Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

Willy Paul has allegedly resulted to seeking help from the DCI offices following rape attempt allegations made against him by Diana Marua and other young ladies claiming he either raped them or attempted to.

This being a sensitive case since it involved sexual assault, many prefer to watch how the story from the sidelines; to avoid complicating things for both the accused and the alleged victims.

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Diana Marua and Pozee

Anyway after losing his Ksh 10 million deal, a close friend of Willy Paul has come out to reveal; that the guy has now involved the DCI in the matter after realizing he was losing the battle online. Speaking to Edgar, the close source said;

Mumefanya Willy Paul aende dci the investigation starts tomorrow specific on Diana’s case.

Making moves on the low

Well since most of the celebrities have chosen to maintain their silence on alleged rape attempt case; Pozee’s only solution was to involve directorate of criminal investigations – as he hopes to find help.

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The close source went on to add that the information was private but having seen the number of women accusing Pozee on Obare’s page; he (source) then felt the need to give the blogger a heads up on the matter.

Ni siri tu nimekuibia but the case is already reported.

Pozee’s smart idea to run to the DCI comes close to two months after the The directorate of criminal investigations urged members of the public to take caution while reporting rape cases.

The DCI office went on to add that rape is a serious offence under the sexual offenses act; that attracts a heavy penalty of up-to life imprisonment.

Now let’s watch the two dance in court before the truth is revealed.

“Willy Paul is drowning in depression” Friend begs blogger Edgar Obare to intervene

A lot has been said about Willy Paul in the past but everything about his life and brand changed after Diana Marua accused him of rape attempt; an incident she says occurred a few years back.

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The rape attempt story that has been making news since Diana Marua’s YouTube video is said to have ruined Willy Paul’s life – as he now behaves like an unstable man.

This was revealed by a friend who reached out to Edgar Obare hoping the investigative blogger would help shed some light on the issue as everyone seems to be siding with Diana Marua.

As seen on the screenshot, the friend says Pozee has been drowning in stress and is currently depressed to a point of committing suicide if not helped. The said friend wrote;

Were close with Willy Paul and that’s why I am doing this coz this weekend we were together and I saw how much that guy is suffering manzee. Anatembea kama mtu Amelewa coz of stress.

Not in a good place

So according to the friend, Pozee has not been himself for the past few days and from the look of things – he ain’t behaving normal.

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The friend says Pozee rarely talks like he used to and this is making his friends freak out as they have no idea what he may be thinking. He went on to add;

Please save a soul from committing suicide (sijasema that’s his plan) but that guy is not in a good place saa hii and you’re the only one who can help him clear his name.

Well, honestly this is a tough one and since the two parties want to settle the case in court – probably that’s the only help Pozee might end up getting. That is if his story is true.

“Weezdom can confirm” Willy Paul opens up about his secret relationship with Diana Bahati back in the day

Willy Paul has found himself in yet another scandal involving sexual assault and unlike the times he would maintain his silence – this time around he has decided to fight back and the mess keeps getting uglier.

Well, just a few hours ago Diana Bahati released a detailed video narrating how Willy Paul almost raped her back in the day. From what she says is that they were friends who decided to link up; not knowing what Pozee had planned for her.

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Weezdom, Pozee and Bahati

So apparently the link up turned sour after she got in his car and as they drove he tried touching her sexually. When they got outside his apartment things escalated as Pozee allegedly tore down her clothes (skirt and blouse) trying to get on top of her. Anyway for more details you can watch the detailed YouTube video.

Willy Paul exposes secret relationship

Anyway having been accused by Bahatis wife of rape; Willy Paul has come out with his side of the story where he claims both him and Marua had a thing back in the day.

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Okay, he doesn’t necessarily say they were in a relationship but he bluntly reveals that they’ve been sexually involved; a secret Diana Marua was probably afraid of telling her husband, Bahati.

Diana Marua and Pozee

To confirm this, Pozee drags former gospel singer Weezdom in the scandal; hoping he would back him up about the time Marua was to meet him up after her saloon appointment. From how he speaks, looks like the conversations was smooth; which now leaves him wondering how Diana Marua would have turned against him that fast, changing the story into a rape attempt case.

“Me and you are not on the same level” Willy Paul tells Diana Bahati

Looks like Willy Paul has a new competitor, Diana Marua but being the controversial person he is; Willy Paul cannot imagine himself competing against Bahati’s wife who is a registered artist.

So far the two artists have been throwing shade at each other on social media with Pozee accusing Diana Marua of buying YouTube views like her husband; while Diana Marua says Pozee is threatened to have her join the music industry.

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Speaking during a recent interview, Diana Marua accused Pozee’s current behavior on jealousy; since he feels threatened by the views she keeps hitting on YouTube which means she is above him.

Willy Pozee responds

Having come across the interview, Pozee decided to hit back in a now deleted post where he called out Diana Marua for assuming they are on the same level.

The controversial love artist through his Instagram page went on to write;

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Diana, unajua mambo yeti. Please be very careful a what you say about me, just because Bwana yako ametoa shilingi tatu akanunua views kama yeye….isikudanganye. Hatutishani na hatutawai toshana Wewe bishana na &queebp254…lets leave it at that. Wewe endelea na comedy yako na mimi niskume album yangu noma ONE MAN.

This comes hours after Diana and Bahati announced about the 1 million views; but judging from how fans reacted to the news….let’s just say many believe that iko kitu.

Willy Paul Trolls Bahati And Diana Marua Following Latest Song (Screenshot)

Diana Marua is still making headlines after her decision to take on music as her new career. The YouTuber; who is doubling up as a musician, has found herself on the receiving end with numerous trolls suggesting that her decision was obnoxious.

Despite all the trolls, Diana has not shown resentment nor has she given up. As a matter of fact, she took advantage of the publicity to brag about trending on several platforms;

#1 Trending On Twitter, #1 Trending On Blogs,#1 Trending On Radio & TV Topics,
#1 Trending On YouTube But they are Still Shocked because they Don’t Believe it’s DIANA B! On Such Punch Lines ????????????

Indeed, Diana is still on a trending spree after all. And more people are ganging up on her and her hubby Bahati; who spearheaded her move for becoming a musical artist.

Willy Paul Goes Against The Bahatis

Willy Paul has now shared his sentiments over Diana Marua and her hubby producing music. And it’s not pleasing at all. He went ahead to troll the duo as he presented his music as the ‘cure’ for the Bahatis bad music.

”Tired of listening to bad music from that family? The family of manduru na ma off-keys?? I know most of you are still traumatised coz of that ka incident… don’t worry I got you covered n ready to help. Go listen to #theafricanexperiencealbum on @boomplaymusicke now, thank me later… once again I’m sorry you had to go through all that.. my album will heal you.”

Comparing Most Recent Stats

Willy Paul’s latest songs, Tupewe Pombe and Pressure featuring Queen P, have 237K and 518K views respectively on YouTube. The two songs were released 6 and 10 days ago respectively.

On the flipside, Diana Marua’s first ever song dubbed ‘Hatutaachana’ is now at 937K views on YouTube and was released 3 days ago.

Shots fired: “Weh uko hapo, unakula tu!” Willy Paul tells Bahati’s wife

Willy Paul this past weekend left many talking thanks to a video shared on Jalango’s Instagram page; before the radio presenter cum comedian pulled it down from his page!

Willy Paul and ‘wifey’

In the video which is currently circulating on social media, Willy Paul is heard making fun of Bahati’s vocals; but what took many by surprise is after Pozee decided to mention Bahati’s wife in the mix!

According to Willy Paul, Diana should at least step in to help her husband sing some parts in his songs; just to avoid him from straining his vocals! He went on to suggest that instead of eating and staying idle probably it’s time for her to join her husbands career.

Jalang’o deletes video

Seeing his fans responded to the video, Jalang’o who was the first one to share it on social media went on to pull it down immediately: since fans did not find it funny!


Despite Willy and Bahati having beef; having dragged Diana Marua who is not just Bahati’s wife; but mother of his children into the mess seemed quite petty and uncalled for!

Jalang’o beefing with Bahati?

Not quite sure whether Jalang’o also has bad blood with the Bahati’s; but since he had a hand in circulating the video on social media it’s only right to assume that he is Willy Paul’s supporter!

However, if the video was for laughs and giggles…then why did the radio presenter pull it down or rather upload it in the first place?
Well, who know!