Wema Sepetu’s Mother Confronts Her for Cohabiting with Boyfriend Without Family Acknowledgment

Tanzanian actress and model Wema Sepetu found herself in an uncomfortable situation when her mother, Mariam Sepetu, confronted her for cohabiting with her boyfriend, Whozu, without formally introducing him to the family.

In a video shared by a Tanzanian blogger, Wema’s mother urged her daughter to show proper respect as a daughter and to first inform her family that she has a boyfriend or fiancé before introducing him to the public.

Despite her stern words, Wema’s mother conveyed her affection for her daughter, emphasizing that she only wanted what was best for her, despite the disagreements.

This isn’t the first instance of Wema’s mother publicly embarrassing her. In 2018, she forcefully evicted her then-boyfriend from their home late at night. Back then, Wema’s mother was infuriated by her daughter’s numerous relationships and her apparent reluctance to settle down in marriage.

In April 2023, Whozu said his pursuit of Wema began in 2019, and he patiently waited for three years before their romantic relationship officially began in April 2022.

Whozu also passionately professed his love for Wema Sepetu and shared that they were in the midst of planning their upcoming wedding.

It is unclear how Wema responded to her mother’s confrontation, but the video has sparked a debate on social media about the role of parents in their children’s romantic relationships. Some people have criticized Wema’s mother for being too controlling, while others have defended her right to protect her daughter.

‘I Have Suffered Miscarriages In The Past’-Wema Sepetu Opens Up About Her Desire To Be A Mom

Former Tanzanian beauty queen Wema Sepetu has opened up about her desire to be a mom. In an interview with Tanzanian media stations, Sepetu said that she has suffered miscarriages in the past, and that she prays she will be able to conceive and carry a baby to term soon.

Sepetu’s desire to be a mom is well-known to her fans. In fact, recently someone edited a video of Sepetu to make it look like she was pregnant. The video went viral, and many people congratulated Sepetu on her pregnancy. However, Sepetu clarified that she is not actually pregnant, but that she hopes to be one day.

“The whole world knows I have trouble conceiving,” Sepetu said. “I have a problem and when I get pregnant, I miscarry at 2/3 months.”

Despite her struggles, Sepetu remains hopeful that she will one day be able to become a mom. “It made me feel very emotional,” she said of the edited video. “I cried and sent it to my boyfriend. I took it very positively, people called me and congratulated them as some thought it is true.”

Sepetu’s story is a reminder that the journey to motherhood is not always easy. However, it is also a reminder that hope is never lost. With perseverance and determination, Sepetu and other women who are struggling to conceive can achieve their dream of becoming moms.

Wema Sepetu is a good example of why women should not put off having kids for their career

Wema Sepetu has struggled to have kids for years now to a point she is only asking her God for just one. Just one baby that will call her mummy and a child of her own – but everytime she gets pregnant, the pregnancy somehow ends up with a miscarriage.

Wema with late boyfriend, Steve Kanumba

Well, from the latest stories – we understand that she blames her current young boyfriend Whozu for being the reason she lost their 3 months pregnancy; but again – didn’t she suffer a miscarriage at 3 months while pregnant with Idris Sultan’s twins? Its a cycle and for some reason she never gets to second trimester.

Miscarriages after abortions

Okay….at this point I am forced to remind you that in the past she had two abortions which I now believe are the reason she cannot get past the first pregnancy trimester; since the quack doctor who performed the abortion either tampered with her uterus or her womb isn’t strong enough to carry a child.

Wema Sepetu posing with friend’s newborn

Studies show that women who have abortions can develop a womb infection whixh then can spread to your fallopian tubes and ovaries causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which then makes it more difficult to get pregnant and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancies…same same cause as Wema Sepetu’s situation.

Well with Wema Sepetu in her early 30’s- we also understand there is pressure to conceive and believe it or not….she is even willing to raise it as a single mother, something many other single mums out here would discourage her from doing…..but from the way she wants a child, i don’t think anything or anyone can stop her from trying over and over again.

Mahaba kama yote! Wema Sepetu bags herself young talented Tz rapper & fans approve

Wema Sepetu might just finding her back to stardom and what better way than publicizing her relationship with one young rapper – Whozu who is not only a talented artist but an eye candy you cannot go without noticing.

Wema Sepetu

Well thanks to Wema’s 31st birthday party thatb went down a few days ago, we all got to finally learn about Wema and Whozu’s relationship and from what fans are saying is that – it’s about time Wema Sepetu found herself a good man that deserves her love and who better than Whozu himself.

With the relationship now public – there are those who also believe this could be Whozu’s big break; since apparently Wema Sepetu has ‘a star’ that brings luck to all the men she dates. I mean look at Diamond Platnumz, Idris Sultan and the many that came after.

Wema in love with her friend’s baby daddy

Okay – although many agree that Wema deserves happiness and so does Whozu….some cant help but wonder how she ended up with rapper knowing very well he is the baby daddy to Tunda….a young socialite that also grew up following into Wema’s footsteps.

But then again…the same Tunda who is now in her late 20’s allegedly used to secretly date Diamond Platnumz when both Wema and Zari were still in the picture….and this is how she was featured on Salome hit song by Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny…..so do we call it karma?

Tbt: Tunda on Salome hitsong

Well…whatever the case, but truth is with Wema Sepetu still childless and unmarried at 31 years – chances are that she is not letting this one go.

“I want a baby boy” Actress Wema Sepetu still hopeful about having a baby despite struggles with infertility

You see back in the day around 2010 Wema Sepetu must have been the biggest celebrity there was in Tanzania. This is because she not only bagger the crown for Miss Tz in 2006 but was a good actress involved with known actors like the late Kanumba and finally – she bagged Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

From what we’ve heard is that Wema Sepetu was the stepping stone to Diamond Platnumz fame. She mobilized her whole fan base to support the singer and in a blink of eye – Diamond Platnumz was a star. Actually back then they’d refer to him as Wema Sepetu’s boyfriend. Lanes.

Anyway as you know the breakup in 2014 was too ugly hence somehow ruined Wema Sepetu’s reputation and this is how she became irrelevant overnight. Well, she’s tried getting back the old fame but nothing seems to work apart from just a few having interest in her private life.

Tbt: Wema and Diamond Platnumz

Praying for motherhood

One of the things her fans know is that she currently has trouble conceiving due to some complications caused during an abortion she had as a teenager.

According to her – it now feels like punishment knowing she could have kept her two pregnancies, raise the kids and life moves on; instead – she’s in and out of hospital looking for solutions to reverse her condition.

Well, it’s no secret she wants a child of her own and as seen on a new post the actress says she wants a baby boy.

One day I wish to have a baby boy

But at 29 years, I guess she still have enough time to keep trying for a baby, right?

Uwii samehea yeye ! Mange Kimambi teases explicit videos of Diamond Platnumz ex mother-in-law, fans beg her to stop (Video)

Meanwhile as Nadia Mukami and her team continue to feel attacked after fans advised her to fire her stylist; Tanzanians now want to quit social media following an explicit video leaked of mama Wema Sepetu getting naughty.

Well, one would thing that a woman in her late 60’s is busy handling her grandkids and maybe trying to catch afternoon naps – but this is not what Mama Wema Sepetu prefers doing.

Mama Wema

Although she’s old, mama still has her fun side and likes to enjoy the company of a bold man – not to sound disrespectful but the body has its needs as humans; and just because she is old doesn’t mean she still doesn’t feel like other women.

Lover leaks videos

Anyway there is a disturbing video shared by Mange Kimambi where you hear and see mama Wema describing what she likes.

Okay wait…this woman is like my grandmother’s age or even older so writing what she said might give me nightmares; so you can watch the video below to see for yourself.

Anyway with the short clip shared by Mange Kimambi, Tanzanians on social media have gone ahead to plead with the blogger not to share more; but instead hide the lady’s shame out respect….and well – let’s wait and see.

However this is not the first time mama Wema Sepetu is finding herself in such a situation. For a woman her age, one would think she’s done it all… but no.

Watch the video below courtesy of Mange Kimambi.



Wema Sepetu shares touching memories of late boyfriend in his remembrance (Photos)

Actress Wema Sepetu…wait for those who don’t know, the actress named above is one of Bongo’s celebrated media personality who was not only known for her acting skills; but for her relationship with Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz.

Many claim she is the reason Diamond Platnumz career blew up back in the day; which could true judging that is judging from the huge fan base she had around 2010 to 2015. Let me tell you something Maina Wema Sepetu was the real deal, a star – one who was born to shine!

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However before Diamond Platnumz, the actress had dated another super star, Steven Kanumba who was the King of Film. I hear he was not only good with entertaining but also very handsome; an eye candy that had most women drooling over him.

His reign in the film industry was however cut short by his untimely death which now brings us here. Well, 14 years after his death and Wema Sepetu still remembers her bae in the best possible way. She proved this by sharing some of her old photos with late lover, Kanumba taken back in the day, to which she captioned;

Who is Wema Sepetu?

Well with Gen Zers different from older generations, Im pretty sure Wema Sepetu is a name most know nothing about; which is actually weird considering they are the first consumers to have grown up wholly in the digital era.

Also read: Wema Sepetu opens up about relationship struggles years after Diamond Platnumz betrayal

Anyway allow me to reintroduce the actress to y’all. Wema Sepetu walker into East Africa’s hall of fame in 2006 after she was crowd Miss Tanzania; hence representing her country at the Miss World competition in 2006.

With her fine petite looks, her photos circulating on social media (Facebook) hence attracting the attention of different film directors in Tanzania; and just like that she started her acting career which was successful for years – before her downfall catalyzed by dramatic breakup with Diamond Platnumz. Anyway – that’s a story for another day. Maybe.

Check out the photos shared to remember lover, Kanumba.

Wema Sepetu opens up about relationship struggles years after Diamond Platnumz betrayal

Tanzanian actress seems Sepetu has confessed that she misses falling in love. This could mean that she hasn’t been the luckiest when it comes down to bagging a good man; and this explains why she hasn’t introduced a serious partner since her separation with Diamond Platnumz.

Zari Hassan (left), Diamond (center) and Wema Sepetu (right)

If you remember well, it is said Wema Sepetu was left hanging by lover Diamond Platnunz; who allegedly replaced her with Zari – way before breaking off things with the Tanzanian sweetheart.

Just like most fans, Wema learnt about Diamond Platnumz new relationship through social media; a cold move that seems to have affected Wema Sepetu over the years.

Ex-lovers Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

No serious relationships

Of course having been humiliated like that, Wema Sepetu who was the queen of entertainment back then tried her best to convince fans; that she was okay – only for her to end up introducing random flings through her page.

I mean, this is how we met the likes of Idris Sultan, Patrick (the conman;) among other men who dated the actress for less than 3 months. Ouch. However this desperate move pushed her to making more mistakes; to a point that the government had her arrested for naked photos.

Tbt: Wema with Patrick

All grown up and Lesson learnt

Well, despite the many challenges including struggle with weight; Wema managed to come out stronger and abit more mature that is judging from her current posts.

However although she seems all grown up now; Wema Sepetu recently confessed that her life is still incomplete as she struggles to find true love.

The lass revealed this in a post where she wrote;

Actress Wema Sepetu

I miss to Be in Love tho… ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ But im Happy…

And although love seems the most challenging aspect in her life; the actress went on to prove that she isn’t giving up yet – as she went on to add:

Somebody’s Son gon Love me soooo hard One Day…. Im Telling You…☺️????☺️????☺️???? Mama wakwe, Mawifi, Mashemeji na Kadhalika mtaona wivu wa Ajab????????????… (Just Kidding cause im a Lovely person) Sidhani kama Im difficult to Love… Au tuwaulize walopita…????????????

Vanessa Mdee’s priceless reaction after Wema Sepetu ‘jealous‘ comment

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu must be facing a tough time seeing all her friends and age-mates have babies; while she still continues to struggle with childlessness.

Tbt: Pregnant Wema

A while back she congratulated actress Wolper for welcoming a baby boy; and seen on the comment it was obvious that Wema is desperate to became a mum.

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Well, another friend – Vanessa Mdee  welcomed a baby boy just a few days ago and for some reason ; Wema found herself expressing how ‘jealous’ she is and believe me – this 30 year old is hurting.

To congratulate Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi for their newborn, the popular actress wrote;

Im sooo jealous. Congrats my baby.

To which Mdee responded saying;

One day you will share a testimony too and it will be beautiful and you will have a child. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Regrets abortions

Wema Sepetu has been struggling with childlessness due to the two abortions she had in her past.

Speaking about it, Wema Sepetu says childlessness is a curse from her late ex, who was responsible for the two pregnancies she got rid of back in the day.

Ex lovers the late Kanumba with Wema Sepetu

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  He told me I owe him, he told me I will not get babies with anyone else because he was the father of my babies. He told me I owe him, two babies.

Although it’s clear that her barren situation was not caused by the curse; last time we checked Wema was getting fertility help from some Asian doctors and since then, the lady doesn’t talk much about having kids.

Alaar! Wema Sepetu explains why she was addicted to Diamond Platnumz physical and mental abuse

You see, different women want different things in life; but I’ll tell you for free – there are no women on this face of earth that want; or rather would enjoy being beaten by their spouses.

Well, maybe just little kinky beating – like a spank but a whole slap and punch? No thank you!

Wema Sepetu after Diamond Platnumz beat her up

However Wema Sepetu seems to like or rather enjoys the physical abuse; and thanks to a new post she may have confirmed that something is off about her as a person.

Okay, this is because she encourages her spouses to beat her; like hit, punch and kick? Seriously who is her dealer? And this is the only way she can feel loved by the person she is involved with. What kind of drugs are people abusing these days?

Wema Sepetu

Wema’s friend speaks

Well, if you thought Wema’s post was meant to attract attention on social media; then you’re right but at the same time her close friends have confirmed that she is one weird woman.

A friend identified as Imelda mtema got to weigh in on Wema’s latest post and to our surprise; turns out that this fetish didn’t start just the other day.

Acccording to Imelda, her friend Sepetu always enjoyed getting beaten by Diamond Platnumz; and when asked why – the former model would say she enjoys watching him cry afterwards while begging for forgiveness. Yaani kubembelezwa.

And you still wonder why Zari remains irreplaceable in Diamond’s life?

But again, if it rocks her boat – then why not!

“I love being hit by my boyfriends” Wema Sepetu confesses leaving many talking

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu must really weird fetish that is judging from one of her latest posts; where she confessed that being hit by her boyfriend makes her abit too happy. Wait, what?

Well yes, Wema Sepetu who is a celebrated media personality from Tz admitted to enjoying light blows from her men; adding that this is a sign that their is love in the relationship; and at this point I’m wondering why she never ended with Diamond Platnumz; who in the past used to beat her black and blue.

Wema Sepetu after Diamond Platnumz beat her up

Through her IG page, the former Miss Tanzania said;

Nakumbuka zamani wakati naanza mapenzi na mwanaume flani, alishanitamkia hajawahi na hatowahi kumpiga mwanamke… Ila kwangu bwana akagonga mwamba na hicho kiapo… Kiukweli nili enjoy sana…????????????

Explaining herself, Wema revealed that what she enjoys more is the ‘making up part;’ that not only comes with a lot of babying; she went on to add;

Actress Wema Sepetu

Moral of the story: Kupigwa na baby wako kuna raha yake, haswa pale kwenye kubembelezana… Ila sasa sio tupigane kama wezi… Kidogo tu sio mbaya… Alafu iwe mara moja moja sio Daily… ????????????

You do you

Well it’s obvious that an insane person is the only person who would enjoy physical abuse; so those judging Wema, she had to this say to them;

Sio lazima wote tufanane… Kuna wasio penda kupigwa ila as for me, kushtua shtua one tym one tym is very Healthy jamani….

“Tapeli mkubwa Wewe” Fans tell off Wema Sepetu for advertising fake slimming pills

Word making rounds on social media is that Wema Sepetu has graduated from her modeling and acting career; to a serious con artist who has been making money off fans using fake information.

This after Viva Serenity; a Kenyan company that sponsored her bariatric surgery exposed her for breaching a contract they had.

Wema Sepetu with Big Ted

According to sources, Viva Serenity sponsored Wema Sepetu bypass surgery that contributed to her amazing loss; and in turn – all she needed to do is market Viva Serenity using her story and body weight transformation.

Breached contract

Well, having struggled with over 100kgs this was indeed a good deal for Wema; but little did Big Ted and his company know the surprise awaiting them ahead.

After the surgery in Nairobi, Wema returned back home and since then she disappeared, switching off her phone; hence making it hard for the company that sponsored her weight loss to reach her.

Sepetu Wema

Fake information

However when asked by fans how she lost her weight; Wema Sepetu came up with different stories including fake Chinese slimming pills that she claimed to have helped in her weight loss.

Of course Wema saw this as a good business opportunity to make quick and easy money; and as expected desperate fans looking to lose weight fell right into her trap.

Con woman

However now that the truth about her weight loss is out; Wema Sepetu recently shared a post claiming she will soon share her side of the story through her paid Wema App – ( a stupid move that is costing her at the moment.)

Fans in the comment section have not only been attaching her but have confirmed that Wema Sepetu is no longer a genuine celebrity; but a con artist.

Responding to her posts, Fans went on to write;

Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu continue to roast each other despite both losing Diamond Platnumz

I honestly don’t see the day when Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu will decided to call off their beef; especially now that none of them is with singer Diamond Platnumz.

For those wondering, Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu started beefing after the WCB CEO settled down with Zari while still dating Wema; and yes – the heartbreak brought out Tanzanian actress’s Wema Sepetu ugly side.

The lass not only attacked Zari on social media but word has it that young Tiffah was also dragged into the mess. Ugly. And ever since then, these two boss ladies cannot see eye to eye.

Low blows

So far we have seen both ladies bash each other and the latest incident was sparked by Manunu’s (Wema’s dog) disappearance; which  Zari claimed to be stage – and just another way to seek social media sympathy.

Since then – the two ladies have been serving low blows and looks like things are getting worse judging from Zari’s latest post. Well, according to Zari who was responding to Wema’s latest insults; the boss lady claims that she will not argue with a starving person. Ouch.

This is after a fan wrote to Zari saying;

Zari wee mbwa wako hajapotea kama wa Wema? ???? alafu Wema alikujibu vibaya Boss Lady.

To which Zari responded saying;

It’s Ramadan and natoa msaada. She could use some free food, naona kabakisha kichwa tu. Iyo ni njaa, let her eat some food, she will be fine.

Zari vs Wema

Wow. Just wow with these two! I guess the drama is back after 3 years of silence.


Wema Sepetu breaks down after losing her one and only baby

There is no better life than that of a super star. I mean…there is money, fun and of course funny-funny stunts that keep bloggers talking every now and then.

Talking about stunts – Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu is making headlines after losing her baby Manunu. Yes, Wema has a dog she considers her baby and this past weekend baby Manunu happened to get out of their compound straying away till date.

According to Wema Sepetu her baby Vanilla aka Manunu has been missing for 2 days now; and from the look of things, he might not get back home.

Baby Vanilla Manunu

My Dog amepotea…..‼️‼️‼️‼️ Kwa yoyote atakayemuona kokote please anijulishe kwa namba hii 0679749903… na kuna zawadi ya 1M… Amepotea Asubuhi hii… Please Guys Help me… Anaitwa Vanilla or Manunu… Amevaa kigauni cha Brown

However Wema has offered Tsh 2 million to anyone who will bring back baby Vanilla; who means more than the world to her. Through her IG Wema went on to write;

Wema Sepetu with her baby Manunu

I really want my Manunu BACK….!!! Natop Up pesa sio 1m tena ni 2M… mkimuona popote anaitwa Vanilla or Manunu…????????????????

Giving up

Seeing how everyone has turned this into a joke; Wema appears to have given up on finding her baby – that is judging from her latest post where she wrote;

Baby Vanilla

Please Just call Vanilla or Manunu anajua jina lake… PLEASE…????????????

Well – last time i checked Wema Sepetu was obsessed with the Kardashians; and this right here is the outcome.

‘Jogoo hakuwa na nguvu ’ Wema Sepetu explains why she is still childless

It’s either Wema Sepetu is working on creating awareness on Erectile dysfunction; which is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex – or the lass is out to shame her ex boyfriend after bitter breakup.

The lady opened up about this through a live IG session held a few hours ago. As seen on her page, the former Miss Tanzania 2006 opened up about her previous relationship with certain Bongo tycoon; explaining why she parted ways with him with no regrets.

Wema Sepetu before weight loss

According to Wema, she had to do this since fans have been questioning why she remains unmarried and still childless – despite hitting 30 years. To our surprise, Wema Sepetu did not leave any stone unturned when it came to discussing her ex boyfriend.

Not man enough

Just like most bitter women would do, the lady portrayed her man as impotent; probably to explain her childless situation that was to change after weight loss.

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss worries masses

About the body weight, let’s just say that she shed off more than enough; but still no change when it comes to family. However with her Instagram live – at least now fans understand why we are yet to see a mini Wema.

Others have however condemned her for exposing her ex in the worst possible way. Most fans have not only called her out for being petty; but something about this erectile dysfunction video feels like an advertisement.

And what better way to create awareness than getting Wema on board? Anyway watch the video below.

Skeleton si figure: Wema Sepetu trolled for looking too skinny, asked to start eating

Actress Wema Sepetu has been trolled for looking too skinny in one of the latest pics shared on her gram recently.

According to fans, Wema lost her youthful looks after undergoing bypass surgery; that was meant to help shed off her weight – as she was hoping to get pregnant before turning 31 years.

Wema’s new look

Although the new photos are well edited, one of them is flooded with awful remarks. Yes, in the photo Wema is seen wearing black pants paired with a maroon shirt and a top corset – just to add more vibe to her look.

Fans tired of Wema Sepetu malnourished look

But, who would have thought that fans would target her for looking petite in her new look. Yes, Wema has been trolled for looking too skinny in the photo and many people have suggested her to eat properly.

Wema flaunts disturbing figure

While others complained of her sudden weight gain – other Instagram users went on to compared Wema to a skeleton because of her bony figure. There were some who speculated that the lady might be suffering from malnutrition; but of course we know her current body is a result of the bypass surgery.

Fine fine Wema Sepetu

But truth is, Wema doesn’t look that bad! Anyway check out the comments below.

Wema Sepetu opens up about battling an illness that almost left her dead

Actress Wema Sepetu has been keeping a low profile on social media; and after weeks of not sharing anything we now understand that she had taken a medical break. The lass revealed this in her latest interview where she went on to talk about battling a chest related problem.

According to Wema, a few days ago she was diagnosed with pneumonia which almost left her lifeless. This is because she not only struggled with the congested chest but also unbearable pain from all the coughing.

In the detailed interview, Wema Sepetu went on to reveal that the pneumonia at some point left her feeling like she was about to loose her life; since at some point she couldn’t even breath. Speaking to Global Publishers, the former Miss Tanzania went on to say;

Bongo actress, Wema Sepetu

I thought it was the end of me and opted to share photos on Instagram so that in case of any (bad) news, people would know I was going through a lot of pain. Some might think it’s a joke but given how I was feeling, I saw my death. I was unable to breathe…I went through a lot of pain.

Health issues since weight loss

Although all we know is that the actress has been having health issues since undergoing Gastric bypass; Wema Sepetu went on to ask her followers to remember her in their prayers due to her weak immune system. She said;

To my fans, keep praying for me because my health issue is recurring; but at least I’m doing better than when I initially fell ill.

At this rate we cannot tell whether Sepetu will be embarking on journey to motherhood; but looking at how skinny she is, I bet her body needs more time to recover in order to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Top 5 female celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks

With  technology advancing every day, women now have the opportunity to alter their bodies however they want. I mean, one can buy from booty, breasts, waist, short toes to a fake smile; but this is only possible when a person has money.

So far we have had a few socialites in Kenya and Tanzania open up about their surgeries; while others continue to insist that their bodies are natural due to diet and healthy living. However for the likes of Huddah and Vera Sidika; we all know they paid to get their banging bodies.


Huddah Monroe pens advice to fans

Huddah claims to have only done breast surgery which was aimed at slightly increasing her boobs. However some claim that she also had butt implants but chose to go for a smaller size


Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika

Former socialite Vera Sidika on the other hand has been quite open about her surgeries. She not only went for butt implants but also had a boob job. Others also believe that she may have been getting liposuction for her small waist; but the lass claims her veetox tea is the reason she slimmed down over night. But question is, why is it not working for her now?

Risper Faith

Risper Faith looking gorgeous after liposuction

After battling with baby fat for close to 2 years after her son’s birth; Risper recently went in for liposuction and judging from how quickly she has snapped back to her old size… I bet it’s okay to say that money can also happiness.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss, worries masses

Unlike Risper Faith who chose liposuction; word has it that Wema Sepetu travelled to India for Gastric bypass. Unlike other surgeries, Gastric bypass is surgery helps a person lose weight by changing how their stomach and small intestine handle the food one eats. Well, so far fans can see the results and from how skinny Wema now looks; but very few would want to try it out.

Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian model, actress and singer Hamisa Mobetto

Although Hamisa Mobetto has always had a petite waist and a bum; most Tanzanian gossip tablets claim that she also had cosmetic surgery to enhance her entire physical look. Judging from photos taken during her modeling days in Nairobi and those shared on her IG; well it’s easy to believe the rumor…. but as for now all we can do is speculate.

Wema sepetu forced to pull down skinny video of herself following ruthless and heartbreaking trolls from fans 

Wema Sepetu has undeniably lost alot of weight to a point where fans feel that she now needs to go easy on herself. So far many have been encouraging the lady to eat her meals right; and instead of focusing on the past, she moves on by accepting she was given a BBW type of bosy.

This is after Wema Sepetu went on to unveil a new video showing off her new hair do. However seems like most of fans could not concentrate on the hair but her long forehead and skinny face that has left her looking rather old.

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Wema who is a sweetheart to many East African’s however shocked her fans rather than impress them what she claims to be a perfect skinny body. Well, out of all the photos we have seen; we can also admit that this time around Wema has really starved herself.

Skinny Wema Sepetu

Side effects of Gastric Bypass

Judging from the video, it appears that instead of looking beautiful; she appears to look malnourished and indeed of proper care. However, this is one of the side effects of Gastric Bypass but just like Mange Kimambi said; Wema will continue losing the small weight she still carries before she finally starts gaining.

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As for now there is nothing Wema can do for herself other than hope that she will start gaining weight before mid 2021. But truth is, looking at how small she now looks makes me appreciate the BBW more. For an African woman, there is nothin g wrong with some little weight here and there!

Watch the video below;

Hamisa Mobetto responds after new found-friend, Wema Sepetu back stabs her during interview

Word making rounds on social media is that Wema Sepetu recently called out Hamisa Mobetto for allegedy discussing Mama Dangote on national radio, Wasafi FM.

According to Wema Sepetu, Hamisa Mobetto was not only wrong to discuss about Diamond Platnumz mum on radio; but also should avoid forcing herself on the lady.

Although this is something that should have been discussed behind closed doors; and since Wema says she is like a big sister to Mobetto, then advising her in private would have been better.

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Hamisa Mobetto and Wema Sepetu

Shortly after the interview, many fans went on to call out Wema Sepetu for back stabbing Hamisa Mobetto; just a few months after going public with their relationship. Wema on the other hand defended herself saying fans took the interview in a negative way; forgetting most heard everything she spoke about Hamisa.

Clap back

Of course Hamisa Mobetto also happened to come across the interview which had already started circulating on social media. If this did not teach her to keep her circle small; then I don’t know what will because clearly there is low key beef between the two.

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However in a post shared on her IG just a few days ago; Hamisa Mobetto is believed to have clapped back at Wema Sepetu as she wrote;

I DO NOT FEAR BECAUSE I AM HIS #daughteroftheking #princess ❤️

Strange details of Wema Sepetu’s and Diamond Platnumz’ secret blood covenant emerge

Love can make someone do crazy things. Some have ditched their families for love, others have given up their careers, others have even made creepy vows…the list is just endless.

It is not until the story hits closer home you realize that the things love can make one do, can go overboard sometimes.

A case in hand is one between petite Tanzanian actress, Wema Sepetu and her ex, Diamond Platnumz.

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Wema Sepetu & Diamond Platnumz short-lived relationship

Wema stands in history as the first public girlfriend the Bongo artist ever introduced and fell in love with back in 2012 up until 2014 when their affair crumbled.

However, what went on between them during the 2 years have now come out as strange revelations.

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

In a recent interview with Tanzanian media, Wema Sepetu admitted Diamond is a man she would treat like her own baby.

He was so delicate, needed so much care and love which Wema Sepetu readily offered.

“Ni mwanaume ambaye anapenda sana mapenzi. He was my baby, totally,” she spilled.

Ex-lovers, Sepetu and Diamond

Before the big revelation of their strange love covenant that left her interviewers shaken.

“Mimi na Diamond tumewai kufanya kiapo tu cha damu. Ametoboa kidole chake nami nikatoboa changu basi tukaviunganisha. Mie nikanyonya cha kwake, ye akanyonya cha kwangu,” she attests.

The journalists go ahead to question the former Miss Tanzania 2006 whether she does not think this is why their individual relationships do not seem to be working.

To which she admitted she does not quite know.

Wema Sepetu

A love that must have been indeed one of a kind if it got the two of them to the extent of making blood covenants which is no childs play.

Wema Sepetu however revealed she is dating, a man whose identity she keeps secret but described him as a beautiful soul and happy to be with.

Meanwhile, Diamond Platnumz is busy having the time of his life with ex-wife, Zari Hassan and their two children in Tanzania, after 2 years of being apart.

There you have it!

Tearful: Wema Sepetu admits she is desperate to be called ‘Mum’

Actress Wema Sepetu has been longing for a child for a very long tie now; but despite all her efforts she remains childless at the age of 30.

Just recently she revealed that her weight loss journey was aimed at helping her conceive; however it turned risky as she was exposed to rays and medications that would have brought cancer. For this reason, she has been living a healthy lifestyle hoping for the day she carries her own child.

Wema Sepetu

But as she waits for the doctor’s assessment on whether she can bare children; Wema continues to make it known that she is quite desperate to have a child of her own who will call her ‘mummy.’

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Wema Sepetu praying for a child

In a recent post shared on Juma Lokole’s page, the alleged bisexual fella went on to share a post that read;

Mtag Rafiki yako unayetamani apate mimba ya Ghafla

Wema and Juma

To which Wema Sepetu tagged herself as seen on the screenshot above. Well, if this does not prove how much the actress has been longing for a child; then what will?

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Anyway…we also get to understand that Wema Sepetu was never born barren as she got pregnant twice for the late Kanumba back in the day. But just like most young ladies, Wema opted for an abortion; which seems to be affecting her now that she is ready to have children of her own.


Wema Sepetu discloses unknown details about relationship with Diamond Platnumz before Zari snatched him away from her

Wema Sepetu recently opened up revealing unknown details about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz back in 2013. Speaking to Juma Lokole who is said to be a family friend to the Dangote’s; Wema went on to reveal why her relationship with the singer was genuine.

According to Wema Sepetu, her ex Diamond Platnumz was ready to marry her before their ugly break up that has taken years to heal from.

Apparently at the time they were dating, things got too serious to a point where both Diamond and his mum went to see her people; inorder to ask for her hand in marriage.

Tbt: Mama Dangote, Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

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He was ready to marry me

Being the only woman he has ever proposed to and made an effort to marry proves that what they shared may have been real; or either young and stupid considering the lass was just 22 years.

Speaking about this 8 years later;

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unakuwa naseeb mimi ndio alikuwa anaenda kuwa mume wangu. mimi ndio mwanamke pekee alietaka kumletea mahari, alietaka kumtolea posa!

Well, this is no secret as we have not seen any other woman catch this singer’s attention like Wema Sepetu did. So far, word making rounds is that the exes are often spotted together once in a while; however their relationship remains on the low for now, until further notice.


Wema Sepetu finally reveals her real age after years of living a lie

Actress Wema Sepetu has been lying about her age ever since competing for Miss Tanzania back in 2006 when she was just 15 years old. Apparently with that age she would not have been allowed to compete hence her management decided to lie about it.

For close 14 years, Wema Sepetu has been forced to lie about her age; but now that she has rebranded herself, Wema says she no longer wants to live a lie.

On Monday, 28 September Miss Sepetu came out clean about her age in a detailed post where she wrote;

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15 year old Wema Sepetu

30 years old Queen… I promised to say the truth on my exact Day… September 28th 1990, I was Delivered from the Womb of Mariam Athmann Sumbe… Iam Happy Im celebrating 30years of my Life… ????????????
Sorry I lied…????

Fans hit back

Looking at most comments left by the fans on the post; it appears that most of her fans remain convinced that she is still lying about her age. Apart from asking why she contested for Miss Tanzania while a minor; others were quick to throw shade at the actress.

As seen in the comments below; it’s evident to see that many still doubt Wema’s new age. Check out the comments below.

Actress Wema Sepetu

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staystarraphael: Kutoka 1988 had 1990????????..Aseeee Nways happy 32yrs madam Uo ni uongo unatudanganya sio 30????
official_mtani: Kwani we wema unahesabu miaka kutoka juu kwenda chini au?????????????

iamthegain: Sasa kama umri tu unadanganya tutaamini vipi kama hujakata utumbo????

rick___ford: Birthday yako ya 26 and fabulous ulifanya kipindi kile ume hongwa morano na Diamond, he kweli ni miaka minne tu imepita tangu hyo Birthday? Diamond ana watoto wanne sasa wewe bado uko 30? Be real tuna kukubali ivyo ivyo na umri wako, uki niuliza mm ur 33/34.

Atakaesema na aseme! Wema Sepetu opts for plastic surgery to get ‘Kim Kardashian’s figure’ after successful weight loss

Wema Seperu has every reason to smile and make merry on social media. Just a few weeks ago, the Tanzanian actress pocketed a couple of millions from DSTV; after agreeing to have her Wema App content on the Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service.

Of course Wema could not just hand them her app without a good deal on the table. And so far word has it that she is currently loaded to a point of dishing out money to her struggling friends. However, this sounds like a repeat of her ‘In my shoes’ show that she ended up dropping due to mismanagement of funds.

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Hopefully she learnt her lesson and will not be repeating this – but who am I kidding…this is Wema Sepetu! The woman with a golden heart.

Wema Sepetu before weight loss

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Away from that, we now understand that Wema Sepetu is planning to get some work done on her body; months after losing almost half her original weight. According to Wema, her doctors from India encouraged her to shed off the unwanted; that is if she was looking to be a mother in future.

Plastic surgery loading

However, turns out that she lost quite a lot and for reason she also lost weight on areas she did not expect…and that is hips, the behind and breasts.

Speaking on her latest episode aired on her App; Wema Sepetu went on to reveal that she has plans to get some work done on her. But with this, se expects nobody to point fingers at her since it is her body and will do as she pleases with it.


baby unene ni mbaya! mimi mwenyewe kiukweli nisiwe muongo. Mimi mwenyewe mwaka huu nimesema Inshallah Corona ikiisha najiendea zangu kujifanyia surgery. Atakae sema na asema

She went on to add

Nataka niende nikaweke vyombo sielewi…sielewi Kim Kardashian ukimwangalia anakuja anakataa

Well there you have it, lets wait and see.

Drama! Wema Sepetu and former friend leave no stone unturned while insulting each other online (Audio)

Wema Sepetu and actress Batuli have been exchanging heavy words on social media following an unknown fall out between the two. As reported on most gossip tabloids; Batuli apparently started throwing insults at Wema’s skinny body for no apparent reason.

Judging from the post shared by Batuli; it’s only right to assume that the lady used the skeleton photo to throw shade at Wema Sepetu.  This comes months after Wema lost her excess body weight hoping to get pregnant in the near future.

Batuli to Wema Sepetu

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According to Wema Sepetu, doctors from India urged her to cut off the weight; and since she was desperate for a child, the lass had no option but to adhere.

However one of her closest friends; Batuli ended up throwing shade at Wema’s new body hence bringing up unnecessary women issues on social media.

Wema hits back

Having come across the post Wema Sepetu has also decided to respond to her former friend while on a phone interview with Dizzim online.

Batuli attacks Wema Sepetu

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Well unfortunately for Batuli, Wema did not come to play! The Tanzanian sweetheart went on to own her skinny body by tell off Batuli. According to the lass, the new man in her life likes bones (skinny) which is unlike her (Batuli) who has a ‘fat’ body.

This being the first time the two ladies are battling it out on social media; Ms Batuli has now been forced to deactivate her account as team Wema already started hitting back.

Anyway listen to the interview below.