Former Papa Shirandula actress Wilbroda attacked by Kenyans for posting bathtub photo 

Former Papa Shirandula actress Wilbroda recently rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after sharing a photo on her Instagram page.

The picture had her enjoying a nice bath in a bathtub but the majority of Kenyans were not happy with it.


The mother of one was chilling in a white bathtub and her body was only covered in white bubbles something that Kenyans didn’t like.

Her fans begged her not to post such photos because she’s a mother and shouldn’t be trying to compete with these young instagram models and influencers who flood the internet with half-naked photos when fighting for attention.

“Watu waoge tafadhali!” she captioned the photo.

Here’s how fans replied:

nickykarisky Sisi hatuna shida na kuoga shida ni aliye nyuma ya camera ako uchi ama ako na nguo???????? Social media will show us wonders aki woi nyasae was it really necessary? Anyway wacha nipambane na hali yangu????????????????

halimamshami_o Wooiyee aki i didn’t see this coming from a mentor like you. ….anyway lemmi mind my own biznaa

carlonimz Waaaa. ..hainihusu but honestly this lowers yr dignity. …we didn’t expect that from a noble lady like you!!!!lubish!!!! It’s pains wen we young gals see such nonsense from people we ought to emulate! !!!!!lubish …kwa raha zako lkn..huh

Wilbroda: Will return to Papa Shirandula after we set things straight

Former Citizen TV actress Wilbroda doesn’t have a problem returning to Papa Shirandula program where she quit almost a year ago.

The mother of one, who is also a radio host, said that they first need to streamline a few things first before she makes a return.

Kwanza naweza show ya Papa Shirandula iko kwa heart yangu sana because the Papa Shirandula crew we are a family hata pale tulikuwa tukifanya shoot haikuwa ni job. Ulikuwa unaenda huko kuenjoy, kuunwind, kulikuwa na watu walikuwa wanakuja set na hawashoot hio siku. Wanacome tu kudandia lunch na at least tu kukaa na wasee and I was one of those people.” she said.


According to the actress, her spot is still available and if they come to an agreement, she will sure make the return.

“So bado kuna opening ya mimi kurudi that tukakaa chini kwa negotiating table na tuset everything straight because a lot of times unapata watu wanatoka kwa hizi jobs because kuna a few things that you guys have not agreed on and especially because nilikuwa na move to a different media house. So there are a few things that need to be set straight, they are not things that cannot be worked out so nikirudi ntarudi. Na nikaambiwa nirudi, I would go back because iko kwa heart yangu. Kila mtu hukuwa Papa Shirandula from Papa himself, to the crew to everyone we are a family and they always will be my family,” she said.

Wilbroda comes again out to deny that her son’s father is a popular politician

Kenyans have been burning with questions on who Papa Shirandula’s actress Wilbroda fathered her kid with. In a recent interview, the comedian opened up saying that the man works in the sports industry. She didn’t share any further details. She was denied that she got her son with a popular politician.

“Just know his father works in the sports industry.” She said in the interview.

Though she didn’t share the details, Ghafla knows the man. His name is Francis Ngira, a cameraman at Supersport.

She also spoke on parenting asking parents to be fair with their kids.

“I am very passionate about parenting and I advocate for involved parenting. My heart breaks when children are mistreated or assaulted multiple times by other people and I wonder where the parent has been all this time. I usually urge parents to always ensure that they are free with their child so that they can discuss with them any issue or challenges they may be facing.” She revealed on Parent’s Magazine.


Wilbroda narrates how she was panic-gripped after learning her HIV+ house girl breastfed her son 

Citizen TV actress Wilbroda has shared that she once panicked after learning her house girl was breastfeeding her son,  Xolani Amin Okello.

Jackeline Nyaminde AKA Wilbroda, shared that her house help breastfeeding her son scared was the fact why she was scared but because she had HIV.

“When my son was around 8 months old, I had to travel to Mombasa on a work assignment and so I left him under the care of a nanny whom I had trusted so much. While in Mombasa, I received an anonymous call from a person who informed me that my househelp breast fed my son whenever he cried,” Wilbroda disclosed on Parent’s Magazine.

Couldn’t sleep

She went on:

“I took the first flight back to Nairobi. I had to verify the information from my neighbours and in the process, I was informed that my nanny not only breastfeeds my son but was also living with HIV.

She added the action left her disturbed and she couldn’t even sleep. She fired the house help the following day before she could do anything harmful to her.

“I didn’t sleep that night and had to rush to the hospital around midnight to have my son tested. Luckily he was fine. To cut the long story short I fired the nanny the following day. It took immense self-control to restrain myself from harming her.” The actress disclosed.

Papa Shirandula’s wife photographed carrying a huge snake, leaves fans talking!

Wilbroda who is popularly known for her role on TV show Papa Shirandula; is not afraid for reptiles like most people. She proved this after sharing a photo carrying a snake on her Instagram page.

The photo which has left fans shocked and talking shows the lady hanging the huge snake across her neck. Looking at her face expression Wilbroda looks quite confident and excited about the new experience.


She is however not the first celebrity to pull such a stunt. But, I can tell you for free that not many fancy such activities.

Wilbroda weight loss journey

A few months ago the lady revealed that she had quit taking alcohol and was now back to living a healthy life. She shed off most of the unwanted weight and judging from her latest photos the lady appears more younger and happier.