Why do men patronize the car wash as the ladies stick to the salon?

The car wash with an outdoor sitting set up is the modern masculine version of the ladies’ favorite hang out spot, the salon.

This brings to light the fundamental difference between the genders is that Sons of Adam easily compartmentalise their issues, unlike the ladies.

Ladies want a safe space to talk about their issues – love life, mother-in-law tribulations, kids….

Gentlemen want a safe space to think and worship their objects of desire.

That’s the reason the salon has the chatter reputation and energy of a busy newsroom. On the other hand, the car wash is largely cool.

A man parks in line, joins a gang on a table outdoors, asks for a drink. He’ll sit facing the cars getting the spray on the ramp.

A man makes new acquaintances at the car wash, valuable networking. But, first, usually by expressing adoration for some funky ride. Random questions will tumble out.

“Who does your paint work, man? He’s good”

“That scratch on the rear door? The kid from next door?” They’ll laugh a little.

“I don’t care if it costs me a kidney, but I’ll have to get that new Subaru Forester…..how long have you had it?”

Men won’t talk about their mothers-in-laws. Or, their demanding spouses. Or, the dishonest farm hand. They are not here for therapy.

The talk lingers on engine ratings, shocking petrol prices, conniving mechanics, and the hottest graffiti artist in town.

The biggest deal as an hang out spot is the networking angle. All sort of professionals will be trading banter here – lawyers, journalists, insurance agents, medics, street artists, name it.

It’s a blessing to own a ride, and besides the major opportunities it affords one – there’s lots of other benefits when you join the motoring fraternity.

What’s more there’s now an easy way to acquire a brand new moti…..

There’s a friendly financing partnership from Co-op Bank, after a groundbreaking partnership with World Navi – global leaders in vehicle acquisition and importation.

The campaign is dubbed Shika Dinga na Co-op, and here’s some of the perks attached:

  • 80% asset financing.
  • Access to high-end vehicles.
  • 100% safe & reliable vehicle importation to your doorstep.
  • 3 months warranty on engine & transmission.
  • A privilege of choosing from a wide choice of cars from various source countries.
  • All cars come with accident-free and genuine mileage certificates.
  • No risk of stolen parts or non-performance.

This is a chance to bring good tidings to your life and family. To learn more of the Shika Dinga na Co-op Campaign, click here.

Co-op Bank will finance and help you import your dream car, here’s how

Co-operative Bank has formed a joint partnership with World Navi Co. Ltd, a leading Japanese exporter of used units to Africa and Europe, launching a financing scheme to enable Kenyans to import second-hand cars.

Co-op Bank’s Moses Gitau with World Navi Co. Ltd Managing Director Yoshifumi Sawada during the signing of the deal

The partnership guarantees a 100pc safe and reliable vehicle importation including three months warranty on the engine & transmission, accident free & genuine mileage certificates and zero risk of stolen parts or non-performance.

In line with the Bank’s efforts to build a strong offering, this service will help customers to import quality second-hand vehicles at affordable prices through a secure platform from key source markets in Japan, UK and Thailand as well as secure up to 80% financing for the purchase.

With this service, the Bank will also finance approved motor vehicle dealers to enable them to import vehicles on behalf of their customers.

Co-op Bank’s Moses Gitau with World Navi Co. Ltd Managing Director Yoshifumi Sawada during the signing of the deal

Speaking during the agreement signing with World Navi at a Nairobi Hotel on Friday, the Head of Business Banking at Co-operative Bank, Mr Moses Gitau said the partnership creates a end-to end solution for people to import quality second hand vehicles at affordable prices.

“Majority of Kenyans depend on the import second-hand vehicle market to own a car but one of the prevailing issues plaguing the public is the anxiety of finding a reliable agent who will ensure they get what they are paying for,” he stated

Speaking at the same event, World Navi Co. Ltd Managing Director, Mr Yoshifumi Sawada said the partnership intends to meet the local market’s needs on used vehicles which will reach out to the majority of the market areas across the entire country through its 150 branches.

“Our company is offering its 20 years’ experience in the business of exporting used cars globally with the assurance of every customer receiving high quality cars through the unique: 3 months warranty on engine and transmission which no other exporters can offer,” he said.

The service is open to both Co-op Bank customers and non-customers wishing to import vehicles using either their own funds or looking to be financed by the bank.

For customers purchasing the vehicle using their own funds, they would identify the car on the World Navi’s website, place the order then receive a general pro-forma invoice.

The customer will then deposit the whole amount into an internal account with the bank, where it will be held until the car is shipped and delivered to them.

Co-op Bank’s Moses Gitau shakes hands with World Navi Co. Ltd Managing Director Yoshifumi Sawada after signing the deal

Customers seeking financing from the Bank to buy the vehicles, would follow the same process in identifying and ordering the car, however on receipt of the general pro-forma invoice they would start the loan application process with the bank.

Once approved, the customer will receive an indicative offer letter and would then proceed to deposit their own contribution (at least 20%) into an internal account and the Bank will cover the rest, enabling the import agent to ship and deliver the vehicle.

The vehicle purchase will be handled wholly by World Navi; they will purchase the vehicle on behalf of the customer, carry out quality checks and ship the car to Kenya.

The documents will be consigned to the bank, who will release them to the clearing agent to facilitate clearing and registration following which the vehicle is delivered to the customer. Once the customer receives the vehicle they will execute a delivery note confirming receipt. The minimum car purchase amount is Ksh. 500,000/-.

Co-operative Bank firmly believes that forming partnerships that benefit the customer is key to success. Before providing a financial solution, Co-op Bank will ensure that they weigh the business need and the prevailing market situation versus the opportunity and customers needs. This ensures that the partnership deal meets the customer needs and keeps up with the ever changing market.