Alaar! Wema Sepetu explains why she was addicted to Diamond Platnumz physical and mental abuse

You see, different women want different things in life; but I’ll tell you for free – there are no women on this face of earth that want; or rather would enjoy being beaten by their spouses.

Well, maybe just little kinky beating – like a spank but a whole slap and punch? No thank you!

Wema Sepetu after Diamond Platnumz beat her up

However Wema Sepetu seems to like or rather enjoys the physical abuse; and thanks to a new post she may have confirmed that something is off about her as a person.

Okay, this is because she encourages her spouses to beat her; like hit, punch and kick? Seriously who is her dealer? And this is the only way she can feel loved by the person she is involved with. What kind of drugs are people abusing these days?

Wema Sepetu

Wema’s friend speaks

Well, if you thought Wema’s post was meant to attract attention on social media; then you’re right but at the same time her close friends have confirmed that she is one weird woman.

A friend identified as Imelda mtema got to weigh in on Wema’s latest post and to our surprise; turns out that this fetish didn’t start just the other day.

Acccording to Imelda, her friend Sepetu always enjoyed getting beaten by Diamond Platnumz; and when asked why – the former model would say she enjoys watching him cry afterwards while begging for forgiveness. Yaani kubembelezwa.

And you still wonder why Zari remains irreplaceable in Diamond’s life?

But again, if it rocks her boat – then why not!

Wema Sepetu discloses unknown details about relationship with Diamond Platnumz before Zari snatched him away from her

Wema Sepetu recently opened up revealing unknown details about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz back in 2013. Speaking to Juma Lokole who is said to be a family friend to the Dangote’s; Wema went on to reveal why her relationship with the singer was genuine.

According to Wema Sepetu, her ex Diamond Platnumz was ready to marry her before their ugly break up that has taken years to heal from.

Apparently at the time they were dating, things got too serious to a point where both Diamond and his mum went to see her people; inorder to ask for her hand in marriage.

Tbt: Mama Dangote, Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

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He was ready to marry me

Being the only woman he has ever proposed to and made an effort to marry proves that what they shared may have been real; or either young and stupid considering the lass was just 22 years.

Speaking about this 8 years later;

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unakuwa naseeb mimi ndio alikuwa anaenda kuwa mume wangu. mimi ndio mwanamke pekee alietaka kumletea mahari, alietaka kumtolea posa!

Well, this is no secret as we have not seen any other woman catch this singer’s attention like Wema Sepetu did. So far, word making rounds is that the exes are often spotted together once in a while; however their relationship remains on the low for now, until further notice.

Exposed! Wema Sepetu tearfully recounts how Diamond Platnumz used to beat her up while dating

It is sad what great lengths women can go to, to keep their marriages but while suffering beatings and assault from their lovers, all in the name of love.

Popular Tanzanian actress and socialite, Wema Sepetu has opened up on her past relationship with music star, Diamond Platnumz that was violent behind closed doors but she always defended his actions.

During her recent interview, the damsel recounted how she suffered and nursed wounds from Diamond’s severe beatings but she could never defend herself.

Ex-lovers, Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu


Many would ask why and surprisingly, Wema has claimed she loved them and enjoyed every bit of the beatings.

Ninachokumbuka sana ni kipigo chake. Aisee kilikuwa hatari lakini nilikuwa napenda kupigwa naye kwa sababu alikua akinipiga ananibembeleza sana basi na enjoy.

Recalling a particular day she was with Naseeb when her phone beeped and the artist could not table that, instead countering with blows to her cheeks.

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

The Defense

Well, her family eventually got wind about it but even as they tried their best to intervene and confront Diamond for his actions, Wema always stood by her man and claimed to enjoy it.

And her word was final!

Kuna siku Nasib alionaga meseji imeingia kwangu akawa na wasiwasi nayo. Akanipiga kibao kikali kwenye shavu, halafu ndugu zangu wakajua. Hata nyinyi mlitoa kwenye gazeti. Lakini niliwaambia mimi napenda kupigwa naye hivyo waniache. Mimi nikipenda ndivyo nilivyo.

Bongo actress, Wema Sepetu

Unfortunately, even after tolerating his aggressive behavior, Wema was left high and dry as Platnumz ran into the arms of her then close friend, Jokate Mwegelo.

Diamond has since had three baby mamas with whom he bore 4 children.

Wema Sepetu stirs heated debate after questioning Diamond´s intentions for Tanasha Donna (Screenshot)

Many have argued that Diamond Platnumz must be a fool to have let Tanasha Donna free from his arms.

Speak intelligence, speak beauty, speak independence and speak talent. The Kenyan girl is a darling for many and an envy to fellow women.

Unfortunately though, in as much as Tanasha tried to serenade her baby daddy with love, he got too busy to realize the piece of gold he had under his roof.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Ms Donna seemed like a ´happily ever after´ for the Tanzanian crooner and an assurance to masses that the lad can finally settle in life. But woe unto us for raising his bar too high – one he could not reach.

Tanasha is back home, financially independent and rocking like a yummy mummy.

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In a recent post, the Bongo Flava star´s first love, Wema Sepetu questioned the father of 4 what he really wants from an ´ideal´ woman.

Ila wanaume… What do Men really want…???????????????????‍♀️

Award-winning actress, Wema Sepetu

He had it all but his ego never allowed him to appreciate what he had.

Wema Sepetu´s post

Mixed reactions

Fans tried to speak on Diamond´s behalf but no answer really befitted why he let Tanasha Donna easily slip away.

Others left it all up to the Rolls Royce musician from East Africa to figure it out because he was the one who made his pick.

nashonyn uzuri mwingine haupimiki kwa macho. Probably she is missing something which is according to her baby dad is very crucial????????????


9585m.ary tunamuachia mungu


elizabethmichaelofficial Karembo Mashaallah ????


cakezadina the want vipande vipande till they meet last kipande may be they can settle ????


lovvelynn7 wanajua wenyewe


new_love_baby7500 Alivyokuwa kwa daimond hamkumsifia Leo katoka mnajifanya kumsifia.????mnafurahisha


yasminyusuf99 is dat a question madam kweli hujui tu naeza kuwa wazuri nje ila ndani tumeoza


zubedatoto yaani kadada kazuri tu jamani????


janesdah Kwa kweli Tanasha ni ako mcute sana ❤️


lusia_joe Mrembo buana…

I regretted leaving my man for Diamond – Wema Sepetu opens up

Tanzanian award-winning actress, Wema Sepetu is a grieving woman, one with regrets for leaving her ‘guardian angel’ for Diamond Platnumz only for tables to turn on her.

The former Miss Tanzania rarely refers to her relationship with the Tanzanian crooner which bore her nothing but pain, embarrassment and a dark past.

During her recent revelation, the commercial model admitted to suffering regret soon after walking away from her initial relationship, to become an item with Naseeb.

Ex-lovers, Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz


Through her App, Ms Sepetu recalled just how sweet, loving and unmatched her initial man was, labeling him as ‘her guardian angel’.

Despite getting blessed with a man she would never wish to replace, she still walked out of his life for a ‘promising’ Diamond who ended up being a major disappointment.

To date, she lives to regret her decision.

I was in a relationship with a certain guy who was like my guardian angel. He was my everything. He (Diamond) made me leave that man and its something that I regretted, leaving that guy. When I left the guy, he (Diamond) came to disappoint me.

Bongo Movie actress, Wema Sepetu

It has been years since she part ways with the WCB President who has then been in relationship after another, and still chasing.

However, for Wema, it seems like her love life came to a screeching halt following the split.

Speaking of moving on, finding new love and building a home of her own, Wema stated that it is not as easy as it might seem.

Getting married is not something that you close your eyes and open and it happens.


Wema and Diamond locked eyes back in 2010, in a 4-year relationship that masses considered ‘everlasting’, admirable and one of its kind.

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

The couple served goals, with many looking up to them. Before the duo’s future turned misty with Diamond walking out and into Tanzanian personality, Jokate Mwegelo’s arms.

Wema, left heartbroken and in shock by the move, had little to defend herself. With claims being that she was unable to bear the young star children of his own.

Additionally, Diamond was reportedly cheating with the now Kisarawe District Commissioner, Jokate Mwegelo behind Wema’s back.

Tanzanian District commissioner Jokate Mwegelo

After his breakup with Tanasha, fans thought Wema would gladly get back with the Bongo heartthrob. Only for that never to come to pass.

“Stop confusing us!” Fans tell Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz

Rumor has had it for weeks that Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu have been seeing each other on the low; however the two continue to refute the claims.

Just recently Wema called out a Kenyan tabloid for referring to her as Diamond Platnumz ex. Well, according to Wema, she had enough names like former Miss Tanzania, beauty icon among other names that would describe her well; just not Diamond’s Ex!

With this we were confident that Miss Sepetu clearly didn’t want anything to do with Simba; but she continues to share mixed feelings hints that are now confusing both fans and bloggers.

Ex-lovers Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

Sepetu’s message to Diamond

Well, just a few day’s ago the lady poured out her heart praising Diamond Platnumz for offering help to the less fortunate.

As seen on the post, Sepetu was definitely impressed by Diamond’s latest move and for this reason she then decided to shower him with praises.

In a long detailed post Wema Sepetu wrote;

I have thought so much about putting up this post and it never gave me peace, holding it back. That’s why I decided to post it, regardless…!!!

She went on to praise him for his giving heart saying;

They say when you give, God will give you in return. During this holy month of Ramadhan, may he surely bless you manifold. Giving is not all about wealth. Because if that was the case, so many moneyed individuals in Tanzania would have done the same but why YOU…???

Diamond Platnumz response

Well as usual the Bongo singer just thanked Wema Sepetu in the comment section with a simple message where he wrote;

Tbt: Wema and Diamond Platnumz

Shukran sana sana madam…mwenyez mungu akuongezee roho ya upendo na uthamani ????????????????

Fans tired

However, looking at the comment section most of the fans could no longer keep up with the cat and mouse games.

Most went on to urge Wema and Diamond Platnumz to set the record straight since clearly – this two might just be clout chasing; while their fans can’t help but picture them together.

Anyway check out the comments in the post below.

“Mnikome please!” An angry Wema Sepetu tells off Kenyan gossip tabloid!

For a while now rumor has had it that Diamond Platnumz and Wema are an item but on the low.

However this could be false, judging form Wema’s recent reaction after being linked to Diamond Platnumz by local Kenyan tabloid.

Thanks to several Instagram posts shared by the actress, we now under that she is fed up of being referred to as Diamond Platnumz Ex, 5 years after their nasty break up!

Addressing the local Kenyan tabloid, Ms Sepetu made it clear that she no longer wants to be called ‘so and so’s’ ex when she has a big name attracting brands left right and center!

Wema speaks

Through her Instagram page Wema Sepetu went on to reveal that people should refer to her as Miss Tz; award winning actress, Beauty icon among other names that describe the woman she has since become.Wema wrote;


Alafu @classic105kenya hizi mambo ya kuandika Ex ex mnikome please. I am the former miss Tz and an award winning actress…a beauty icon an entrepreneur who own her own application that is currently doing well. So please tuheshimiane. Ex ex kama hamuezi andika bila Ex don’t write any stories!????????????


Wema distances herself from Diamond Platnumz

The actress who appears to have been angered by the stories circulating on social media about her and Diamond went on to add;

Am I clear???? @Classic105kenya au niongeze Sauti..??????????????

Wema’s post

Wema and Diamond nasty break up

For those who remember well, 2015 was not a good year for Wema Sepetu who was left heart broken by Diamond Platnumz!

The Bongo singer apparently replaced Wema Sepetu with Zari without even informing Wema that their break up was final.

Tbt: Wema and Diamond Platnumz

Just like most fans, Wema learnt about Zari on social media; after Platnumz shared a photo introducing her to his online family. Therefore, it is understandable as to why Wema wishes not not be linked to the same man that left her high and dry on love!

Why Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz are giving fans sleepless nights!

Rumor has it that Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu are currently seeing each other on the low!

Tbt: Wema and Diamond

The rumors which have been spreading for weeks now claim that East Africa’s finest couple may have reunited and from the look of things; these two might just shut down the entertainment industry since they are both loved by their African fans!

Well, we cannot confirm whether the rumors are true or not since both Wema and Diamond Platnumz continue to maintain their silence about this issue.

Fans beg for a reunion

Thanks to a post shared by an online Bongo tabloid, we can confirm that indeed team Wema and Diamond Platnumz still exists and in a matter of time they will reclaim their crowns on social media.

Throwback: Wema and Diamond Platnumz

Most of the fans went on to reveal that Wema has always been Diamond Platnumz first love; and now that Diamond is aging, he might as well wed Ms Sepetu.

Its a trap

Other fans felt that Diamond is back to steal Wema Sepetu’s shine since she has lately been turning heads on social media.

So far she has her own cooking show that has been driving in huge numbers – which is also good for Platnumz brand.

Back in the day when Wema was in love with Diamond Platnumz

Anyway, if the stories are true then this will be some interesting drama to watch; as all the baby mamas witness the reunion of two lovebirds unfold like never before.

Check out the comments below.

“You have a special place in my heart” Wema Sepetu tells Diamond Platnumz

Naseeb Dangote popularly known as Diamond Platnumz wowed many after his post dedicated to the 8 important women in his life!

The singer and WCB CEO happened to mention Wema Sepetu in his list; something that has left many talking. Although we understand that Wema played an important role in Diamond Platnumz life; fans could not sit still with excitement as others speculated that the two have been together on low!

Wema was in love with Diamond Platnumz
when their love wouldn’t be stopped by anyone

In the post Diamond Platnumz wrote;

Happy international Women’s Day ya leo Naidedicate kwa hawa Super Women wangu….Wanaake ambao wana Mchango wa kipekee kwenye Maisha yangu…wao walinifanya nikafanya kazi kwa bidii, nikapatia, nikakosea, Nikafurahi, nikalia, nikaonekana Mzuri na wakati mwingine Mbaya…lakini mwisho wa siku yote ilikuwa ni Safari yangu niloandikiwa Duniani ili inifanye kuwa mimi niitwae DIAMOND PLATNUMZ leo….kila Mwanadamu ana Mazuri na Mapungufu yake, jifunze kukubaliana na hilo na uthamni kila aliyegusa Maisha yako kwani hakuja tu kwa Bahati mbaya ni iliandikwa na Mwenyez Mungu ili ikufikishe ulipo…. Mchango wa hawa ni Mkubwa na Ndiomaana Upendo na thamani yao kwangu itabaki milele Moyoni…. Hawa ni Super Women wangu???????? Happy International Women’s day to all the #SUPERWOMEN in the World ????

However, we cannot confirm this since Diamond Platnumz moved on immediately with Tanasha Donna after leaving Hamisa Mobetto.

Ex lovers Wema and Diamond

But also we cannot forget that the Wasafi singer has been known to cheat on his women every time he is in a serious relationship.

Wema Sepetu responds

Seeing how Diamond Platnumz appreciated her on his post, Wema also decided to drop a thank you comment; but how she phrased it is the reason why many are now taking.

The former miss Tanzania 2006 went on to tell Diamond Platnumz that he had a special place in her heart. She wrote;

U always have a special place in my heart….and you know it…. ❣️

Sepetu’s comment

Nasty break up

This comes years after their breakup that made headlines for months! Diamond Platnumz moved on with Zari before he had called off his relationship with Sepetunga!

The breakup led to the two insulting each other on social media and like always, Platnumz family members were close by to back him up!

Anyway all that remains in the past and two superstars seem to be on the same page! But would they really get back together?

¨Leave me the F* Alone!!!¨ Wema Sepetu calls out trolls

Tanzanian actress and beauty contestant, Wema Sepetu is out to deal with trolls that she has been seeking Diamond´s attention.

The lass and Diamond were present during popular bongo actress’ Aunty Ezekiel´s birthday.

However Wema was spotted putting her best foot forward, dancing next to Diamond and fans believe she is like a tick that forever clings onto the skin of cattle.

Unfortunately, she has a different opinion concerning the same.

Through an Instagram clip, she slams trolls claiming she was there to grab Diamond´s attention and trying too hard for it.

If anything, she believes she was savoring the moments and happy for her friend who was turning a year older.

Plus, everyone had a good time but she doesn´t understand why she was the only one who is receiving backlash.

Looks like she won´t be condoning any more of this. She has had enough and it is time people learnt to live their lives and let others enjoy theirs.

Acheni kunikalia Kooni nisha sema… Hivi hamuwezi niacha… Leave me the F$&@ Alone…..!!!!!!!
•I think everyone should deal na Maisha yake and not focus too much on Maisha ya mtu ambae Akipata au akikosa hakuna kinachokua affected kwenye Maisha yako…!!!
So please Guys…????????????
This be a message to Low lives that think they know better than anyone else … #Stupidity ????????????


Wema Sepetu’s ban by basata lifted: We did not lift the ban because we pity her 

Diamond Platinumz’s ex-lover Wema Sepetu is back at acting after more than half a year suspension by Baraza la Sanaa-BASATA and Tanzania Films Board(TFB).

The actress was banned last year after posting a clip on social media half naked in bed kissing her then lover. Since then, she has maintained a low profile, avoiding the media in general.

Speaking in a presser TFB Secretary General Joyce Fisso said the board lifted the ban after the actress delivered on 75% of what was demanded of her.


TFB denied that it lifted the ban out of pity because the actress was rumored to have ran broke.

”We did not lift the ban because we pity her, we allowed her to continue working because she did about 75% of what we wanted her to do before allowing her back,” Fisso revealed. 

Wema confessed that she has learned a lot through the ban which threatened to kill her career.

His ex Diamond Platnumz, together with Rayvanny, had also been banned for their explicit song Mwanza. The two artists’ ban however was lifted early January and the two jumped in studio for new song “Tetema”.

Wema Sepetu loves gay men too much that’s why I dumped her- ex-boyfriend

Wema Sepetu’s ex-lover Patrick Christopher better known as PCK, has revealed one of the main reasons he had to part ways with her.

Rumors first indicated that he was kicked out of Sepetu’s house by her mother Mariam Sepetu last October for being allegedly a leech and having been officially introduced to the family, but according to PCK, the real reason why he ended the relationship is because Wema loves gay guys and was childish.

“Mahusiano yalikuwepo nimetembea naye muda mrefu sana ila nikaona at the end of the day utoto mwingi kesho utamwona yuko na kundi la mashoga,” PCK said.

Leaked video

PCK’s claims have come just a week after Wema introduced her new boyfriend Chrintony.

The Burundian man, who was planning to marry Wema as second wife, also said that Wema herself recorded her nude controversial video and leaked it.

“Kinachoniuma ni kwa sababu dunia nzima inadhani ni mimi niliyevujisha zile video wakati zile video na picha tulikuwa naye mwenyewe anapiga, video anajirekodi,” PCK said.

Wema Sepetu sends lovely birthday message to Idris proving there’s no bad blood between them

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has proved there is no bad blood between ex-boyfriend Idris Sultan and her by sending a lovely message to him during his birthday.

Idris has just turned 26 years old and he dated the famous lady in 2016. Sepetu in her message confessed that Idris is the closet to have given her true happiness because he got her pregnant.


Wema Sepetu was expectant with twins but she was not able to conceive. She lost the babies in a miscarriage.

Since then she hasn’t been lucky enough.

“U could pass for MCM BUT since its Monday and Its your Birthday, Wat the Heck…!!! Happy Birthday to this one who almost gave me My happiness… Wish you nothing but More Success and Good Health… Its your Day…!!! have a Blast… Keep doin what you do…,” she posted. 

Wema will die before getting married -Pastor prophesies before announcing prayer session for her

It’s more drama for Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu.

The actress has been in a fix after leaking a raunchy video kissing her man passionately that Tanzanian authorities hated. In return, they banned her from acting and other film-related activities.

The actress is now back in conversations yet again after a pastor who goes by the name Mchungaji Daudi Mashori Mashimo claimed that she will never get married because of her promiscuous ways.

God’s instruction

The preacher made the prophesy sharing that God had instructed him to hold a prayer concert that she needs to attend if she wants a change in her life.

The prayer session will last the whole night and will be all about praying for a change in Wema Sepetu’s life.


“Lakini pia siwezi kuchukua hatua ya kukuona mkosaji maana najua sababu iliyokufanya kusema hayo uliyo yaandika kwenye ukurasa wako.” he said in part.

Read the full post below:


Things fall apart! More trouble for Wema Sepetu as she’s arrested and fined millions of Shillings 

Things continue to tumble for Wema Sepetu after her viral bedroom clip in which she was passionately kissing her new boyfriend.

The actress has now been fined Tsh10 million shillings and will not be allowed to go home till she clears the fine.

This is after the actress was arraigned in Kisutu Resident Magistrates Court over the video.  Wema was brought before Resident Magistrate Maira Kasonde after her public apology a few days ago.


Tanzanian Film board has also banned her from acting or appearing in any film in Tanzania.

“You have disgraced the nation by making viewers imitate your behaviors, habits and culture, which are inappropriate. You have gone against the country’s national values and brought shame to it,” a board member said.

To add salt to injury, her boyfriend ditched her just hours after that for another woman and even shared yet another video kissing his new bae.

Wema forced to address rumors that she’s dating unidentified man after love messages to went viral 

Actress Wema Sepetu has come out to deny that she’s dating an identified man after screenshots of her love messages to the man went viral.

On Instagram, the man going by the name Rock Charles posted that he’s returning to Tanzania to see his to be wife Wema, promoting her to post a comment saying she’s eager to meet him too.

“It’s been long time tz. Am coming to see my wife to be @Wemasepetu” he posted

Awww!! Welcome Hubby,” replied Wema.


The screenshots of the exchange have started circulating forcing the actress who has been rumored to be dating Diamond Platnumz to come out to clear things up. She said that the screenshots had been edited.

“Hii kitu imekuwa ikisambaa sana and I know nothing about it… Natumiwa na watu wa karibu nabaki natoa macho… Jana nimeona ya kwanza nd I jus decided kupost those flowers na kuandika mnanitafuta… Jamani huyo mtu hapo juu kwanza simjui…. And hizo edits mnazofanya za kuonesha nimecomment sio Mimi… Kwa wanaojua Instagram vizuri mtaona kabisa kwamba hio ni EDIT na sio Original Comment kama ya kawaida inavyokuwa

“Nimesema mara moja na ntasema tena, Msione watu wamekaa kimya mkaanza kuwatafutia vijimambo vya ajabu vya kuzua zua… Nipumzisheni basi… Maana mmeshaniseeeeeemaaa mpaka… Mmetukaaaaaaanaaa mpaka…. Mmeninaaaaaaangaaa mpaka… Nimekaa kimya tu… Sasa this is a lil bit deep… Sipendi maneno maneno jamani… Kwani kipi kikubwa nimewakosea mpaka kila siku hamuachi kuniandama… Mbona nimekaa kimya tu na sina habari na mtu lakini kutwaaaa on my Case…. Sipendi jamani…. Kuharibiana Vibe za Eid tu… SITAKI JAMANI….. NIACHENI” shared Wema Sepetu.

Wema: My dream of working with Majuto has gone up in flames 

Actress Wema Sepetu has come out to share that she always wanted to work with the late Tanzanian actor Amri Athuman aka Mzee Majuto who died on August 8 while undergoing treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Speaking to Global Publishers, the actress wished she got a chance to work with one of the best talents in the Tanzanian movie business. It had always been her dream but after he passed, everything evaporated.

“Nilipopata taarifa tu ya msiba niliumia sana, nilijua wazi kabisa ndoto yangu imezimika na kile nilichokitarajia hakikuweza kufanikiwa kabisa nilitamani kujipima nione nikicheza filamu ya vichekesho na yeye ingekuwaje lakini ndiyo hivyo tena imeshindikana,” she said to the news outlet.


Maji Moto, who started acting in 1958 while he was still nine-years old, was a respected actor in the country who has played a huge role in shaping up the Tanzanian movie industry.

After his death, Wema took to Instagram to mourn him saying;

“Alipangalo Allah… I wished to work with you baba angu… Ila Allah hakupanga… Kapumzike baba angu… Mungu Mkali jamani….???… Ila kama kuteseka tu umeteseka jamani…. RIP King…” posted Wema Sepetu.

Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz mourn Mzee Maji Moto with emotional posts 

Singer Diamond Platnumz and actress Wema Sepetu have mourned popular Tanzanian actor Amri Athuman aka Mzee Majuto who died on August 8 while undergoing treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Maji Moto, who started acting in 1958 while he was still nine-years old, was a respected actor in the country who has played a huge role in shaping up the Tanzanian movie industry.


On Instagram, Diamond mourned the actor by posting black photo while Wema wished she got a chance to act with him.

“Alipangalo Allah… I wished to work with you baba angu… Ila Allah hakupanga… Kapumzike baba angu… Mungu Mkali jamani….???… Ila kama kuteseka tu umeteseka jamani…. RIP King…” posted Wema Sepetu.

“May your Humble Soul Rest in Paradise KING?…Will always Miss and Love you??,” Diamond captioned the black image.

The veteran actor was suffering from a hernia and had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit due to his deteriorating condition.


Wema Sepetu changes direction, turns down Diamond’s S.A party invite

Tanzanian socialite Wema Sepetu will not attend the highly anticipated Birthday Party organised for Diamond Platnumz’ daughter scheduled on August 17th in South Africa.

In an Instagram post, Sepetu wished Tiffah a happy birthday and went on to share why she wouldn’t attend the event.

“God Bless The Next Big Thing… Like Father Like Daughter…. On August 6th, A Star was Born…Msije mkadhani kwenye Party naenda… Wala siendi… I just wished the lil angel… Dats it…!!! #SinagaHianaMie …. Maana hamkawii” wrote Wema Sepetu.

Not welcomed

Tiffah celebrated her birthday on 6th August. Wema’s message comes just days after Zari Hassan, Diamond’s ex-wife, clearly mentioned that she wished the 30 guys picked by Diamond to attend the party would not come.

Zari Hassan responds after hearing Diamond is coming with Wema sepetu to her house

Diamond has announced that at least 30 fans will be flown to South Africa for his daughter’s birthday party. His manager, Babu Tale, revealed that they’ve offered free flights to a number of Bongo Movie actresses who had organized Zamaradi Mketema’s son 40 days celebrations.

One of those offered the chance to fly there is none other than Wema Sepetu. She took to Instagram to share the news, saying she was excited to be part of the team picked.

On behalf on Wanakamati wote I will like trosay Thansks to Wasafi Compnay .maanake umetusprprise sana kwa hili lakini asante sana. We are looking forward for Tiffah’s Bithday” said Wema Sepetu.

Don’t come

Zari Hassan, the woman of the house, doesn’t look too happy about the 30 guys, especially Wema, coming from Tanzania to her house. On Instagram she answered a fan who alerted her that the 30 were coming, to which she replied they shouldn’t at all.

“Mama Tee Tiunakuja sauzi sisi shangazi zake Tee na mama zake wa Kambo” said the fan on her Instagram

Zari responded saying: “Haha sitakikunichafulia nyumba samahani. Mkai uko uko”

Other actresses expected to join Wema on her trip to South Africa include Shamsa Ford, Shilole, Irene Paul, Irene Uwoya, Lamata, Kajala Masanja.


Drama on the way! Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan set to meet face to face

Wema Sepetu will be meeting Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan for the first time since their controversial breakup that led many to claim Wema orchestrated it.

Diamond and Zari are currently organising a party for their daughter Tiffah Dangote in South Africa that will see several celebs and fans fly to S.A for the event.

According to Diamond’s manager, the organisation has been going on well and even promised that he will bring his family to the birthday set to gown down on August 17th.


“Hii ni kwa ajili yenu nyinyi wote wanakamata ,Tarehe Kumi na sita tulikuwa tunafasiri watie kwenda South Africa nimetoa offer kutoka kwa Kampuni WCB Wasfi na kwaudhami wa GSM wanakamati wote tutakwenda nao south Aftrica , watalala, lakini wanakamati wawe single Single, Zamaradi nitaomba majina ya wanakamati wako kwa sababu ya Kwenda South Africa kwa ajili ya Birthday Party. Wanakamati wote mmeshawishi  sana. Offer ilikuwa tu ya watu 30 lakini kwa ajili yenu tumeongeza. Kijana wangu ameona kushirikia Pamoja” said Babu Tale. 

Wema couldn’t hide her excitement and took to social to say:

On behalf on Wanakamati wote I will like trosay Thansks to Wasafi Compnay .maanake umetusprprise sana kwa hili lakini asante sana. We are looking forward for Tiffah’s Bithday” said Wema Sepetu.

Other actresses expected to join Wema on her trip to South Africa include Shamsa Ford, Shilole, Irene Paul, Irene Uwoya, Lamata, Kajala Masanja.

Wema Sepetu escapes jail term by a whisker after being found guilty of possession of drugs 

Tanzanian socialite Wema Sepetu will not be going to jail after she managed to raise a bond of TSh 2 million (KSh 1 million) after she was found guilty of possession and illegal use of marijuana.

Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama was to serve a one-year jail term in case she was unable to pay the hefty amount.

Paid if full

The case was heard at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court and the ruling was made by Resident Magistrate Thomas Simba on Friday, July 20. She was found guilty of possession of a few rolls of bhang at Kunduchi Uninio area a few months ago.

Wema and several other celebrities were ambushed by police and searched for drugs as the Tanzanian government launched it’s fight against drugs.

Actress Elizabeth Lulu gets warm messages from friends after spending first birthday in jail

Celebs and friends have not forgotten actress Lulu Micheal who went to jail after killing fellow actor Steven Kanumba in 2012. Celebrities flooded social media with birthday wishes for the actress who is serving two years as she turned 23 years old.

Celebrities such as Mercy Masika and Wema Sepetu were among those who took time to wish him a happy birthday though we highly doubt whether she received them.

“You are a true soldier, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU,” said Masika on Instagram.

Masika’s post

Being missed

Wema also shared a post saying how she misses the actress and is keeping her in her prayers.

“Today your Celebrating your birthday away from home, away from your loved ones… Dats a feeling no one can bare with… But Inshallah baby, In our prayers you will Live… Nakupenda na Nakumiss… .” she said. 


“Diamond Platnumz and I are just good friends!” Wema Sepetu sets the record straight about her relationship with her ex!

A lot has been said about Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz especially after their video at Mbosso’s party went viral.

Many started speculating that the two were back together and from the rate at which the videos were making rounds on social media; it left many believing that the exes were back to warming each other’s beds.

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Zari blames Wema Sepetu for her break up

Well, it also turns out that Zari also see’s Wema Sepetu as the main reason her relationship with Diamond Platnumz did not work out. She revealed this during an interview with BBC where she happened to talk about the viral video of Diamond embracing Wema.

Wema Sepetu – we are just friends

In a new interview where Wema Sepetu reveals about her show on Wasafi TV, we also learn that the two are just friends. The Tanzanian actress denies kissing Diamond Platnumz clearing the rumors told by fans on Instagram.

According to her, they are just friends and nothing more!

Wema Sepetu addresses rumors linking her to Diamond Platnumz, says he is her new boss at Wasafi TV!

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu has opened up about her new plans with Diamond Platnumz leaving many talking.

Unlike what many thought, it turns out that Diamond and Wema Sepetu are just good friends who have partnered to work together. This was revealed by Wema Sepetu who recently revealed that she will be hosting a show on Wasafi TV.

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According to Wema Sepetu this is why the two have been quite close since they are aiming at making money.

Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz Kissing


For a while now, team Zari has been accusing Wema Sepetu of being the reason the Ugandan socialite broke up with her baby daddy. However Wema Sepetu strongly denies this saying that her video with Diamond was exaggerated for nothing.

For her, having Diamond Platnumz around means working and making a name for herself. Anyway, as for now she will be part of Wasafi TV where her show will be starting soon.

Wema Sepetu weighs in on Zari and Diamond Platnumz breakup

When many are claiming that Wema Sepetu will now be filling the space Zari left in Diamond Platnumz home; it happens that she has no plans to do this!

She apparently told Radio 7 that she is hoping the singer and his baby mama works out their differences. This comes as a surprise especially since we all know that Zari snatched Diamond from her.

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She went on to insist that two can work out their problems especially now that they are parents. Wema Sepetu said,

Kama kweli wameachana mimi naona wayamalize na maisha yaendelee ingawa mapenzi hayaingiliwi. Warudiane ili walee watoto wao pamoja.

Wema Sepetu’s new friendship with Diamond Platnumz sister

Even with this, Wema seems to have developed a close relationship with Esma Khan. They had earlier been close friends but after she split with Diamond Platnumz back in 2014/2015 the two parted ways.

From her reaction back then, it was obvious to see that she was not in good terms with Diamond’s family; but things seem to have taken a drastic change.