Willis Raburu on why he was forced to undergo gastric bypass surgery

Willis Raburu tried working out to lose some unwanted body fat, but I guess the whole gym idea and feeling didn’t work out so good for him so he quit.

However with or without the gym he had no option but to find a way to shed off the weight since his doctor felt the excess body fat would result to something serious like death.

Raburu flaunting new weight loss

He told me if I was not going to lose some kilograms of the body weight, sooner or later, it would be a recipe for my death

However this is not something he wants now that he has a young family with a son and another baby on the way with fiancé Ivy Namu; hence his decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery to help him lose the weight. Speaking about this in recent interview – Willis Raburu said;

 I went for gastric bypass surgery. I respect people who persistently go to the gym. The gym is a lot of work. I had a good trainer but I would lose weight but I would regain that weight again very quickly.

Body fat becoming a burden

Well another he decided to cut off the unwanted weight is because his clothes also started to become too tight; and above all – his blood pressure kept spiking every now and then making him to lose his breathe.

It’s not fun waking up and trying a trouser and it doesn’t fit you. You equally worry. By the time I was going for the surgery I was not doing well. I was 164kgs I needed the surgery because my blood pressure and cholesterol were high

Inside Willis Raburu and fiancé Ivy Namu’s amazing babymoon vacation (Photos)

Ivy Namu was lucky enough to take some time off from her usual activities ahead of her second baby’s birth. Yes, she headed to the coast in the company of her fiancé Willis Raburu who doubles up as her baby daddy.

As seen on their social media pages – the couple spent most of their time by the beach enjoying the sun, sand and some alone time now that their second baby is almost here.

Having handled a newborn before – these two definitely needed to create some good memories to hang on to before all he’ll breaks loose….imagine handling two toddlers! Too much work to even take a break.

The Raburu’s now ready for the arrival of baby number 2

Anyway flaunting her huge baby bump, Namu stepped out in a simple bikini but chose to cover up below the waist…but either way – she still looked great for a pregnant lady.

On one of the posts, Ivy Namu went on to reveal they both can’t wait to meet their baby saying;

Ivy Namu enjoying babymoon

This is my baby moon face ???? I’ve had such an amazing time with my fiancé, as we countdown to meeting our little one, my heart is full ❤️ #babymoon #preggo #peaceandlight #happy #babygyal4life

Not sure why but Ivy Namu has been throwing hints about her baby gender…and most netizens in the comment section feel it’s a baby girl.

Well whatever gender it may be, Willis Raburu must be over the moon to have a family he can call his own after years of wanting one.


Willis Raburu opens up about divorce from ex wife, MaryaPrude’s – says he tried everything to save marriage

Willis Raburu and ex wife Maryaprude are legally divorced after 2 years of marriage. Their divorce however came as a big surprise since it happened only a few months after Maryaprude gave birth to a still baby.

With the whole grieving process, looks like both Maryaprude and Willis lost the passion and love they had towards each other hence settling for divorce. The media personality confirmed this through a recent interview where he opened up about his divorce from Marya.

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tbt: Maryaprude and Willis Raburu

According to Raburu – divorce was the only solution to his marriage with Maryaprude. This is because before deciding to part ways, he tried talking, therapy, going to church but still it did not work. And for the sake of their mental health – divorce then became the last option.

Speaking during recent interview with a vernacular TV station Willis said;

It was very difficult because when you decide to settle on divorce, it means you have tried so many other things like talking, therapy, tried going to church…But when it reaches a point where all your misunderstandings are pointed towards hurting your partner then it’s better to just stay as friends.

Toxic relationship?

Although he did not make it obvious, something about Willis Raburu’s statement says his relationship with Maryaprude was slowly getting toxic. And being the man in the relationship – Willis was forced to bottle up emotions which later came out and as you can see – it didn’t end so well.

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Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Bottling a lot of issues in marriage is not healthy. Men are told they need to be strong and not cry but in reality, I was sad and crying on the inside. When I left the house I used to cry as well.


You can only be strong for so long as it is assumed men should be. But it reaches a point when you have had enough and can’t take it anymore. And when you reach the end, you start to be resentful towards your partner as they are towards you.

And if you thought divorce is an easy process where you pay up lawyers and let them handle the whole process on your behalf….guess what it’s actually a nightmare that Willis Raburu says he cannot wish on his worst enemy.

Divorce and child loss is something I wouldn’t wish even upon my worst enemy,

Adorable daddy and son moment: Willis Raburu shares new photo cuddling his newborn

Willis Raburu finally knows how it feels to be a parent.

This is after his new woman, Ivy Namu; gave birth to a healthy baby boy just a few weeks ago – as revealed on social media.

Willis Raburu

Although this is Willis Raburu’s second child – this time around he got to home with his baby; unlike the first time when both him and ex wife Maryaprude went home empty handed; following a complication that led to a still birth.

Willis and Namu welcome son

Anyway, with the rumors of his newborn making rounds on top blogs; the news presenter recently decided to confirm the news  through his social media pages; where he shared a photo introducing his newborn.

Willis Raburu introduces day old baby

From the caption he used, it’s obvious to see that the not-so-young man had been desperate to have a child of his own; and thanks to Ivy Namu – his prayers were finally answered.

This past weekend Raburu once again left his fans all excited after unveiling adorable photo spending time with his boy. Although he chose not to say anything on his post; the way he cuddled his newborn said it all!

Below is the adorable photo of father and son that left fans really excited this past weekend.

Willis Raburu with son