Wema Sepetu is a good example of why women should not put off having kids for their career

Wema Sepetu has struggled to have kids for years now to a point she is only asking her God for just one. Just one baby that will call her mummy and a child of her own – but everytime she gets pregnant, the pregnancy somehow ends up with a miscarriage.

Wema with late boyfriend, Steve Kanumba

Well, from the latest stories – we understand that she blames her current young boyfriend Whozu for being the reason she lost their 3 months pregnancy; but again – didn’t she suffer a miscarriage at 3 months while pregnant with Idris Sultan’s twins? Its a cycle and for some reason she never gets to second trimester.

Miscarriages after abortions

Okay….at this point I am forced to remind you that in the past she had two abortions which I now believe are the reason she cannot get past the first pregnancy trimester; since the quack doctor who performed the abortion either tampered with her uterus or her womb isn’t strong enough to carry a child.

Wema Sepetu posing with friend’s newborn

Studies show that women who have abortions can develop a womb infection whixh then can spread to your fallopian tubes and ovaries causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which then makes it more difficult to get pregnant and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancies…same same cause as Wema Sepetu’s situation.

Well with Wema Sepetu in her early 30’s- we also understand there is pressure to conceive and believe it or not….she is even willing to raise it as a single mother, something many other single mums out here would discourage her from doing…..but from the way she wants a child, i don’t think anything or anyone can stop her from trying over and over again.

Wema Sepetu changes direction, turns down Diamond’s S.A party invite

Tanzanian socialite Wema Sepetu will not attend the highly anticipated Birthday Party organised for Diamond Platnumz’ daughter scheduled on August 17th in South Africa.

In an Instagram post, Sepetu wished Tiffah a happy birthday and went on to share why she wouldn’t attend the event.

“God Bless The Next Big Thing… Like Father Like Daughter…. On August 6th, A Star was Born…Msije mkadhani kwenye Party naenda… Wala siendi… I just wished the lil angel… Dats it…!!! #SinagaHianaMie …. Maana hamkawii” wrote Wema Sepetu.

Not welcomed

Tiffah celebrated her birthday on 6th August. Wema’s message comes just days after Zari Hassan, Diamond’s ex-wife, clearly mentioned that she wished the 30 guys picked by Diamond to attend the party would not come.

Wema Sepetu suffers yet another miscarriage

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu is almost hitting 29 years with no child yet. Well, this is because she has been having problems when it comes to conceiving and so far has suffered several miscarriages.

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Just like any woman hoping to get a baby in the future, Wema Sepetu has not given up on trying to get one. However in a new post shared a few hours, the actress reveals that miscarriages have now become part of her.

Wema suffers 1st miscarriage

The first miscarriage she revealed to the world was after she lost her twins with Idris Sultan. But judging from her post seems that it has since occurred several times.

Looking at the comment section, most of her close friends joined in to encourage her not to give up as she still has time. Her post read to say;