‘I have moved on and I’m now focused on my life’ Zari Hassan confesses

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan is focused on her life and not the drama that might be surrounding her, her family, or her estrange husband.

“It’s a free world everybody can do what they want do, when they want to do it. I don’t care what happened between them and baba T, I have my life, I have my children, I have my job, I have so much going on. If you google Zari there’s 20 thousand things coming up. If things happen I just step back and I’m now focused on my life and especially my jobs because since Ivan died I’m so much in charge of everything,” she said in an interview with Kwanza TV in Tanzania.

Men will always come and go

Zari hassan

She also said that she has so much to focus on and wants to double her investment.

“I have so much to do because I don’t know one day I’m going to die and right now it’s all about my work, how can I make investments for my children, how do I make my kids’ lives better, I need to work hard so that they can attend private schools. My first born son is in New York and I need to be able to afford good things for my kids,” said Zari.


“Men will always come and go but when you have your kids, it is one thing you should really focus your energy into. You can have everything a man is looking for lakini atakula nyama akitoka ata tafuta mifupa,”

Lanes! Proof that Zari Hassan is playing on a higher level compared to Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto, this is how she was received in Tanzania (Video)

One thing about Tanzanian fans is that they treat their celebrities like real stars to a point where they come up with teams i.e Team Zari and team Wema.

In the past we have seen fans come out to support their Tanzanian celebrities but nothing can be compared to the crowd that availed themselves at Zari’s launch for the ‘Danube home’ in Mlimani city in Tanzania.

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Zari Hassan at Danube
Zari Hassan at Danube in Mlimani mall

From the videos making rounds on social media we have every reason to believe that 1000 plus people just availed themselves to see the Ugandan socialite and Diamond Platnumz baby mama in person for the first time.

Wasafi records security personnel’s who accompanied Zari Hassan at some point are seen trying to push people away to create room for the lass to move and though the mall’s security team was present to help…Mama Tiffah almost got stuck or rather lost in the crowd.

Part 2…… honoured to be in the presence of The Minister of Trade (Tanzania)

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This is the first time we are seeing her receive such treatment and though she might not be in good terms with her man, there is no doubt that she is now a Tanzanian sweetheart.