Savage! Zari Hassan throws shade at ‘boring’ ex boyfriend

For a minute there we almost we almost forgot Zari Hassan; and I bet this is because baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz has also been slowly fading away – thanks to lack of good music.

Zari Hassan and ex, Diamond Platnumz

Anyway this past weekend Zari Hassan looped is back into her life with a video shared on her IG stories; where she talked about a certain boring ex who was crowding her life.

According to Ms Zari, this ex who remains anonymous was one of those guys who like controlling women; in that he wanted to go as far as chose the friends she should hang out with.

Zari with another ex

My life my choices

Although Mama Tiffah doesn’t say much about this particular ex; for sure she paints him as an insecure man with controlling issues!

Exposing him through her gram, boss lady wrote;

Once dated a nigga who didn’t like my friends.

Zari throws shade at ex

Not quite sure Whether it was the alcohol speaking or pain of being controlled; Zari conclude the post by saying;

Lol see they bring out the weird side of me????????????????????that you couldn’t smh

With this, I also can’t help but wonder how wild Zari is; cause definitely something about the alcohol she consumes brings out the young girl in her to play.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan finally settle their differences!

Diamond Platnumz is finally in talking terms with Zari Hassan after she blasted him for offering to pay rent for 500 people struggling in Bongo.

According to the post, Diamond Platnumz saw it was best for him to help the less fortunate especially in these hard time of Coronavirus pandemic. For him, this was just a way of giving his offering to the almighty during the Ramadan season.

Ex-lovers Diamond and Zari Hassan

The Bongo Star made the announcement through his Instagram page where he wrote;

  Although I am amongst those affected by this pandemic, with the little that God has blessed me with, I have decided to at least offer a helping hand by paying 3 months house rent to 500 families as my kind gesture of helping one another during these terrible times of fighting COVID-19 for I believe I should share your troubles and your happiness too,

Zari’s clap back

Having come across, Zari the boss lady could not allow the singer to sell a lie; since he wasn’t even supporting his own children back in South Africa.

In response to the post, she clapped back at the singer saying;

Zari and Diamond´s children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan

but you dont know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. Youre selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us

Diamond and Zari settle beef

Speaking during his interview on Wasafi TV this morning, Diamond Platnumz revealed that if not for his team; then fans on social media would have witnessed one of the biggest scandal between him and Zari.

However, thanks to his management Platnumz managed to calm down and settled down the issue with his former lover cum baby mama. He opened up saying;

Baada ya kuona ujumbe ile wa Zari, nilimpigia simu na kumueleza, licha ya tofauti zetu ila bado namheshimu sana. Alinielewa na nadhani baada ya Corona kuisha tutapanga namna ya kuwalea watoto wetu pamoja.


“Diamond Platnumz asked me to marry him but I refused!” Zari finally opens about to reveal her side of the story

It has been almost one year and a half since Zari Hassan decided to call it quits with Diamond Platnumz; and thanks to her latest interview with Ayo TV we now understand why her relationship with Diamond Platnumz couldn’t work.

Well, after many laughed off at the boss lady for being desperate to have a wedding with the Bongo star… Zari recently revealed that Diamond Platnumz is actually the one who was insisting on the two to get married!

However unlike most men who marry for love and commitment; Diamond Platnumz was apparently only interested in doing this for damage control and to prove to haters that he was capable of settling down.

Turns down engagement

Surprisingly Zari says she turned him down as she was tired of the games the singer had previously been playing.

The fact that he was comfortable of bedding other women in their bed was the main reason she decided to call it quits and focus on her children.

Anyway Zari goes on to promises to provide screenshots of Diamond Platnumz asking her hand in marriage just incase he goes to deny the contents in her latest interview.

Zari congratulates Tanasha Donna on rumored pregnancy, calls Diamond Platnumz a deadbeat dad

Zari is indeed not over the fact that her relationship with Diamond Platnumz is over and done with.

For some reason, I’m starting to believe that the love zari once had for Diamond Platnumz has turned into hatred!

After accusing him of neglecting their kids for months; the boss lady who is currently in the country couldn’t hold back from calling Diamond Platnumz a deadbeat dad on a live Instagram session on Saturday night.

Zari who was in the company of self proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee was also heard for the very first time addressing her exes new relationship.

Apparently this was after one of her fans kept commenting telling Zari about Tanasha’s pregnancy.

Zari shades Diamond Platnumz while advising Tanasha

Being one lady who likes to speak her mind, Zari went on to congratulate Tanasha for her alleged pregnancy; however seems that Zari did not have any positive thing to say about her baby daddy!

Zari went on to say;

Somebody is saying Tanasha is pregnant this comment keeps running you know. It’s cool, it’s beautiful to be pregnant, and it’s a beautiful thing. But it’s also one thing when you have to give birth to a deadbeat of three you know. So, it leaves me questioning where your priorities are but you know what, congratulations. I really hope you have enough money in the bank to take care of this child you know coz he is who he is.


Zari responds to pilling pressure to leave Diamond’s house: It’s mine. I used my brain to get a house for my kids and myself 

Socialite Zari Hassan will not leave her South African house which she acquired from Diamond Platinumz while they were still a couple.

In an interview on radio, Diamond reminded the world that the house Zari lives in is from him. Zari has been complaining that Diamond is a deadbeat dad and doesn’t support his kids but has never acknowledged that the house came from him.

On social media fans have been pressuring her to leave the house saying that if she wants peace, she better leave.

leemontana3788: @zarithebosslady if you are really bosslade Leave @diamondplatnumz house in S.A.

herithergodwin: If I were you,I could just leave his house, mtoto mswahili sana huyo.

rozy2054: @lolo_chaps we love zari but truth be told nyumba ni ya domo. And he has power over the house.


Zari responded to them saying that she participated in buying the house and it’s just as much as her.

“Tabia za kuzaa na wanaume bila kutumia akili sio tatizo langu. Wenye comment za toka kwa nyumba yetu. Nilitumia akili zangu kununuliwa nyumba na watoto wangu. Kumbuka nyumba ninazo 4 apa sauzi. Mwenye uwezo wake aje anitoe. (that nasty behaviour of bearing children with men without using your brains is not one that I exhibit. Those commenting and asking me to move out, listen, I used my brawn to get [diamond] to buy me this house. Remember, I have four houses in south Africa. Those who dare can come and remove me from this house).” 


Tanasha hoping to meet Zari and iron things out soon: Social media creates unnecessary drama but one day we shall meet and talk

Diamond Platnumz’ bae Tanasha Donna knows that before her, several women were in her place and some had children with the popular singer.

Of the two women Diamond Platnumz has dated and fathered a baby with, Tanasha get’s compared mostly to Zari Hassan. On social media, it also seems the two have fallen to the pressure and have been going at each other.

In an interview with Kiss 100, Tanasha said that she hopes she gets a chance to meet Zari and they can iron things out.

“No, I haven’t.” said Tanasha when asked whether she has spoken to her. 

“I hope that one day we will come to a place of mutual understanding because of the kids. I know this social media and stuff creates unnecessary drama to create a rift between us by comparing is but one day God willing, we shall meet and talk.”

Meeting his mum

Tanasha also confessed she hasn’t talked to Diamond’s kid Princess Tifah?

“No, I have not yet talked to the sweet little girl.” she said.

On meeting the singer’s mum, Tanasha said she was scared.

“I was sooo scared . Oh my goodness. I almost pissed myself. She is very sweet and the interesting thing is that we share a birth date, we were both born on the same day.” she said. 

“My shoes are too big to fit” Zari throws shade at Tanasha Donna but Tanasha replies with a spectacular comeback

Exchange between Diamond Platnumz ex-lover Zari Hassan and new catch Tanasha Donna seems like a thing that will live for sometime and will keep entertaining fans.

The two ladies have been exchanging subliminal shots on social media trying to prove they are better for Diamond.

Zari recently took to social media to claim that even though Diamond has gone for a younger, fresher Tanasha, he should know that she can’t be able to replace her.

“My shoes are either too big to fill or too small to fit,” she wrote on Instagram. 


Tanasha, who is planning to get married to the singer soon and has even already met his parents, also had a cunning reply for Zari after her status update. Tanasha urged Zari to chill out if she’s confident enough that she’s irreplaceable.

”True confidence has no room for jealousy. When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate. Watajua hawajui,” she wrote. 

Well, it seems fans are the ones who are benefiting from these free dramas from the two so they should just sit back and enjoy.

I just wish Diamond told me he was cheating- Zari 

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan has come out curse him for playing him like a fool. The socialite, who has two kids from Diamond, shared that Diamond should have at least hinted that he was having someone else instead of pretending he wasn’t touching another woman.

“I had rumours about this thing but I just ignored it untill the baby was born and he was still denying. He was going on radio stations saying the father of this child should come out and he knew this was his child. I was like this girl is bringing out receipts, not only that but in my bed, our home, how are you gonna explain this?” said the socialite in an interview with  South Africa’s Phat Joe.


She went on to confess that she wanted the relationship to work despite the distance between them. She lamented that Diamond should have mentioned it to her when he cheated instead of acting all clueless.

“He should have told me, you are South Africa, I’m in Tanzania, shit happens and I just happen to get my horniness off somewhere. He should have told me,”she said.

“After the betrayal, the connection was cut. The worst part was when I decide not to be with him anymore and I’d see all these stories about him trying to revenge. I understood where he was coming from.”


Zari Hassan Father’s Day message leaves many scratching their heads

Diamond Platnumz is no longer in Zari Hassan’s life. Her former hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga is no longer in this planet so Zari plays a big role when it comes to raising her kids.

She took to social media on Sunday to share a confusing message which left fans trying to decode the meaning. The mother of five wished herself and Ivan a happy Father’s Day but completely ignored Diamond in her post.

Here’s what she said:

Happy father’s day to me and the late Don….. Gone but you still here for us in all possible ways. We miss you!” read Zari’s post.

Deadbeat dad?

This comes a day after Diamond Platnumz sent a message to his children Tiffah and Nillan explaining the reason he could not make it to South Africa to celebrate Eid with them. Zari of course was not happy. She has been complaining that Diamond has been snubbing her kids and even at one point called him deadbeat.


Diamond Platnumz scared that his daughter will be used by men if she joins music business

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been in the music business for a long time and he knows some of the evils it comes with.

The music and entertainment business is a tough job and people in power know that most entertainers can do all most anything to get an edge in the field.

Scared for her

Diamond Platnumz knows this all and is now afraid that his daughter Tiffah might be used also.

“Naogopa iwapo tiffah ataingia katika muziki ataweza atembea kimapenzi na wanaume wengi,” said Diamond.

Tiffah rocking her new hairdo

Diamond has a reason to be concerned. Ladies are mostly used in the entertainment industry as many men try to sleep with them in exchange for different favours . As a parent, lets hope that it won’t happen.





“When did you last see your kids?” Zari fires at Diamond Platnumz as she refers to him as a dummy!

Walking out on Diamond Platnumz could have been the best or worst thing Zari Hassan did. It has since  been 2 months since the couple broke up; and word has it that they no longer see eye to eye.

Diamond Platnumz has however been concentrating on his career especially now that he has a new album out. This has seen him travel around Africa but seems that he has not created time to see his kids!

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However in a post share date on his Instagram page, Diamond Platnumz noted that his mum raised him without the help of a man. He went on to praise other strong women doing the same for their kids as he wrote saying;

Zari hits back

Having come across the post, Zari quickly bashed Diamond Platnumz through her Instagram page exposing him for neglecting his kids.

According to her, the fella has not visited his kids for months and if anything the two babies are even starting to forget him.

She wrote saying;