Zari Hassan on how she almost seduced her pastor

Sometimes I often feel like some of these celebrities pull some stunts to keep bloggers talking; but hey – who said we are complaining?

Anyway boss lady Zari Hassan has lately been keeping a low profile on her social media pages; until this past weekend when she opened up about a skimpy black dress she wore to church.

As seen on the post, Zari says she forgot herself and ended up wearing a dress with a very long slit to church.

Boss lady, Zarina

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Nilijisahau nkawa nimevaa gauni lina mpasuo mrefuuu balaa.

Zari talks about tempting her pastor with long slit on her dress

Adding that the only thing that saved her from showing the pastor her brown and thick legs and thighs is the fact there were no seats at the front.

Zari flaunts archers of skin with short dress

Uzuri nilipofika nikakuta viti vya mbele vimejaa. Bila ivo sjui ingekuaje? Maskini Pastor???? Sina tabia, ntajikerebisha….

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Judging from Zari’s playful caption, well i can say that once in a while the old girl likes to keep things spicy; hence the knee level black dress that would have left the men of God totally destructed by the flesh.

But hey, if she got it from her mama – then why not flaunt it, right?

Zari’s hot church dress