Wema Sepetu snaps at ex boyfriend, threatens to have him arrested!

Bongo Star Wema Sepetu recently left tongues wagging after her response to Idris Sultan; who sent her a weird birthday message that ended up pissing off the actress.

As seen on the screenshot shared widely on social media; Idris went on make fun of Wema Sepetu’s 90’s hairdo and instead of getting the reaction he had hoped for this went south!

The popular comedian went on to jokingly write saying;

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Ushauri tuu, Kama wewe mwembamba sana jitahidi usivae wigi Kubwa. Ukisimama sekunde 30 bila kusogea, watu wanaweza kudhani ni mop.

Wema hits back

However, turns out that Wema was not ready to have people making fun of her new weight. Hitting back at the comedian, Wema went on to tell Idris that he deserves to be arrested again and again.

The angered actress went on to add, that if she had the power to arrest this guy…then she would have him locked up for his unfunny jokes.

Una ufal mwingi….na sijapenda…..si kila kitu utani. It’s nat even funn. Ninngekuwa na mamlaka ningekuweka ndani…. ndo maana unatiwaga ndani.

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Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan

This comes just a few hours after the madam went on to confess that she lied about her age. Thanks to a detailed post, Wema went on to confess about this in a caption where she wrote;

30 years old Queen… I promised to say the truth on my exact Day… September 28th 1990, I was Delivered from the Womb of Mariam Athmann Sumbe… I Am Happy I’m celebrating 30 years of my Life… ????????????
Sorry I lied…????

Well, lets just say that ladies will always have an issue when it comes to revealing their original ages!