lets out.

Dalali put out the same house 4 weeks ago for future tenants at a monthly rent of Ksh 52,000 (Tsh 1.2 Million).

Dalali´s post reads:

Nyumba hii ipo Tegeta wazo ina nyumba vitatu vyote self inajitegemea.

Pia ina boy kota ya chumba kimoja self inapangishwa millioni 1 na laki mbili.

Pia hata millioni 1 kamili anachukua tuwasiliane kwa namba 0718809744.

Karibuni sana.

According to anonymous sources, WCB management is actually paying the mansion´s rent.

WCB King, Diamond Platinumz

This is based on a contract agreement between Diamond Platinumz’ record label and artist, Mbosso.

Hiyo nyumba kweli ipo Tegeta, Dar es Salaam.

Na kwa taarifa niliyonayo, amepangishiwa na menejimenti yake wala sio kununua.

Anonymous source

Unfortunately, repeatedly, Tanzania´s music industry artists hardly come clean.

Whether it is about their flashy lifestyles, including Diamond himself.

Occasionally, the so-called purchased exclusive apartments, cars, and so on are just but rentals.

Is Harmonize planning to overthrow the King at WCB, Diamond Platinumz?

Sensational bongo artist, Harmonize, has fervidly denied claims that he is planning to ditch the King of WCB, Diamond Platinumz.

Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) is a label owned by Bongo star, Diamond Platinumz, which first discovered the Atarudi hitmaker.


Harmonize further denied claims that he has been working on plans to overthrow the head of WCB, Chibu and become Tanzanian´s most refined bongo artist.

I do not want to talk about that, it is not fair at all.

Please ask me about something else.


You as journalists need to ignore some stories, not everything people talk about online is true.

Sometimes people publicise things that can not really happen.

The Kwangwaru star revealed it all during an interview with Global TV, urging people and the media to stop believing all they see on Instagram and in Blogs.

You need to understand that I am growing everyday as a musician, and with the growth, people will say all manner of things.

This is after Harmonize was questioned on whether it was true that he has intentions to be the next top Tanzanian music artist.

Kwangwaru hitmaker, Harmonize

The Kwangwaru hitmaker saw the song set a new East African record, hitting 10 million views in one month.

I am like a baby born at WCB, it is hard to fight with my father or ditch my home.

Seems the young lad was trying to affirm that one can´t bite the hand that feeds them.

Or can you?

The rumor has been doing the rounds for a while now probably due to Harmonize´s recent smashing hits.

Diamond´s fans might have had the illusion that based on Harmonize´s many international shows that he has been selling out, he is slowly becoming a threat to the WCB King.