Citizen TV´s Willis Raburu and his naughty bad girl lavish each other on their wedding anniversary

Citizen´s 10 over 10 host, Willis Raburu and wifey, Mary Ngami Raburu just yesterday, celebrated their 2nd anniversary since exchanging vows and spoil each other with tender descriptive words.

The two had their white ceremony go down in Runda where only family and friends were present.

On their Instagram pages, the duo lavish each other with loving words, sweet words, since to them, they are lifetime best friends and such an incredible perfect match.

Willis Raburu appreciates Mary for being a key player in his life, having taken him in at his lowest moments and a time when his life would be termed ´directionless´.

He refers to his beauty as:

my “Bonga points” ; my naughty bad girl ???????? my all!

Mr Raburu shares his love for his naughty bad girl and lives to thank the Almighty in a moving post:

In response, Mrs Raburu too shares her part of the bargain, terming her earlier days in the marriage as ´directionless´ and lacking the commitment.

However, she honors her gentleman for making her paths easier to tread on though she admits that she can´t understand how Willis would even have taken her in on a sober mind.

She concludes by proclaiming that the Almighty´s blessings and miracles in her hubby´s near future, are beyond human recognition:–CoDcXMpBeyIdvHcMka4dzz5tw0/

At the very least, the power couple deserves to enjoy their 3rd, 4th and even 50th anniversary.

Congratulations to the two!