Zari pens special message to Diamond after he bought a multi-million shillings mansion

Zari Hassan has been swept off her feet by her husband who parted with millions of shillings to buy a new mansion. The mother of five penned a special message to Diamond after he bought the house.

Diamond parted with millions to buy a new mansion that will serve as the headquarters of Wasafi records. The new office complex will house Wasafi records music studio, a radio and a TV station which Diamond plans to launch soon.

The new Wasafi Records headquarters

Diamond’s decision to buy the new office complex comes barely a month after he parted with whopping Kes 4.5 million to buy Romy Jones a mansion as his wedding gift.

2018 looking good

Zari penned a special message to Diamond after he bought the new Wasafi records office complex. She is totally impressed with Diamond’s spending. She says her baby daddy is making wise decisions investing in a bright future for his family.

Diamond Platnumz with his family

“Hongera @diamondplatnumz sana kwa juhudi na bidii uliyonayo Allaah akujalie kwa mengine mazuri zaidi. Siku zote umekuwa mpiganaji wa kazi zako, kwa kuwa njia pekee ya kuijenga familia ni kupiga KAZI najua malengo yako Alhamdulillah!
#wcbTV #wcbFILMSTUDIO #wcbMUSICSTUDIO #wcbRADIO #wcbHEADQUATERS bilakusao #DiamondKaranga na #ChibuPerfume 2018 looking good??,” wrote Zari Hassan.


Zari and Hamisa Mobetto both admit to using Diamond for their own gain 

Diamond is a complete package and his two baby mamas know it too well. This explains why the two ladies are always fighting each other.

Zari and Hamisa Mobetto have both admitted that they gained more ever since Diamond knocked them up. The two confess that they use Diamond’s name to gain mileage in their undertakings.

Last December both Zari and Hamisa had a gig in Kampala, Uganda.  They used their association with Diamond to get promote their respective show.

“Habari hiyo ni ya kweli kwani Diamond ni mwanamuziki mkubwa lakini mwanzo nilivyokuwa na mimba nilikuwa sijui nini kitatokea lakini tangia hapo sijapata jina kubwa tu au umaarufu lakini pia changamoto ambazo zinanilazimisha nipambane maana maisha nayo magumu,” Hamisa Mobetto told Millard Ayo.

Hamisa Mobetto

We both benefit from each other

Zari says she doesn’t entirely rely on Diamond’s name to promote her shows. She explains that she had a huge following before she met Diamond.

Zari Hassan

“Naweza kusema ndiyo na hapana, ndiyo kwa sababu sahivi tumekuwa couple yenye nguvu (power couple) watu wanapenda kutuongelea sana na vitu kama hivyo hata hivyo kabla kulikuwa kuna watu walikuwa wanamjua Diamond mimi hawanijua na kuna watu walikuwa wananijua mimi na Diamond hawamjui kwaiyo nahisi tumesaidiana kujulikana,” said Zari.



“I fear Zari would be the cause of my mother’s death” Hamisa Mobetto asks Zari to rein in her abusive fans

The beef between Zari and Hamisa Mobetto is affecting third parties. Apparently Hamisa’s mother Shuffa Latigunga is having sleepless nights because of the rivalry between her daughter and Zari.

Hamisa Mobetto says derogatory comments from Zari’s fans ‘Team Zari’ is affecting her mother’s health. The rift between Zari and Hamisa has been escalated by their online fans.

The rival fans even attack family members of both Zari and Hamisa. Shuffa Latigunga is deeply affected by Team Zari’s attacks on her.

Hamisa Mobetto’s mother Shuffa Latigunga

Blood pressure

Hamisa Mobetto reveals that her mom’s blood pressure keeps on shooting up whenever she reads the comments from Team Zari.

The Tanzanian model told Risasi Newspaper that Zari could be the cause of her mom’s death. She asked Zari to rein in her followers before their rivalry turns fatal.

“Honestly speaking,I fear Zari would be the cause of my mother’s death. Her social media followers’ attacks on my mother and I are getting out of hand.They’re constantly abusing my mother without any justification. Some remarks made against her by ‘Team Zari’ are too offensive to the point when she reads them her blood pressure shoots to dangerous levels,” Hamisa Mobetto told Risasi.


“I don’t need social media relationships counselors telling me what to do” Zari Hassan tells fans!

Zari Hassan is fed up with fans telling her to leave Diamond Platnumz. She revealed this in a comment she left on Instagram arging her fans not to get involved with her love life.

So far most of her fans believe that she deserves a better man and not Diamond who cheated on her last year. However even after being humiliated, Zari believes that she still made the right decision in forgiving her baby daddy.

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Diamond Platnumz has also been making some progress in appreciating his lady as he flew her  to Nairobi on New Years where they both spent sometime together. With all that, Zari’s fans continue to express their concern since you never know what’s next with the singer.

Zari’s message to fans

Responding to one of her fans, Zari Hassan wrote to say;

“How many kids will you have at my age with every baby daddy rejecting you” Zari fires at Hamisa Mobetto

Zari Hassan is 14 years older than Hamisa Mobetto. The mother of five fears her rival won’t make it to her age with her current habit of clinging to other people’s husbands.

Zari is 37-years-old and has five children who were fathered by two different men – Ivan Ssemwanga and Diamond Platnumz.

Hamisa Mobetto is 23-years-old and has two children who were fathered by two different men. Zari has issues with Mobetto because she is desperate to share Diamond with her.

Why cling to Daddy Tee?

Zari sarcastically pitied Hamisa Mobetto in their latest catfight on social media. She poked fun at Hamisa by asking her the number of children she will have by the time she hits her age with all her baby daddies rejecting her.

“Young my Yelloooow assssss. This granny gives him life. Garrrllll, how many kids you gon have at my age with every baby daddy rejecting U?Y cling to Daddy Tee and Nillan y not baba Fancy?#Delusional!!!!!” Wrote Zari on Snapcat.





Veteran Tanzanian singer donates 5 cows for Diamond and Zari’s wedding

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have been cohabiting for the past three years. The two are technically married but they haven’t really exchanged vows.

Diamond and Zari’s wedding seemed likely for 2017 before Hamisa Mobetto dropped the bomb. Now it’s hard to tell whether the two will be exchanging vows soon because Zari hasn’t really forgiven her baby daddy for cheating on her.

Zari and Diamond

Veteran Tanzanian singer H. Baba has joined the bandwagon calling for Diamond and Zari’s wedding. The singer says it’s time for the two to make it official.

5 cows

H. Baba went a step further to offer to donate 5 cows for Zari and Diamond’s wedding. The veteran crooner says he will get 5 of his best cows to be slaughtered at the wedding.

H. Baba 

“Mnyama #Mmependezana #Mnaendana Allah Awasimamie #Ndoa Ifungwe Awe wako kwenye hesabu ya MWENYEZI MUNGU #Ntatoa #Ng‘ombe (watano 5) wakubwa kabisa. wakisukuma #waletwe #DAR #Huondio Uwezo wangu nahicho ndicho nitajaaliwa na MWENYEZI MUNGU #NakutakiaMaandalizi Mema ya NDOA Yako #Hongerenikwakupendana ?‍?‍?‍??? #MSIEMPENDAATATOANG’OMBE (watano)

“Naheshimu mahusianoya #MtanzaniaMwenzangu #MIMI NIMZALENDO NIMEKATAA KUWA KAA #Usinilazimishe kwa maneno yako niwe #KAA Narudia tena #NIMEKATAA KUWA #KAA #Watag kama umewajua #Mimi nawafahamu



Zari: I would accept Hamisa Mobetto’s child it’s not his mistake that he happened

Zari Hassan asserts that she would not be a cruel step-mother to Hamisa Mobetto’s son. The mother of five says she doesn’t blame the kid for what happened.

Zari and Hamisa Mobetto don’t see eye to eye but the latter has no ill feelings towards the former’s son. Their beef started when Hamisa had sex with Diamond on his matrimonial bed and went on to get pregnant for him.

Diamond’s marriage was almost ruined by his promiscuity. Zari recently revealed that her husband was still on probation for cheating on him with Hamisa Mobetto.

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz

No beef with Prince Abdul

Zari asserts that she will be a good mother to Hamisa’s son Abdul Nasibu aka ‘Prince Abdul’. The 37-year-old said this during an interview with Millard Ayo.

Zari explains that Diamond and Hamisa are to be blamed for what happened because they knew exactly what they were doing when they decided to sleep together.

She reiterates that Prince Abdul is innocent of the sins committed by his father and mother. Zari further states that she wouldn’t refuse to raise Prince Abdul if Diamond decided to take custody.

Zari Hassan during the interview with Millard Ayo

“The thing is you guys need to understand is yule mtoto amekuja kwa mistake. It’s not his mistake that he happened. Ni mistake ya wazazi. The person mwenye mamake amemzaa na baba coz baba alikua anajua nko na mahusiano, he was in a relationship ako na watoto wawili na dem alikua anajua kuna mwanamke kule kuna watoto lakini wee ukakaza you wanna keep the baby. So mimi naona tu if the baby comes, if he say oh namchukua mtoto wangu, it’s our child, ashakua whether we like it or not ashakua. So i wouldn’t say no coz mimi namwona yule mtoto amekuja kwa mistake. Ntakua mjinga sana kusema oh yule mtoto simpendi, ye pia ameshtukia tu amekuja so i don’t really have a problem,” said Zari.


Photos of how Ugandan’s partied with Hamisa Mobetto, we didn’t see this coming!

Truth be told is that many doubted that Hamisa Mobetto’s gal power party would be a success. This is because she threw it in Uganda and on the same date as Zari’s all white party.

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Several Tanzanian news outlets also expressed their doubt about the party and things even got worse after Diamond Platnumz shared a post supporting Zari’s party.

However, new photos circulating online have proved that Ugandans came out in large numbers to party with Missa.

Difference between the two parties

Looking at photos from Zari’s event one will notice the decorations in the hall. Hamisa’s party however seemed more like a club event judging from the photos above.

Diamond Platnumz names which of his baby mamas parties he will be supporting tonight

Despite cheating and lying Diamond Platnumz always finds his way back to this Ugandan lady’s heart and for this reason he has no option but to support her throughout.

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In his latest post shared on the gram, Diamond Platnumz has shared a post supporting his baby mama’s white party. To top it up, his brother (cousin) Romy Jones is already in Uganda where he is expected to DJ tonight.

This is however surprising since Hamisa Mobetto is also set to host the gal power ball which will be going down tonight. From her post the lady claims that her tables have been sold out however many are waiting to see how both parties go down.

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Hamisa’s party

Though she may not be getting any support from her baby daddy, Hamisa Mobetto seems confident in her team.

So far we have seen her receive some love from Ugandans, hopefully this will be seen on her party too.

Zari Hassan hangs out with her alleged Ugandan lover whom she spent a night with (Photos)

Zari Hassan and William Bugeme aka Boss Mutoto have long been rumored to be lovers. The two hooked up once again as Zari returned to Uganda for ‘Zari All White Party’.

Zari made it clear during an interview with Sanyu FM that she is still in high demand. The 37-year-old said that even if she leaves Diamond a day won’t pass without her getting a man.

“Diamond is on probation and is managing well so far. I can even date 100 Men because I love being loved, even if I leave Diamond today i will date someone else tomorrow,” said Zari.

Boss Mutoto is one of those men who is on standby to date Zari just in case she decides to dump Diamond. The Ugandan socialite offered Zari Hassan a shoulder to lean on when her ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga passed on. They even spend a night together mourning the death of Ivan.

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Boss Mutoto and Zari Hassan

We spent our morning delivering Xmas goodies

Zari Hassan and Boss Mutoto visited M-Lisada orphanage for charity work. The two brought children Christmas goodies during their visit.

“M-Lisada orphanage Nsambya is where we spent our morning delivering Xmas goodies. It’s always been my thing to give back to my community… this was made possible by my SOLD OUT tables @guvnoruganda for the tomorrow,” wrote Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan and Boss Mutoto mingle with children at the orphanage



Both Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto to party in Uganda this Thursday

So Zari Hassan will be hosting her all white party this coming Thursday 21st November. Well, this is not new as we already saw the lady hype the party that will definitely attract the rich and famous from the country.

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It also happens that Hamisa Mobetto and her crew will also be in Uganda for her own party that is set to go down on 21st November.

Will Ugandas support Hamisa?

Now that both ladies will be hosting the parties, fans have been left speculating as to which event will attract more people. While others claim that it is a bit obvious Zari will have the upper hand, we cannot assume the fact that Hamisa Mobetto has also made a name for herself.

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Anyway, all we can do is wait and see how things go down as both parties will leave many talking!

“I seduced Diamond” Zari Hassan reveals how she made the first move on Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan reveals she was the one who made a move on Diamond Platnumz. The 37-year-old has no regrets about seducing a man who is 9 years younger than her.

Zari revealed how her love story with Diamond began during an interview on Ugandan radio. The mother of five is back in her native country for Zari All White party slated for December 16th.

Zari Hassan and Diamond during a past Zari All White Party

I slid into his DM

Zari Hassan says her love story with Diamond began with the ‘Zari All White Party’. She reveals that she slid into Diamond’s DM to invite him to her party while her main objective was to trap him.

“I slide into his DM so that he could come to my white party and then he told me to talk to his manager,” Zari Hassan narrated in part.

The mother of five further reveals that she hit the jackpot when she flew on the same plane with Diamond. Zari says that they exchanged numbers and then their relationship set off.

“Diamond started doing a background check on me and the next thing we met on a flight, we exchanged numbers and then we started dating after a couple weeks. We couldn’t stop calling each other. The chemistry was just amazing,” said Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan and Diamond at the airport

I plan to buy my own private jet

Zari also opened up about her aspirations during the interview at Sanyu FM. The Ugandan socialite says her dream is to have her own private jet.

“No, I am not on the right path until I fly private jets. Business class is not where I am supposed to be. It starts with a dream. You envision this and then you work towards it. God willing, if you are blessed, you get there. If you fail, you try again,” Zari stated.




4 women who have been impregnated by Diamond Platnumz in the last 2 years,

Diamond Platnumz biggest problem is to keep it in his pants. It is not just him but very many other men out here. However, since Diamond Platnumz is famous we cannot help but highlight his sneaky ways.

All we know is that he has only publicly recognized Zari as his girfriend and the mother of his child but this does not stop him from sleeping around. Below is a short list of the women he has been intimate with and gotten pregnant.

4. Zari Hassan

For Zari Hassan I bet it’s allowed since she is in a relationship with the guy. So far they both have two kids together and might just add another one when they reconcile.

3. Hamisa Mobetto

Popular Salome video vixen about 3 months ago welcomed a son with Diamond Platnumz. This is after the singer cheated on his lady with her in their matrimonial home in Tanzania. Since she got pregnant it is also right to say that no ‘protection’ was involved during their session together.

Misa and Diamond Platnumz son

2. Official Lynn

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19 year old Lynn is not only known for her gorgeous skin tone but also for her role in one of Wasafi records music video. She was featured on Kwetu as the main video vixen and a few months later was rumored to be pregnant. In a recent interview she confirmed that the pregnancy was Diamond Platnumz but unfortunately she lost/aborted it.

Official Lynn pregnant

1. Tunda

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Tunda is not a new name in the Entertainment industry. This is because she has been around the block. A while back she shared photos rocking a baby bump and word had it that Diamond Platnumz was again responsible. Just like Lynn she also lost/aborted the baby and is now enjoying trips to various countries courtesy of baby daddy.

Zari Hassan’s comments on Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Now that Zari is in Uganda, the lady has had the chance to grace a couple of radio interviews. This has enabled many to see the type of woman she is.

Surprisingly Zari Hassan is not as bitter as portrayed in her posts. In fact she is calm and collected or rather has a good PR team.

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Anyway, after revealing the main reason she parted ways with Ivan Don, Zarinah also opened up about Hamisa. Before the video vixen sneaked into Zari’s matrimonial home, the two were friends. From what we know is that the two were friends but little did Zari know that she was getting played.

About Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Dylan

Speaking during her interview the mum of 5 revealed that she may not be in good terms with Hamisa but she has nothing against the baby boy, Dylan. She said,

“Whatever happened, happened. The baby is innocent the child didn’t plan to be here, he just came.”

The Ugandan lady went on to reveal that she has no problem with Diamond Platnumz visiting his son.

“Ivan was very abusive towards me!” Zari Hassan makes a confession that will leave you in tears

It is not easy being the woman in a relationship. From generation to generation women will always complain about physical abuse from their men and Zari Hassan is no different.

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In her recent interview the boss lady not only revealed that she was capable of leaving Diamond Platnumz. But, also the main reason she finally left Ivan Don who she was married to for years.

Zari Hassan confessed that she was living in an abusive relationship. But for the sake of her children she could not leave. Being the strong woman that she is, Zari tried seeking marital counseling but it got to a point where she said enough was enough. She told Celeb select;

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Zarinah’s confession

“Ivan was not really a bad guy he was just obsessed. He was really obsessed with me that the obsession grew into something else. It got to a point it was physical, really nasty physical. I tried working on our relationship. I booked counselling sessions for us but he would pay the counsellor to say that he came but he didn’t. We tried the elders and our family to intervene but nothing.”

She went on to add;

“I kept the relationship together as we had kids and an empire together, people were quick to say ooh Zari is jumpy but I was thinking of what was at stake. It wasn’t me, I stayed in a very abusive relationship until I said I cannot. It got to a point that when I said I want to leave he would face me down the balcony and told me if I want to leave it was through the balcony. It was difficult as you don’t just wake up and pack your bags and go.”

From what we now understand is that despite being powerful and successful Zari Hassan often gives her partners second chances for the sake of her kids.

Zari: Diamond is still on probation, why cheat with a low life? Why cheat from my bed? Why not wear a condom?

Zari Hassan is still bitter with her husband for cheating on her with Hamisa Mobetto. The mother of five opened up about her frustrations during an interview on radio.

Zari is in Uganda to popularize ‘Zari All White Party’ ahead of December 21st. She cancelled the party in 2016 because of motherly duties.

Diamond’s wife opened up about her marriage during an interview on Sanyu FM on Saturday December 16th. Zari stated that Diamond was still in probation for cheating and siring a kid with Hamisa Mobetto.

Zari during the interview at Sanyu FM

I can even date 100 Men because I love being loved

Zari asserts that she is still in high demand despite being 37 and a mother of five. She says that even if she leaves Diamond a day won’t pass without her getting a man.

“Diamond is on probation and is managing well so far. I can even date 100 Men because I love being loved, even if I leave Diamond today i will date someone else tomorrow,” Zari stated.

Why cheat with a low life?

Diamond and Zari at Romy Jones (Diamond’s brother) wedding in Tanzania

Zari is vexed because her husband cheated on her with a woman she refers to as a ‘low life’. She says Diamond is still fighting to live up to her standards.

“Why cheat with a low life? Why cheat from my bed? Why not wear a condom? Diamond is still fighting to live up to my standards…” Zari lamented.



How Zari Hassan marked her late husband’s 40th birthday

Ugandan socialite cum businesswoman Zari Hassan was once married to the late Ivan Don for 10 years. The two were blessed with 3 handsome boys and even after calling their relationship off, they continued to be friends because of their children.

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The late Ivan Ssemwanga with his youngest son

However, about 6 months ago Ivan Don passed on leaving behind his young boys and many other things. His untimely death also happened to affect Zari Hassan who was not only the mother of his children but a close friend.

Many did not know that they two often hang out and exchanged business idea which have now made the lady become a successful woman in the entertainment industry.

Zari Hassan celebrates Ivan’s 40th birthday

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Even though he is gone Zari has been keeping her ex husband’s memory alive. According to her Ivan Don will legacy will continue to stay alive because of her boys. On December 12th, she celebrated his birthday 40th birthday through her Instagram page where she wrote saying;

“Happy Birthday Don, gone but never forgotten. You are missed. It’s not the same, the kids miss you so much. We do pray for you every single day, may you continue resting in peace.”

Though Zari Hassan is now with Diamond Platnumz, clearly she still treasures her late husband.

Zari Hassan announces the return of White Party after canceling it in 2016

Zari Hassan has promised revelers a party like no other. Zari’s white-themed party dubbed ‘Zari All White Party’ returns after one year hiatus.

White party is an annual party usually held in December. Zari cancelled 2016 white party because she was heavily pregnant with her son Prince Nillan.

“Would like to inform my loyal Zari All White Ciroc Party supporters that we won’t have a party this year due to ‘Family responsibilities’ but God willing we will have it back bigger and better with a bang next year. Thank you for your loyal support for 7 consecutive years…. Stay blessed,” Zari Hassan announced in 2016.

It’s happening in Uganda

Zari Hassan’s white party has been held in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in the part years. 2017 Zari All White Party will be happening in Kampala.

“Y’all ready know white is the colour of class and perfection, it’s that time of the year for ballers to get together and celebrate life. The #ZARIALLWHITECIROCPARTY is going down @guvnoruganda on the 21st Dec 2017. Cant wait to meet you my favorite people #WhiteCarpet #BigCars #BlessersInTheHouse #AllWhiteErrthang #Selfies
Tell a friend to inform a friend that Guvnor Uganda is the ONLY place to parry that night…IT’S WHERE THE ELITE MEET?,” Zari Hassan announced the return of her party.



Zari Hassan accused of editing her photos to look slimmer after new picture looking ‘big’ emerges

Tanzanians will always find a reason to troll Zari Hassan. Well, not all but once in a while you will come across a new social media page created to troll Diamond Platnumz baby mama.

Anyway, this past weekend she spent her weekend in Tanzania as she was to attend Romy Jone’s wedding. However after photos were later shared, word has it that Zari has actually been putting on some weight.

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While others claim that she could be stress eating, her diehard fans blame the weight on baby fat. It has been 11 months since welcoming her son Nillan and unlike before she has not managed to shed off the weight as quick.

The photo causing a stir online was shared by Millard Ayo leaving convinced that Zari could be editing her photos due to the pressure she is getting from Hamisa Mobetto.

Hamisa Mobetto’s post baby body

Surprisingly Hamisa Mobetto managed to shed off her baby fat in just a month shocking many. Not quite sure how she managed to do this, but word has it that it has been giving Zari sleepless nights.

After publicly calling him a player, Zari Hassan spends her weekend with Diamond Platnumz

One would think that by this time Zari Hassan is done with Diamond Platnumz, but this is not the case. As a matter of fact the Ugandan socialite might be head over heels for the Tanzanian singer.

So far the two have had their ups and downs but all in all they continue to see each other. However, a few weeks ago Zari Hassan hinted that she was done with being toyed around with. This was after Diamond Platnumz was said to have secretly met Hamisa Mobetto in Dubai.

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The lass went on to indirectly post a question asking ‘players’ whether they would want their daughter’s to end up with like them. With this, everybody was convinced that Zari was done with the singer. But once more she has proven how wrong everybody was.

Zari visits Diamond Platnumz and his family

This weekend Zari was in Tanzania to attend both Romy Jon’s wedding and Babu Tale’s daughter’s 40 days celebration.

Zari was in the company of Diamond Platnumz and her other in law, proving that she is still part of Chibu’s family.

Another one! Diamond Platumz drops new song trolling his baby mama’s, Wema Sepetu and ex lovers!

Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz career seems to be doing quite well. He is the first East African artist to bag collaborations with international artists meaning more money and troubles for him.

The singer is not only known for good music but for scandals involving the women in his life. So far Diamond Platnumz has dropped a few songs trolling his ex Wema Sepetu among other women he was involved with and he is not about to stop.

Yet again he has a new song dubbed ‘Sikomi’ dropped a few hours and yes it’s a bullet aiming Zari, Hamisa Mobetto and Wema Sepetu.

The song’s message

In the song he talks about how he tried bribing Hamisa Mobetto with a car just after she told him she was pregnant with his child. From his message it seems like Diamond Platnumz was just looking for fun only to realize that he had been set up!

On Zari’s part he says that the only reason he plays her is because he can never be too sure if she wont leave him for another man (like she did with Ivan). But goes on to thank her for giving him two lovely kids.

Wema Sepetu on the other hand apparently hurt him the most making him not eat or sleep during their relationship. According to Diamond the lady cannot be trusted and this is how he truly feels!

Cute! Diamond Platnumz eldest son steps out for swimming at 11 months (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz is one proud dad. So far he has accepted only three children in public. But word has it that he has a lot more out here.

He however prefers being seen with Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan who he fathered with Zari Hassan. We cannot confirm why prefers the two, but we are hoping to see him with Hamisa’s baby too.

His eldest son Nillan Dangote who will be turning 1 year in December seems to have started swimming lessons already. From the photos shared on his Instagram page seems like the young man had quite some fruitful day as his mother coached his first swimming class.

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Nillan however ended up drinking a lot of water from the pool, which is normal for most people taking swimming lessons for the first time.

My face says it all…. drunk a lot of water but will try again.


Diamond Platnumz striking resemblance with the boy

Looking at the singer and Nillan one does not need a DNA test to determine the two are related. Simba’s genes played quite some role in his son’s looks.

Trouble in paradise? “Would you welcome a guy like yourself to date your daughter” Zari Hassan shares new posts

Word has it that Diamond Platnumz spent his recent trip to Dubai with Hamisa Mobetto. Well, there are no photos of the two to prove this but there seems to be some element of truth.

While in Dubai the singer was spotted hanging out with the same lady Hamisa Mobetto was photographed with. This raised mixed reactions on social media as Hamisa Mobetto team went ahead to troll Zari. Others however felt that it was not a big deal since Diamond Platnumz is a Muslim and can marry four wives!

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All this occurred during the weekend but Zari Hassan seemed unbothered. However, early this morning she shared a few posts via snapchat that indicate she had already received the news.

Zari Hassan responds

Well, just like her other posts the mother of 5 did not mention any names. But from how she poured out her heart seems that her feelings got hurt. Zari went on to question ‘players’ if they would be comfortable welcoming men like themselves to date their daughters? She wrote:

This is not the first time she is sharing ‘random thoughts’ on social media…and won’t be the last as she always goes back to her man!

Here is why Zari Hassan cancelled her trip to Kenya

Zarinah Hassan was expected to jet in the country for a business workshop set to go down on November 17th. But the Ugandan businesswoman has now announced that she will not be part of the conference.

Diamond Platnumz baby mama revealed this through her Instagram page where she wrote saying:

“I know so many were excited and looking forward to this weekend and so was I, but due to unforeseen circumstances on the side of the organizers of the event I will not be coming to the Founders Enterprenuership Forum taking place on Nov.17th. I will keep you informed of any changes or developments.”

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From her statement, Zari hints that something went wrong on the side of the organizers making it hard for her. Her presence was however important at the Founders Entrepreneurship Forum as she was to educate young entrepreneurs on Leveraging Social Media To Build Your Brand and Building An Educational Empire.

Zari’s businesses

From what we know is that Zari has not only taken over late ex husband’s businesses but has her own businesses. Over the years she has helped Diamond Platnumz build a bigger and better brand that has seen him land big deals with international artists.

She may look just like a baby mama but Zari has proven to have both beauty and brains!

Savage! Zari’s reaction after fan tells her Diamond Platnumz is meeting Hamisa in Dubai

After her expensive trips to London with her hubby, Zari Hassan is now back in South Africa. However, word has it that Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz will be hooking up in Dubai.

This was revealed by a close source of both Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz. According to the rumors, the Tanzanian singer flew his second baby mama in business class flight. He will however Jet in this Friday as he is expected to perform for his fans living in the Arab country.

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Hamisa Mobetto’s fans however chose to use this information against Zari Hassan. Through their various Instagram accounts they all tagged Zari in the screenshot reporting that Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz are set to meet.

Zari’s response

However, seems that the Ugandan socialite was not ready for this. In the comment section Zari decided to hit back with a savage comment that has left many shocked. Not that she is really bothered but Zari Hassan has proven to be used to her man’s ways. She commented to say.

The last laugh

Even after Zari went live on Instagram to troll Hamisa Mobetto and her son…seems that someone now has the last laugh!

Diamond Platnumz rumored to have flown his favorite baby Mama to Dubai ahead of his show (Details)

Word making rounds on social media is that Hamisa Mobetto has left Tanzania. The lady shared a few photos and video on her Instagram page but did not reveal her destination.

However close sources to Diamond Platnumz have revealed that the lady is in Dubai. She apparently flew ahead of Baba Tee but her main reason for this trip is to spend time with Diamond Platnumz.. Hamisa Mobetto’s business class flight and hotel is also said to have been fully paid by Diamond Platnumz.

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Well the Tanzanian singer will also be in the Arab country on the 16th. From his posts, he is to perform for his Dubai fans while he spends time with his second baby mama.

Hamisa’s reasons for travelling

The lady is apparently using her new clothes business as a cover up. She apparently told her fans that she will be bringing new stock for them soon. However, word has it that she will be with Diamond Platnumz after his trip to London where he spent time with Zari Hassan.