Zari Hassan hangs out with her alleged Ugandan lover whom she spent a night with (Photos)

Zari Hassan and William Bugeme aka Boss Mutoto have long been rumored to be lovers. The two hooked up once again as Zari returned to Uganda for ‘Zari All White Party’.

Zari made it clear during an interview with Sanyu FM that she is still in high demand. The 37-year-old said that even if she leaves Diamond a day won’t pass without her getting a man.

“Diamond is on probation and is managing well so far. I can even date 100 Men because I love being loved, even if I leave Diamond today i will date someone else tomorrow,” said Zari.

Boss Mutoto is one of those men who is on standby to date Zari just in case she decides to dump Diamond. The Ugandan socialite offered Zari Hassan a shoulder to lean on when her ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga passed on. They even spend a night together mourning the death of Ivan.

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Boss Mutoto and Zari Hassan

We spent our morning delivering Xmas goodies

Zari Hassan and Boss Mutoto visited M-Lisada orphanage for charity work. The two brought children Christmas goodies during their visit.

“M-Lisada orphanage Nsambya is where we spent our morning delivering Xmas goodies. It’s always been my thing to give back to my community… this was made possible by my SOLD OUT tables @guvnoruganda for the tomorrow,” wrote Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan and Boss Mutoto mingle with children at the orphanage