Wema Sepetu proves body positivity is a crab in the bucket mentality

Wema Sepetu is being shamed for actually gett8ing to the right size for a woman her height and age. Let that sink in for a minute. Her haters have been taking to her social media account to leave negative remarks about the fact that she has lost weight and is now the right BMI (body mass index) for her height.

Skeleton si figure: Wema Sepetu trolled for looking too skinny, asked to start eating

This is a rather interesting thing to note because it gives credence to the argument that body positivity as a movement isn’t for every woman but rather for women who are overweight and do not want to be held accountable nor reminded that it is actually immensely irresponsible to allow yourself to get to an unhealthy weight.

Wema Sepetu
Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu is the latest instalment of this narrative as we have seen it repeated in the lives of Adelle, the UK singer and Anerlisa Muigai. You see, the fact of the matter is that obesity is actually unhealthy as it opens the door to some serious lifestyle diseases.

Neomi Ng’ang’a finally embraces true body positivity, hits the gym

Add to this the fact that we have proof that Covid-19 is a pandemic that wreaks havoc more on overweight individuals that those within the healthy range of BMI and weight. Yet when women like Wema Sepetu or Anerlisa Muigai decide to do something about their weight, they get pulled back down into the crab bucket.

Wema Sepetu
Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu has been on a steady weight loss journey

For whatever reason Wema Sepetu decided to lose weight, the mantra about body positivity should have helped her as it purports to celebrate every body type women have. Yet when you actually investigate the truth of this, you find it wanting as women like Neomi Ng’ang’a only ever seem to take issue with body-shaming when it is directed at fat women.

Comedian Njugush is the real ambassador of body positivity

You have to ask yourself why getting in shape and getting your life right is something Wema Sepetu is being attacked for. Could it be because she hasn’t done it “the right way”? Or could it be because they do not have the resources to get the same results by any means necessary? Because at the end of the day, whether she went under the knife, whether she hired a trainer, whether she went on a crash diet, it really is immaterial aslong as she is the right size and weight.

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss is the cause of consternation

Perhaps the reason for the fact that Wema Sepeyu is being attacked by women is due to an innate fear of competition. She is unwed and is known to have a vibrant dating life. That might be a factor if you ask me because competition anxiety is a real thing.

Wema Sepetu opens up about battling an illness that almost left her dead

Or perhaps it is down to African culture that was misguided in its belief that fat women were beautiful because they had wealthy husbands and were not ravaged by the diseases that were part and parcel of life in pre-colonial Africa. But we live in a new day and age and are enlightened thanks to science so Wema Sepetu is on the right side of that.

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Wema Sepetu grinding on her alleged abuser says alot about her

Wema Sepetu recently came out after Shilole was savagely beaten by her husband, to claim that she too was the victim of savage domestic violence at the hands of her former lover.

Wema Sepetu steals the show during Wasafi records Zuchu’s big night! (Photos)

What was interesting is the fact that she had sat on this information for half a decade only to decide to be brave and tell us that Diamond Platnumz was the ruffian who would beat her out of jealousy and insecurities.


This came as a surprise too many who are familiar with the inner working of Tanzania’s entertainment industry as it would be a break in patterns for Diamond Platnumz who has yet to be accused of being a violent man by his previous lovers. Also, the timing just felt off as Wema Sepetu chose a time when the focus was on Shilole and the conversation was about her particular incident and Tanzanians had rallied around her so for Wema to start talking about herself felt like a play at getting some of that public sympathy.

Exposed! Wema Sepetu tearfully recounts how Diamond Platnumz used to beat her up while dating

And then, over the weekend, when the former couple met, Wema Sepetu broke all understood behavioural patterns of victims of domestic abuse when she chose to dance erotically on Diamond Platnumz.

wema sepetu

This is a very telling situation that Wema Sepetu created during Zuchu’s gala as it showed not only that the allegation Wema made (by my estimates) was a false claim but that beyond that, she still has insane unresolved emotions for her ex.

Wema Sepetu needs to stop dredging up her past with Diamond Platnumz

While there is nothing wrong with Wema having feelings for Diamond Platnumz that she never got around to deal with, the problem is that her allegation is a problematic one. It introduces doubt to the character of Diamond Platnumz but when we see her behaviour which was sexually suggestive, we see her in an almost predatory stance.

wema sepetu

And that is not what anyone should attempt to introduce to the plight of Shilole and other women who are facing the existential threat of violence from their significant others.



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Wema Sepetu needs to stop dredging up her past with Diamond Platnumz

Wema Sepetu has decided to remember something about Diamond Platnumz that she seemingly forgot for the longest time: he was abusive towards her.

Exposed! Wema Sepetu tearfully recounts how Diamond Platnumz used to beat her up while dating

You see, She always brings up Diamond Platnumz whenever she feels the need to drum up some attention for herself for whatever reason.

wema sepetu and diamond platnumz

The two were the “it” couple for a while back in the day and they dated for a healthy minute but when push came to shove, Wema Sepetu’s inability to have children became an issue that made them have to go their separate way.

Wema Sepetu stirs heated debate after questioning Diamond´s intentions for Tanasha Donna (Screenshot)

Anyway, since then, she has been dredging up her past whenever she feels a craving for attention or when her hustle is not getting the recognition she feels it deserves, she says the magic words, “Diamond Platnumz blah blah blah…”

wema sepetu

Meanwhile, Diamond Platnumz doesn’t spend a waking minute thinking about Wema Sepetu. Anyway, Wema Sepetu decided to speak up about the fact that Diamond Platnumz hit her.

Reason behind Wema Sepetu’s ex boyfriend arrest revealed!

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that this is such a serious allegation that I for one refuse to believe that the same woman who has in the past said Diamond Platnumz will forever have her heart. One has to be honest about the fact that she had many an opportunity to raise her claims.

wema sepetu

She could have addressed the allegations even as she danced the nights away in Diamond Patnumz arms but yet here we are.

Wema Sepetu reveals well kept secret on how to keep a man coming back!

If she can produce a character witness from among his exes, perhaps I would be inclined to believe her but for all his sins, the one allegation none of his women has made about the crooner is that he was violent. So colour me sceptical.


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Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

Danzak is back to close the year 2019 with a dance song Anajishaua. The song has been dedicated to former miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu. It is the best song I have heard this year praising the beauty queen.

In addition, DanZak, the East Africa born-Omani singer, is a songwriter and airline pilot. Also, the star wishes to share this as a New Years gift and close 2019 on a high note!

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First, Anajishaua is a very uplifting dance song that speaks of a girl with an exciting attitude towards him.

In this case, the style of music here is a combination of Bongo Flava, Dancehall and Afropop blended with Arabic flavours.

Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

To start with, Anajishaua has the best quality video that you will come across. He is all praises to Wema Sepetu in this song.

According to the star, he is describing Wema as a woman who is driving him crazy. Also, he goes ahead to mention her dress code.

Anajishaua is all praises about Wema Sepetu

Anajua kujipamba, well you will agree with the star on this. Wema is a pretty lady who handles herself with a lot of decorum.

Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

Danzak also goes to say that Wema resembles the fairytale cinderella starting from her dress code. She is always well dressed and one cannot go wrong about her.

Although Wema Sepetu has ties with Diamond Platinumz, this has not scared Danzak to speak out his mind. Anajishaua is enough to bring Wema close to him.

Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

Also, it was earlier on rumoured that the star was interested in her but she turned her down. Am not sure how many women are longing for this kind of a man.

To add on, Danzak has given the lyrics a fair treatment. I mean I will be right to say that his lyrical prowess is unmatched.

Further, into this piece of art, there is a lot of love shown towards the Tanzanian beauty who is said to be calm and loving.

In conclusion, Danzak gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

Wema Sepetu allegedly faints during her surprise birthday party, rushed to hospital

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu’s surprise birthday did not go down as expected as multiple sources claim she collapsed after being surprised.

According to Global Publishers she collapsed at her sister’s house in Mbezi Beach where her family and friends had thrown a surprise birthday party for her.



This then led to confusion and panic in the party as family members and friends tried helping her in the wee hours of the night.

Wema was then rushed to hospital where it was discovered she had low blood pressure.

‘Wema was over excited. She could not sit down, she was all over talking with her guests. It is during her rounds when she suddenly fell down and collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital where they discovered she had low blood pressure,” the source revealed. 

Man featured on Wema Sepetu s*x tape sends actress encouraging message after she was sent to jail

Actress Wema Sepetu has now been behind bars for 3 days and still has 4 more days to go before she is released on bond.

The lady was sentenced to 7 days behind bars for failing to appear for her court hearing by Kisutu Resident Magistrate Maira Kasonde who ordered her to be detained as punishment.

This is after she shared a photo kissing her ‘future’ husband and according to Tanzanian laws such photos are prohibited from being published on social media.

Surprisingly Wema Sepetu was the only one arrested and the other party left with no punishment whatsoever!

‘Future husband’s’ message to Wema Sepetu

Through his Instagram page Patrick popularly known as PSK by fans has gone ahead to share a message directed to Wema Sepetu.

He went on to encourage her through this hard time saying;

“Pole sana but nimapito , hili litapita be strong.. nimeumia sana na kilichotokea but naamini Jela sio mwisho wa life yatapita na utakuwa tu strong”.

Farid Uwezo, Wema Sepetu’s new lover, promises to get her pregnant: I am not like other people who came before me 

Tanzanian socialite and actress Wema Sepetu is always in discussions regarding when she’ll have a baby. So far it hasn’t been easy for her as the journey to motherhood has been as controversial as her career.

This, however, will come to an end soon according to her new lover Farid Uwezo has promised to marry her and get her pregnant.

Speaking to Global Publishers, Uwezo said that he will succeed where others have failed when it comes to dating the pretty Tanzanian actress.

”I have heard a lot of things concerning Wema but I do not care. What I know is that I love her and if she says yes, then I will marry and give her kids. Her scandals are all history,” said the film maker. 


He is already in arrangement of paying dowry to officiated their union.

”I want to sort a few things first then I will take dowry to her mother. After that it will be our wedding. I am not like other people who came before me who just promised but did not deliver. I want to take her. I am very serious and I can not lie especially during Ramadhan,” he added. 



Wema Sepetu’s ban by basata lifted: We did not lift the ban because we pity her 

Diamond Platinumz’s ex-lover Wema Sepetu is back at acting after more than half a year suspension by Baraza la Sanaa-BASATA and Tanzania Films Board(TFB).

The actress was banned last year after posting a clip on social media half naked in bed kissing her then lover. Since then, she has maintained a low profile, avoiding the media in general.

Speaking in a presser TFB Secretary General Joyce Fisso said the board lifted the ban after the actress delivered on 75% of what was demanded of her.


TFB denied that it lifted the ban out of pity because the actress was rumored to have ran broke.

”We did not lift the ban because we pity her, we allowed her to continue working because she did about 75% of what we wanted her to do before allowing her back,” Fisso revealed. 

Wema confessed that she has learned a lot through the ban which threatened to kill her career.


His ex Diamond Platnumz, together with Rayvanny, had also been banned for their explicit song Mwanza. The two artists’ ban however was lifted early January and the two jumped in studio for new song “Tetema”.

Wema Sepetu sends lovely birthday message to Idris proving there’s no bad blood between them

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has proved there is no bad blood between ex-boyfriend Idris Sultan and her by sending a lovely message to him during his birthday.

Idris has just turned 26 years old and he dated the famous lady in 2016. Sepetu in her message confessed that Idris is the closet to have given her true happiness because he got her pregnant.


Wema Sepetu was expectant with twins but she was not able to conceive. She lost the babies in a miscarriage.

Since then she hasn’t been lucky enough.

“U could pass for MCM BUT since its Monday and Its your Birthday, Wat the Heck…!!! Happy Birthday to this one who almost gave me My happiness… Wish you nothing but More Success and Good Health… Its your Day…!!! have a Blast… Keep doin what you do…,” she posted.