Willis Raburu opens up about divorce from ex wife, MaryaPrude’s – says he tried everything to save marriage

Willis Raburu and ex wife Maryaprude are legally divorced after 2 years of marriage. Their divorce however came as a big surprise since it happened only a few months after Maryaprude gave birth to a still baby.

With the whole grieving process, looks like both Maryaprude and Willis lost the passion and love they had towards each other hence settling for divorce. The media personality confirmed this through a recent interview where he opened up about his divorce from Marya.

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tbt: Maryaprude and Willis Raburu

According to Raburu – divorce was the only solution to his marriage with Maryaprude. This is because before deciding to part ways, he tried talking, therapy, going to church but still it did not work. And for the sake of their mental health – divorce then became the last option.

Speaking during recent interview with a vernacular TV station Willis said;

It was very difficult because when you decide to settle on divorce, it means you have tried so many other things like talking, therapy, tried going to church…But when it reaches a point where all your misunderstandings are pointed towards hurting your partner then it’s better to just stay as friends.

Toxic relationship?

Although he did not make it obvious, something about Willis Raburu’s statement says his relationship with Maryaprude was slowly getting toxic. And being the man in the relationship – Willis was forced to bottle up emotions which later came out and as you can see – it didn’t end so well.

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Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Bottling a lot of issues in marriage is not healthy. Men are told they need to be strong and not cry but in reality, I was sad and crying on the inside. When I left the house I used to cry as well.


You can only be strong for so long as it is assumed men should be. But it reaches a point when you have had enough and can’t take it anymore. And when you reach the end, you start to be resentful towards your partner as they are towards you.

And if you thought divorce is an easy process where you pay up lawyers and let them handle the whole process on your behalf….guess what it’s actually a nightmare that Willis Raburu says he cannot wish on his worst enemy.

Divorce and child loss is something I wouldn’t wish even upon my worst enemy,