Is Zari’s new boyfriend swinging both ways?

Word making rounds on social Media is that Zari’s new alleged boyfriend could be bisexual!

Lasizwe’s comment

Not quite sure how true this is – but the young man is said to be part of a South African reality show about of a gay socialite guy called Lasizwe.

Well, this is not enough to judge his sexuality but one thing for sure is that Zari’s new man is definitely driving many crazy especially with his well built body and fine looks!

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King bae!

So far it is no secret that Zari Hassan bagged herself a fine man and her fans can’t sit still and watch her enjoy the new life.

Fans from her baby daddy’s camp have already started comparing Diamond Platnumz and the new well built fella – however the two seem to have moved on with their lives and there is no turning back!

Adorable! King Bae takes cares of Diamond´s children when Zari is away (videos)

Zari Hassan´s King Bae has proven victorious as Diamond´s replacement both in the way he treats the Ugandan beauty and his role as a dad.

Anyone can be a father but only a special person can afford the title ´dad´.

And King Bae has proven to be that special person in Diamond´s kids´ lives.

He might be a Politician, yes, but with a soft spot for children and specifically for Zari´s young ones.

Mr M has taken up the responsibility as his own by spending time with Nillan and Tiffah.

Therefore assuring Zari that she has to worry less when she leaves them under his care.

While away

Zari Hassan is out on a business trip and King Bae is seen bonding with Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah as well as ensuring their safety.

On Monday, the mother of 5 took to her Insta stories sharing a clip of King Bae with Nillan and Tiffah conversing,  captioning:

Missing you much my fam.

Aww! King Bae has such a deep South African accent! You definitely can tell.

Zari has been away but feels honored to have such a Gentleman right by her side.

Clap back

Zari slams baby daddy, Diamond for abandoning his own blood subsequently showering her Papichullo with praises:

Such a clean Gentleman taking care of ur kids dat u abandoned ????,,,,

Instead of thanking God dat there is a man who helps u do wat u incapable of doing,,,,,r here exposing ur stupidity????,,,,,,,,

According to the Boss Lady, the least Diamond could do was appreciate the special father-figure in his kids´ lives instead of throwing shades.

Wama thx #kingbae we love you and we promise you are here to stay????????????????????

The Ugandan beauty reiterates how much the 3 [Zari, Nillan and Tiffah] love him [King Bae] and promise to walk this journey with him, all the way.


Soon after Zari and Diamond Platinumz´ break up, the two kids had to gamble between spending time with mum or dad.

So Zari´s home carried the day with expectations of Diamond Platinumz frequently visiting his children which apparently never worked out.

According to Chibu, Zari never allowed him to see them let alone spend time with his kids but Zari slammed him right back.

Watch: Zari Hassan moves into her spacious house with a completely new set of furniture and decor

Zari Hassan has proved Diamond Platinumz wrong after walking out of his house and now moves into her spacious new house with a completely new set of furniture and flashy decor.

Ramadan season is here but seems it´s not all fast for her because the season is bringing her plenty of good tidings.

In a video clip seen by Tanzania´s Udaku Chamber, the Boss Lady is seen flaunting a new set of furniture, all being moved in and set up for her soon-to-be full house.


The mother of Diamond´s 2 kids got trolled for living in the star´s house even after they separated and seems she has had enough.

King Bae has come out to prove them all wrong after seeing his prospective wife, acquire a new home as well as fill it with the love and warmth needed.

Well, seems the South African-based business woman will be moving in pretty soon, probably over the weekend because her house is being stacked up  for a home.

Well, Zari Hassan is definitely making Boss moves.

Comment section

Fans come out to applaud the Boss Lady for shaming her haters:

Ndio wajue kua kuna k. Zingine ni zaidi ya dhahabu….s????????


mie ningeishi kwenye zote mbili manina.

Kule ni nikiwa na kingbae weekend na kwa Dai ni shuleni Monday to Friday.

Yaani siachii nyumba manina si yawatoto lol!


Wajanja walipe jeuri????‍♀️

????????????????????????????????The way M happy lyk M the one moving in

????????????????????????ooh keeping up with Ma very own African/Ugandan made Kardashian

????????????????????much live n respect

You killed slowly Mama Te

Mambo ni ????????????????


This all went down yesterday.

Exclusive breath-taking chandeliers hanging from the ceiling speak class.

And with a backyard that is complete with a horse stable, probably a house race course?

Watch out!

Zari Hassan reveals that she owns 5 personal cars as King Bae is set to gift her a Bentley

Zari Hasssan is unarguably slaying goals and her amassed wealth is top of the list as she comes out to reveal her wealth and worth.

Speaking to Ayo TV, the entrepreneur sheds light on the multiple high-end cars that she is occasionally seen with.

Up and close with Millard Ayo, the South-African based socialite reveals:

Hizo gari zote zenye naendesha, sio zangu, ni zake.

However, that might be the fact but it is evident that King Bae is a chilled out guy as she adds:

But I mean, the fact that I´m his woman, lazima.

And yeye sio mtu wa social media, yeye sio mtu wa show-off kama mimi.

Ananiambia no baby these cars look so good on you.

It´s okay.

You´re my woman, go do your thing.

She cites that she would be lying if she said all the big engines are hers.

However, that does not mean she owns no cars and if anything, she owns at least 5.

Mimi nina gari zangu kama tatu.

Nina Chrysler voyager ni van flani hivi, nina Mercedes Benz nina Range Rover pia.

Unfortunately, that is only in South Africa, now let´s get to the land famous for matoke:

Uganda nina gari mbili.

Nina Chrysler ingine tena 300c, nikakuwa na convertible.

So in total, nina about 5 cars.

Yes, 5 she counts, all high-end but let´s not forget her all-grown boys drive too:

Na sihesabu zile gari watoto wameridhi.

Her engagement

The curvy beauty has Mr M prove that she is priceless because Zari confirms that that is just a tip of the iceberg because King Bae is her to spoil her to bits:

Na very soon nitakuwa napata my own Bentley, that´s gonna be my present from him.

That´s more like my engagement present.

Nishafanya my engagement.

My ring is being custom-made coz I wanted something different.

So we already got to that, I´m just waiting for my ring to come on.

The Boss Lady however failed to disclose details about the cost of her ring.



Zari Hassan speaks on hiring a surrogate mom for her twins

Ugandan mother of 5, Zari Hassan preps to be a wife-to-be as well as a mother of twins as she cites being a surrogate mother too.

The curvaceous beauty who one would mistake to be in her late 20´s has revealed that she is not done yet with growing her own blood lineage.

The 38-year old whose bed is now being graced by her anonymous King Bae spoke exclusively to Millard Ayo citing her child birth expectations:

Yeah maybe, I mean why not.

My man only has one child.

If an accident takes place, there are always surrogates.

5 is a huge number especially basing on the capacity of her day-to-day activities and might therefore need a helping hand.

However the Boss Lady articulates:

I would prefer twins.

You know money can buy anything nowadays.

Interestingly, when asked to clarify on rumors making the rounds about hiring multiple men to ¨play the part¨, she turned it all down.

To shut it all off, she expressed:

I don´t want to discuss my relationship.

No comment.

Additionally, The Softcare Diapers brand ambassador shares that she is taking her ¨mother¨ role pretty full time as she reduces her number of public appearances.

The businesswoman has had 3 handsome all-grown boys in her first marriage while Tiffah and Prince Nillan are her product with Tanzania´s Diamond Platinumz.

King Bae treats Zari Hassan to a cosy night-out filled with romantic red roses amidst cheating allegations

Diamond Platinumz is keeping himself busy spitting venom at wife-to-be, Zari Hassan as King Bae savors the opportunity by spending on her.

Zari Hassan recently shared a clip referencing her soon-to-be wedding arrangements with King Bae that will be invites only.

Zari´s Papichullo already set the records straight, according her the dignity and respect of being the Queen in his life and he is not done yet.

Zari got spoilt with romantic gifts and a night out.

His gift card reads:

To the New Mrs M

Countdown to our big day

From Kingbae.


And like the Papichullo we know, a bouquet of roses will always be the perfect top dressing for any occasion:

It sure gets cosy in the night since this weather is not one to bank on:

It is evident Mr M cares less about what Zari´s ex, Diamond Platinumz has to reveal from under the mattress, because all he cares about is his Mrs M.

Mr M might hail from South Africa but I have this feeling he was brought up in the Spanish world, where love is their national language.

Romance and splendour is Zari´s lifestyle with South Africa´s Mr M.

Diamond Platinumz approves Zari Hassan´s King Bae as his kids´ uncle

This week has seen a war of words with allegations crisscrossing the Diamond-Zari doms, however, Diamond  says he is cool with Zari´s Papichullo.

Speaking exclusively to Wasafi Tv, Chibu shares:

I´m happy that she is in another relationship.

He further adds that he is impressed with the kind of bonding his blood kids have with Zari´s papichullo, back at home:

Pale nyumbani mimi naona clip anakujaga na boyfriend wake na watoto wangu wanakuwa naye na hiyo kwangu mimi ni faraja.

What matters most to the bongo flava artist is that his kids are under good hands, a good gentleman, one he can proudly say, are his kids´ uncle:

Akiwa na boyfriend ambaye yuko vizuri watoto wanakuwa na uncle smart.

Diamond Platinumz further articulates that breaking up, moving on and adding in a new lover in one´s life is important and not contrary:

Na ukiachana na mtu si eti ndo akuwe tu pekee yake, am just cool, I don´t have a problem with that.

Mwisho wa siku unapoachana na mtu lazima atakuwa na mahusiano mengine.

It is actually the Wasafi King´s delight to know that Zari has moved on with a guy she  cherishes, and that is important:

Mimi kwanza akiwa na mahusiano ndo nafurahi kwa maana mtu asipokuwa na mahusiano ndo anabaki kukuchukia wewe.

Kila mtu ana mahusiano yake sasa na hiyo ni kitu kizuri.

The Tanzanian music sensation seems to put across that the two are comfortable in their now separate love lives and are happy for each other, at least, he is.

Well, we hope so.

Read: Zari Hassan believes King Bae is Heaven sent in her long revealing post

Zari Hassan,a mother of 5, and now closing in on her 30´s admits her weakness in always trying to make her man better but believes this particular one is Heaven sent.

According to the Ugandan business woman, she does build her ´men´, doubling or tripling blessings they reap from their relationship.

However, Zari Hassan´s Papichullo exudes humility that took the better of her, now approaching life from a different dimension.

She feels extremely Blessed by King Bae´s gesture, to have thought of her as the sexiest woman on earth, a mother of 5, and 38 years.

The beauty however clarifies that she has seen better and bigger, it is not the material items that she gets spoilt with, rather, the inevitable, nature´s gifts.

Mr M´s heart, his whole being, how he makes Zari and her kids feel, that is what she feels overwhelmed with and thankful to have her Papichullo in her life.

She finally concludes her post expressing the courage the young lad exudes and referes to him as ¨Heaven sent.¨


Fans actually do applaud the beauty for her courage to pen down this revealing post and wish her nothing short of blessings, a beautiful married life and blessings of kids.

Wooooow am speechless and will keep our prayers up babe God is Able ????????????????????????????


I am crying after reading this msg, my Queen you deserve that love Mr M. Giving it to you. You have boys in the house the need a man who can tell and explain more things you can’t tell. They need dad figure around them. So don’t explain much to us. Especially me I will support you on this Instagram. My Queen be blessed enjoy your new life ????????????

To all her naysayers:

Happy for u! The haters are in kamoli listening to Tetema ????

Some even envy her:
See the figure….. Me have no kid but look like ritah kaggwa’s ????…… Meaning I have no shape????????envy you maama tee……love you Mr. M
This is exactly why God will always bless you child!!!! Your heart has always been and always will be pure. You’re human like the rest of us, you fall, you get up, dust yourself off and say yeah I fell and then you stand up tall. I’m so happy seeing you happy baby girl, you deserve it! ❤️

Money moves: ¨What did I do to deserve all this?¨ Zari Hassan blown away by her Papichulo´s most recent romantic stunt

Diamond´s ex, Zari Hassan´s new bae is spending large on the curvaceous beauty unsparingly.

What do you say when you receive a bouquet of roses?

That is affectionate enough to realize how considerate and loving your man is.

Ugandan Businesswoman, Zari Hassan

But Zari´s Papichulo is no ordinary kind of man.

He is a gentleman!

He sends over a bouquet of roses, Yes. But, each rose is wrapped with money. I say cash money.

Let´s not discuss how many roses were in that bouquet.

Quick flashback

The mother of 5 has been flaunting the endless, luxurious gifts King Bae is sending her direction.

Let´s not talk of her recent ride, a smoking hot Red Ferrari.

One might have thought Zari´s garden of flowers must be full by now, but we hope she spared a spot big enough.

Because the new guy in Zari´s heart, is not about to stop his signature high-end romantic roses move any time soon.

The Bouquet

I didn´t finish up on the roses story, the bouquet of red roses, is love-shaped…

The mullar inside, is each a note of 200-rand, therefore each, Ksh 1,400.

We spare the count of roses for obvious reasons.

If you think you´ve been held back by the stunt, Zari herself is still getting into terms, so let´s brace ourselves and approach with caution.

Zari´s caption reads:

What did I do to deserve all this?


Emotional fans poured out their hearts to the Boss Lady and her King Bae, and can´t wait to witness their Royal Wedding.

We love you kingbae❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


The Kenyan on her page couldn´t resist it:

This is too much oh! Does he have a brother? Asking for a friend ????


This one doesn´t even want the roses:

Eish lanes.

this is exactly how I want my flowers delivered.

or remove the flowers just send the cash


To the unlucky ones:

Ss tusiopewa hata pipi kijiti tunakoment wapi mama tee


God bless you and get married soon, can´t wait the royal wedding❤❤❤❤❤????


The comebacks:

Pale Unapotaman Uwaalike X Zako Wote Waje Kushuhudia Relationship Mpya unavyo Enjoy Waalike Aiseee Love Is The Beautiful Things????????????♥️♥️♥️


You deserve all the love  @zarithebosslady …receive more from Kenya


I agree with this particular one, are people blind?:

Am I the only one trying to count the roses *100 then covert in my currency..yaani umenipa kazi nyingi


????????????????????????????????????????you deserve it all Queen Bae????❤️????


She deserves it all like her fans can´t stop reminding her.

Mnh, and to the naysayers, you have been served!