Watch: Zari Hassan moves into her spacious house with a completely new set of furniture and decor

Zari Hassan has proved Diamond Platinumz wrong after walking out of his house and now moves into her spacious new house with a completely new set of furniture and flashy decor.

Ramadan season is here but seems it´s not all fast for her because the season is bringing her plenty of good tidings.

In a video clip seen by Tanzania´s Udaku Chamber, the Boss Lady is seen flaunting a new set of furniture, all being moved in and set up for her soon-to-be full house.


The mother of Diamond´s 2 kids got trolled for living in the star´s house even after they separated and seems she has had enough.

King Bae has come out to prove them all wrong after seeing his prospective wife, acquire a new home as well as fill it with the love and warmth needed.

Well, seems the South African-based business woman will be moving in pretty soon, probably over the weekend because her house is being stacked up  for a home.

Well, Zari Hassan is definitely making Boss moves.

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Fans come out to applaud the Boss Lady for shaming her haters:

Ndio wajue kua kuna k. Zingine ni zaidi ya dhahabu….s????????


mie ningeishi kwenye zote mbili manina.

Kule ni nikiwa na kingbae weekend na kwa Dai ni shuleni Monday to Friday.

Yaani siachii nyumba manina si yawatoto lol!


Wajanja walipe jeuri????‍♀️

????????????????????????????????The way M happy lyk M the one moving in

????????????????????????ooh keeping up with Ma very own African/Ugandan made Kardashian

????????????????????much live n respect

You killed slowly Mama Te

Mambo ni ????????????????


This all went down yesterday.

Exclusive breath-taking chandeliers hanging from the ceiling speak class.

And with a backyard that is complete with a horse stable, probably a house race course?

Watch out!