Winnie Odinga Recovering After Leg Injury

Winnie Odinga, Member of Parliament in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), is currently recovering from a leg injury sustained during the recent Interparliamentary Games (IPG) in Kigali, Rwanda. She shared the news via her Instagram stories, revealing that she underwent surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon.

“Some of you have been asking why I’ve been quiet,” Odinga wrote. “I ruptured my Achilles tendon during the IPG in Rwanda. I’m all good after surgery, but I’ll be low-key for a bit.”

An avid basketball player, Odinga’s injury occurred during the 13th edition of the EAC IPG, held in Kigali from December 8th to 15th, 2023. Over 1,000 parliamentarians from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan participated in the annual event, which fosters regional cooperation and understanding through friendly competition.

The IPG is organized by the EALA, established under the East African Community (EAC) Treaty to bring together legislators from across member states. These games represent one aspect of the EALA’s mandate to facilitate interactions and strengthen ties between Partner States.

While Odinga’s injury is unfortunate, it highlights the dedication of parliamentarians like her who participate in events like the IPG to further regional integration and camaraderie. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back on the court soon.

Winnie Odinga Responds To Huddah Monroe’s Criticism Of Raila Odinga

East African Legislative Member of Parliament Winnie Odinga has responded to socialite Huddah Monroe’s recent criticism of her father, opposition leader Raila Odinga.

In a series of Instagram stories, Winnie dismissed Huddah’s remarks as “another banger” and said that she found humor in the socialite’s assessment of the situation.

Huddah had criticized Raila Odinga’s call for protests, suggesting that the opposition leader’s motives were self-serving. She questioned his authenticity, stating that if Raila were truly fighting for the betterment of Kenya, the entire country would be rallying behind him.

Winnie, however, was quick to dismiss Huddah’s remarks, saying that she was “not fazed” by the socialite’s assessment of the situation. She also playfully referred to Huddah as “Kenya’s top political analyst.”

The exchange between Winnie Odinga and Huddah Monroe is a reminder of the different views that exist on the political landscape in Kenya. While Huddah has expressed her disapproval of Raila Odinga’s agenda, Winnie has defended her father’s actions. It remains to be seen how the public will respond to the two women’s differing opinions.

Obinna Reveals Why He Would Not Date Winnie Odinga After She Claimed She’s Single

Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga is single & ready to mingle. She’s however, under no pressure to get married or date soon until she finds ‘the one’.

While she has received numerous proposals, the damsel rejected them and has been single for 9 years- something she’s proud of.

Kiss FM’s presenter Oga Obinna has shared why he wouldn’t date her, claiming she’s strong-literally and can man-handle him.

” Do you see how Winnie braves the Maandamano and the tear gas was thrown at her?

He is also there fighting for the EALA position. I would rather remain with Amber Ray.

Winnie Odinga is where I draw the line. I would rather try with Charlene.”

“Imagine you are dating Winnie and you cheat on her.

You get taken to Junet who then takes you to Karen and Babu Owino is the one opening the door.”

Obinna continued to claim he’s even afraid of her dad.

”Baba reprimands you for cheating on his daughter. I am afraid of Baba.”

He adviced her to go for foreign men, who do not know much about her dad.

“She should look for expatriates (Outsiders) people who do not know Baba.”

Either way, Odinga is ready for men to shoot their shot at her.

‘I Have No Pressure Of Getting Married’- Winnie Odinga

Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga is under no pressure of getting married. She divulged the same in a recent interview, where she claimed that she has not yet found ‘the one’.

She described her ideal man as tall, dark, slender, and well-educated.

Talking about pressure to get married, Odinga claims that her mum has been among those pressuring her to wed.

“Mama alianza a couple of years ago and I told her that she has to cool down on that talk,” adding that she is cool with how everything is and that she is just having fun since she is still young. ”

Winnie Odinga reveals ideal man ahead of 'State House wedding' – Nairobi  News

But Odinga claims she’s currently enjoying her thirties.

I’m in my thirties, I’m living life.”

She however, claimed that she is willing and ready to date.

“I don’t mind other cultures but just someone who understands me,” she explained making it clear that, “I’m out here.”

Odinga urged men to shoot their shot and see whom she can make a perfect match with.

Watch her full interview below;

Winnie Odinga forced out of the closet by Maverick Aoko claiming she is not straight

Despite the IEBC naming the 5th president of Kenya a few hours ago, social media remains a hot place especially on Twitter with supporters from the losing end expressing their disappointment in the system. However, its  understandable that they’re angry and feel played but at the same time the winners aren’t making it any easier for them.

Well take an example of one Maverick Aoko who left Kenyans dumbfounded earlier this morning by claiming Winnie Odinga is a lesbian. Yes, Maverick Aoko put it down in black and white on Twitter claiming Winnie Odinga is dating one Lucky Ogutu Okudo, the sister to despot Uhuru Kenyatta’s Principal Secretary.

And just like that, we all had to follow up on the tea getting served on Twitter about Raila Odinga’s last born daughter. As seen on Twitter Maverick Aoko went on to write;


Strong accusations but at the same time we have to remember it’s all politics…the name calling and the exposè. However seeing how determined Maverick Aoko is on outing Winnie Odinga…we also can’t help but have questions of our own. Like…would she really share details of an alleged ‘story’ if she had no facts? Scratch that. None of our business.

How it started

The claims come just a few hours after Samuel Ruto was named the 5th president of Kenya meaning Winnie Odinga was not going to have her wedding at State House as she’d earlier thought – now that daddy, Raila Odinga lost in the 2022 presidential elections.

If you don’t remember – a few weeks ago just before the elections Winnie Odinga opened up about her love life; saying to which she said she’d have a State House wedding and a reception at the lawn (weeeh lanes) but unfortunately her dreams got shuttered just like that!

Anyway as if that was not enough….Winnie Odinga continues to face trolls online but so far Maverick Aoko’s accusations seem to have overweighted everything else. In another tweet, Maverick hit out to the whole Odinga family saying;


Miguna Miguna outs Winnie’s lover

Well…for those doubting Maverick Aoko’s story on Winnie Odinga’s sexuality, looks like Miguna Miguna just made it easier by sharing details of the lady on Twitter, confirming Aoko’s allegations.

However at this point, I’m pretty sure there’s more to come and it doesn’t look pretty.


“I like tall and slim” Raila Odinga’s last-born daughter names quality that attract her to a man

Winnie Odinga is one vocal lady that doesn’t fear nor why away the Entertainment industry like most grown politician’s kids. Just like her late brother Fidel Odinga, Winnie likes the camera and can easily open up to personal questions….again – unlike most people related with politicians.


Winnie Odinga with late brother, Fidel Odinga

Anyway a while ago Winnie Odinga held a candid radio interview where she shared a few details of her professional life and of course personal life – something we rarely get to hear every other day.

So according to her, being a politicians kid means minimizing her interaction with people; which is why you’ll never come across any scandals about her – whether personal or work related. This is apparently because just like drug dealer’s kids – she trusts nobody and gets to keep a small circle – limiting her social life;

Raila Odinga’s last born daughter – Winnie

That has always been a challenge. You find that children of politicians, and also children of drug dealers, don’t trust people. They have become so skeptical because there are a lot of betrayals and going back and forth. They have become skeptical of people, so you become cautious about how you deal with people.

Qualities that attract her in a man

Apart from her social life, Winnie Odinga went on to share some of the traits that keep her glued to a man or rather what attracts her to a man.

Well – unlike those looking for handsome, loaded both physically and money wise; Winnie just wants simple, that is tall, dark and slim. Peke yake tu. wait wait….and a smart man too – with a degree! Roundi hii mtarudi shule.

You got to be taller than me. I am 5’10… you have to be dark and like slim. He has to come with a degree.

Having already mentioned that she trusts very few people, Winnie went on to add that her man should also be trust worthy. Someone loyal.

I look for trust, ability to communicate, have a discussion and sought of a platform I can bounce off all the work that I do.

Is Raila´s last daughter, Winnie Odinga, her father´s personal aide?¨

ODM Party leader, Hon. Raila Odinga´s last daughter, Winnie has been accompanying the dad to state and international functions.

The 29-year old, Winnie Odinga, has been sharing platforms with global leaders.

Word is that Raila may have slotted in the daughter as her personal aide upon his appointment to an AU job.

Winnie Odinga at an AU meeting inclusive of Raila and DRC President Tshisekedi

Though we are yet to ascertain what official position Winnie holds.

Uproar from online platforms has been the outcome.

Majority pointing fingers at the opposition party leader accusing him of nepotism.

Unfortunately, nepotism being one thing Hon. Raila seems to advocate against, in his political life.

Thursday, 14th March, one Benard Mogaka Nyaribo revisited Winnie´s secret job.

This is after a photo of Winnie, inclusive of DRC´s President, Felix Tshisekedi and the ODM party leader resurfaced.

The Democratic Republic of Congo´s president, was in Kenya for an official state visit.

¨Raila and his daughter in DRC as his secretary. Impunity,¨ Nyaribo´s post read.

We clearly see Winnie jotting down some notes.

¨I don´t think you know what impunity means, let me help you out.¨

¨Impunity means exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines¨ the Drexel University communications graduate clarified.

According to Winnie, there was nothing wrong in hanging around Raila Odinga on whatever grounds.

David Ndii’s Mwende Gatabaki wife reveals how Winnie Odinga saved her from the police

Mwende Gatabaki says Winnie Odinga went to her rescue when police arrested her husband David Ndii. The Nasa strategist was arrested over what Nasa termed as his role in the formation of the People’s Assembly.

Ndii was arrested on on Sunday night in Kwale County. The popular economist was in Coast together with his wife Mwende Gatabaki to attend a nephew’s wedding.

Mwende Gatabaki narrated everything that happened that Sunday during a press conference in Mombasa. She reveals that she had a confrontation with the police while she was demanding to know where they had taken her husband.

She saved me from being thrown behind bars

Winnie Odinga and her father Raila odinga

Mwende reveals that police let her go when Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie arrived at the station. She claims that officers at Diani police station threatened to throw her behind bars if she didn’t stop asking questions about her husband’s whereabouts.

“I was detained for sometimes, then Winnie Odinga came and started talking to the officers. She asked them what was going on. And at that point I noticed they also changed a bit. The idea of throwing me into the cell changed,” Mwende Gatabaki said.



Raila Odinga’s daughter and Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe throw words at each other

A war of words ensued between Winnie Odinga and Polycarp Igathe after the latter exposed tribalism at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

On Tuesday Winnie Odinga took to Facebook to narrate how her driver was turned away at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital. Raila’s daughter reveals her driver was taken to the hospital after police shot him on the head with teargas cannister at close range.

Winnie Odinga says that hospital attendants at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital turned her driver away because he was rushed there by men wearing ‘resist t-shirts’.

She claims that medical practitioners at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital refuse to attend to her bodyguard stating that they don’t treat Raila’s people there.

“Today my driver John Ogwati was shot in the head from close range by a Teargas launcher. After falling to the ground he was then trampled on. He was rushed to Mama Lucy Hospital by friends who were wearing “Resist Tshirts”. The staff upon seeing this group, which included John bleeding profusely from his head, informed the patient, “we don’t treat watu wa Baba hapa.” He has since been moved to another facility. (Two other patients who were injured by police and taken to that facility were also chased away.)” Winnie Odinga posted on her Facebook page.

Winnie is lying

Polycarp Igathe however says that Winnie’s post was meant to trigger violent protests against the hospital.

The Nairobi deputy governor claims that Nasa patients were treated for free at the facility. He says Winnie is lying about the whole incident.

“Allow me to clear the air about an article in the social media by one Winnie Odinga that we chased away NASA patients yesterday, which is a lie they were all attended to free of charge” ~ Dr. Musa Mohammed – Medical Superitendent Mama Lucy Hospital,” Igathe said in one of his tweets.

Winnie fired back at Igathe saying that he was peddling lies to cover the unfortunate incident at Mama Lucy hospital. Raila’s daughter further says she has evidence of a transaction to prove she paid medical bill for her injured driver at Metropolitan hospital BuruBuru.

Winnie took her driver to Metropolitan hospital BuruBuru after he was turned away at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital which is a public hospital.

“Bwana DG, Unless Dr . Muhammed is also the superintendent at Metropolitan hospital BuruBuru and unless he entered my phone and sent money for the hospital bill I’m saddened to inform you that his attempt at calling me a liar has failed! The hospital discriminated. Deal with that, not with me! (No further questions)” wrote Winnie Odinga.