“Tushapendana and that’s it!” Willy Pozee ready to risk it all for singer Jovial

I know were all thinking the Willy Pozee and Jovial relationship is one of their clout stunts….and since we saw it coming from miles away – I guess this explains why not many believe in their new found love.

Actually looking at some of the comments left under Willy Pozee’s photo with Jovial – most fans prefered telling him off for always using relationships to remain relevant. Jovial on the other hand was warned about Pozee’s ways – with others calling him a womanizer and a cheat; oh and not forgetting the many scandals he has had with young ladies exposing him on tabloids.

But then again – love is blind and if Jovial is truly in love with Willy Paul, then i guess all the advise she has been getting is falling into deef ears.

Pozee on loving Jovial

Anyway having seen some of the mean comments left by haters discouraging Jovial from getting involved with him….Pozee through his gram wrote;

Jovial on the other hand, told off her haters reminding them that life is for the living and if anything….she can make her own decisions and as of now, she chooses Willy Paul.

Kuna watu kwenye haya maisha huwa wanataka wakuendeshe na kukwambia nini cha kufanya na wakati maisha ni yako

And this is where that swahili saying comes in….mambo ya watu wanajifunika duvet moja wachana nayo…comes in.

Jovial, Willy Paul Shut Down Critics As They Get Cozy (Video)

Singer Jovial has finally accepted Willy Paul’s proposal after weeks of being an admirer in denial

Pozze, who has spent weeks chasing after her, is now celebrating success of winning over the singer.

At first, Pozze confessed that he couldn’t wait to get the sultry Mombasa-based singer under his sheets. This happened after she posted a teasing pic of herself. The 28-year-old Gospel-turned-secular music singer left a thirsty comment under Jovial’s post saying, “Wewe nikupata nakukula na ugali ya ushago aki.”

Later in another post, Pozze changed tact and stepped up his game with an aim to romance Jovial slowly into his hands. “Maybe I should come slowly jaber. If you know me well then you know how much pride I got in me.. so for me to come here and ask you out aaaaaaih. Just say yes.

Jovial is the biggest revelation of our music scene over the last year. The numbers don’t lie, her silky & admirable voice has warmed its way into millions of hearts- accumulating some of the highest views on YouTube with her songs.

Willy Paul-Jovial Relationship

After their online scuffles and tussle, the two finally decided it was high time for them to sum things up and accept each other. Recently, the two were spotted getting all cosy together. And led to speculations that they’re an item. Jovial purported that she’s on the verge of getting married to the singer, and claimed that they’re not separating any time soon. Pozze even went ahead to pick up Jovial at the airport with his new matatu. The two are currently lovers and nothing seems to barr them from falling in love.

Watch the short clip below;




‘Mtaachana Tu’- Fans React To Willy Paul- Jovial Relationship (Screenshot)

Clout or Showbiz? Whatever that’s cooking between Kenyan songstress Jovial and Willy Paul has roped in fans’ reactions- and evidently, no one’s buying their sentiments that they’re falling in love.

Recently, Pozze went ahead to pick-up Jovial in the airport to show how serious he was with falling in love with the damsel. And despite and initial rejection, Jovial changed her mind and finally started warming up to the charms of Willy Paul after months of shooting his shot on social media.

In his seduction strategy, Willy Paul confessed how he would ‘feast’ on Jovial if she allowed him to be the man to warm his bed.

””Wewe nikupata nakukula na ugali ya ushago. aki mapenzi wewe. (When I get you I will eat you with ugali from the village),” he wrote.

Fans React

The two might be genuinely in love, but Willy Paul doesn’t seem to be the type of settling down. And this is the reason why some fans are already speculating that the two artistes could merely be hyping a new project they could working on.

Additionally, some have maintained that their relationship will barely last. Below are some of the reactions;

Willy Paul is infamously known for his antics hitting on Kenyan female celebrities, including accusations of sexual assault by Diana Marua and Miss P.

Willy Paul says Jovial is the only woman he can settle down with, begs her consider his feelings

Willy Paul is either cooking something with singer Jovial or he is obsessed with the Jeraha hitmaker. This is because despite having been turned down by the singer – Pozee continues to insist on asking her out.

Jovial turns down Willy Paul’s relationship request

The last time, he sort of made it known he would get her by force but again – withdrew his statement (damage control) hoping she wouldn’t take it the bad way. However – still, Jovial refuted his relationship proposal which now brings here.

Well a couple of weeks later and Willy Paul still wants Jovial to give him a chance since he is serious about dating her. Pleading his case on a post shared on his IG, Pozee wrote;

@jovial_ke atleast kuwa na utu. Sikatai watu wanasema mimi ni bwana mkunaji, I don’t know why.. in life lazima kila mtu anachoka na anaamua kutulia mimi hapa naomba nitulie na wewe.

Don’t judge me

Having had a not so clean CV over the years….I mean with the baby mamas/ girlfriends and hook ups – I’m pretty sure these are some of things most women fear when it comes to dating the singer.

But again – nobody is perfect and having learnt his lesson the hard way, Pozee says he will only get to prove he is changed if Jovial considers his proposal;

Nobody is perfect so we shouldn’t judge someone based on his or her past.. Man is to error, but If you give me this chance then for sure I’ll make you the happiest woman on the planet earth.

Well….let’s wait and see how things will unfold but chances are that this is him chasing some clout for a certain project.

“Give me one night & you’ll be begging for more” Creepy Willy Pozee promises Jovial despite rejection

Singer Willy Paul has been chasing Jovial as seen on social media but judging from the way he is approaching her – I guess maybe Pozee Hana lugha siku hizi. Actually – he sounds more like those Facebook wababaz always texting “send me photo with bubiz” ewww creep.

Anyway as seen in previous posts, we have reason to believe Pozee either has a crush on Jovial; or the two are creating hype for a new project – hence the drama.

Whether a project or not – one thing is for sure, Pozee has a problem. Not that I have psychology or anything – but looking at the comments he’s been leaving under Jovial’s photos you can’t say he writes them while sane. Like come on…how do you promise to force yourself on someone who already said no?

From where I come from we call them rapists, creeps and the thought of it actually gives me goosebumps!

Pozee getting creepier

Well if you think I’m judging the singer harshly, below is a screenshot of a comment he left under Jovial’s latest post; again – he promises sex in a creepier way leaving me wondering whether Pozee is an addict….I mean, even dogs have a mating season.

Maybe I should come slowly Janet…if you know me well then you know how much pride I got in me. So far me to come here and ask you out aaaaaah. Just say yes! Let me show the other side of life take you to places you’ve never been before.

And lastly….(somebody stop me before I say creep again) Pozee wrote;

I know it’s cold out here I got the skills to warm your heart. Just give me one day, one night and you’ll beg for more.

Mmmh maybe it’s a song? Maybe it’s just Pozee being himself? Maybe.