Amewachika finally! Zari out here clearly showing she’s done with Diamond

A lot of people actually believe that Diamond Platnumz is the one who dumped ex-wife Zari Hassan but in reality, Zari actually did. On Valentines day as a mater of of act.

With that said, many still believe that Zari misses Diamond big time and she has never moved on. I actually think that is very true because Zari keeps throwing a lot of shade on Diamond and Tanasha and insist that the two will never make it work.

Moved on

A fan recently asked Zari whether she’ll take back Diamond Platnumz and Zari, who now has another man, was quick to shut him down with an answering showing that she has clearly moved on with her life.

”Zari let me ask, can you forgive Diamond if he comes to you and apologise, can you forgive and take him back?” the fan posed.

Zari replied: Mbona unaleta Uji kwa bar.

This is among many other signs Zari Hassan has put out there trying to prove Diamond is history in her life.

“I see you through your sons” Zari Hassan pens touching message to late ex-husband Ivan on his birthday 

It has been an year since Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari Hassan ex-hubby, died after a heart attack.

Ivan and Zari had been together for almost 5 years and had three kids together.

41 years

On social media on Sunday, Zari took time to mourn Ivan who would have celebrated his 41st birthday on that day.

According to the socialite who has always shared how important the man was in his life, Ivan left a huge void after his death.

‘Today you’d have made 41 but God had other plans, yes we miss you being here physically but at the same time it feels like you never left. I see you through your sons, I feel your presence everywhere I am. Your legacy continues to live on. Continue sleeping in peace till we meet again,” she captioned an old photo. 

Zari’s post left tongues wagging though many were glad she still remembers and respects the father of her children.

Raining Men!! Zari Hassan shares how men are fighting for her after Diamond dumped her 

It’s raining men for Diamond Platnumz ex-wife Zari Hassan. According to the mother of five who will be hitting 38 soon, men are fighting to replace Diamond’s spot after the two parted ways a few months ago.

“Oh she buying cars coz she miserable. Nah nah sis, see am single by choice. The queue of men waiting to date me is unbelievable but am enjoying my life right now. When am ready ill open up to the next person but right now it’s just me and my babies,” shared Zari Hassan.

Not Interested in the offers


Zari, however, is not interested in all those thirsty offers she’s getting from such guys as Ringtone who have been having sleepless nights thinking of how they can marry her.

She shared that she’s focusing purely on her businesses and that her goal is to open her own fast food franchise that will be a worldwide brand.

“My goal this year is to open up a fast food franchise one ‘LIKE’ KFC… so my effort, energy & thoughts are all invested in this investment not the next guy…dreams are valid right. Let me stay prayed up with hard work and see how God will respond,” shared Zari Hassan on Snaptchat.

Zari hospitalized a few days after her mother was also admitted to popular hospital

It is not quite clear what is happening around Zari’s family but what we are certain of is that she was rushed to hospital yesterday after falling ill as revealed by several online news outlets.

Well, the mother of 5 is seen laying on a hospital bed as she receives some IV Fluid probably dehydration and exhaustion. Her condition has however left fans questioning whether this is another move just to keep social media a users talking, but we cannot confirm this.


Anyway, looking at her social media pages you will notice that she has not been active as usual , meaning that she might actually be ill. While other fans continue to call her out for the ‘stunt’ most are assuming that she is expecting another child – which is somehow impossible for now since her son is barely 1 year.