Xtian and Andrew Kibe were never friends

Andrew Kibe has been on a war footing for quite some time but it caught a lot of people off guard when he took a broadside swipe at his former colleague, Xtian Dela who most people thought was also his friend. And it was all because of his oversharing the pregnancy journey of his girlfriend, Fatma Banj.

Andrew Kibe is back to his old self and we love him

Earlier on, we had shared our opinion and had told you that in showbiz, there are no lasting friendships unless the celebs in question grew up together.

Andrew Kibe
Controversial radio show presenter and blogger, Andrew Kibe

This argument was made after we saw Xtiandela take a swipe at Kamene Goro after she falsely accused him of taking advantage of Shakilla and using her to boost his own digital profile.

Xtian Dela Responds To Andrew Kibe For Criticizing Him On Posting Girlfriend’s Pregnancy- Fans React Savagely

Ince then, we haven’t really seen the former colleagues and pretend BFFs hang out -which is a far cry from all the posts Kamene Goro used to dedicate to her former producer, Xtiandela, going as far as to refer to him as the general. Even less effort has been put into maintaining the appearance of being friends with Andrew Kibe.

Kamene Goro
Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro with Andrew kibe

This is not to fault the overweight lady because she is clearly onto something seeing as she is the one still employed at Radio Africa’s station, Kiss100, while the rest were let go. Also, we aren’t intimately familiar with what transpired between the three but I am an old school thinker who would rather not force a friendship rather than pretend that I am on great terms with someone I only consider a colleague.

Andrew Kibe Criticizes Xtian Dela, Girlfriend For Showing Off Pregnancy On Social Media-We Don’t Give A Sh*t

Now back to the matter at hand, Xtiandela has his reasons for sharing as much information as he does about Fatma’s pregnancy: that is what their audience is demanding. And this is how he pays his bills -views equal monetization.

Xtiandela, Fatma Banj
Xtian Dela with his girlfriend

So why would Andrew Kibe take a shot at his former colleague and “friend”? Because according to him, this is not a masculine thing to do. And whether or not you agree with Andrew Kibe or whether or not you see the sense in why Xtiandela is doing, one thing has come into focus: they were never friends.

Xtiandela LGBTQ platform will cost him his political ambition

After all, you cannot make me believe that one doesn’t have the phone number of the other. So why didn’t they simply jump on the horn and discuss these issues? Why are their domes playing out in the public gallery? It is because one doesn’t care for the other. Either of them could also simply send a text and put an end to the tomfoolery. In fact, I would argue that they could make more money working together rather than going at each other. But what do I know?

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Xtiandela LGBTQ platform will cost him his political ambition

Xtiandela came out and boldly declared that he would be vying for the Westlands constituency parliamentary seat as an independent candidate and I was elated for him and what that portends for the future of Kenyan politics.

Xtian Dela Promises To Support Gayism If Elected As Westlands MP

You see, Xtiandela is actually a representation of the frustrations Kenyan youth have towards the ruling elite who have been running our country down to the dogs simply because they are too greedy and myopic.

What has, however, caught me off-guard is his recent decision to run on the platform of LGBTQ rights because this is not just an Achilles heel in his plans bt a fatal flaw in the design of his political discourse.

Xtiandela and Fatma: Power coupling done right

It would only make sense to me if he isn’t really trying to get elected and simply looking to raise money through donations -basically if he were running a gift. Why? Because surely Xtiandela has to know that Kenyans will never endorse or elect a politician who has gay rights as his main agenda.

Why do I say this is his main agenda? Because he hasn’t tackled anything else outside this topic. And Kenyans are ultra-conservative -in a very dualistic sense. You see, in all the major towns and cities, we are interacting with homosexuals and they are largely tolerated as we tend to focus on our own sins and interests but the minute someone wants it put in our faces, we catch feelings.


And this is an issue that can lead to human beings being killed -yes, being a homosexual is that much of an issue in Kenya so why would anyone publicly support Xtiandela and put themselves in harm’s way?

“They are insulting and bullying me” Xtian Dela cries after announcing his support for the LGBT community

So why did Xtiandela think this is a winning strategy? Surely there is no way he can expect his gay agenda to carry the day in a constituency that it is so vast, it best exemplifies the struggles of social inequality? We have the rich living side by side with the oppressively poor in this one big constituency.

Infact, the president is a constituent in Westlands because he dwells in State House. So I ask again, do you or anyone you know really think this is something he is doing with a mind towards winning the seat? And if indeed this is a concern near and dear to his heart, why didn’t he first focus on winning the seat then move onto quietly working to actualize his agenda?

Xtian Dela Promises To Support Gayism If Elected As Westlands MP

But I gotta say, if this is a gift for foreign American liberal aid, then it is a brilliant one.

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Xtiandela and Fatma: Power coupling done right

Xtiandela and Fatma Banj announced their relationship a couple of months and it seemed like something of a publicity stunt until it began to look mor and more real with each passing day.

Xtiandela vs Kamene Goro and Jalang’o: Showbiz haina urafiki

And now we have a new couple that we love seeing and the kicker is that they are striving to win together and pushing each other further and further ahead to succeed. That is why I argue that they are a new and modern-day power couple.

Xtiandela and Fatma Banj are a force on social media

You see, Xtiandela is a man who has done the most for himself using the digital sphere. He has grown his brand and is now a finally reaping the rewards as he makes a sweet killing as an influencer.

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe prove there are no real friendships in entertainment

On the other hand, Fatma Banj is a socialite who has changed her lot and even now runs a stall that sells attire. And wouldn’t you know it, the two actually support each other by promoting the other’s business.

Xtiandela, Fatma Banj

And when you hire Xtiandela to be your club promoter, he brings along Fatma who has clout off her own social media and this way, they have managed to get some amazing deals as Xtiandela has guided his girlfriend into that world he is only too familiar with.

How have they managed to navigate from being the butt of jokes to actually getting to this position?

Xtian Dela’s social media achievements prove we are right, he is the future

For starters, they are driven

Xtiandela has always been a driven individual. Since he was starting out as a marketing promoter and Jeff Koinange’s digital handler, he has always been hustling. From there he moved on to becoming a fully-fledged influencer.  He has always had a “go get it” personality and when he linked up with Fatma, she let him lead her in that direction. Gone are the copious twerk videos and their place, she is trying to brand herself as a lifestyle influencer (relationships et al0 and she is pushing her stall.

As a result, they have no time to focus on pettiness, instead of focusing entirely on building their brands both individually and as a unit and we are seeing the results.

Xtiandela, Fatma
Xtiandela and Fatma are a great example for young couples

They do not take themselves too seriously

They are fun and joke around with their relationship but in a respectful way that doesn’t allow outsiders to troll the other. Whenever they do something, it is light and fun unless the mood calls for seriousness and they prank each other the entire time.

So young people relate to their shenanigans and enjoy seeing a pairing that isn’t only reflective of them but has not sold out to corporate public image policies. We can relate to them.

Self-confessed prostitute Shakilla is proof of why fatherhood is needed now more than ever

They actually seem to want to help each other

When was the last time you saw a pair so in-sync when it comes to working in tandem? I will wait. When was the last time we saw a couple come together and not have to leech off each other’s stardom? Before Fatmah Banj, Xtiandela had a name and vice versa. So now they are basically just helping one reach the other’s audience and introducing different facets to the other’s content.

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Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe prove there are no real friendships in entertainment

First, because I know how guys can get, this is not an accusatory piece about either Kamene Goro or Andrew Kibe. This is simply a look at what type of friendships you should expect with your work colleagues or your peers within whichever industry you’re in but largely entertainment. Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to proceed.

Watch: Kamene Goro and Jalang’o tear each other apart over Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s broken relationship

A few months ago, I argued out my opinion that Kamene Goro and Jalang’o teaming up against Xtiandela was proof that the previously indomitable trio of Andrew Kibe, Kamene Goro and Xtiandela had unravelled as soon as the pair of gentlemen had been shown the door at Kiss 100 FM. And when the first opportunity presented itself, Jalang’o and Kamene Goro took a shot at Xtiandela.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro poses in underwear

At the time, Xtiandela was hosting his Covid show in IG and had just invited Shakilla on who had made some bombastic allegations, claiming she had slept with the likes of Victor Wanyama among other celebrities. It was later revealed that she had been lying through her teeth as she was just making up lies for hype and clout.

Xtiandela vs Kamene Goro and Jalang’o: Showbiz haina urafiki

From there, Jalang’o and Kamene Goro hosted the little girl on Jalang’o’s YouTube show and they just threw Xtiandela under the bus to pass themselves off as saints who are out to liberate young girls. This was the first sign that these so-called entertainment friends are not exactly friends.

Kamene Goro and Andrew kibe
Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Last year, I was talking to a friend of mine who said something rather insightful. We were talking about friendships and he pointed out that the best friends we make in life are those we make in childhood. After that, the next tier of best friends we make are those we make during times of sheer adversity -when we both face the same adversity and overcome it. But the friends we make in adulthood are largely acquaintances and the problem with us is that we confuse these for real friends. Take Kamene Goro and Andrew kibe as an example.

Edgar Obare gets the last laugh over Jalang’o and Kamene Goro

The pair were supposedly real down friends. they had come up together at NRG Radio and when they were moved over to Kiss100, they both faced legal action instituted against them by Kevin Mullei. They then were set to take over urban morning radio. Kamene Goro however, was forced to split from Andrew Kibe when he was let go by Radio Africa Group, the parent company of Kiss100. When that happened, there was nothing Kamene could do as the company isn’t hers nor her father’s. And most likely, Andrew kibe had done something that put him in the company’s crosshairs.

Xtian Dela
Xtiandela interveiwing Shakilla

But when Andrew Kibe revealed that he had survived a crazy 2020 that saw him suffer financially following his sacking and the Covid19 pandemic, I found myself wondering where his friends were. Where was Xtiandela and where was Kamene Goro? When he opened up about his struggles, Kibe did not mention any of them reaching out to him to offer something as impactful as a shoulder to lean on.

This if anything should tell you that entertainers are simply strange bedfellows whose loyalties are fleeting at best and merely to their bottom line more often than not. And plan accordingly. Knowing is doing and while knowledge isn’t power, the disparity of knowledge is. So now that you know, use this information wisely. What I will say however, is that it was a dope thing seeing Kamene Goro admit she and Andrew Kibe are no longer close.

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Xtian Dela’s social media achievements prove we are right, he is the future

Guys, Xtiandela had an Instagram Live session that had forty-five thousand people tuned in to it. Granted it was due to his guest, the self-proclaimed two hundred and fifty thousand shilling prostitute Shakilla but this only serves to strengthen and cement what we said a couple of months ago:

Xtian Dela and Edgar Obare are the new digital evolution

And the reason this is huge is that it puts older, more traditional and established media on notice as the future changes not so much because things are going digital but because the new evolution has no room for corporations.

Xtian Dela

And nothing shows this more than the fact that the other highly subscribed IG Live was that of Sauti Sol when they partnered and were “powered by” Safaricom. During that time, they had forty thousand viewers and they had the clout they needed to advertise their concert. On top of that, their content is entirely created by and driven by the talents of the boy-band.

“Boss, mimi ni Kichwa mbaya” Drama as blogger Xtian Dela threatens to expose Ringtone Apoko for his ratchet ways

In contrast, all that Xtian Dela had to do was to wake up, get himself a great Wifi connection and ensure that Shakilla brought her trollop self online. That was something to behold because it was our curiosity that did all the work for him.

Edgar Obare poses for a photo with Xtian Dela outside Kiambu Law Courts

So yes, from what we heard emanating from Lion Place, Xtiandela might be a difficult person to work with but he is brilliant in how he does what he does and he understands social media in a way that could actually make him a millionaire soon enough. And most blogs will struggle to keep up with him. He will simply outpace them both financially and in terms of content.

Victor Wanyama to take legal action against Xtian Dela and socialite Shakilla after mention in alleged s*x scandal

That is the greatest aspect of the internet: it has eradicated barriers to entry into that space and as a result, brilliant minds will take the cake while big media corporations with their clunky inner workings will frustrate themselves out of relevancy.

Xtian Dela born Aurther Mandela

And by the way, I would be remiss not to mention that at the height of his live stream, there were forty-eight thousand individuals tuned in. At some point, marketers will have to wise up to the realization that they will have to sit on such digital real estate that brings in their target audience and Edgar Obare and Xtiandela has exactly what they seek. But with all the inefficiencies and cronyism that occurs in Kenya, we might still have quite some way to go until this becomes a real serious revenue avenue for more individuals.

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