Jamaican singer Cecile forced to ask Willy Paul to act like a gospel artist after posting raunchy photo

Jamaican singer Cecile has also been getting a lot of heat from Kenyans after working with Willy Paul in his latest song Sikireti. Kenyans blamed the singer for promoting Willy Paul “ungospelness” and urged him to stay away from the young artist.

Kenyans have taken to social media also to bash Willy Paul for always working with secular artists and show they were angered by Sikireti which is a duplicate of his song Digiri. Cecile recently also advised Willy Paul to start acting like a gospel artist after the singer posted a half-naked raunchy photo on social media.


The post, which Willy Paul has now disabled commenting, attracted negative comments as Kenyans continued to bash him for his antics.

“Only the strong will survive,” Willy Paul captioned the photo and tagged Cecile. 

Cecile replied asking him to stop making such posts:

“Gospel man, why don’t you put on the clothes before them start pon you again? What kind of hype gospel is this?”

After the comment, Willy Paul was left with no option other than barring people from commenting.



‘He’s lying. Willy Paul beat up his girlfriend that day and she was high on cocaine’ – neighbor

Willy Paul claims he has a reality show coming out soon, Kenyans on the hand, believe he’s a violent man and he was caught on tape.

The singer was recently a trending topic after a clip surfaced showing him ruthlessly beating up a woman and smashing her phone as she begged for help.

The gospel singer then issued a rushed statement saying it was part of his upcoming reality show but fans were quick to call it bull crap.

According to a neighbor who spoke to The Star, the singer actually beat up his girlfriend, who, might have been very much high on Cocaine.

“That cannot be a reality show. You can’t beat up someone like that then come out saying you are shooting a reality show. First of all, there were no cameras, no cast crew and the like. That was just pure violence. It was the first time he was fighting outside his house, but he has been fighting in his house.” said the source. 

The source further relived what he witnessed, saying:

“I was on my way home at around 9.30pm when I saw a commotion. It was Willy Paul, some other guy plus the lady. They were in an argument but Willy Paul was in control of everything, and that is when the fight began.”

“I tried to separate them. The lady was trying to call someone. That was when he took her phone and destroyed it. According to some friends I asked, they said Willy Paul was claiming the lady was high on cocaine, which I think was only a way to cover up the whole issue. I can’t be sure if the lady was his real girlfriend since so many people come and leave his premises.”


The source went on:

“Neighbours have been going to knock at his door because of the loud music.

“The loud music is crazy and everyone from our estate complains about it. Personally because of my children, I have gone to knock at his door. He did not open but he turned down the volume.

“From what I saw him doing, I do not think that a gospel artiste is supposed to behave in that manner. I was really traumatized and I felt for the young girl.”

Willy Paul also rushes to work with Tanzanian artist after Bahati, releases new song ‘Njiwa’

If Bahati did it, Willy Pual will do it. And just to be fair, if Pozze is doing it, Kijana wa mama will also do it. It’s now an official pattern.

Days after Bahati went to Tanzania for his latest collabo, it seems Willy Paul was right behind him also pulling the same moves. Paul has now released his latest song dubbed “Njiwa”, that features Nandi, a Tanzanian songstress.


Love in the air

The song is about love and a fresh breath from the chocking dance music gospel singers have been churning lately.

Watch the video below:


Willy Paul planning to launch his new song ‘digiri’ at popular club tonight

Singer Willy Paul is back with a new tune that fans are loving. For this reason the singer will tonight be performing at Natives club tonight.

This will be the first time the singer is performing the new song since releasing it a few days ago. Judging from how fans have been reacting towards the song, there is no doubt that his show will be way better now that he will be doing it in person and better yet, for free.

He will however be joined by Fred Omondi who is officially the MC of the gig followed by a few surprises from other celebrities. Well, if you thought gospel music don’t make good club bangers, then allow Willy Paul to prove you wrong tonight as Natives is the ultimate plan to kick off this weekend.