Airtel Kenya Limited is ordered by a court to pay Willis Raburu $5 million for using his trademark

The Neno Evangelism Centre, owned by the controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a, is facing imminent demolition as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) takes steps to reclaim prime land reportedly originally owned by the Kenya Railways Corporation but currently utilized by private individuals.

The affected properties, which include Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a’s church and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s Jesus Is Alive Ministries, are part of a broader effort to address illegal land use in the area.

Other entities occupying Kenya Railways land without proper authorization include Rubis Petrol Station along Uhuru Highway and Arts 680 Limited.

On March 6, 2023, government officials began demolishing Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s church, leading to a confrontation and her subsequent hospitalization at Aga Khan University Hospital.

When contacted for comment, Pastor Ng’ang’a, who was reportedly in Jerusalem, declined to discuss the matter, stating:

“I’m in Jerusalem for prayers. I can’t talk about those dramas for now. God is good in all directions; empty we came and empty we will go. Be blessed.”

In November 2023, the founder of Neno Evangelism Church secured court orders to halt any construction, sale, disposal, or lease of the property.

This legal move followed a longstanding dispute with Kenya Railways, with Pastor Ng’ang’a obtaining a separate court order in June 2023, preventing the government entity from evicting him from the disputed land along Haile Selassie Avenue.

Kenya Railways maintains that the land in question is part of a railway reserve.

Incidentally, in October 2023, the controversial religious figure publicly denounced the government, accusing them of burdening Kenyans with increased taxes.

Ng’ang’a, known for his outspoken views against the government, expressed his grievances during a live church service at the Neno Evangelism headquarters in Nairobi.

Addressing the congregation, the preacher asserted his right as a man of God to speak truth to power, challenging the authorities to shut down his church if they disagreed.

He criticized the government for what he perceived as mismanagement of the economy, stating that they were arbitrarily allocating funds while threatening to close churches.

Ng’ang’a also issued a warning to the leadership of Kenya Kwanza, cautioning them that if they persist in their current course, divine consequences await.

“Speaking as an apostle, you are toying with God, and He will oust you from the kitchen,” he declared.

Willis Raburu Lands Luxurious Role At TV 47

Cape Media has appointed Willis Raburu as their new Director of Digital Services and Innovations, effective immediately. In this role, Raburu will lead the charge in revamping the digital presence and user experience for TV47 and Radio47.

“Digital is the heartbeat of progress, and I’m ready to take on the challenge. Grateful to the Chairman and the entire board for this incredible opportunity! Let’s revolutionize together. Successful people look like you. God love you and that will never change,” he said.

“We are pleased to have Raburu on board. He will bring a valuable strategic skill set of performance and brand building digital capabilities to the team” said Mr. Wilson Mbugua, Director of Operations, Cape Media.

Raburu brings a wealth of experience to the table, having spent 13 years in the media industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences from Moi University and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with a focus on Strategic Corporate Communications at USIU.

Willis Raburu quits plum job

Media celebrity Willis Raburu has announced his resignation from a position he was assigned to in the county administration. The TV host collaborated with Nairobi Governor Johnston Sakaja while serving as the chair of the Nairobi Festival Committee.

He thanks Hon. Sakaja for the chance and gives his greetings to the administration as a whole in a lengthy statement.  He goes on to state that he made his choice because he realized that structural change was desperately needed to improve our leadership and service delivery.

Bazu added that he would keep up his support for the county administration. Willis remained silent about the factors that led him to decide to leave that role.

“This morning, I have officially informed the leadership of the county that I will no longer be serving in my current capacity as Chair of the Nairobi Festival Committee. It has been an honor to work alongside Governor Sakaja and his administration and I would like to express my deep gratitude for the trust and opportunity that they have extended to me during my time here.

However, this decision is driven by a recognition of the pressing need for systemic change to enhance the effectiveness of our service delivery and leadership. It is clear that to better serve the county and its residents, a more comprehensive look at existing systems is essential, which to be fair, have already been instituted and I wish them all the best in this regard.

I firmly believe that with the right structural adjustments and a collective commitment to positive change, we can pave the way for a brighter future. My hope is that this decision will serve as a catalyst for the necessary transformation that our county deserves.

I remain dedicated to supporting the county from a different vantage point and will continue to work towards the betterment of our community. I thank the county leadership for the opportunities I have been given and look forward to witnessing the positive changes that will result from this pivotal moment.”

Willis Raburu Resigns As Chairperson Of Nairobi Festival Committee, Calls For System Change

Former Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu has resigned from his position as Chairperson of the Nairobi Festival Committee, which he was appointed to in July 2023. In a statement, Raburu said that he had made the decision to step down in order to push for systemic change to improve the effectiveness of service delivery and leadership in the Nairobi County government.

Raburu did not provide specific details about the changes he believes are needed, but he said that he believes a “more comprehensive look at existing systems is essential.”

“This morning, I have officially informed the leadership of the county that I will no longer be serving in my current capacity as Chair of the Nairobi Festival Committee. It has been an honour to work alongside Governor Sakaja and his administration,” Raburu stated in his social media post.

He added that he is confident that with the “right structural adjustments and a collective commitment to positive change,” Nairobi can achieve a brighter future.

Raburu’s resignation comes as a surprise to many, as he has been a vocal supporter of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and his administration. However, Raburu said that his departure does not mean that he is withdrawing his support for the county leadership. He said that he will continue to support the devolved government from a distance and hopes that his decision will serve as a catalyst for the necessary transformation that Nairobi deserves

Raburu celebrates his wife’s birthday with touching post

Ivy Namu’s birthday is being celebrated by Willis Raburu on social media.

Today is the mother of two’s 29th birthday.

Ivy being a part of his life, according to Raburu, is a blessing.

“Born not to make a difference but to be the difference. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love. You make everything worthwhile and everyone smile. The kids and I are blessed, honored, and fortunate to have our lives. My kindred spirit I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMU TAMU “

Willis Raburu Joins TV47 After Leaving Citizen TV

Willis Raburu, the former presenter of Citizen TV’s morning show, has joined TV47. Raburu announced his new job on social media on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

Raburu is known for his versatility and has hosted a variety of shows, including the popular 10 Over 10. He quit Citizen TV after 13 years in June 2023.

On his last day at Citizen TV, Raburu was surprised by his wife, Ivy Namu, and son, Mali, in the studio. They presented him with a cake and wished him well in his new job.

In a press release, Raburu said he was excited to join TV47, which he called Kenya’s fastest-growing media house. He said he was impressed by the station’s commitment to diversity, quality, and excellence.

“I’m looking forward to working with a team that shares my values and is committed to making a difference in the lives of Kenyans,” Raburu said.

TV47 is a privately owned television station that was launched in 2017. The station is known for its focus on news and current affairs.

Raburu’s move to TV47 is a major coup for the station. He is one of Kenya’s most popular presenters and his arrival is sure to boost the station’s ratings.

Raburu’s fans are excited about his new job and have taken to social media to welcome him to TV47. They are looking forward to seeing him in his new role.

Willis Raburu’s Exit from RMS: Four People Tapped to Replaced Him

Willis Raburu left Royal Media Services (RMS) after 13 years of service. He hosted three TV shows and a radio show, and also read news on weekends.

In the wake of his exit, four people have been tapped to fill his shoes.

  • Serfine Achieng’ Ouma has been hosting the cooking show. She joined RMS in 2022, and moderated the Nairobi gubernatorial debate ahead of last year’s General Election.
  • Comedian Oga Obinna has been hosting the 10/10 show. He is a longtime friend of Raburu’s, and has been a guest on his show many times.
  • Isaac Swila Tijan has taken over the Sporty Monday show. He is a former Daily Nation sports journalist, and has been co-hosting the show with Raburu for several years.
  • Terry Muikamba has been hosting the Rythm Junction show. She was Raburu’s co-host on the show, and has been promoted to take over the full show.

Raburu has not yet announced his plans for the future. He said that he is taking a break from the media, but has not said whether he will return to broadcasting or pursue another career.

Willis Raburu’s Legacy

Willis Raburu was a popular and respected media personality. He was known for his engaging personality and his ability to connect with viewers. He hosted several successful shows, and was also a news anchor.

Raburu’s departure from RMS is a loss for the media industry. He was a talented and experienced broadcaster, and his absence will be felt. However, his legacy will live on through the many people he inspired and entertained.

Ivy Namu reveals Willis Raburu chose the day their baby was born

Ivy Namu and Willis Raburu welcomed their first child, Mali, on July 4th, 2023. The couple had intentionally chosen that date for Mali’s birthday, and Willis was adamant about being present for the birth, even though he was not allowed in the operating room due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Ivy described her pregnancy as challenging, as she suffered from heartburn throughout. The last week leading up to the birth was particularly difficult, and she said she “just wanted my child out.”

Willis was there for Ivy throughout the process, and he was able to calm Mali down when he was crying after he was born. He has also been a hands-on father, changing Mali’s first diapers and teaching Ivy how to do it.

The couple’s journey to parenthood has been filled with love, joy, and support. Willis has been a doting father and a pillar of strength for Ivy, and they are both grateful for the new addition to their family.

Ivy Namu Showers Willis Raburu With Praises For Being Supportive During Her Pregnancy

Media personality Willis Raburu was a hands-on father during his wife Ivy Namu’s pregnancy, according to Namu.

In an interview with Marya Okoth on her YouTube channel on Friday, July 21, Namu said that Raburu was there for her every step of the way, from the moment she found out she was pregnant to the day she gave birth.

“He was so hands-on,” Namu said. “He went to all my doctor’s appointments with me, and he was always there to support me.”

Namu said that Raburu was particularly helpful during her first trimester, when she was feeling nauseous and exhausted.

“He cooked all my meals and took care of all the household chores,” Namu said. “He really made things easy for me.”

Namu said that Raburu was also a great support during her labor and delivery.

“He was right there by my side the whole time,” Namu said. “He held my hand and told me I was doing great.”

Namu said that she is so grateful for Raburu’s support during her pregnancy and childbirth.

“He was an amazing father to our son, and I know he will be an amazing father to our daughter as well,” Namu said.

Raburu and Namu have been married since 2019 and have two children together.

Willis Raburu Narrates How His Dreadlocks Almost Cost Him Lavish TV Job

Willis Raburu recently spoke about how his decision to get dreadlocks in 2020 was met with criticism from some people. He said that some people even asked his boss, SK Macharia, to fire him.

Raburu said that he was surprised by the reaction to his new hairstyle, as he had always wanted to have dreadlocks. He said that he was not worried about the criticism, as he knew that he was still doing his job well.

Raburu also said that his family and close friends were initially concerned about his hairstyle, but they eventually came to understand why he had it.

He said that he is glad that he did not let the criticism get to him, and that he is proud of his dreadlocks.
Luckily, Raburu said he got gigs even with the hairstyle and stayed with them for two years before cutting them. He also narrated how one of his ex-bosses told him he was not a serious brand for selling condoms and liquor on his 10Over10 show. Raburu said he questioned the boss on what value he added to the company, and he couldn’t say anything.

Willis Raburu lands new job as Nairobi Governor’s Communications Director

Former Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has revealed that he has landed a new job as Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s Communications Director.

Raburu made the announcement on Phil Director’s podcast on Monday, where he spoke about his new role and his plans for the future.

Raburu said that he is excited about the new challenge and that he is looking forward to working with Sakaja to communicate the governor’s vision for Nairobi. He also said that he is still considering his options for a potential return to the screen, but that he is focused on his new role for now.

Raburu’s new job comes after he left Citizen TV in March 2022. He had been with the station for 10 years, and he was one of the most popular presenters on the network.

In the podcast, Raburu also spoke about the challenging times he faced when his body weight became the subject of ridicule and criticism. He said that the negative comments took a toll on his mental and emotional well-being, particularly when even friends within the industry joined in the body shaming.

Raburu said that he is now in a much better place, and that he is grateful for the support of his family and friends. He said that he hopes his story will inspire others who are struggling with body image issues.

Willis Raburu Explains What’s Next For Him After Exit From Royal Media Services

Willis Raburu, a renowned media personality, has announced his exit from Royal Media Services (RMS). Raburu worked at RMS for 13 years, where he served as a news anchor, entertainment show host, radio show host, and TV reporter.

In a tweet, Raburu expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work at RMS, saying that it helped him to break barriers, inspire change, and connect with people. He also said that he was looking forward to new adventures.

Raburu’s media journey began in 2010, when he started working as an intern at RMS. He has since interviewed key influential people in the society, including former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. He also covered the war in Somalia.

His most notable work at RMS was the 10 Over 10 show, which he hosted for several years. The show allowed him to showcase his creativity in the entertainment industry. Raburu said that the show was a great experience and that it helped him to grow and learn.

The presenter has not yet revealed his next move. However, he said that he is taking a break to rest, step back, and look at everything. He also said that he plans to share his knowledge through a book and that he will continue with his master’s degree at the University of South Africa.

Raburu’s exit from RMS is a significant loss for the media house. He is one of Kenya’s most popular and respected media personalities. However, his departure also opens up new opportunities for other talented individuals.

It will be interesting to see what Raburu does next. He is a talented and versatile individual, and I am sure that he will continue to be successful in whatever he does.

Willis Raburu Reflects on His Shocking Exit from Citizen TV

Willis Raburu has described his exit from Citizen TV as a “tough decision” but one that he is grateful for.

“I have tendered in my resignation and up to now it has been an amazing transition,” Raburu said. “They have been so gracious to me.”

Raburu said that he is taking some time to rest and reflect on his next steps. He plans to share his knowledge with others and continue his studies.

“Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things concerning my life of course and what has become a general theme for me, of course, is gratitude,” he said.

Raburu thanked his fans and supporters for their love and support throughout his career. He said that he is excited to see what the future holds.

What’s Next for Willis Raburu?

Willis Raburu has not yet announced his next move, but he has said that he plans to take some time to rest and reflect. He also plans to share his knowledge with others and continue his studies.

Raburu is a popular and talented presenter, and he is sure to be successful in whatever he does next. His fans are eager to see what he will do next, and they are confident that he will continue to entertain and inspire them.

Willis Raburu Shows Off Tremendous Weight Loss After Surgery

Media personality Willis Raburu has shared before and after photo of himself after undergoing the gastric bypass surgery. Taking to his social media, Bazuu shared a message of encouragement to anyone looking to lose weight to undergo the procedure without fear.

”I remember when I thought about doing the gastric bypass surgery. It was intense, but I was suffering. My confidence was low, my pressure was high, I had tried gym but kept bouncing back and honestly the cost will make you think twice BUT I learned that it’s an investment in myself. That if I don’t believe in me and want what’s best for me, who will? It is an option it’s almost treated with disdain and most people want to do it privately and that is ok. However we must be bold especially when it’s a life saving procedure.

I wish insurance companies change their policy and help pay for this.Many should come out and help people get this surgery done. It’s life changing! Statistics show that children now are getting more and more obese. Folks let’s keep talking and learning. I’m available.”

Willis further maintained that the surgery is the most effective way to cut off weight.

”Also please I did the GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY. Don’t be fooled by some ads about black latte tea or some powder!”

Willis Raburu and fiance Ivy Namu welcome bouncing baby girl (Photos)

Willis Raburu and fiance Ivy Namu have finally welcomed the newest member of their family and just like we predicted the couple just had a baby girl.

Sharing the happy news through Instagram, I’ve Namu shared a photo of her mum holding the newborn and to caption; the new mum in town wrote;

My daughter is here, safe and sound. She is beautiful and God is so good.

Willis Raburu throws lavish girly baby shower for pregnant fiancé, Ivy Namu

Willis Raburu on the other hand shared yet another photo of his mum with the newborn and unlike Ivy Namu – daddy chose to use a praise and worship song to give thanks for his newborn.

Willis Raburu’s mum with grandchild

Raburu’s blessed with baby girl

The newborn baby girl comes almost 2 years after Raburu and ex wife lost their newborn daughter at birth; a loss that Willis Raburu says changed him as a person to a point he decided to divorce his first wife saying – he didn’t deserve her love.

However in remembrance of his late daughter, both him and ex, Maryaprude got her name Adana tatted on their arms. Luckily for him, he has been blessed with yet another daughter, a year after he welcomed his firstborn son with his now fiance, Ivy Namu.


‘I can’t & I won’t:’ Willis Raburu to body shaming critics suggesting he should quit cooking show to help lose weight

Willis Raburu recently revealed he slent betweeb Sh600k to 900k on gastric bypass surgery to help lose weight. However the process has been slow on his side since the surgery aims at helping reduce his food intake; which many of his followers dont seem to understand.

Actually most of the ctitics picking on him made it known they would never spend such an amount to lose weight especially with how bad the economy is. One actually left a comment telling him that he’d been duped…i mean, with Sh 900k, are they giving him a spare body? For just incase…..

Anyway the fan wrote;

Sh900k went down the drain just like that? They deceived you.

Body shaming is immoral – Willis Raburu

Well, according to Willis Raburu the process is slow but sure on his side and although fans are trying to get in his head…truth is, he tries to avoid the negativity but in the end he is also human and has feelings.

Actually its getting harder for him now that some are asking him to quit his cooking show on Citizen TV…hoping maybe if he keeps off food, the weight loss might just work. Wow.

Former Citizen TV co-presenters Joey Muthengi and Willis Raburu

Anyway adressing them on his latest interview, Raburu said;

I can’t stop doing the show it is one of the most watched on citizen TV morning almost 2 million viewers, so we must be doing something right. Plus it’s once a week jameni! Si basi tuseme ni cheat meal! But we cook very healthy meals.

Adding that although the comments may seem light and just for fun…what they dont know is that pointing out such sensitive things (bodyweight) creates doubts and lowers self esteem for the receiving party.

Well, it’s okay for the haters to troll, because that is just what they do and who they are. It is almost immoral to body shame an individual. Think about it every day I wake up in this body and live in this body and feel what it is like to carry the weight. Now imagine being reminded or treated like it’s your fault on top of that. Or pointing out the obvious. We need to be more sensitive to these things.

But all in all, so far he has lost 21kgs in just 6 months.

I was 164 kg and now I am down 21 kg. It takes patience. One day at a time. Even 21 kg down, I am still heavier than most but it is a process.

Willis Raburu on breakup with first wife, Maryaprude & why he had to ask for a divorce

Willis Raburu says he does bot wish divorce on anyone, actually if he had a choice – maybe he would still be married to his ex wife, Maryaprude; but life happened and almost 2 years later he is actually happier than ever.

Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

As you already know, Willis Raburu’s marriage to Maryaprude crumbled after losing their first child together during birth. From what he says is that the loss hit him so hard to a point he lost himself grieving hence creating more problems in his marriage.

Speaking on his failed marriage to Maryaprude, Willis Raburu took all the blame saying he concentrated on himself forgetting that they were two; and above all – alcohol and long drives is what he wanted at the time…and kist like that everything came down crushing down on him;

It was extremely tough and painful, especially my show you need energy, so it became an acting gig. I would get into the show, do it then cry all the way home.

Tbt: Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows


…you’ve lost your daughter then now you’re like I am losing my wife

Why the divorce

Both being first time parents with alot going on behind closed doors and still in mourning – Willis Raburu says it got to a point where he had no option but to initiate for a divorce.

I initiated the process of divorce and all respect to her.

Adding that although it was not his intentions to marry and divorce her – there was no alternative; and come to think of it – maybe everything happened for the best.

Unfortunately, it happened. Nobody goes into a marriage with hopes to come out. I am happy that sometimes we lost ourselves. We divorced officially and I moved on.

Willis Raburu throws lavish girly baby shower for pregnant fiancé, Ivy Namu

The Raburu’s are not far from welcoming their second child and boy is the Citizen TV presenter excited. Well, after years of wanting a family of his own, all Raburu got was rejection from his first fiancé, divorce from his first wife but finally – he met his other half and life has never been the same.

Ivy Namu and Willis Raburu announce second pregnancy

Well out of all his relationships, Willis Raburu looks his best and happiest with Ivy Namu who is the mother of his children. Chances are that their age difference is what makes it easier for them to reason and make their relationship work unlike his previous attempts.

Anyway with the second baby not far from being born, Willis Raburu this past weekend held a lavish baby shower for his sweetheart Ivy Namu and judging from the theme color and decorations….Ghafla believes the couple is having a baby girl.

Willis Raburu at fiancés baby shower

And if we’re right, then I bet Raburu can’t wait to finally have a daughter especially since he lost his first baby girl at birth.

Baby shower

Unlike the first baby shower they held back when pregnant with Mali – this time around the Raburu’s chose to share the experience with their fans.

From the video, we also understand the event was only attended by family and very few friends who came in to celebrate Ivy Namu for staying strong the past 9 months; as well as gift her with some baby gifts before baby arrives.

Check out a few screenshots from Ivy Namu’s video.

Willis Raburu on why he was forced to undergo gastric bypass surgery

Willis Raburu tried working out to lose some unwanted body fat, but I guess the whole gym idea and feeling didn’t work out so good for him so he quit.

However with or without the gym he had no option but to find a way to shed off the weight since his doctor felt the excess body fat would result to something serious like death.

Raburu flaunting new weight loss

He told me if I was not going to lose some kilograms of the body weight, sooner or later, it would be a recipe for my death

However this is not something he wants now that he has a young family with a son and another baby on the way with fiancé Ivy Namu; hence his decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery to help him lose the weight. Speaking about this in recent interview – Willis Raburu said;

 I went for gastric bypass surgery. I respect people who persistently go to the gym. The gym is a lot of work. I had a good trainer but I would lose weight but I would regain that weight again very quickly.

Body fat becoming a burden

Well another he decided to cut off the unwanted weight is because his clothes also started to become too tight; and above all – his blood pressure kept spiking every now and then making him to lose his breathe.

It’s not fun waking up and trying a trouser and it doesn’t fit you. You equally worry. By the time I was going for the surgery I was not doing well. I was 164kgs I needed the surgery because my blood pressure and cholesterol were high

Inside Willis Raburu and fiancé Ivy Namu’s amazing babymoon vacation (Photos)

Ivy Namu was lucky enough to take some time off from her usual activities ahead of her second baby’s birth. Yes, she headed to the coast in the company of her fiancé Willis Raburu who doubles up as her baby daddy.

As seen on their social media pages – the couple spent most of their time by the beach enjoying the sun, sand and some alone time now that their second baby is almost here.

Having handled a newborn before – these two definitely needed to create some good memories to hang on to before all he’ll breaks loose….imagine handling two toddlers! Too much work to even take a break.

The Raburu’s now ready for the arrival of baby number 2

Anyway flaunting her huge baby bump, Namu stepped out in a simple bikini but chose to cover up below the waist…but either way – she still looked great for a pregnant lady.

On one of the posts, Ivy Namu went on to reveal they both can’t wait to meet their baby saying;

Ivy Namu enjoying babymoon

This is my baby moon face ???? I’ve had such an amazing time with my fiancé, as we countdown to meeting our little one, my heart is full ❤️ #babymoon #preggo #peaceandlight #happy #babygyal4life

Not sure why but Ivy Namu has been throwing hints about her baby gender…and most netizens in the comment section feel it’s a baby girl.

Well whatever gender it may be, Willis Raburu must be over the moon to have a family he can call his own after years of wanting one.


Ivy Namu reveals unique qualities that attracted her to Willis Raburu & why she’s never leaving!

Ivy Namu has been hearing things about herself on social media  making her wonder where the rumors are coming from. However I guess her protruding belly is what has fans saying she is prego!

Well despite knowing this is the rumor making rounds online about her, Ms Namu still hasn’t confirmed whether she’s pregnant on not. Responding to a fan asking the same question, she said;

Baby number 2 for the Raburus?

This question is very funny& not in a haha way. With all the factors surrounding pregnancy, surely it should be up to the peeps involved to share the news at their own time? Idk I find it impolite to ask such a personal question.


And just like that she made her fans more curious about the rumors – while others felt like she may have just confirmed this indirectly.

Man like Willis Raburu

Well, if indeed she’s expecting a second child with Raburu means that she may have found the man she’d always dreamt of.

So far she’s made it known that he is not only her partner but also her best friend. Describing some of the qualities that attracted her to him, Ivy Namu said;

He’s kind, compassionate, honest & a man of his word. I feel safe & secure around him & never had to ask about what his feelings or plans with me coz he’s always been so open about it.


Also I never had to change, hide or fake anything about myself (good&bad) around him; I can always be ???? Me and that makes me feel free. I love it here.


Willis Raburu and girlfriend Ivy Namu expecting baby number 2? (Photos)

Ivy Namu and Willis Raburu could be expecting their second child together that is judging from the latest photos we’ve seen from the lady. Okay, I know most of y’all will be like how do you know, you womb watcher… but calm down we have photos to explain our theory.

Well, looks like either Ivy Namu quit working out and has been enjoying some carbs which would explain her protruding belly – but again – chances are that she could also be with child. This is because, lately she has been trying to conceal her stomach on most photos, like…

Ivy Namu expecting baby number 2?

Like I said, we really can’t confirm until the couple officially announces this but as of now – the photos will do just fine.

So far we’ve seen about 5 people photos where she appears pregnant and thing is… her fans have also noticed this too. One of her fans wrote;

The Raburus

Having seen how Willis Raburu’s grown over the past few months after bagging himself a wife like Namu, their fans feel this couple is a match made in heaven.

Baby number 2 for the Raburus?

Looking at their online videos, these two always appear to compliment each other’s energy and their chemistry is full of sparks.

Ivy Namu rocking low key baby bump?

Anyway pregnant or not – clearly the Raburus are one happy family!

Willis Raburu forced to explain why he cancelled lavish birthday

Willis Raburu was supposed to hold a lavish birthday event for April babies this past weekend; but unfortunately, this did not happen following an illness that forced him to cancel his attendance at the special event set to happen at Garage Thika.

According to Willis Raburu he has been battling a stomach infection that left him weak  and unable to function. The celebrated media personality made this known in a detailed post  shared on his social media pages saying;

This evening I was slated to host April Babies party along side industry greats and many of my friends at Garage Thika. Unfortunately this evening a stomach infection began that has left me feeling weak and unable to function at 100%. I would do anything for my fans, many of who had already turned up and sent me messages saying they were ready for me.

Well for anyone who understands how stomach infections work or better yet –  has experienced the challenges it comes with…I bet y’all can understand why Willis Raburu couldn’t risk leaving home, right?


On the same statement, Raburu apologizes to the guests and fans who had been looking forward to the event.

I am seeking medical help and I’m sure it will blow away and I’ll be back on my feet in no time.


Once again I apologize to the fans and to the management.

Raburu’s statement

His illness comes barely a week after girlfriend Ivy Namu shared a post complaining of her son’s illness – that had left her helpless.

But having her not talk about it again – means baby is now better; and it’s time to take care of her other baby, big man Bazu – and you still wonder why she complained of fatigue?

Willis Raburu’s girlfriend admits feeling helpless and tired after son fell ill

They say motherhood is a full time job and I’m pretty sure Ivy Namu now understands what that means not forgetting what it takes to be a mum.

I’ve  heard that it’s tough – there are days that include sleepless nights, fatigue and worse – tending to a sick baby and all you can rely on medication alone. Well, Ivy Namu and partner Willis Raburu have not been having it easy after their son fell ill recently.

According to the new mum – despite all the advise she’s gathered from fellow mums and even her own mum – nothing would have ever prepared her on how to handle a sick baby.

Ivy Namu with son

 Nothing could’ve prepared me for how intense it is to have a sick baby.


In a detailed post shared on her Instagram page, Namu narrated her experience with a sick baby saying;

I feel so sorry for him and helpless. And I am also very tired. He is tired of the meds but hatuna otherwise. I hope today is even better than the last couple of days. For now it’s lots of cuddles & TLC for my little one.

But the good thing is that baby is responding well to his medications; meaning this will be over even before Ivy Namu and Willis Raburu realize it.

Willis Raburu opens up about divorce from ex wife, MaryaPrude’s – says he tried everything to save marriage

Willis Raburu and ex wife Maryaprude are legally divorced after 2 years of marriage. Their divorce however came as a big surprise since it happened only a few months after Maryaprude gave birth to a still baby.

With the whole grieving process, looks like both Maryaprude and Willis lost the passion and love they had towards each other hence settling for divorce. The media personality confirmed this through a recent interview where he opened up about his divorce from Marya.

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tbt: Maryaprude and Willis Raburu

According to Raburu – divorce was the only solution to his marriage with Maryaprude. This is because before deciding to part ways, he tried talking, therapy, going to church but still it did not work. And for the sake of their mental health – divorce then became the last option.

Speaking during recent interview with a vernacular TV station Willis said;

It was very difficult because when you decide to settle on divorce, it means you have tried so many other things like talking, therapy, tried going to church…But when it reaches a point where all your misunderstandings are pointed towards hurting your partner then it’s better to just stay as friends.

Toxic relationship?

Although he did not make it obvious, something about Willis Raburu’s statement says his relationship with Maryaprude was slowly getting toxic. And being the man in the relationship – Willis was forced to bottle up emotions which later came out and as you can see – it didn’t end so well.

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Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Bottling a lot of issues in marriage is not healthy. Men are told they need to be strong and not cry but in reality, I was sad and crying on the inside. When I left the house I used to cry as well.


You can only be strong for so long as it is assumed men should be. But it reaches a point when you have had enough and can’t take it anymore. And when you reach the end, you start to be resentful towards your partner as they are towards you.

And if you thought divorce is an easy process where you pay up lawyers and let them handle the whole process on your behalf….guess what it’s actually a nightmare that Willis Raburu says he cannot wish on his worst enemy.

Divorce and child loss is something I wouldn’t wish even upon my worst enemy,

Willis Raburu pens emotional love letter to celebrate late daughter’s 2nd birthday

It’s been two years since Maryaprude and Willis Raburu were blessed with a baby girl who was unfortunately born still.

Well despite it all, the two have been keeping their late daughter’s memory alive; and to prove this – on New Years Me Raburu decided to mark his daughter’s 2nd birthday on Instagram.

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As seen on the emotional post dedicated to the late Adana, Willis Raburu went on to express how much he misses her beautiful face; adding that he still remembers the time he spent with her in the cold room – something that left his fans in tears.

Through his Instagram page, Willis Raburu wrote;

Willis Raburu celebrates late daughter

Happy 2nd birthday Adana. My angel. I think of you each time, I have. I miss you and your beautiful face. I will never forget it as I spent that time with you in the cold room and not even my kiss would bring you back! I guess that’s only in fairy tales. ???????????? I should have been celebrating your milestones but instead I sit here jealous of the angels because they get to experience you each day.

Pain remains fresh

Although it’s ever easy to get past the death of a loved one, Raburu says Dec 31st has become a hard day for him since he is torn in between celebrating the new year and marking his daughter’s death anniversary.

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Speaking about this, the dad of two went on to add;

It’s always a tough day because I donno whether to celebrate a new year or mourn you. I know you would have wanted us to celebrate you and so here I am. Make a lot of noise in heaven today let them know who your parents are! ???????? I love you.

And if you thought Willis Raburu has any blood towards his ex wife, Maryaprude – then I guess you’re wrong as he concluded his love letter to his late daughter saying;

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Mommy and daddy will love you forever and always! ????????????❤️????