Drama as Zari cuts off Diamond Platinumz from being a father while Tanasha acknowledges him as one: Happy Athletics Day to him instead

The 16th of June 2019 remains to honor Fathers across the globe but Diamond Platinumz´ ex, Zari Hassan failed to acknowledge the father of her 2 young ones.


Sarcastically, the mother of 5 instead spared the day for herself, acknowledging her mother-cum-father figure in her children´s lives.

Having taken both the father figure and mother figure roles, she captions:

Happy Father’s Day to me????


Unsparingly, Zari tags King Bae as the dad to her kids in a post captioning:

Happy father’s day Uncle #kingbae we appreciate you always and be blessed ????????????


According to the Boss Lady, she has single-handedly raised her 2 young kids this far alleging that Chibu never catered for child support neither ever present in his children´s lives.

However, she does not forget to celebrate those before her, dedicating the day to her dad as well as all other responsible fathers out there sharing:

Happy Father´s day to my dad, to me, the real dads, the women playing both roles, the guardians and to step dads stepping up their game.

lastly to also the sugar daddies playing fatherly roles, we call them ´zaddy´ sending warm regards your way????

And from her fans who respect her major role in the children´s lives:

Happy father’s day to all women like you who played both roles as a mother and father ????????????????????????

However, Kenyan bae, Tanasha Donna acknowledged her lover´s role as a father expressing:

Happy fathers day amour ❤???? @diamondplatnumz

As the star replies:


Unfortunately, critics think that Tanasha´s message is in reference to the fact that Diamond Platinumz is set to father her child.


Additionally celebrating her mom who has been the sole breadwinner and her pillar since day one:

Happy fathers day to the woman who has played the role of a mom and dad to me.

The one who has raised me to be the strong fierce woman I am today.

Without you I wouldn’t exist. Je t’aime maman.

I ❤ YOU MOM. ❤????


Kula rahaa mutoto wa mama ???? @zarithebosslady


Sometimes The King ???? Is Woman ???? KLMY Cheers ???? Babes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Nimengoja hii post siku nzima.

Sasa diamond ndio mama ama ????????
Happy father’s day mama Pinto and may the good Lord bless your hustle ????????????????
@zaridieharddaily uko sawa mama wa wamama East Africa, Hongera zote kwak
Kiboko ya diamond
@zarithbosslladyno need to mention him Leo siku yetu wababa duniani
zari mam sisi tunakupenda na hongera san ww ni mwanamke wa shoka ???????????????? wale viswaswadu watalamba lolo this year
And for sure you’re an outstanding father???? Happy father’s day to you!
On Tanasha´s end, fans bash off Diamond´s ¨father¨ role that never was there in the first place.
That statement is not complete.You should have said “Happy fathers day on behalf of your baby mamas”????????????
He is a Joke when it comes to fatherhood. Save the name for those who truly deserve it
@joycebakiireFatherhood not all about sending money, Nikweli save that name kwa wenye wanadeserve!!MATUTA
Did his children wish him happy fathers day
regret for not having a relationship with his kids just like he does not have one with his kids.
He is not a daddy but an incoming one
Happy athletics day to him he never deserve the name father he runaway from his kids let his keep running forever
Well that you didn’t wish your own dad ..who appears to have been absent too..but decided to wish this guy who’s own baby mama’s aint even..is completely laughable.
But your page your posts. Just saying not everybody is a hater when they point out facts

Adorable! King Bae takes cares of Diamond´s children when Zari is away (videos)

Zari Hassan´s King Bae has proven victorious as Diamond´s replacement both in the way he treats the Ugandan beauty and his role as a dad.

Anyone can be a father but only a special person can afford the title ´dad´.


And King Bae has proven to be that special person in Diamond´s kids´ lives.

He might be a Politician, yes, but with a soft spot for children and specifically for Zari´s young ones.


Mr M has taken up the responsibility as his own by spending time with Nillan and Tiffah.

Therefore assuring Zari that she has to worry less when she leaves them under his care.

While away

Zari Hassan is out on a business trip and King Bae is seen bonding with Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah as well as ensuring their safety.


On Monday, the mother of 5 took to her Insta stories sharing a clip of King Bae with Nillan and Tiffah conversing,  captioning:

Missing you much my fam.


Aww! King Bae has such a deep South African accent! You definitely can tell.

Zari has been away but feels honored to have such a Gentleman right by her side.

Clap back

Zari slams baby daddy, Diamond for abandoning his own blood subsequently showering her Papichullo with praises:

Such a clean Gentleman taking care of ur kids dat u abandoned ????,,,,

Instead of thanking God dat there is a man who helps u do wat u incapable of doing,,,,,r here exposing ur stupidity????,,,,,,,,

According to the Boss Lady, the least Diamond could do was appreciate the special father-figure in his kids´ lives instead of throwing shades.

Wama thx #kingbae we love you and we promise you are here to stay????????????????????

The Ugandan beauty reiterates how much the 3 [Zari, Nillan and Tiffah] love him [King Bae] and promise to walk this journey with him, all the way.


Soon after Zari and Diamond Platinumz´ break up, the two kids had to gamble between spending time with mum or dad.

So Zari´s home carried the day with expectations of Diamond Platinumz frequently visiting his children which apparently never worked out.

According to Chibu, Zari never allowed him to see them let alone spend time with his kids but Zari slammed him right back.


Videos: Fans scold critics who think Diamond Platinumz made Zari who she is, in revealing TBTs

Thursday will historically be remembered for it´s TBT revelations that put many to shame and Zari is not left behind after exposing Diamond before fame, who was way rustier than her.


For this particular case, the dais is set with a comparison of the past and the present between Zari Hassan and ex-lover, Diamond Platinumz during their music hey days.



We get through a flashback of 8 years, that is 2011, with Diamond Platinumz´ ´Kamwambie´ jam video.

This they caption:

TBT…..This was Domo in 2011…..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????……compare Zari’s music video in 2011 and this one of Domo in 2011…….who is Domo?

Uhm……when I see you people acting like you want Zari to bow down for this Domo… I just laugh …..????????????????????????????????????????

even now Domo is nothing more than …….. our ZARI THE BOSS LADY! PERIDOT! ZARI IS THE REAL DEAL…..NO HYPE! REAL BOSS LADY TO THE WORLD ….????????????????????????

…..it’s always good to appreciate how far you have come and those that have helped you along the

In yet another video, we see Zari´s son, same year where the boss lady was apparently doing way better than the then Diamond Platinumz.

The caption for this reads:

TBT……This music video was shot in 2011…… Zari was directing and shooting music videos almost 8yrs ago….Where was Domo then? ????????????????????????

……when I hear people saying Zari is famous because of him …..am like where bitch? ZARINAH HASSAN KYUMA KYA MUDUTCH

……She has sustained her Brand and maintained consistency…..there is a lot to learn from this woman.

Leave alone those haters ……the same haters are following in her foot steps, patterning down her every move…. from music, to themed parties, to sleeping with her exes…

….to showing us their fake lives on social media ???????????????????????????????????? they want what she has but yet pretend that they are different…

…eti I am too classy to sleep with a gym instructor ???????????????? but you used to be prostitute in Dubai……????????????????????????????????FOH.

Further on, fans give us a glimpse into Zari Hassan´s mega white party done in Uganda back in 2011 when Diamond could hardly think of expensive shoots.

This is now captioned:

Throwback Thursday to 2011…..ZARI ALL WHITE PARTY….with the pioneer of themed parties in East Africa, founder and CEO @zarithebosslady????????????????????????.

The last ZARI ALL WHITE PARTY was held in LONDON last year 2018……despite the flopped pyjama party masikini trying to derail it from happening….????????????????????????

ZARI should just throw one more this year in South Africa…..let THE ZEEHIVE descend on Pretoria so we can come full circle….. to rub it in you haters faces …..???????????????????? ????????????????

Well, I´m sure the message trying to be driven home already has.


From Zari´s end, Diamond´s presence in her life is not what has made her who she is today.

She had already made a name for herself!

¨These wachafu clowns need to let me be¨ Zari Hassan calls out at Diamond´s Wasafi crew and Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna might not have been best of friends with Diamond´s estranged wife, Zari Hassan but she does not mind to meet Zari´s look alikes, her 2 children with Diamond.

Exclusively with Wasafi FM, the Kenyan model cites:

I would love to meet them.

They´re kids and have nothing to do with all the drama that´s happening.

Further on, speaking in reference to Diamond Platinumz son with Hamisa Mobetto, Dylan, the radio personality´s desire is to meet the young one too.

Tanasha Donna however, left this piece of advice to Ugandan Boss Lady, Zari Hassan:

They should just put their personal feelings aside and think about their children because what natters is the children at the end of the day.

They have nothing to do with everything that´s going on.

Zari´s comeback

Unfortunately, Zari Hassan did not warmly receive the piece of advice, lashing out at both Tanasha and Diamond´s entire Wasafi crew:

These wachafu clowns need to let me be.


Y´all can´t stay without bringing up ma name.

Am I like Oxygen, you simply can´t breathe.

Can you?



Tanasha Donna forewarned? Zari Hassan now smears mud on Diamond Platinumz name

Well, Zari Hassan now faces numerous cheating allegations from ex-lover, Diamond Platinumz, but oh well, neither is Diamond Platinumz the Angel he displays.

We are all acquainted with the multiple families the Tanzanian crooner has established across  East Africa.

Right from Hamisa then to Zari, who is next, we might not know yet.

However, what is most disappointing and shocking is how soon after, he denies his own blood, his own look alikes, his children.

Hamisa Mobetto had it rough after her court charges against the father of her son, were dropped and never saw the light of day.

Although eventually, child support for her son from Diamond, was re-figured out privately by the two.

What is funny, is the bongo artist is not even close to smelling broke, let alone poverty.

Question is; why would he deny his own children?


This is all re-explained by South Africa´s business woman, Zari Hassan, the mother of Diamond´s 2 children.

Zari elaborates:

Zari´s sentiments reflect that Chibu is yet to mature up and take on his responsibilities like a real, responsible gentleman.

The Ugandan socialite even emphasizes, she would sacrifice her own kid´s souls if she ever cheated on Diamond like he has just accused her.

She additionally feels sorry for Tanasha for being one of the many ladies that fell into his trap.

One filled with pathological lies, tagging them ¨two idiots¨.

Her post reads:

Funny thing is that Zari might not be the only one out here thinking Tanasha is an idiot.

A friend, Shaq Tha Youngin adds:

Well, only the Kenyan model can decide which path to take.

¨Kama tuliwafunga magoli ya watoto tutashindwa ya mpra?¨ Simba, Diamond Platinumz fires at Zari

On Sunday, Tanzania´s Taifa Stars and Uganda´s Uganda Cranes match kicked off resulting in a 3-1 score respectively.

As the match was still underway, Diamond did not forget to urge his relatives from Kampala, Ug, to be on the look out.


Soon after, Diamond took to social media to publicly humiliate the entire Uganda nation, through ex-lover, Zari.


The bongo flava star, did not mince his words to Ugandan socialite and ex-lover, Zari Hassan.

He did hit the nail on the head, after making reference to the fact that the two easily sired two children.

The Boss Lady neither spared the Tetema hitmaker, and struck back unapologetic-ally:

The much looked upon match took place at National Stadium, Dar es Salaam.

This saw Tanzania qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations finals since 1980.

Tanzania was grouped together with Uganda, Lesotho and Cape Verde, as Group L.

East Africa will be represented at the finals by Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda, hosted in Egypt.

May the best team win!