Life is for the living: Zari Hassan comes clean on inheriting late husband’s wealth

Zari Hassan lost her ex husband Ivan Don in the year, and being a wise wealthy man, Ivan is believed to have left all his inheritance to his kids and their mum Zari Hassan.

Ivan Don's mansion
The late Ivan Don at his Ugandan mansion

If you know how wealth Ivan Don was – then I bet you understand the amount that was left in his 3 sons names. So far those who knew Zari back then claim that Ivan Don’s death changed Zari’s life for the better as she now rolls with the rich widows of South Africa.

The late Ivan Don with friends

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Yes, a lot of money was left in her care but what Zari says is that she helped in building Ivan’s wealth; something that very few tend to forget hence accuse her of inheriting money she never worked for. Speaking her YouTube interview, the boss lady said;

When we got together we had so much ambition. Looking at him he had so much potential and when he looked at me he saw my force.So we combined both our energies and created an empire.

I’ve earned all the money in my name

Responding to claims that her current wealth is that of late husband Ivan Don, Zari said;

Zari with late ex husband, Ivan

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I never inherited anything from him. There were times we drove a car whose doors wouldn’t even open, but people did not know that.But now when someone sees you posting a Lamborghini they say ‘she inherited it.

Okay, yes we get it that she also helped where she could; but also we cannot overlook the fact that after Ivan Don’s death is when she stopped asking Diamond Platnumz for child support.

I mean, with all that money in her account – lately it appears that Diamond Platnumz is the one doing the begging; unlike back when he used to communicate with mama Tiffah through his lawyers. Aki Wewe pesa!

“He almost suffocated me” Zari Hassan on living with an insecure and abusive husband

Zari Hassan who was once married to the late Ivan Don recently sat down to have a candid interview with YouTuber Toke Makinwa and for the first time she opens up about her marriage, revealing some unknown things.

Okay, since we already know that her marriage to the late Ivan Don was toxic; Zari gives an insight of how their love slowly started getting affected by jealousy and how he started abusing her.

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Zari with late ex husband, Ivan

According to Zari, the first time Ivan hit her was when she was only 3 months pregnant; but being in love – she ignored this not knowing this would grow into a habit.

Speaking about violence in relationships, the mother of five said;

Abuse starts with a word, it can start with verbal abuse. something that diminishes you as a person. Sometimes it gets very physical and very violent.


Zari with her boys at Ivan Don’s funeral

With time, Zari says that her late ex husband perfected his art at hitting her to a point that her boys even noticed the fights. She went on to narrate how her son once confronted about the fights asking why she (Zari) was allowing their dad (Ivan) to hit her;

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It got to a point where my son asked me why he kept doing that (abusing me). It hurt me so badly, it was like a sword had been pierced through my heart.

Well if you thought that this was only happening at home, turns out that Ivan had gotten so much power that he could even hit her in-front of people.

Narrating about one of their public fights, Zari said;

It was something that was in him. He once hit me so badly in a club because someone looked at me. I was never allowed to look at other people. That night he beat me so bad that he almost suffocated me.

But all in all, Zari made it known that her reason for leaving the guy despite being her high-school sweetheart; is because she couldn’t let her boys continue seeing her in such a state.